It's Time to End the Trolling, Bullying and Picking Fights

admin We've tried the hands-off approach.  Only intervened in the most egregious of cases, and generally tried to give arguments and disagreements a chance to resolve themselves naturally.  Unfortunately, this philosophy is proving not to be an effective one.  Something more has to be done to address the relatively new phenomenon of visitors using TheTopTens as a forum for attacking each other, posting hateful content, and generally working to undermine the overall quality of experience that our members have come to expect over the years.

Moving forward, we will be cracking down on this behavior, sending out notifications, and if necessary, suspending accounts.

Types of Behavior We'll Be Looking Out For

In general, we're targeting content submitted to TheTopTens that unnecessarily inhibits other member's ability to enjoy the site.  We do realize that with a site such as this, there is always a chance some people will be offended.  As is the case any time people are allowed to express opinions, there exists the potential for charged discussions.  Add to this the fact that people's individual levels of sensitivity can range from the most callous to the epitome of thin skinned, and you have an environment where it is a near certainty that someone is going to feel uncomfortable.  Even in the cases of some of our most positive "best of" lists, we have received demands to delete said list from people who are upset that we would have the audacity to conduct a poll in the first place.  And those are from people whose number one choice was ranked in the first position on the list they were complaining about.

So, we do recognize that you cannot please all the people all the time.  But we think the majority of people will agree that most, if not all, of the things listed below are crossing the line from a constructive to a disruptive discussion.

It is also worth noting that we are not changing the rules of the game halfway through.  Each of the things listed are already forbidden in our Terms of Use which states, among other things, that users are not to submit materials that are threatening, abusive, defamatory, offensive or profane.

So, without further ado, here is a sampling of the things we want to rid this site of.

1. Name calling - Even if you don't agree with another person's opinions, it's not necessary to call that person stupid.  You can state your opinion or offer a rebuttal, but personal attacks won't fly.

2. Threats of physical violence against other visitors - Don't say you are going to kill someone, punch them in the face, eat them, etc.  Even if you do it in jest, realize that other people may not think it is a joke.

3. Wishing harm on others - The same is true of wishing people would die or telling them to go kill themselves.  It's simply not necessary to the discussion.

4. Posting lies about visitors - You may think it's funny to add "I accidentally killed my little brother" to an autobiographical list of facts about an individual TopTenner, but we don't.

5. Posting critical attack material about other members - Regardless of the quality of your reasoning or the eloquence of your prose, we're not going to permit posts whose purpose is to criticize other members or lists of worst things about a user of this site.

6. Adding derogatory lists of members - No more lists of worst users on the site, users with the worst taste in music, users with terrible grammar, etc.  Include in that the infamous list of most overrated users of TheTopTens that has now been removed.

7. Adding items to lists that are unflattering to individual members - There are quite a few lists on TheTopTens where is makes sense to add items relating to individual members.  But items like "Admin falls off a cliff" will not longer per permitted on them.

8. Impersonating other members - This includes creating accounts designed to be confused with the existing accounts of other members or posting comments, items, or lists with the intent of making it look like they were submitted by another user.

9. Posting content intended solely to anger other members - This sort of "trolling" behavior can include posting comments, adding replies or creating remixes that do not contribute to the site's discourse and instead are an attempt to elicit a negative response from an individual or like minded group.

As stated above, this is not an all-inclusive list of things that would constitute bullying or trolling, but it should give you a decent idea of the types of things to avoid doing.

A Few Odd and Ends

Some things we want to clarify.  First, these guidelines apply to all new submissions to the site as well as content that users have added in the past.  So if you have any suspect posts or comments, we ask that you remove them. Secondly, you are accountable for all content associated with your account. Saying something was submitted by a friend or sibling won't be a valid excuse.  Perhaps now would be a good time to change your password.  Lastly, we're not going to be providing notifications or issuing warnings for every infraction we come across, especially for content that was submitted prior to when this post went live.  More likely, we'll simply remove content that doesn't adhere to the rules.  So if you see a post disappear, it may have been done by the administration.

Why So Serious?

There are certainly people who aren't going to agree with what we are doing.  We'll be accused of stifling opinions, being a buzzkill, and worst of all, having the gall to try to censor the internet. We're okay with that.

We're taking these steps because we are working to strengthen TheTopTens community.  We feel the long term success of this site is better served by promoting positive discourse and providing a site where people can feel comfortable.  It's very possible we will lose some users.  But by not taking action, we will lose members too.  We're never going to make everyone happy.  So instead of trying to do so, we'll focus on those members who share our vision.  For the rest, there's always 4chan.


Looking at Number 7, WHY ISN'T THE PUGA ABUSE IDEAS DELETED? And since everyone has a different level at which they get offended, this was a very biased move. - Puga

If you'll point out the list and the items you are referring to, we'll be happy to address it. - admin

Look at pages 2 and 3 mainly. It's self-explanatory why I'm offended. - Puga

This is in my list of "Episodes That Would Created If TheTopTens Was A Television Show". - Turkeyasylum

Thanks for removing them. This move is starting to make SOME sense. - Puga

Imagine getting offended over Puga Abuse @Early 2015 Puga - Puga

There's an anonymous blog post listed immediately before this one that seems to fall under your restrictions.

In my opinion, the worst trolling comes from visitors, rather than members, and there really aren't any repercussions for them, with the exception of a deleted comment. - PetSounds

The post I believe you are referring to is in our opinion more of an overall impression of the direction of the site and not necessarily an attack on individual members. - admin

As usual, Petsounds nails it - visitor

Good job

- LeotheGangstacat - visitor

I hope this works to make this site more peaceful. I dislike fighting on this website. Thank you, admin! Even if it's censorship, it is still better than trolling happening. - Turkeyasylum

Shoot me for making that comment. It was months ago, but still... Shoot me. - Turkeyasylum

Um, okay? BANG! Jk - visitor

Amen. - Garythesnail

Admins of this site do a great job. Well done for making this post. But yeah I agree that it is SOME OF the visitors that troll more, as there aren't repercussions for them really, but there's not much we can do about that.
This site is a great community, and improving every day, long may it continue - EvilAngel

Go Admin you're the best - 2storm

Thank goodness. - Minecraftcrazy530

Thank god we can rest in peace now if people see anyway it might be happening people can ask admin to remove it - BigBrotherSucks

Not censorship at all! I think this is a great idea. - keycha1n

That's fantastic, Admin. This site will be much better with bullies/trolls - Delgia2k

Correction: WITHOUT bullies/trolls. - Delgia2k

I agree with this blog post. TheTopTens shouldn't be an argument site. - visitor

Yes it should - JaysTop10List

Thank You, admin. This will stop all the constant wars going on and will make peace on this site without any trouble. - CoolCat999

Yeah... I just get very mad sometimes ( I'm extremely sensitive) so I pick up fights - JaysTop10List

But my Controversial TopTenners was removed. Why? I wasn't attacking them - JaysTop10List

The posts were added to the since removed list of Most Overrated Users. In addition, each post could have been viewed as personal attacks on the members they were written about. - admin

But. It's telling the truth. It's not meant to be offensive. - JaysTop10List

BRAVO! Great post! Ok, I'm not a sweetheart too, I don't deny that but it's time to stop this annoying hatred! - Magnolia

I completely agree. People think starting wars, calling names, etc is the right thing to do. But no, it's cyber bullying. This is why some people don't let their child use the internet - visitor

I vote up comments and replies if more than 50% of the people say the same thing about something, like if some people say that music is good and the others say it's bad, then if more than 50% of the people say it's good, then I'll vote oup the positive comment/reply, because more than 50% of the people saying it indicates truth, so I don't usually fight whatsoever. - visitor

I'm glad that you made this post Admin! It means a lot, yay! - funnyuser

Accurate post. Way to go, Admin! - Animefan12

Sadly, it has been a reason on why SevenLizards deleted his account - Pony

Thanks you admin for speaking out and fighting against bullying and trolling - Batmaniscole

For all the fighting on here, I think people should just grow a pair and ignore any hate... However I do agree with removing any lists attacking individuals not because it would hurt there feelings but because it does not contribute to the site and puts out a mixed theme to visitors. - visitor

Great job admin yeah this needs to stop - Batmaniscole

So you said lists of worst users need to stop? That makes sense, but what about lists of hated countries? I know you're just going to say something like "you don't have to look at it, clicking on the list is your choice". I know but someone somewhere from one of those countries could comment on there, and that could cause arguments. Honestly it is more offensive that the overrated users list, the overrated users list wasn't even targeted at the users, there were arguments on that list, but there was nothing wrong with - visitor

Not sure how one claims the list wasn't targeted at specific users when the list was comprised entirely of usernames of users. - admin

Also the list "Most Hated Countries" could offend people, as well as the list "Reasons Not To Be Gay/Lesbian" might be offensive to people and should be removed. People shouldn't make lists about hated countries, and I don't know why it's so popular. A better list would be a list like "Best Countries" or "Most Awesome Countries". And people should not make lists saying that you shouldn't be gay, because homosexuality is not a choice sometimes. Lists like "Most Overrated Users On TheTopTens" wasn't intended to be offensive according to egnomac, even though it's filled with user names. What is actually targeted was the amount of lists about the users, but then people misinterpreted it as a clone of the worst users list, and starting arguing about being on the list. So I am glad it was removed. - visitor

We feel there is a distinction between being personally attacked as was the case with the overrated users list and taking an attack personally as is the case with the hated countries list. And even though it was not egnomac's intention for the list to be an offensive list used to attack members of the site, that doesn't change the fact that that's exactly what the list became.

As for the reasons not to be gay/lesbian list, if you are a supporter of equal rights, the list is largely positive and a good thing to keep on the site. A majority of the comments on the list and the number one item on the list are pro equality. - admin

Also I would way the ways to kill lists to end as well it not even allowed in any country so why should we allowed it here I find the ways to kill list offensive as well - BigBrotherSucks

How about the way to kill lists they need to be delete right now sane as Most Hated Countries and Reasons Not To Be Gay/Lesbian and reasons why Christianity and worst religons is terribe yes the worst users of top ten list was bad and that needed to be deleted and what about the user should date list are offensive as well they are loads of lists that should be deleted as well why

1 Ways to kill lists they are offenive cause you are actually wanting to kill them in real like

2 Most Hated Countries people are arguing over their country which is wrong

3 Reasons Not To Be Gay/Lesbian is offensive because you are making fun of gay people which is none of their business

4 reasons why Christianity is terrible you are making fun of christans which they is no need for that

5 worst religons People are making fun of other people religons which I THINK IT NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW!

6 Users who should date lists well why should we even date them for they might already has a girlfriend or might not be instread

So yes I am glad worst users of the toptens and most overrated users got deleted but if you want to end it totally should you be removing those lists as well? - BigBrotherSucks

Yeah, I still stand by myself when I say this new policy sucks. - Puga

I'm against this - JaysTop10List

I'm against the policy now. I've been against it for a few months.

July 7, 2015 - Turkeyasylum

I do not agree with the new policy. I hate it. - visitor

People need to stop fighting and they need to respect other people's opinions and facts. - visitor

You said it! Not everyone has to hate Justin Bieber! - visitor

The Top Tens is becoming more strict so be careful not to say mean things or your account might be suspended! Don't share your passwords! Don't use killing jokes! I hope nobody's account gets deleted! - visitor

And you better stop acting like a parent because you're really acting like one. I hate this - JaysTop10List

Don't call other people names! Ok! - visitor

Incredible Job for Deleting the Worst Users of The Top Ten list before I join here and Incredible Job for deleting he Most Overrated Users of The Top Tens! I don't deserve to be there! - visitor

No one does. Everyone is human! - visitor

This is making TheTopTens much more better. We don't need negavity around this site. - Chaotixhero

And we never had any. Users did. - Puga

I agree with Puga. This policy stinks. I mean come on, no offense Admin but this is an website where we could share our opinion. Overrated users wasn't even bad. People who agree needs to think again, you too visitor. I mean like come on - JaysTop10List

You should end this now! I love video games but if someone hates it, I'm okay with it. No more trolling! - visitor

Please end this madness as soon as possible! We want this to be a family friendly site! - visitor

Well, I like everything, but...

The Overrated Users list was enjoyable to read, and so truthful.

And the fact that you went too far with no swearing and bullying. - PizzaGuy

How 'bout adding a feature to stop people from voting on your lists? It would be very helpful. Also, make an option to delete coments and replies from the user's list. It would make less trolling and bullying. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

While the concept is good, a feature like this would be far too easy to abuse. People could simply delete all comments they don't agree with. - admin

That idea is garbage. It would prevent freedom of expressing your opinions, and once you create a list, it isn't yours anymore. You give up ownership of it. It's now on THETOPTENS. - visitor

It's a shame that some people still do the things above (sigh) But I hope the admin can do something about It! - MLPFan

This is one of the best posts I've ever read. I 100% agree with it. - visitor

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