What's with all the Flame Wars?

CoolCat999 When I came to this website, I thought it was okay. But then I realized this website is full of hatred. Why is everyone hating someone else because they have a different opinion. People are fighting over stupid stuff based on anothers opinion. I find this the worst part of the website. Why do you continue to start the war and cant get over it and move on.

People are arguing over stuff that no one would really argue over. First, SevenLizards and Puga were fighting over the cartoon show known as Arthur. I mean seriously, you guys are fighting over a kids show. A DAMN KIDS SHOW! You guys should stop. Its so annoying when I see a war in the commonts because one fails to respect the others opnion! 

Second, people are fighting over music, Some people have different taste in music and thats why there are so many different sub genres of music. Everyone I think should have a reason to hate music or anything. Like andre56 doesnt give a REAL explanation on why he hates Eminem. andre56 is like not backing up his argument.

Im just really tired of all the haters and bashers on this website. I dont Really hate any of the users except andre56, just using them for example.

So next time, dont hate on people because they have a different opinion. Its really not worth it.




Yes, but you two should just get along and not tarnish this site. - Turkeyasylum

You created that war, so appearantly you are still fighting. - visitor

Well SL is gone now... - Pony

Actually Jake, lizards did. - visitor

Jake, how does that make sense? - Songsta41

@Therandom: Oh, I thought Puga did since he created a post about it... - visitor

This is a site whose membership consists primarily of people aged thirteen and under. Immaturity should be expected, especially because it's the quickest way to gain attention. And honestly… SelfDestruct hasn't posted a negative comment in weeks. Blow your nose and get over it.

People are strange. - PetSounds

I said I was using him for example. I don't hate him - CoolCat999

Yeah, a tad too strange. - visitor

And no one remembers your name when you're strange. - PetSounds

If you go to Puga's profile and look at his age, it should explain a lot. - visitor

Yup. That's the truth, alright. - BKAllmighty

Doors reference? - visitor

Honestly? That fight's been over for months now. - Garythesnail

Please look at the date of when this was made. - CoolCat999

It had been over for a month but this post was made in December. - visitor

Regardless of when it happened, it was a stupid fight. - Garythesnail

People on this site get angry because someone doesn't like them. Not everyone loves everyone. - visitor

Danteem is not going to argue about religion when he gets back here. He doesn't mind if some of you are religious. He just going to come here to share awesome ideas about gaming that's all. He will talk about his nightmares. He doesn't care if you are obsessing on britgirl. He just trying to be a great user. He sorry for all of that argument in the past before he took a break since December 19, 2014. He is coming back in June 13, 2015 so welcome him and don't say anything rude about Luigi. - visitor

Well that was an epic fail. - Puga

Why are you talking in the third person. - IronSabbathPriest

>Says he's not going to argue about religion.
>Makes list on why to hate Christians. - visitor

Lies. You come back, don't let anyone disagree with you, and I You disrespect Christians. And your Luigi obsession is unhealthy. - visitor

He's pretending to be a visitor that likes him - bobbythebrony

Or should I say: "why is he talking in the third person? " said ISP. - IronSabbathPriest

Do you really think we're that stupid? - Songsta41

This post is too funny. - ObviouslyNotATroll

I totally agree with you CoolCat. Annoying metal fans like ********* are really mean and need to quit hating on someone with different opinions. This site is full of hatred, and it needs to stop. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Have you realized that hating is an opinion, too? - visitor

People who give opinions backed up with stupid reasons don't deserve respect. - visitor

God knows why people fight because of different opinions, if opinions are different then it's okay...but at least don't fight over it. It really doesn't make sense, thinking that you will use some wit and sarcasm and you'll 'win ' an all stuff like that, let people like what they like and don't try to attack them..This site is not made to gather all the people of same choices and separate the ones who have different. Disagreement with a particular opinion is alright, but with that - you should have a valid reasoning for it as well.
People doing that needs to grow up already, No need of Flame wars. - visitor