Top 10 Best Courage the Cowardly Dog Moments

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1 The Blue Creature (Perfect)

After Courage fails several training classes with The Perfectionist, he has nightmares about being "imperfect." Apparently failure is being haunted in your dreams by whatever the hell this guy is called. So incredibly creepy and random, no matter what this "Perfect" thing actually is, you'll never want to see it again or have babies.

2 Violin Girl Jumpscare (Courage in the Big Stinkin' City)

Violin Girl only has a brief appereance, but it's enough to permanently scare viewers for the rest of their childhood. In "Courage in the Big Stinkin City," Courage creeps up to Violin Girl's room. On the way up, he utters, "I just know something bad is going to happen." And oh boy is he right.

Her back is facing him, but she turns around and reveals a horrifying face with scary bulging eyes. It's the animated equivalent to all those terrifying pop-out YouTube videos people used to troll us.

3 Freaky Fred Introduction (Freaky Fred)

Freaky Fred is Muriel and Eustace's nephew who comes to visit the farm. He happens to have an insane obsession with skinning hair off people until they are completely bald. What's weirder is that when Fred shaves his victims, he hears the faint laughter of children in his head. Very bizarre if you ever had an irrational fear of barbers growing up, prepare for that fear to revive.

That sinister smile is enough alone to give up haircuts altogether. Unfortunately for Courage, the poor pup fell victim to Freaky Fred various times in the episode.

4 Spirit of the Harvest Moon (The House of Discontent)

In "House of Discontent," Eustace and Muriel let the last flower on their farm die. The results prove disastrous when a giant white head appears in the house and threatens the trio. Mad that they haven't harvested any crops, the floating head is willing to haunt the group until they leave the property for good.

Luckily Courage and Eustace bring the flower back to life and never have to see that pasty white ugly face ever again. Whatever he was, that ghastly floating head could make anyone jump out of their seats and have a bathroom break.

5 Kitty's Mask (The Mask)

She goes by "Kitty" even though she is a terrifying female mask face. Kitty shows up at the farm with that creepy mask and proceeds to beat the hell out of Courage because she apparently hates all dogs. Muriel does the appropriate thing and invites Kitty to dinner. Kitty and Courage ultimately make up, but not without forcing viewers to stare into her mask for 12+ minutes.

Luckily, "Kitty" turns out to be a real Kitty, but that doesn't make that mask any less disconcerting or terrifying.

6 Eustace and Muriel Puppets (The Great Fusilli)

In "The Great Fusilli," Eustace and Muriel are turned into puppets. What makes this episode truly disturbing is that it ends with Courage pulling the puppet strings to reenact their day-to-day life. This includes Courage scaring himself through Eustace and rocking them in their chairs for hours on end.

To say this episode screw you up mentally is an understatement. It is quite possibly the bleakest and most depressing ending to a cartoon episode ever made.

7 Paper Muriel and Eustace (Paper Imposters)

After Muriel and Eustace purchase life-sized drawings of themselves, they take them home to hang on the wall. Of course they come to life, merge with their bodies, and proceed to suck the life out of them. Courage is forced to live with the drawings until they decide they're pretty much over regular life and want to be made of paper again.

Nothing says What the Hell? quite like shadow figures sucking the life out of human souls, creepy as a horror movie.

8 Eustace Blows Up Di Lung's Corvette (Hothead)

EASILY the funniest "Watch Where You're Going" gag that the show has to offer

9 The Magic Tree of Nowhere (The Magic Tree of Nowhere)

The Magic Tree of Nowhere is actually pretty nice all around. He cures Muriel of her sickness and provides some karmic justice by afflicting Eustace with the same illness after he cuts him down. Courage kind of likes the Magic Tree of Nowhere, but plenty of kids/adults absolutely hated him like me. There are few things more nightmarish than an animated talking tree with a superimposed image of a real blue mouth and lips pasted over the trunk.
This tree is essentially the opposite of everything that made Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas so comforting.

10 Muriel's Mattress Possession (The Demon in the Mattress)

Is pretty much the plot of The Exorcist. Muriel gets a new mattress and big surprise: it's cursed. The malicious spirit inhabiting the bed possesses her, and Muriel proceeds to reenact every atrocity from The Exorcist you tried to block from your memory (yes, her head does complete 360s).

Curses to the Cartoon Network workers who said yes to an episode of a kids cartoon that animates the possession of an elderly woman. (Satanic People)

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11 Benton Tarentella & Errol Van Volkheim Scene (Everyone Wants to Direct)

A serial killer director/zombie comes back from the dead to bring back his other dead serial killer director friend. In order to do this, Benton Tarentella must resurrect his buddy in Courage's basement and then feed on Muriel. Aside from the gruesome backstory, the two killer zombies are so disgusting that watching with your eyes open is a no-good situation.

Tack on the dread of Muriel's imminent demise and this episode is just an all around stress fest. You could go so far as to say it rivals some of the greatest zombie móvies of all time.

12 Di Lung Stands In The Middle Of An Open Road And Gets Hit By A Truck, Then Yells At Its Driver To Watch Where He's Going (Courage VS Mecha-Courage)
13 Muriel Becomes a Weremole (Night of the Weremole)

Poor Muriel always ends up with the toilet paper on the face. Once again, the poor woman is transformed into some scary monster, this time called a Weremole. The bite of the Weremole turns Muriel rabid, and she goes so far as to feed on her doctor underneath the house. Courage and Eustace rally to cure her, but she rips the house to shreds first. Not exactly the image you want of your neighborhood grandmother.

14 Katz' Spiders (A Night at the Katz Motel)

Katz is quite possibly one of the most outstanding villains in a cartoon franchise. He's by far the most evil of Courage's rivals. Katz the Kat was a secondary antagonist on Courage the Cowardly Dog, but his debut is easily his most unsettling introduction. Courage and company spend the night at Katz's motel, only to discover that he plans on feeding them to his pet spiders.
It doesn't matter that the spiders are animated, they are scary for any arachnophobe nonetheless. Just thinking about those eight-legged-freaks is enough to get your skin crawling.

15 Eustace's Turns Into an Alien Chicken (The Chicken from Outer Space)

Unsurprisingly, one of the show's weirdest episodes is also its first. Chickens from outer space arrive and mysteriously replace all the farm's original chickens. After Eustace eats some alien eggs, he turns into a chicken himself. Courage must ward off the chickens and save Eustace.
What makes this episode so disturbing is Eustace's bizarre transformation into a chicken. Aside from that, the outer space chickens' red eyes are enough to keep you up at night and pray you don't lock eyes on your dreams/nightmares.

16 Evil Eggplants (Journey to the Center of Nowhere)

Courage in an eggplant costume bouncing up and down is adorable. Evil eggplants that want to rip apart Muriel's flesh are the opposite. This episode is beyond weird in all sense of the word. The only thing of this episode that won't scare you are conveniently Courage's eggplant costume.

17 Courage's Past (Remembrance Of Courage Past)
18 Eustace Hallucinates Courage Into Little Eustace (The Curse Of Shirley)
19 Macaroni and Cheese Scene (Little Muriel)
20 Black Puddle Queen Transformation (Queen of the Black Puddle)

That's a huge jumpscare, when we realise, he will eat the men with jewels.

21 Decapitated Characters (Windmill Vandals)
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