Top 10 Worst Things About the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards

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1 Biased nominations

Just dance 2019 beat Pokemon Moon, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 deluxe in the best video games categories. And spongebob wins every single time in best show but lost to avatar in 2008. Also teen titans go and alviin and the chipmunks got nominated! Kids are so brain dead. I bet if there was a category for "favourite pet" Patrick Star would win. That's why I only look forward to teen choice awards or critics awards like GOTY. At least they're SOMEWHAT reasonable. The kids choice awards is like: SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs drives plankton to suicide. Best show of the year! Fortnite is going to win 2018 in best video games. Because these kids are probably normies.

I still cannot get over the fact that Teen Titans, Go! was nominated but not Steven Universe! Plus, I personally think that Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are better shows than Spongebob. Remember the Kids Choice in 2008 when Avatar actually beat Spongebob? That was a wonderful time, but that was only once, Spongebob has won at least a dozen times. I think it is pitiful.

Yes, yes, and yes. This year Gravity Falls was one of the nominees for Favorite Cartoon. I believe that it is actually becoming way more popular than SpongeBob. Plus it's way better too (though seasons 1-3 and the first SpongeBob movie were good). Only guess what it didn't win the nomination, but guess who did? SpongeBob. Again! Why, why, why?

I have to disagree with the Gravity Falls fans' accusations of rigging...

While Gravity Falls was hyped at the time and angry fans were everywhere on Twitter after it was announced SpongeBob won, I still don't genuinely think girlfriend received more votes than SB. girlfriend was only popular with a specific group (older children / teens with Twitter accounts) while SB is popular with younger audiences, who don't have Twitter accounts but still vote (probably w/ their parents' guidance) after seeing commercials during Nick Jr. for the awards. While it seemed like the Twitter consensus was that "girlfriend is more popular", you guys have to remember that SB makes billions from selling merch to little kids who aren't ready for Gravity Falls' maturity or social media.

2 Anything Spongebob-related automatically wins

People assume that if it is something Spongebob related, it must be incredibly popular. In a way, that's true, but often, you should check more on what a cartoon has to offer rather than how popular a cartoon show is. Good example? : Spongebob always makes the win, and yet shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe I don't think were nominated for this year. Even Teen Titans, Go! made the nomination unlike the two I mentioned before. I really think that we should be showing our kids more of shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe, the old Teen Titans, and mainly the early seasons of Spongebob(1-3). Plus, Spongebob has ran its coarse, I still don't know why Nickelodeon just wont show reruns and just end the shows production all together.

Maybe one day they will stop this. I might be wrong, but hey, just hope for the best.

Patrick won Best Animal Sidekick? I would understand Gary, but Patrick?

For once can't we do it with TMNT?

3 SpongeBob always wins

2017: The year Spongebob won for the 14th time! Not surprising!
Aside from Spongebob, there was The Amazing World of Gumball, The Loud House & TMNT. Then, there's Teen Titans GO & that stupid Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon. Honestly, this was lacking other cartoons. I can think of 5 that should've been nominated this year.
1. Steven Universe
2. Star VS. The Forces of Evil
3. Harvey Beaks
4. We Bare Bears
5. Clarence
See what I did there? (Sighs) Whatever happened to a time when variety was something that mattered? All corporations do these days is choose to be limited. Modern Nickelodeon, for example, has Spongebob, lousy sitcoms & other cartoons not getting a chance.

He has been on a winning streak since 2003, but in 2008 he lost to Avatar (THANK GOD) but that was short lived. He's been winning ever since even though he doesn't deserve it anymore. Honestly there are better cartoons, and he should give Fairly OddParents and Phineas and Ferb a chance, I personally like them better. Kids probably vote for him because 90% of the shows they put him up against are crap every year (they rarely pit him against FOP, P&F, or Adventure Time anymore) so I honestly think it's rigged that way. But that's just my opinion, I love ya SpongeBob and all your old episodes (Pre Movie) but you need to learn to lose.

Everyone says the Kca is rigged because of this, and I don't agree. I think that kids don't realize that the nominees are meant to celebrate the best shows of the YEAR, while some kids, weather they like new Spongebob or not, don't realize that it celebrates the best cartoons of the year, not as a whole, and Nickelodeon doesn't tell the kids that. But considering how both Scooby-Doo and Tom & Jerry (as FRANCHISES, not as any spinoff shows) we're nominated for best cartoon LONG before they started, I think nick doesn't even realize it!

And what do you know? It won again for Best Cartoon at the 2017 awards. Oh well, at least the new episodes have been better with only a few polarizing ones here and there.

4 Stupid choices for categories

One Direction wins best band and song of the year every year and so does SpongeBob and Minecraft. They don't even nominate good shows, and when they do it just loses to a crappy (The Big Bang Theory lost to Austin & Ally)

I remember that one time Patrick was in that favorite animal sidekick category. The nominee should have been Gary. That would have made sense.

The Best Song nominees were so bad.

Patrick for best cartoon pet Patrick isn't a pet Gary is but not Patrick

5 It's gone downhill

(Please take in mind that some of this is in my opinion)

They use to Slime people so often and they made it unexpected. You could never guess when someone would get slimed. Now, they barely slime people and you can easily tell when someone will get slimed. The people chosen to host the KCAs, the voting categories, the nominees, and the winners are also going downhill. I'll take 2015's host, categories, nominees, and winners for example. The host was Nick Jonas, which I guess wasn't too bad, but they could have done better. This year's winner for "Best Family T.V. Show" was "Austin and Ally". Seriously? The other nominees also sucked. I also don't get how "Modern Family" beat "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Flash" for best family T.V. Show. The best T.V. Actor and Actress were both from Austin and Ally, which doesn't surprise me since Austin and Ally won an award already. Obviously, SpongeBob won the best cartoon award, which also doesn't surprise me. And, like the nominees for ...more

6 They overhype it

Its not that big of a deal. It tried too hard to appeal to the popular demographic, and doesn't really focus on rewarding talent rather than just handing out an award to anyone who is popular and "trending".

Hell yeah, it does, especially with the slimin' bullcrap. No wonder it's like American idol. I mean, who cares about going' gaga over celebrities when it's really a waste of time?

Nickelodian in general sucks! Disney is terrible and I prefer it over nick!

7 They nominated Teen Titans Go!

I know what Nickelodeon is trying to do. They're putting bad shows on the nomination so that SBSP seems better and win. They even removed Steven Universe and Gumball this year (2018). But then again, even if they're still in the nominations, SpongeBob would still win because the awards show is obviously rigged. Let's just hope that The Loud House (the least awful out of all the nominees) wins this year.

Honestly despite my hatred for this crap show, I'd rather have it win than spongebob win endlessly.

Sometimes, I ponder to myself what kids' tastes are like these days...

"You know this monstrosity that ruins a good cartoon from the 2000s? Well, why not give it a chance? "

8 Nickelodeon likes to reward themselves

I see that, Henry danger, Spongebob, rugrats, oh boy, avatar. Nick, please give good things a chance (excluding Kelly clarkson, Coco, soul, shrek and more.)

Probably because they don't want their rivals (Cartoon Network/WarnerMedia, Disney) to win, but they should give them a chance.

It its supposed that Nick hosts the show and not to reward themselves.

They nominated the thunder and in the 2016 one like what IS THIS?!

9 They overuse nominees

The biggest example was when Nick, in 2014, nominated Spongebob, despite only having 1 EPISODE aired that year to work on the movie! This PROVES that the people who nominated the show don't even consider the release date of episodes from commercials.

Yes, they only aired like 1 or 2 Spongebob episodes in 2014 because of the movie, I'm fine with The Loud House as it has been Nick's biggest cartoon-hit I can recall since Avatar: TLA on 2006.

I can almost always predict what their nominees end up being.

10 Just Dance always wins favorite video game

I find it hard to believe that the ONE video game that wins every year undefeated is the one that requires children to exercise, despite the fact that a majority of kids don't like those kinds of games! Actually no, it's not based on their votes, it's just Nickelodeon rigging the awards!

This is seriously a huge issue... You can tell Nick just keeps rigging the Favorite Video Game nomination to have this deadbeat and formulaic franchise win every year.

At least Sonic Forces is not nominated this year. And Just Dance is not even that good to me anyways. If you want a good video game, play Super Mario 64.

How in the name of all that is holy did Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Party, and Spider Man PS4 lose to Just Dance 2019?! That franchise is practically a corpse!

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11 Stupid voters

Those "stupid" voters are kids, they call it the KID'S choice awards for a reason. It's where kids vote on who they want to win. If you hate the Kids choice awards then don't watch it. If I don't like a certain show, I won't watch it because you know why? Common sense says don't watch it. You can go watch something else or turn off the T.V. and go find something to do. That what I do.

It's probably not even the kids they vote for there favorites but Nickelodeon doesn't count them unless they were voting for SpongeBob.

This last time "I'm in love with a monster" from Hotel Transylvania 2 won over "Try Everything" from Zootopia this is why kids shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Where little kids vote to screw up a show before they are old enough to screw up the nation.

12 Adam Sandler guest starred at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards

Most kids don't know who Adam Sandler is, and most adults would've changed the channel by now!

Him? The purveyor of terrible movies this century? Bite me!

The only good he did in movies ever is Hotel Transylvania.

Kids don't even know who Adam Sandler is.

13 They cannot be taken seriously

Like seriously, when people mention stuff to get an award, they NEVER mention KCA, unless as a joke to see how brain dead kca really is (like nominating side by side). Unless Kca decides to actually take itself seriously and have some verity, no one will EVER mention KCA when discussing a movie or show outside of a joke or stupidity.

14 Unfair voting
15 Justin Bieber wins awards

Famous because of looks. Uglydolls gives me a good feeling, because looks are way less important then personality.

And the worst part is that he performed at the awards.

Please kill me.

16 No Gravity Falls

Boy, a platinum-grade cartoon made in the 2010's lost to a once-great show that has gone on longer than the lifespan of a humanity itself?

You know your competitors are beating your ass right now, eh Nick?

Gravity Falls was nominated this year (2016), but LOST to SpongeBob. Who's votIng anyway, the kids or Nick staff?

The one year they had Gravity Falls it loses to Spongebob, which is ridiculous.

17 They never nominate Rick and Morty or Family Guy

Excuse me, but they are adult cartoons. I know that Nickelodeon nominates stuff like inappropriate shows, non-family-friendly movies and songs with cursing or about sex, but as far as I know, they didn't nominate any adult cartoons in KCA history, so nominations for both of these shows are highly unlikely.

Okay. This shouldn't be here because these two shows are for adults and Nickelodeon is a "kids" channel. do know the Kids Choice Awards are voted by um...KIDS, right? And Family Guy is terrible anyway

I think those shows are a little mature for those younger kids.

18 They nominated Nicki Minaj

Doesn't get any worse than this.

Yes! Nicki Minaj is awful

19 Jacob Sartorius vs. Jojo Siwa

I hate how Jojo Siwa just comes in and like... takes over the whole thing. She even paid to win. She is so annoying, ugly and conceited. I hate her and Jacob they both suck. In fact I hate the kids choice awards too. Jojo is only famous from dance moms which I hate as well because everyone's mean except the Zieglers aand Nia and Kalani.

Want to know what elese sucks? Jojo's obssesion with slime and the whole toyota highlander commercail obsession? Why is toyota always promoting snobby little brats? Toyota is a good car company byut brats are not going to sell cars. Nickelodeon is treating the toyota highlander like another character. Nickelodeon ruined lots of chracters but now the're ruining cars too? Way to go nickelodeon...

I hate jojo siwa! She's so annoying! Her bows are horrible!

She took this over. I hate her

20 They won't let The Loud House win

Can't they win just one time? Just one time... (if it's the case where the KCAs are rigged)

21 Minecraft wins every best game award

Why can't another awesome game win at this year's KCA like Super Mario Maker?!

Minecraft a awesome

22 They encourage kids to use social media

And you know what's ironic? If Nick has a best gamer category (which shouldn't even exist and should instead be best YouTuber), then they know kids should have been on the internet. Listen Nick, if you want to be hip, WHY YA NOMINATING EMOJI MOVIE AND GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 (which somehow won despite it's controversy). Even if the kids DIDN'T watch the YouTubers, Nick should at least realize "Hey wait a minute. Why would we have a YouTube category even though any kid who's ever been on the internet would know about The Emoji Movie's backlash and realize that it's stupid that we have those categories/nomination?"

No they don't, you can vote on the site or social media, choice after choice...

Social media is bad for kids. I only like this website and youtube

23 Bang Bang won for favorite song and the song is about sex

Isn't the kids choice awards for kids?

24 It is boring

I watch it one year and I ended up switching the channel cause they kept changing it to commercials like every 5 min.

25 The 2016 Ghostbusters won best movie

Why did it win? How many people voted for it and why?

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