Top 10 Plot Holes in The Loud House

Here are a couple of plot holes found in the Loud House.
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1 Ronnie Anne Being in Lincoln's Class - Shell Shocked

Actually, this is not a plot hole. This is foreshadowing that Ronnie Anne has an evil twin. The twin can be seen in the background in some episodes. What sets the twin apart from Ronnie Anne is that the twin is always armed with automatic weapons and has a brown stain on her pants. I'm kind of scared that the twin will jump out of the TV screen and kill me, not gonna lie.

Lincoln becomes partners with Ronnie Anne for a class project despite her never being in his class in any of the other episodes.

2 Lincoln Not Knowing About the Sister Fight Protocol - Brawl in the Family

A major plot hole in the episode is that Lincoln lives in the same house with all of them, and yet he doesn't know about the sister fight protocol despite mom, dad, and even Bobby knowing about it.

In the episode Space Invader, Lincoln clearly says he doesn't like getting involved in his sisters' arguments, yet in this episode, all he does is get involved.

3 Luna and Sam Saying They Have Nothing In Common Despite Both Being into Music - Racing Hearts

Both Luna and Sam claim that they have nothing in common while ignoring the fact that they both are into music. This is seen in L is for Love, Fool Me Twice, and Frendzy.

4 Lynn Sr. Knowing to Meet Rita at Banger's and Mosh Despite Not Getting the Letter - L is for Love

The siblings find a love letter addressed to L. Loud, believing it's for one of them, only to find the letters were for their dad, Lynn Sr. This begs the question: if Lynn Sr. never got the letters, then how did he know to meet Rita at Banger's and Mosh? This is never explained.

5 Lori and Leni's Room Being Next to Lisa's Room - Butterfly Effect
6 Luan Finding Out About the Stunt Doubles - Fool Me Twice

To avoid Luan's pranks, the family hires lookalikes to take her pranks for them. They switch in the middle of the night, but they are double-crossed as Luan uses the doubles to humiliate them throughout town while she keeps the family locked up in the garage. The problem is there's no way she could have possibly known about the stunt doubles and had time to convince them to humiliate the family in such a short amount of time.

7 Lori Being Unable to Handle Babysitting the Fox Quintuplets Despite Having 10 Siblings - Sitting Bull

Lori is unable to handle five rowdy quintuplet children despite being able to handle her 10 siblings. In No Guts, No Glori, she easily keeps her siblings under control via military style, and they were twice as rowdy as the Fox Quintuplets.

8 Luan Escaping from the Crate - April Fool's Rules

To avoid Luan's pranks, they lock her in a crate with her fingers trapped in a finger trap and locks all over. Yet, she still managed to escape with absolutely no explanation.

9 Lola Not Knowing How to Read - Read A Loud

In "Read A Loud," Lola reveals that she has trouble reading. Yet, in the episode "Ties That Bind," when Lincoln is bringing dad breakfast, Lola can clearly read the message "World's Greatest Dad" written in chocolate chip. Lincoln is surprised that she can read, even though it was him who taught her to read.

10 The Adults Relying on Lisa for Basic Things They Can Do for Themselves - Making the Grade

Lisa gives up her smarts to be an average kid, which makes Lincoln's classmates happy but puts Lincoln in hot water with the family. Lynn Sr. is criticized because he says Lisa helps him with metric conversion, despite the fact that he can easily look it up online.

Later, Pop Pop gets stuck at the train station as Rita says Lisa is able to figure out what time his train will arrive, and it never occurs to her to check the arrival time.

The Contenders
11 Lincoln and Clyde Watching Zombie Movies Marathon in Lisa's Bunker with No Interruption Despite the Storm Cutting Off the Electricity - Last Loud On Earth
12 Luan Breaking Her Foot Then Quickly Recovers - A Fridge Too Far
13 Miguel Claiming His Vegetarian Despite Eating the Spaghetti Pizza with Meatballs Earlier - Grub Snub
14 Lincoln Being Left Out - The Loud House Movie

Lincoln already had talent in him from the beginning, so why make him feel left out?

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