Awful Animation #17) "Food Chain" (Adventure Time)

Puga How much acid is this episode on? Seriously, this episode is what happens when you mix Charlie Sheen, Squidward in Clarinetland and all the drugs sold at your local dumpster in one big tub. Let's begin. The episode starts with some kids going down a slide for filler when they start eating caterpillar sweets that are the length of their bodies when Finn discusses how caterpillars wouldn't taste that nice. Princess Bubblegum is teaching those same kids the food chain of the caterpillar, which isn't really that accurate. Basically, caterpillars eat leaves, small birds eat caterpillars, big birds eat small birds, big birds die and fertilise into soil, a plant grows from the soil and the caterpillar eats that same plant. Nope. Firstly, big birds eat small birds? How often have you heard of a pelican eating a pigeon? And I'm no David Attenborough but do big birds really die and basically melt into soil? Big birds aren't made of soil: they don't turn into it. And if a big bird can somehow decompose into soil, why can't a small bird? Couldn't they have just skipped this whole big bird stuff? You may call me a nitpicker but the whole concept of this episode is confused. Anyway, Jake and Finn are walking and they pass an alleyway and a man is in that alleyway who apperantley has magic and he turns Finn and Jake into small birds....why? He doesn't have a backstory or anything....he's just there. It's like a deus ex Machina at the START of an episode. Jesus, I haven't even mentioned this episodes main problem yet and I'm one paragraph in!

So, the two flappy friends eat some worms. Well, at least, Jake does. Finn is reluctant but gives in when Jake says it's what birds are supposed to do. They eat worms for two hours and turn more fat than Honey Boo Boo's mother a big bird comes out of nowhere and tries to eat them. Finn turns into a big bird because the man from earlier swiped his hands. The other big bird goes away and Finn is looking at Jake and imagining him as a leg of chicken. Oh, so he wants to eat his best friend? Nice implication, writers. Finn is drooling a tsunami when he asks Jake to step inside his beak. I WONDER WHY HE'S ASKING HIM. MAYBE HE WANTS JAKE TO CLEAN HIS TONGUE? Since Jake is more gullible than a three year old when you tell him that Santa's real Jake agrees and Finn closes his beak but Jake flies out just in time. Jake flies away and leaves Finn and Finn....falls into the ground and dies. Yeah, because one fall for an animal made of feathers is enough to kill them. He turns into soil over one sunset and then coincidentally some Finn bacteria eats the dead Finn. What are the chances? Hardee har har.

Out of absolutely nowhere Finn and Jake turn into flowers. Where are the transitions? Nowhere. They sing more autotuned than Cher in Believe and then they turn into caterpillars because why not? Finn sees a lady caterpillar, they talk about unimportant stuff, they get married, bird swoops down to eat them and Finn wakes up and is in the real world eating caterpillars. He then sings a song as inconsistent as the episode itself. The End. How forced was this? It was weird as hell, there are twenty trillion coincidences and the transitions from their evolvings are non-existent!
Annoyance 2/10 Awful Audio 4/10 Boringness 0/10 Confusion 10/10 Disturbance 3/10 Envious Ending 1/10 Flanderization 3/10 Gaping Plot Holes 5/10 Ludacris Low-Budget 0/10 Mauling Morals 0/10
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That "guy" who appeared was called Magic Man. He was a bad guy previously, but the problem is that he doesn't do anything really... BAD here. Also, it was the point where AT began to get boring. - Garythesnail

The episode in adventure time with jake's tail is what you should do next - visitor

It's one of the worst episodes of Adventure Time! - 05yusuf09

It isn't even canon. - Skullkid755

Make one of Ninjago... - TwilightKitsune