Dear TopTenners

Dear TopTenners: If you're gonna start up a ranting series, come up with a name that's not *insert name here* Rants because it's corny, gimmicky and will make me assume that the whole thing will be a whiny 10 year old talking about something irrelevant.

Dear TopTenners: Learn the phrase "Shows for six year olds" and then you'll learn why the shows are stupid and dumb. Ain't rocket science

Dear TopTenners: Stop with the user ranking lists. Please, if the list has no substance besides flattering and hope for your idols to notice you then the only gift you'll get is a block from me.

Dear TopTenners: Hating something because is mainstream doesn't mean you're cool and smart, it just makes you look like you want to be different for the sake of being different.

Dear TopTenners: Shut up about SelfDestruct already, the guy has been irrelevant for about a year now and yet people are still outraged about him just because he insulted deadmau5 and Jackie Evancho. If you call him a troll, then why hate his guts then if you're aware!

Dear TopTenners: Don't cal yourself a Grammar Nazi when you don't proofread. I can literally scroll down all your comments and find alot of typoes. Might as well hand me your armband and throw it in the bin.

Dear TopTenners: This f*****g thing that you're comparing with is so unrelated that I can sense that you only made it from pure laziness.

Dear TopTenners: We're all aware that the apple joke wasn't intended to insult people who loves eating apple. We do have a sense of humour you know.

Dear TopTenners: We all know you keep using punchlines from YouTubers and other TopTenners. Don't be like Steve Jobs and become famous from using people's ideas, you unfunny moron.

Dear TopTenners: It's so ironic when you call someone butthurt when you're literally the one being agitated. You people can't talk about nothing.

Dear TopTenners: Enough of these sob story announcements of you retiring and being depressed because I know you're just trying to stay in the attention circle.

Dear TopTenners: Your music tastes are so peculiar and similiar to nearly 99.9% of everyone elses, that I think you're just trying to sound eco-culturistic.

Dear TopTenners: You don't love everyone, you're justing hiding the fact that you had your head shoved down the toilet and you hate everybody.

Dear TopTenners: You're so corny when you call someone a "loser". What is this, 1940's? Goddamn you.

Dear TopTenners: You liking a band is not an "interesting fact", it's a sign that I will never like you as a human being.

Dear TopTenners: If you're 24 years old, then why do you act, type and sound like a nine year old? Are you a manchild?

I'm so done!


Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed... - Puga

Agreed... - visitor

Maybe he did, but I'm going to give it an amen regardless... Sometimes it takes a bad mood to drop a truth bomb. I needed it as well! - keycha1n

There's a lot of truth in this post. - NuMetalManiak

Veru truthful post. Sometimes how I feel... - Turkeyasylum

I'm probably guilty of these. - visitor

Dear TopTenners, can you at least take a bloody hint? - PositronWildhawk

OH shut up you,your the biggest example for the self destruct one - Nateawesomeness

Cool - Pony

Feels like it's aimed at me. - visitor

"don't cal yourself a grammar nazi"
"don't cal yourself"
m8 please - Brobusky