room 101: toptenners

Penis. If you haven't smashed your computer is disgust at that word, congrats, you are more mature than the average toptenner. Yep, there are a few users on thetoptens who will agree with this, there will be a few also who are still traumatised by the first sentence. One thing I hate myself for doing on this site and it is being so nice and not opinionated on other users. I have been way overly nice. But, I know I am not the only one. So, read my toptenner opinions on the most opinionated blog post series on thetoptens!

So many toptenners are cool people. As many people know, ironsabbathpreist is my favourite user, closely followed by mcking1003. But, with some users, because they have so many friends, their friendship doesn't feel as special, as they befriend anyone (positronwildhawk, britgirl, keycha1n, Kris) but that may not be a bad thing. But, there are many, truly pathetic users, who because of admins policy, I can't name. So, here is what is wrong with them.

First, they are overly nice. They get a load of toptenners they are unable to criticise because they have found one decent quality. They feel as if they have to be nice to someone as if it is like a toddler singing and they have to say "that is awesome!". Please, if I think something is s***, it is s***. I would tell someone that. However, toptenners are so far up each others arses they can't even see the work they produce.

Now, the ones who overreact. Remember a user called JUSTINBIEBERLOVER? Well, she was obviously sitting back and laughing while you guys were getting butthurt about her and writing really heated rant posts. They also get disturbed over nothing. They all complain about sex and people who enjoy sex. Last time I checked, people who enjoyed sex were commonly referred to as sane. So, because of this, all the toptenners get really offended.

And what does admin do about it? He gets to making this site a PG13 site so we can all love each other! aww! What a fantastic idea! Or is it? No. Now, all of the easily offended users love this site. For them, this would be the next best thing to a mental asylum! So, what could be wrong with restricting users' opinions and letting the immature t***s get their way?

Now, we have some underrated users, who aren't the mainstream, don't make miscellaneous lists and are an expert in their subject, but then we have the ones who have awful content, but crave attention, so we have to praise them, and they become popular. The same ones who make a blog series about moaning and call it "*insert username here* rants" and they wonder why the need to fake retire to get attention...

So, these easily offended, pathetic, unoriginal t***s who can't be mean to each other are some people I am unable to name, but who cares, you know who you are. So, this has been another episode of room 101. Please comment if you agree or disagree in the comments, and give reasons. Hope you enjoyed this episode of room 101. Thank you for reading!


JBLover was irrelevant to people's sensitivity. She may have been annoying, but she didn't change how anyone would react to the slightest thing out of line. It was exactly the same with BigBrotherYes before her, and SelfDestruct before him. It's just how the internet works. The more civilised of us do what we can to leave it alone, but the others don't ever leave it alone, and that annoys me too much. Even after the extreme fight I had with SelfDestruct, I haven't interacted with him at all for months, because he hasn't interacted back. Additionally, admin's policy doesn't affect sensitivity either. It restricts hate material, but it doesn't change people's opinions on the people in question. At least it allows some flexibility; you can give criticisms, as long as you don't condemn them to hell. - PositronWildhawk

SelfDestruct wasn't a troll. He was just a dick. - BeatlesFan1964

Now that I think about it JBL was kinda like an experiment on how to mess with TheTopTenners. I once had some troll who kept spamming messages, but I just shrugged it off and told Admin. - Pony

Now you think about? Ae you saying it wasn't common sense or obvious?! - visitor

Oh yeah, I remember that troll. She called me a b***h every comment she spammed me. I blocked her. I also blocked jb lover and boom, all contact was ceased. - visitor

Well.. Well this is the internet, there's always something to annoy you or piss you off. - Delgia2k

The one thing unappealing about this site is indeed the amount of truly socially inept people. I used to act the same way as a child, so I don't blame them, they'll all grow up eventually, but it does get annoying after a while. However, this post and some of the things I say myself seem passive aggressive, since I can't explicitly state who I'm talking about. And that me feel like the bad guy sometimes... - keycha1n

I would name people if I could - visitor

Well gemcloben, you could, but the policy... - visitor

This post makes sense. As pos said, jbl knew she would become popular, like bb yes before her, and sd before him. - visitor

While a lot of TopTenners actually have a backbone and some thick skin, others can come up as whiny little p****ies. This is the internet; there are going to be some offensive and idiotic thins in this somewhat unkind place. I know, it sucks, it really does, but the only thing we can do is ignore it and deal with it. Good post, Gemcloben. - visitor

I will admit visitor you have a point. Get an account! - visitor

Some of the younger users simply haven't matured yet. It'll get better after a few years, but there'll always be a few immature users. We can just ignore all the whining and all the baby talk. It's not like that's all this site is. - Turkeyasylum

I'm going to make a post series called Room 202! - visitor

But that's a rip off. - Delgia2k

I don't know, he asked top tenners to be in it, I wonder what it's about. - visitor

Yeah... I don't think there's a show called that. - IronSabbathPriest

The name is a rip off not the story. I'm gonna make this blog post series in Yahoo Answers. - visitor

I could be considered extremely soft to people as well, but I don't do it for attention nor to get followers. I simply do it because I am NATURALLY a soft person and don't like criticising others. I am like that in real life as well, so I don't like the idea of being called a bad user simply because I am being who I am.

I know you didn't address me directly but that is what I am saying; what about the people that are naturally soft and are not putting on a show for attention and popularity? Trying to be someone you are not is just as bad.

This is just my opinion. I am not trying to offend anyone who reads this. - RaineSage

Is the second to the last paragraph referring to me? Because I don't really think I get recognized much. - visitor

Anyway, trolls are entertaining to watch, after my past experience of feeding them. - visitor

I sorta feel this is aimed at me... - cosmo

Being nice is good,but you still need to be opinionated,also,DEAL WITH THEM(inert swegy sunglasses) - Nateawesomeness