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1 Raining Blood

If you don't head bang to this song something is wrong with you

The song that got me in to slayer and is still the song I listen to most by them pure awesome!

Fast and crazy. Happens all so fast it leaves you speechless. - sharm7064

In a true #1 song by any band, there should be one of the greatest riffs of the band, one of the greatest vocal performances, solos, drumming etc. If they aren't found in the same song, there should still be some balance. When people talk about the heaviness, aggression, riffs, intro found in this song, they tend to forget how horrible, almost embarassing the solo is. Same for Angel of Death. - Alkadikce

2 Angel of Death

This is slayer's BEST SONG ever!
Best riff
Best drums
Best (eargasmic) solos
Best high pitched scream

Yeah, guys you all have to admit that Angel Of Death is better than Raining Blood!


Lombardo's killer drumming... The crazy riffs by king... Screams by araya... This is one of the best thrash-metal songs

Love the "intro"/scream/fast double bass drums, from beginning to end, (My favorite Slayer song)

Best song by slayer - adawddwadaw

3 Seasons in the Abyss

Why are Raining Blood and Angel of Death more popular Seasons in the Abyss?

Easy: because people who look up the most popular extreme thrash band do it because they want to headbang mindlessly. Not if this song wasn't suitable for that, but it's probably the closest Slayer got to a "ballad" (although nowhere near it).

My opinion here: a good metal song has to remain good without the heaviness. Distortion and speed doesn't make up for poor songwriting. This song could have a great hard rock cover, and it's not the case for Raining Blood or Angel of Death. I am not saying that metal songs should be "poppy", I am saying that people who like a certain genre will like lots of songs just because of featuring the genre requirements, not for the song itself. - Alkadikce

It's a masterpiece, and one of the best thrash songs out there, and lyrically one of the best songs I've ever listened to. Slayer!

This song has such a cool feel to it! Always puts me in a good mood

I don't really like slayer's style but this song actually rocks! Should be number 1 definitely! So good rhythm guitar

4 South of Heaven

Like Seasons in the Abyss, this is only not more popular than Raining Blood and Angel of Death because to Slayer fans heaviness and speed is more important than songwriting - Alkadikce

One of the best songs from one of the best albums of Slayer.

This is my favorite aside from dead skin mask and 213 and a lot more lol - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

The most recognizable Slayer song... at least for me, the best of slayer. I'm not a big fan of slayer though, but I like their aggressive style and bass beats.

5 War Ensemble

Not top ten material. By 1990, Slayer already used its full potential and ideas in fast extreme thrash songs. Silent Scream one album before is basically the exact same song except with a better chorus.

0-0-0 intro as usual, forgettable solo as usual - Alkadikce

This should be number 1

just epic!

Very good for drums

6 Black Magic

Awesome intro

This song is epic not because it is evil like raining blood but because it represents the struggle of good or evil. The main character of the song comes out in the biggining talking about how he has been betrayed and is now fighting to not become a pawn of satan. But in the end he is still struck down.

This is their best song by far! The riff is epic. The lyrics are amazing! Slayer Rules!

This definitely deserves a spot in the top ten. One of the best songs from their early career, and probably one of the best songs overall. Great vocals, instrumentation, and lyrics all combine to create an amazing song

7 Disciple

God will hate you if you don't vote for this.
Just an all round crazy tune, and probly Tom's best vocal performance.

I think you missed the point of the song man, God hates us anyways - dubsinthetubs

Killer drum solo - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

The best part is that this song was reviewed by a popular YT pastor that reacts to metal songs - germshep24

A song so angry and blistering, this will scare the limbs off mainstream pop fans! This song maybe can instigate and free minds of pop fans. Anyways, this song has loudness, heaviness, chaos, and pure ANGER! Somewhat reminiscent of death metal (cookie-monster music according to Slayer) to be honest. Tom sounds like he is angrily abusing his larynx by yelling lyrics into a megaphone, Jeff and Kerry totally ABUSE and TORTURE their guitars, while Paul beats up his drums. Awesome song!

8 Hell Awaits

This is my number 1... by far... them I would put mandatory suicide then at dawn they sleep

Every time I listen to it just makes realize how god-like dave's drumming is

Listen to it 3 times and you will remind it as the best Metal song you ever heard

Greatest song ever

9 Dead Skin Mask

One of my favorite slayer tunes. A little slower than most, with a staedy groove. When the girl says LET ME OUT! I get chills down my spine. A little fun fact... The Texas chain saw massacre, psycho, and silence of the lambs movies were all concepts from the legend of Ed Gein

Honestly why do people like this song? I like heavy scary music but this is the downright creepiest song ever made

"Dance with the dead in my dreams
Listen to their hallowed screams
The dead has taken my soul
Temptations, lost all control! "

This song is the creepiest Slayer song ever. Maybe one of the creepiest songs in Metal ever. Seriously, the haunting bass, the guitars that sound like doom is near, the strong lyrics tell a story about Ed Gein, a relentless body snatched and killer who skinned his victims and wore their skin around his house and make other objects with their flesh. The screams of terror at the end are terrifying - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Best slayer track out of all the lot. The lyrics "Dance with the dead in my dreams" is the ultimate contribution for the mask that Ed Gein created, and that's how he killed his victims. He danced with them first, then ripped off their heads then their faces and used them as his mask. The outro to the song is quite epic too.

10 Chemical Warfare

The drumming is extraordinary in this song All hail king Lombardo

Great song, the riff, the vocals, the solos, the anger, the rage, vote for this song or you'll find yourself where the sleeping souls lie... Chemical warfare - fidelcanojr

My favourite Slayer song! The lyrics are dark, the solos are sick and Tom screams like a legend! Absolutely brilliant!

This was the song that bridged the gap between Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits. Without this song Slayer would never have become as fast and violent as they did. - joshapkin

The Contenders

11 World Painted Blood

You can't get better then this song and album

has an awesome riff and has awesome singing espicially at the vocal solo. this is the song that gets me headbanging the most... plus its up for a grammy so what more can I say - wolphert

Absolutely mind blowing slayer song.. Check this one out for sure and rest of the album it's all amazing


12 Mandatory Suicide

Bruh this jeffrey epsteins favorite song lmao

The lyrics at the end are so powerful - Sabbath

What the hell is Mandatory Suicide doing at 18?!

The most underrated Slayer song. This should be in the top 10

13 Postmortem

You can't listen to raining blood without listening to Post Mortem first. You just Cant.

My favourite slayer song and it should be continued by raining blood.

Should be in the top ten at least, this song is so good that it was chosen to be the lead in to "Raining Blood"! Great riff, drums, vocals...GREAT SONG!

Truly amazing song! Great riff.. I love the intro!

14 Skeletons of Society

Chorus-centred song with a weak chorus, melody-oriented without having a strong melody, while does not even have the speed or aggression of other Slayer songs. Highlights the problems of Seasons in the Abyss (the album, not the song) - Alkadikce

Great guitar great vocal

there are everything in this song, for me. amazing sound, so powerful lyrics and a lot of feelings by all group members.
"Humanity going insane"

There are so many words to describe this song you could say amazing, ingenious but the best way to put it is once you hear this song it sticks with you. Forever Haunting in a dreamlike way. The lyrics are real and actually make you think. This is the most real personal song they ever have written.

15 Jihad

Amazing song with an unexpected kickass riff

The shimmering of the high hat at the start is what got me hooked and the rhythm of the vocals is just addictive, definitely in my top 5 slayer songs, I can't believe its not higher. I think this song is way better than most of the songs in the top ten in my opinion.

Listen this song after Disiple..

Good song... Deserves to be 11th at least

16 Spill the Blood

All the atmosphere of Seasons but with a more villainous riff and a more haunting melody.

kick ass

I think top 5 Slayer song. It features great drumming

One of my favorite songs of all time, I can't believe its this low on the list.

17 Metal Storm / Face the Slayer

Awesome badass intro followed with delicate riffing and epic lyrics just an all round epic song from their first album also drums are killer in this one which has many tempo changes and beat changes

Probably Slayer's most underrated song! Epic beginning and deserves to be up there with the classics

Sounds a lot like some underground british 80s metal band, definitely awesome.

My favorite off "Show no Mercy"

18 At Dawn They Sleep

What a song! Love the headbanging section near the end...

Emerging from their Hellish tomb
Taking flight amidst the night
The evening skies are raining Death

Swooping down from shadowed skies
Taking simple human form
Shed their wings to stalk the mortal man

Lock their jaws into your veins
Satanic soldiers strike their prey
Leaving corpses waiting for the change

Blood dripping from the jaws of Death
Not enough to satisfy
They must drain your soul of life

This song is Testament's whole career in 6 minutes - Alkadikce

Best song from their best album.

Jesus. Is production really that important to you guys? If you can stand mediocre sound, Hell Awaits is really second only to Reign in Blood in Slayer's catalogue, and at times will make you question even that. And this song is really the highlight. It embodies everything great about the album, from the evil riffs, to the progressive movement of the song, and, as per usual, a great drum performance by Dave Lombardo, highlighted by the solo in this song. Its amazing how Slayer/Dave can fit drum solos into evil, Hellish songs and make it work. Kudos to Slayer, andve sure to check out the whole album. Belongs in the metal Pantheon in my book.

19 Spirit in Black

Best Slayer Song! Dark, powerful, heavy, ultra-fast, atmospheric and, wow, this incredible twist, when the hellhounds are let go!

This song has the best solo from any Slayer song in my opinion, it should be in the top 5. I could describe every part of what is awesome about this song, but then I'd just be describing everything!

Amazing song. I have no idea how it's not in the top 10 because it really deserves to be up there. It only takes one listen to tell that this song is a masterpiece.

It's my favourite song of Slayer! Why it's not in the top 10? The riff is perfect, very energetic song. I like.

20 Altar of Sacrifice

Man this song deserves to be much higher.

That tempo change half way through gives me the goosebumps every time.

Awesome lyrics, amazing lead

Just seriously. Nobody thought of this? Probably the third best song on Reign In Blood.

Just amazing, with changing tempo midway in the song that actually is really awesome.

21 Die by the Sword

Here is the proof that Slayer (don't know which guitarist) can come up with a great solo. Maybe not mindblowing but great. Why couldn't they follow this style on later albums? - Alkadikce

This song doesn't get anywhere near the recognition it deserves, absolute classic! - wolphert

This Song Reminds Me Of Seek and Destroy By Metallica - christangrant

Best slayer song ever!

22 Exile

If you tried distilling pure, irrational anger and hatred, you'd end up with this song, it's the ultimate condensation of everything that's even vaguely unpleasant.

It's one of the biggest "f you" songs out there, it doesn't make any apologies for the steaming, hateful turd it is, and I kind of dig that

Strangely, for a flaming, blood stained middle finger, this song has a BEAUTIFUL solo.

23th place?
its one of the best slayer songs in my opinion!

23 Ghosts of War

Should be much higher. Probably my favorite Slayer song of all time.

Most all of the best ones are Jeff's work but this one is Kerry's masterpiece. The arrangement is more traditional than most classic Slayer tunes, but everything from the lyrics to the playing to the mix is absolute perfection.

Probably one of the most underrated Slayer songs out there.

To me the song truly begins after the guitar solo and then let me tell ya the song then comes in crashing, in my opinion the best Slayer riff of all time.

24 Americon

Unbelievable song!

Why is this track over-hated? I think it's a great, groovy tune. The drumming is phenomenal! Also, this and Vices have similar drum patterns in the intro, with a thunderous thumping beat.

Great song! It's so heavy! The intro make me crazy! The lyrics are great too!

25 Jesus Saves

That intro

This song is the definition of SICK. That groovy, evil intro, all those heavy shifts in just a minute. And then comes hell itself: the main riff. 210 and 228 bpm hell unleashed with evil lyrics so fast it sounds like rapping but it completely blows off every other speedy rap song. It's only less than 3 minutes but with such high density and pummeling ferocity your ears feel like they've been violently attacked for half an hour. Pure thrash metal badassery. Can't get more evil and masterful than this.

In my opinion, the best Slayer song ever. Three badass solos in less than three minutes. I like it more than the other stuff on Reign of Blood.

It's just so weird!

Bizarre unique pseudo-chorus, solos everywhere, and breakneck speed. It's a truly underrated song.

26 Expendable Youth

Awesome song has an nice groove to it probably slayers third best war song after war ensemble and chemical warfare

ONe of the best song with powerful lyrics!

One of the best slayer songs I've heard

Sounds like Rob Zombie.

27 Flesh Storm

This is a great song from a really good album, deserves to be higher than 26. It's not as good as Raining Blood, South of Heaven, and their other classics, but it's an amazing song that kicks off what I call their comeback album. Love it! - Djice1997

Take a deep breath because your life ends now if you don't vote for this! Awesome drumming and guitars mark this band's return to speed metal!

28 Tormentor

I honestly like this song quite a bit and it's my favorite track off of Show No Mercy. It's different than most Slayer songs, but still great nonetheless. Definitely deserves at least a reasonably high position here in my opinion. - Element119

One of the unique slayer track which is unrated. This song deserve to be in at least top ten.

Tormentor 53? What? It's a great song

Why is this 55?!

29 The Antichrist

The reason why the debut album is the best.

The absolute best Slayer song. Change my mind if you can.

The second part of the song is so catchy. My favorite slayer song besides Angel of death - Roach

WTF? This has to be up there, next to Raining Blood. - oriondiedalone

30 Gemini

This is not only one of Slayer's best songs but no doubt one of best metal song ever. Really don't understand why people rate Angel of Death so much. It could be a hit during its era but cannot be considered a good song for a more reasonable reason. Gemini is heavy but flawless and not noisy, dark but embedded with very deep melody, also need to mention that guitar solo is better than in many other Slayer's songs

Criminally underrated and overlooked because it's the one original song on a covers song. The lyrics are so dark and personal. Makes you feel the presence of the zodiac killer the entire course of the song. When the song peaks it's like being one of zodiac's victims. And the music is heavy!

I hate to admit this, but Gemini is way more heavier then Raining Blood in my ears. - Mumbizz01

Totally agree if somebody pick this and put on top

31 Silent Scream

Horrifying lyrics about abortion adds to the darkness. It's a perfectly fast pickup from the slower South of Heaven, with insane double bass almost all the way through.

For all Dave Lombardo fans this for sure one of the best Slayer tracks! Vote.

One of my favorite Slayer song amazing drums and great lyrics

SEVERELY underrated track off South of Heaven. - Brobusky

32 When the Stillness Comes

The intro is amazing

33 Live Undead

What? This is one of the best Slayer songs! - Navarro

34 Piece by Piece

awweosoommmmee song.. why isn't it in the top 10? - hobbsy666

There's only one way outta here! - LostinSonics

35 Crypts of Eternity

Best of Hell Awaits. It's kinda slow, but has also a fast part in the end. Love the tempo changes, love the guitars - this is dark and progressive, thrash at its best.

If you haven't listened to this song yet, do it. You will hear the best scream in metal history.

Why isn't this up there? "I have seen the darkened depths of hell, sorcery beyond the witch's spell" one of their best

36 Hallowed Point

Most underrated Slayer song

37 Kill Again

Killer track from Killer band.

I can't believe it's been 27 years since I first heard this tune and entered to the realm of Slayer. Great chorus: "No apparent motive, just kill and kill again... Survive my brutal thrashing and I'll hunt you to the end... My life's a constant battle, the rage of many men... HOMICIDAL MANIAC! "

This song is so underrated. Every member is at full force here. Some of the best riffs and drumming are found in this song. Also it is Tom's best vocal performance in my opinion. He truly sounds like a serial killer.

Riffing is ferocious and evil, and Tom gives his best vocal performance of all time.

38 Show No Mercy

27! Why? Epic drum intro epic solo awesome chorus. Very underrated.

The riff is too killer! How come this song's not-so popular?!

39 Stain of Mind

Popular as other iconic songs? Perhaps not. But this is one of the angriest songs in Slayer's repertoire, starting with fast riffs and heavy chugs of the guitar right before the chorus. And when Araya yells out "Blood will sterilize and fire baptize! " you know you've just been hit on the head with a sledgehammer of a song.

This song makes me want to punch a thousand dead kittens brutal dead kitten BLOOD SPATTER

This should have been in the top 10 what is wrong with you people

Really? Really? This should be in the top 10 for sure

40 Repentless

This should be way higher! The riffs are god-tier. Comparable to reign in blood. To me, the chorus riff (and intro riff) is one of their best.

Rhis should be at top 5

Still pure thrash in 2015. It deserves top 10

Good song should be higher

41 Behind the Crooked Cross

Why is this not in the top 5?

One of their best songs, and amazingly no one thought of putting it on this list yet. - HALOOOOOOOO

Better then Raining blood in my opinion

Best song from slayer for me!

42 Criminally Insane

The vocals on this are absolutely sinister. Tom sounds pissed and the aggression on this track is awe inspiring.

Vary underrated song

Such a great track on reign in blood.
Heres a patricians slayer list
1. Criminally insane
2. Behind the crooked cross
3. The antichrist
4. War ensemble
5. Dead skin mask

43 I Hate You

€What’s your favourite slayer song? ”
Me - “I hate You”

44 The Final Command

I'm pretty sure slayer is the best slayer band out there

Best in show no mercy... just go listen

45 Final Six

This is such a great song! Why's it ranked so low!?

Love the intro, but 2nd part is meh

46 Payback

Really surprised this is all the way down at #32. This is a pretty awesome track and my favorite from God Hates Us All. I think it deserves to at least be top 15 or so here. Also a good song to listen to when you're upset or angry. - Element119

I like this song lyrically

Most brutal Slayer song.


47 213

This really should be up in the top. The intro is amazing, hell all the riffing is amazing and has got a very creepy atmosphere. Tom Araya also does his best vocal performance ever, the ending of this song has sent chills down my spine more times than I can count because of the vocal effects and his amazing creepy delivery. If any band can make songs about serial killers it's Slayer.

How could it be in the bottom of the list? I hade never heard a song such as this song before in my life, not even a similar to it. The lyrics, the solo, all of it spread a shocking reality that had happen once before.
And it is too one of the best songs ever made about Jeffrey Dahmer. - SerialSinner

This is no doubt, Slayer's darkest and most terrifying song. I love it. - Mumbizz01

There are better Slayer songs, but this one made me and my friends hit reverse on the CD player so many times with a massive reverberating bass drop that the first time we all had simultaneous eargasoms. The first time we heard this song we all looked at each other and said what hit rewind. F&^*# do it again laugh out loud. I had an open SUV with a Rap Lovers bass set up and this song beats DR. Dre beats any day. Most memorable Slayer song for me.

48 Necrophobic

This is one of the fastest songs ever!

Faster than raining blood in my opinion

49 Cast the First Stone
50 Crionics

I love this song. It really brings out the Slayer in you.

I don't know if this belongs in the top 10 but it's definitely one of my favorite pre-Reign songs.

This, and Crypts of Eternity are my favorites by Slayer

The best song, great riffs...

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