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1 The lack of respect for artists and their fans

I hate how people are all like, "Oh if you like this or that, than you must be this or that. " Everyone has their own opinion. Sure, we all agree on the same things, but some of us don't. I like some bands, but people are always just saying rude comments about them, and how if so and so like it, then they must not know what so and so is. Personally, I just want people to stop arguing about what they dislike, and just respect that people do like this and not every does, so they should at least show some respect about how we all feel about a certain type of topic.

I personally hate top 10 lists. First of all there is no one better than the other. Everyone is equally good, talented, have their own capacities and abilities. They all play an important role and contribute something to this world. These lists have actually made the matters worse. Now you guys write negative comments about some celebrities which you don't like. How do you feel when someone write negative comments about your favourite celebrity? You feel irritated, depressed and insulted. Like you others have emotions too. Everybody has their own opinions. 99% of the guys who write negative comments about celebrities are jealous of their achievements and contributions. I request you Top Ten guys to remove all those negative lists especially those which start with the words 'worst and 'overrated'. And to all those Haters I have only one thing to say to you: GROW UP!

2 People's bad voting tastes

Its totaly ridiculous how some people who don't have a clue about certain things, keep voting for that thing, only because "they like the colour of the eyes of that artist"! For example, multiple voting for Tarja Turunen as "the best opera singer" in spite of the fact that we have goddesses of the opera like: Maria Callas, Sarah Brightman, Monserrat Caballe... I feel free to comment because I have music academy and know exactly what I am talking about. that's why I think that people without similar jobs or expierences, shouldn't take part in such a votings, because they are not competent at all to judge! Or at least, they should research a little bit about the stuff they are messing with, not just bumping with stupidities (like the one when Tarja Turunen is better than Maria callas! )

I can sort of agree with this. If they have only heard one song by a band and vote them up rather than another one they would like way more and are too low, then I agree. However, they can genuinely have different tastes than you and ca- oh, dang it. I voted on this one to say the comment...

I guess that I have bad voting tastes, too!

3 Justin Bieber in every single "worst" list

It's pointless, if you hate a celebrity why waste your time adding them to every existing list on this website and help them get more fame and attention.

This is honestly annoying. It's funny how haters always say that Beliebers never shut up about him and yet are the same people who put him on every single worst and annoying list and who never shut up about him 24/7. Hypocrite much?!

There could be a list of Top Ten Worst "THINGS" and then you'd seen him there in the top 10s. Once I was on Horrible Events In History and guess what was on there? The birth of Justin Bieber and When Baby was released. Should've known that this website is bombarded with little kid users who should not even be using the internet at all and who just want to be annoying.

4 People starting all kinds of worst lists and can't stop hating

It is disrespectful to hate, even in some music artists I dislike the most I usually find some good aspects. Also, when I dislike a band's music, then I won't go on the internet and bash them to unrealistic extremes. I think the artist whose music I "hate" the most is Soulja Boy. But that doesn't make me hate him as a person. And I don't go out including him on every disrespectful list. I just don't listen to his music. I once reviewed his debut album and gave it 1 out of 5 stars. But I didn't write stuff like "This is the worst I ever heard", I wrote down why this album fails all the way through. And if Soulja Boy one day made a song I like, I'll give him credit for that and give the album a chance.
The thing that several people often lack is respect for artists.

There is a lot of awful lists in this site. Just people in this site keeps hating on everything non stop and keeps making worst lists, reasons to hate lists, most annoying lists etc. Let me show you some worst lists.

Top 10 Worst Rock Bands

Top 10 Most Hated Countries

Top 10 Worst Colors

Top 10 Worst Animals

Top 10 Most Annoying Solo Artists/Groups

Top 10 Reasons To Hate Nintendo

And every hate list featuring Justin Bieber on number 1

Look, I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber but there are a lot of worst lists that feature him on number one. Sure hating JB was cool back from 2009 to 2013 but his music isn't that bad since 2015. Not saying that you have to like him. But anyways, I'm gonna go back to talking about how bad most of the hate lists are. Lists like worst music artists and most annoying music artists are the same because these lists feature JB on number 1 as well. All of these crazy hate lists needs to stop.

5 You can't erase lists

That would be the best thing ever. Let's all forget December 11 never happened and never go on the list Reasons Halsey Is Better Than Kesha! It's not the list that was the problem, it's the responses I was getting just for my opinions and stuff I said because I was the worst user ever.

I need this to be added soon. I accidentally created 2 copies of my list "Best Mario Tennis Aces Special Shots" and I don't want people going on the one with only 10 items by accident.

One person voted on my list, but admin refused to let me get rid of it due to all the people that contributed to it. Not 'people' admin. 'Person' is the correct term. One person and they couldn't get rid of my list... COME ON, ADMIN!

6 "reasons why my opinion is correct" lists

I am kind of surprised that this is above comparisons lists but I agree with this. In principle I am OK with someone making a list of reasons why _ is great for example but the reasons used are usually terrible and often several reasons are just different ways of saying the same thing.

I hate it when people post that crap. An opinion is an opinion! It's not right or wrong!

It's possible for opinion to be right or wrong, but why make an entire list about that?

Many posters are sure that their opinion is the only correct one.

7 Everyone disrespects others' opinions

Like what I said, these people can't even take criticism. They're just being very biased.

Luckily most of these doesn't happen often now.

That's a main problem of this site.

8 Terrible Admins

They never ban terrible lists, they don't care about our safety and it shows, they probably don't even look at comments and they haven't gotten rid of certain peoples account. its almost as bad as Roblox security.

Is it wrong how they removed Most Overrated Users, (overrated, not worst) but not Penis Shapes, Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber or Things To Do To (insert person) or is it just me?

The item perfectly sums up the list.
I cannot go on stressing more on it. I'm exhausted even thinking about their prejudiced demeanor and laughably bad administration.

9 Only 3 dishonorable mentions

That's one of the problems I have with this site. I feel like the maximum number should be raised to at least five.

I wish that there could be 5 dishonorable mentions.

It should be unlimited or at least more than 3.

If anything up to 5 is fine, but not more.

10 People who make lists when they know nothing about the topic of the list

I remember the last time I did it. It was my first time on the site so it would make sense I wouldn't do well. But that's no excuse for any of you people. When you're on here for the first time, don't type in bad comments on purpose and make the excuse that it was your first time on here.

I totally agree with this one. "Worst Nickelodeon Shows" list and there are so much stuff from Cartoon Network, and random channels. I guess there are WAY too many idiots going on this website.

Exactly! Simply pretentious and copy-pasted garbage. They just somehow feel the need to dump all of their garbage ideas on this site thereby, making it the most toxic and polluted site on the internet.

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11 Kids shows get all the hate

Since we're grown ups, we are obviously not going to find shows like Dora or Barney entertaining. It makes no sense hating on these shows, since they don't appeal to us in the first place.

Do you not have anything better to do with your time than obsessively hating a preschool show that you are not the target audience of?

Why people hating on kid shows? It just made for kids. Stop hating it. We are not kids anymore but it's not the main reason to hate the show.

12 You can't see how many votes in every lists

Yeah, I completely agree! TheTopTens lists would be immensely greater of you could actaully see what the accurate scores and opinions of other people are! TheTopTens seriously need to correct this problem and update their website!

This actually could be because of people's personal lists. They throw things off whack. I'm not saying that personal lists are bad: I love everything about them, even how they affect voting.

It shows the percentage, but I would love if you can see the number of votes. Also how kuch votes your list got in general. Good website, but minor issues that can be fixed.

Maybe we need numbers instead of percentages. It would be easier to tell how many votes an item has. Just voting numbers. However, percentages aren't that bad either.

13 George W. Bush being the greatest U.S. President of the all time

Whoever voted for Bush Should seriously try and look at what he's actually done, when Clinton Left office, we had almost a billion dollar surplus, now we have a 35 billion dollar deficit. And he's not even fighting terrorists you guys, he's fighting almost the entire population of Iraq, that we "Liberated".

Don't worry about this, it only happens when the list is started by some ultra conservative, and reasonable people soon take him out of the number one slot. Also, if you look at other sites that are made by more neutral people, president Obama is always rated ahead of Bush.

This website has lost any credibility as a legitimate source. Not that many people actually saw it as one anyways! A Disgrace to humanity!

14 All the good lists are taken

Well OBVIOUSLY the good lists are taken! Can you honestly imangine going on this site to see that Top Ten Best Singers hasn't been taken already! The thing about this site is to test your ability and creativity to visualize other different lists, in content of the popular ones already taken! Geez people! Get a life!

The trick is to make a list for something (most likely a game) that hasn't come out yet or become widely popular, but that you know enough about, and then a few months later if the game is a success, then so so will your list.

I actually agree with admin. It would be confusing if there were so much lists of one exact subject. I just think that there should be a better search system on were you make a list.

I'm currently on a hiatus from creating lists, because I don't have anymore ideas for lists. I'll probably try to submit one more list today.
All my ideas were already taken.

15 Immature users

I swear that most people on this site are aged 13 and under. All I see on here are toxic, self-righteous, and downright psychotic people who should stay here so they don't spread their toxicity anywhere else. Never coming here again.

Also, speaking of which, for this reason, I would say some people on this website are acting silly and immature, like the one who wanted to screw myself and treat me like crap.

I, have no other words about this site. All I can say it should shut down for good because this is the place where stupidity is conjured up.

Oh goodness yes I see these all over the place, especially where they're trashing little kids shows like Barney or Cailiou.

16 Obsession Over Metal

Honestly, this is happening right now. They would say "it's just my opinion and everything" but then again it's the SAME, THING, OVER, AND, OVER. Many of the new metal lists are of similar qualities and there's no uniqueness. Also the obsession over which metal genres are metal and not metal are stupid too. I wish the "obsessed" metal heads expand their musical horizons not just to their favorite bands but to any band in the genre, instead of the same thing over and over. See, that's the crazy thing, when you are doing the same thing over and over.

There are genres out there which are just as good as metal. Also, a song's genre does not really determine how good it is. For example, a lot of mainstream rap is bad because it glorifies sex/drugs/material possessions/being "gangster", but there are also a lot of good rap songs out there which are about the struggles of everyday life. There is also potential for some money-hungry record companies to create bad metal music. Metal is not the only genre with good music, and good music of other genres exist, too.

17 People who treat their opinion as objective fact

Yes, some users tend to treat their opinions as facts. I'm not like that nowadays as I treat my opinions as my own opinions.

The majority of posters suffer from this problem.

And if you disagree they think it's a cardinal sin punishable by death

This song/movies/TV shows is good! Those who disagreed have bad taste!

18 Drama

Most of the drama died on this site.

19 Multiple voting

The only reason this isn't #1 is that the people bothered by multiple voting... Are only voting for this once. Also, I wish it would show the number of thumbs up and thumbs down votes each comment has, rather than just the total. A controversial comment could have 50 up-votes and 50 down-votes, yet nobody would realize that anyone had even seen the comment.

I vote more than once because I can. I would have no problem with 1 vote / IP-address but since you can vote once a day, I sometimes do that. But why can you vote once a day? I don't get it, but I have to do that because otherwise my favorites have no chance against other people who votes every day. But please reset the lists and make it 1 vote / IP-address.

There's should be system of points. Example, you have 10 points and you can give these points to some artists who deserve it and you can change your opinion, to do this you take the points from Michael Jackson and give it to Radiohead. And the statistics should be like "top based on 100 people"

20 "If you like this than you must be this"

The thing I don't like is all the lies that are on these lists, particularly political lists and especially about Obama. People will just throw comments out there and most often they aren't even true. If he has screwed up, I'll admit it but I would still vote for him again. People rag on him and Hillary like they've never done anything right in their life. They say he's the worst president when that is nowhere near true. Look at any objective ranking of U.S. Presidents and Obama is usually somewhere in the teens. He's always in the top half, and he's only near the bottom if the list is made by Republicans.

Stereotypical, but I have a stereotype for those stereotypical people! If they say "if you like this, then you must be this", then they must be dumb!

There's such a thing as differing opinions. Have respect for them, people! That's why this site even exists at all!

I hate it when I go on something I don't like and I vote for it to hate it, and then it reccommeds it for me! I don't like everything I vote for, okay?!

21 Heart Ranked Number One on Almost Every Music List

That is really annoying Heart have no good songs just bad ones. It seems one person keeps voting for them all the time. They are #4 on Greatest Rock Band of all time ahead of Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Guns N Roses and many great bands - at least all of the bands on the greatest bands list have many good songs each.

People should listen to the queen of all music - Queen. Just putting it out there. Opinions are opinions, although I'd like to say that opinions can also be ridiculous opinions too.

It's a fantastic thing that they're not talking about JB. I just hate him more than any other singer/band I hate. He just sucks bad. VERY BAD.

22 Add a picture not being on all lists

I still miss this feature. I understand the creator of the list should have a right to upload their own images of their choosing, but really, I think what should have been done is that when making a list, the creator should have the option to approve or disapprove of other users uploading images onto their lists. I understand that admin might have removed this feature to prevent images from being uploaded that the creator doesn't want, but in all honesty, not every user goes around uploading images on their lists, so I do feel that we should be given some freedom back to upload images on any list we want regardless of ownership. If we can vote, comment, remix, and add posts on a list, then we should be able to upload images on that list as well.

There's also a weird thing where a completely different picture shows up on a completely different item. For example, I was on Top 10 Worst Survivor Players, and next to Trish Dunn was an unusual photo. I clicked on it, and the title said, "Beatrice Prior." Needs to be fixed.

Well it puts more detail into the items, but the killer is waiting on the approval time is the real challenge, this goes the same for blog posts.

That needs to be fixed immediately. It's so frustrating.

23 Only having a single vote

Well you can vote multiple times. Even then, the voting system isn't great. Can't comment until you log out.

Well except if you did not log inch you must log in to reply, so you can have infinity replies and even for one comment but for everybody

Well, not anymore.

24 People always fight each other
25 You cannot change your votes

We cannot be expected to find our favorite so far later when most people barely remember favorite bands/foods/everything else that is listed so far back that you need to scroll trough (almost) EQUALLY awesome stuff.

Changing ones vote from one thing to another rather than being able to rate multiple entries should be easy to incorporate, so if you ask anybody you should know this feature is left out simply out of cheer disgusting laziness, and the worst kind too.

(Now I bet I will find something far worse below, but if I cannot change my vote, then this is UNDOUBTEDLY the worst thing ever in this list)

Accidentally clicked on the wrong person, couldn't change to the correct person, first time I've been to the site, made that mistake, looked for faqs to fix it, couldn't, made me hate the site they should either let you change or have a verification after you hit the button.

You can't change a comment rate either. It really bugs me when I see a disrespectful comment and I want to give it a thumbs down but accidentally give it thumbs up and it can't be changed

It's annoying whenever I accidentally vote for something or I see another option I want to vote for and I can't change my vote. It would be nice if we were able to change votes

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