Top Ten Worst Ideas for TV Show Crossovers

Never have these happen. Ever. Let's hope Seth MacFarlane doesn't meet Tom McGillis any time soon.
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1 Beyblade and Blue's Clues

This list is super weird, but I started cracking up when I saw this.

2 Family Guy and Total Drama

South Park, The Simpsons, American Dad, and even Robot Chicken would be better than this crap crossing with TD.

They both T.V. 14 shows so ya

3 Dora The Explorer and Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken is always a crossover and plus the Dora special in Robot Chicken was just weird in her grown age.

There was a Dora the explorer robot chicken parody.

True torture to anybody of any age.

4 Breadwinners and SpongeBob SquarePants

Let me guess, SpongeBob gets Bhudeuce and SwaySway to abuse Squidward? Hasn't he gone through enough?

5 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Fairly OddParents

Hey! It's my favorite show! I would like to see this crossover only cause it is my favorite show! Fop.

Ok. So since it is a crossover with my favorite show I guess I might want to see this.

Her most favorite and least favorite shows combine!

I think it might not be too bad actually.

6 Cleveland Show and Family Guy

Um... it's called a regular episode of Family Guy for crying out loud! And please end Family Guy again, Seth! Do us a favor!

They are'nt crossovers, Cleveland Show is a spin-off of Family Guy but did you know that Cleveland Brown was Peter Griffin's neighbor along with Stan in American Dad.

Um they already mete

7 Regular Show and Sanjay and Craig

The natural causes of 12 year old boy, python, blue jay, gumball machine. and a raccoon. It would be terrible!

This would turn into a hectic disaster for the Regualr Show franchise.

Why does Regular Show deserve this?

8 The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls

This one would be easy to do, but it would be oh so dreadful.

9 Family Guy and Invader Zim

As good as both shows are, this wouldn't work. Invader Zim is set in the future and Family Guy is not a kids show.

It's either they're trying to kill off Invader Zim for good, or torture their fans.

Don't put a terrible show with a really good show!

10 Jessie and Big Brother

This would turn into a complete disaster in all ways. I mean, how can a fictional character compete in Big Brother?

This wouldn't make sense, because Big Brother is a reality show. Also, both shows suck.

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11 Caillou and Big Brother

Hey guys! We've hit a record amount of whining with this one!

Thanks for reading!

Oh my God, imagine how horrible that would be.

He'd finally be among his people.

What would the the plot be like?

12 The Powerpuff Girls and Dora The Explorer

This should never happen. Powerpuff Girls would be ruined forever.

I hate both of these so twice the hate.

13 Gravity Falls & The Loud House
14 Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

They actually did that and it turned out awful.

They actually did that!

15 Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig

This would be the toilet humor combo.

Both shows suck.

16 Spongebob and Total Drama

And how the heck would they even be able to breathe underwater? Unless they were secretly mermaids...

What would the plot even be for crying out loud?
Would Lindsay accidentally burn down the KK?
Would Leanord's "spells" actually work underwater?
Would Heather steal Krabs' money?
Would Sammy trick Amy into eating a poisonous Krabby Patty?

Duncan would squeeze that sponge.

17 Total Drama and Curious George

What in the world? This would make no sense, not only are the animations completely different, but Total Drama is a teen show while Curious George is for little kids.

What would the plot be like?

18 Vampire Diaries and Liv and Maddie

It would be a horrific drama.

Both shows are terrible.

19 Empire and SpongeBob SquarePants
20 Dating Naked and Sesame Street
21 Gravity Falls and The Powerpuff Girls

No, Jesus Christ, that will not be awesome. If Howdi Gaudi was back on air, all the kids will still remember this instead of Gravity Bleh! - Shaniqua P. Brown

22 Sanjay and Craig and Rubik's The Amazing Cube

Oh my god! That snake is going to swallow that Rubix The Amazing Cube!

23 Moral Orel and Davey and Goliath
24 Brooklyn Nine-Nine And The Walking Dead
25 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop

This is NOT a bad idea! It just might work!

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