Suggestions for admin n' stuff

Puga I currently have a love/hate relationship with TheTopTens. On one hand, I've met many friends here and the site is original. On the other, the community is in general, terrible and there are a lot of things the admin(s) need to address. I will be splitting this into parts: suggestions and complaints.
-Blog post navigation links
This is similar to Turkeyasylum's idea. Say you were reading Episode 5 of Admin's Vacation and you wanted to read the 6th episode, but to do that you'd need to go to my page, wait for it to load, scroll down and flick through to find episode six. Instead, why not just add the names of a few related posts at the bottom (not just the previous and next episodes)? It'd look like this:
Admin's Vacation: Episode 6 (He's up all night for good fun)
Admin's Vacation: Episode 4 (MURICA!)
Admin's Vacation: Episode 2 (Come Vine With Me)
Total Drama TopTens Action: Episode 10 (MIKASA!)
If that's too hard, why not make playlists similar to YouTube's? The button for "Playlists" would be next to the button for "Moderate Comments". The playlists would be titled the title of a series and all the episodes of that series would be in the playlists, chronologically. Both options would be user-customisable.

-More Varied Stats
I want to see blogs with the most comments. I want to see the users with the most blogs, high quality or not. I want to see which user has the most blog post comments (probably Therandom). I want to see what user has favourited the most lists. I want to see what user has had their lists favourited the most. Is it too much to ask for? I mean, you already made a drastic change to the stats a few months ago.

- Sorting Lists by Genres
I have an accomplishment for 10 internet lists. But I want to see what those 10 lists are. I want this to be done in two possible ways: I can click on the accomplishment and it would list me them, OR on the lists section of your page, a new tab could be added in between "Most Popular" and "Search". Click on it, type in a genre of list and the lists the user has made in those genres will pop up.

Next week I'll be making a few complaints about the site. And by a few, I mean a lot.


I think there should be more continuity where blog series are concerned. Thus, I think instead, like a YouTube video playlist, there should be a list of all the blogs in the series in chronological order, which has been ordered by the blog series originator. On the "add post" page, there should be the option to add the blog to one of several series "playlists" that the creator made. - PositronWildhawk

There's a solution to this:
Make all of your series posts on one list. That way, the next episode is in the "blogs about this list" section. As long as you number them if it's a chronological story. - keycha1n

That's only for high quality blogs. - Puga

Once again Puga you make an excellent point. - visitor

Looks like Danteem unlocked me in Smash Bros. - Puga

Danteem, a five year old could beat you at that game. - visitor

Do the site favor, be quiet already. - Delgia2k

Bravo - bobbythebrony

*claps* and I'm not even being sarcastic - letdot52

*applause* - Delgia2k

All three ideas... Marvelous! - Turkeyasylum

*claps* - CerealGuy

Another redo needed - Puga

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