Top 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

Let's be honest, the real MVP aside from Julian Edelman was the commercials this year, and man were they diverse. I must say here are the best ones in that collection.
The Top Ten
1 NFL Celebrates The 100th Anniversary

I like this ad going from legends of the game to current players just absolutely wrecking the place is pretty fitting for the game seen, but I'd say laid an impact for me as the biggest stealer for me is just the collection of guys seen here is unreal.

Really great ad, but I have one question. Why did Ninja make a small appearance? What does he have to do with the NFL?

Definitely one of my favorite parts of an otherwise boring Superbowl. I'm hoping for better next year

By far the best commercial. All the other ones were pretty "meh" in my book. They couldn't hold a candle to the older Doritos commercials

2 Amazon's Not Everything Makes the Cut

Cute ad a dog with Alexa commands, and actually orders the sausages while Harrison Ford all in this as well definitely a big winner to me.

Han Solo is a little upset that the dog ordered doggie treats instead of the Millennium Falcon.

3 Microsoft's We All Win

It's a very serious ad, but its also a great ad by Microsoft for all the crap I give them about their latest console its good to see the care for those with autism having the best in gaming experience so this was a big standout.

4 Pepsi's More Than Okay

Oh man Lil' John, and Steve Carrell the star power for this Pepsi ad truly did its work, and beat its rival Coke by far leaps and bounds.

5 Game of Thrones/Bud Light Partnership ad

Sure there's the first ad they played with their recipe reveal, but the one I loved the most is Game of Thrones appears and just went into no mercy mode on the whole idea that was a neat concept I never fought I'd ever see on T.V..

This was actually pretty solid. I thought it was a cool mashup and was a great reveal trailer

6 Avocados from Mexico's Top Dog

A bit of a mixed bag ad, but not too bad though either it was fine for what it did.

7 M&M's Chocolate Bar Ad

Kelly Bundy from Married With Children versus the M&M guys trapped in a chocolate bar.

Huh... wait the chocolate bar is making a comeback? No I'm not kidding wanna look for yourself go ahead, and furthermore Applegate being the ad is making me tempted to have one.

8 Avengers: Endgame Trailer

Boy the new ads hit like a bang, and many flipped their lid seeing the trailer of the most anticipated movie of 2019. (aside from Star Wars IX)

9 Olay's Killer Skin

I actually had a good laugh at this horror related ad which there was a good collection in this year super bowl, but this one was the better one of those.

10 Colgate's Close Talker

Sure Luke Wilson is nothing like his brother or how he started out, but here I fought he was good in this ad about Cleaning hygiene in the mouth.

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