Top 10 Best Linkin Park Songs

Linkin Park is the ultimate band for anyone who loves rock, metal, and rap. They have a distinctive and awesome sound that combines powerful vocals, catchy hooks, and meaningful lyrics. They have made some of the most amazing songs in the history of rock.

This list covers the best songs from all of their albums, from their classic "Hybrid Theory" to their recent "One More Light." These songs show how Linkin Park has always been innovative and original, and how they have touched the hearts of millions of fans. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a new listener, this list is the perfect way to enjoy the best of Linkin Park.
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1 Numb

It's a very beautiful song with a very good meaning. One should listen to it at least once.

There is a reason for it to be up here, and that reason is that it's awesome. It just makes everything go "awe."

It's the best LP song to date. Hardly any song can compete with it. Well, maybe none except New Divide. But one reason this song deserves the recognition it has received is that it truly signifies reality. It also happens to reflect my story, or rather, I would say, everyone's story. We have to live up to everyone's expectations at the cost of burying our own hearts deep inside, doing what others want and ending up losing ourselves. We become numb after failing to please those around us. Perfect music, flawless lyrics, and Chester's amazing voice come together to make this song one of the best songs of all time. It's just the song for any moment.

2 In the End

I love this song. The lyrics are awesome and have a great meaning. My next favorite song would be "Numb," but this one is the song I have listened to since it came out and will always be my favorite. I love Linkin Park so much that I even bought the songs from iTunes to support them, rather than ripping them off. Linkin Park forever!

This song is old but cool. I don't like the new CD A Thousand Suns from Linkin Park very much. Hybrid Theory is much better.

In my opinion, this is their best song by far. My best friend and I listen to this in the car all the time. He knows every word, and it makes us cry because the song reminds us of our childhood.

His older brother, who is currently in college, also had this as his favorite song. We play it constantly as a tribute. Tears come to our eyes when it starts with, "One thing, I don't know why, it doesn't even matter how hard you try." We jam to it all the time!

3 Breaking the Habit

Hard to believe myself, but this song actually makes me cry sometimes. Bennington's voice is just amazing, and it's very nice that he can go from a scream to a really minor but still beautiful voice. The music video is just something that I always get in my mind when listening.

The part that says, "Clutching my cure, I tightly lock the door," reminds me of the part where everything rewinds in the music video, and it makes me crazy! The chorus is just amazing, and again, his voice gives this song a quality no one else can give. Meteora was just a masterpiece!

4 What I've Done

Easily their best song, even with stiff competition from New Divide, Numb, and Papercut. Linkin Park takes awesome lyrics and pairs them with a haunting melody that is simply mesmerizing.

This is my absolute favorite song. I really love Numb and Breaking the Habit, but What I've Done is just a bit above the other awesome songs. The song starts off with a series of simple piano notes that somehow pull you in. The layering that follows is some great work in composition. The guitar riff sort of mimics the piano notes.

This all fades away for some really powerful lyrics. What I've Done replaces the rawness of Numb and adds subtlety and smoothness. I just wish the song was longer.

5 Faint

"Faint" is an energetic rock song with heavy guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. The lyrics describe the frustration of feeling like you're not being heard and the need to make a change. Overall, it's a great song to blast when you need to let out some energy.

Good song. It's just that the chorus is a little pitchy and doesn't fit in with the music. Although I do love the beginning of the song. That part fits in with the music. Bring Faint to the number 1 song.

P.S. Make more songs. You guys are one of my favorite bands, followed by David Guetta and Maroon 5. Sorry you're not first, and no, you can't listen to it loud. It will blow out your ears.

6 New Divide

So awesome. The best I've ever heard. Chester had a very beautiful voice. The effects and the instrumental are blowing me away. LP, you're the best!

Love it. Awesome use of instruments. I wish they made all their songs like this, especially the really cool one for the Transformers movies.

This is the last awesome song made by LP before going commercial. Some great vocals and instrumentals. Clearly, the new albums by LP do nothing but disappoint. I really wish they could bring back albums like Hybrid Theory, the best album ever made.

Albums like A Thousand Suns and Living Things seem to be made for clubs and stuff. I mean, songs like Lost in the Echo suck compared to some like Numb, In the End, Crawling, and A Place for My Head.

7 One Step Closer

No. 13? Are you serious? This song should be in the top 5. One of the best Linkin Park songs ever. What are you people even voting for? This is Linkin Park's best song because it shows off every single one of their elements: the scratching, the guitars, drums, bass, and the vocal interplay between Chester and Mike. Great lyrics too! This should be #1. Chester's screams are epic as hell too, and it's a well-constructed song.

The reason this song is down here at (currently) #12 is that Linkin Park has drastically changed their style since Hybrid Theory. Some call it an evolution, but no matter what you call it, there's no denying LP fans are different now than they were back then. These "new fans" are not into heavy music with screaming. They are into more electronic sounds, and thus, this song is left in the past.

8 Papercut

Papercut should be among the top 5! I can't believe that more people vote for The Catalyst!

I'm very surprised that this song is only at No. 11. Come on, people! Do vote for this song. This song is awesome as hell. Papercut for the win!

This song is everything to me. Even though it's my fifth favorite song overall, this is my favorite Linkin Park song. I mean, honestly! This song is beyond amazing. It's my most-played song, it's my ringtone, and I have at least 140 different styles and remixes of this song on my music tube.

Come on, people! Vote for Papercut! The beginning beat is amazing! Come on! VOTE PAPERCUT! #papercut4thewin

9 Crawling

This song definitely deserves to be in the top ten. It's disgusting to see so many people vote for mainstream songs that aren't even that good. The only okay new song Linkin Park has produced is The Catalyst.

You're telling me that Waiting for the End, In the End, and New Divide are better than Crawling, One Step Closer, and Bleed It Out? Mainstream fans think they're so cool listening to bad Linkin Park songs. Meanwhile, the band just keeps making more mainstream songs. It really is a shame because they probably had a few more good songs in them. But I guess they'll settle for money.

10 Somewhere I Belong

Incredible. The melody, while melodic at points, usually sticks to lots of sadness and melancholy but contains very hopeful and inspiring lyrics. Very strong vocal points, whether it be the meaningful and catchy raps of rapper and multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda or the emotional, high-pitched, angelic vocals and devilish screams of singer Chester Bennington. This song has it all. Let's not forget the kickass, crunchy guitar riff that plays a huge part in the song, as well as the sweep, echoey effect samples from turntablist Joe Hahn. An all-around staple from Linkin Park that shows every sound from the band in one song - the masterpiece that is Somewhere I Belong.

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11 Waiting for the End

Brilliantly paced, awesome tune. Chester hits amazingly high notes. It has a lot of quality in it, and this should have a place in the top 5, in my opinion.

I think What I've Done should be at 3, this should be at 4, and Faint at 5. Breaking the Habit should be at 6, and New Divide is not that catchy, so it should be at 7 only. The rest of the list is great. Iridescent should be at least at 15. I never came to like Catalyst that much.

To all those who think this is overrated, after you get bored with other songs, give it multiple listens. Listen to the layers this song keeps adding on, closely. It's perfectly paced, just like In Pieces. Yes, this is not as hard as other songs on this list, but it really takes you to a new dimension.

Well, this was my honest opinion. I respect all your opinions, so I don't really care which song is on top. But one thing's for sure: I really love Linkin Park's songs! Thank you for reading it all!

12 Lost in the Echo

This is the best song on their new album, Living Things. It got me the first time I heard it, and since then, I've been into it. Their new style is good, and Linkin Park is back. Epic intro, awesome lyrics, beautiful chorus, top-class raps - a perfect package to start with. It will definitely reach the top 10.

One of the most meaningful songs by LP, with Shinoda showing he's back, and he is.

Surely the best song on Living Things. Great composition. Mike Shinoda rocks.

What the heck? This is the best song by Linkin Park and also the best song ever by any band in the world. The lyrics are awesome, and the music is out of this world. What can one say about Chester's voice? We all don't even deserve to judge him. He is just freaking awesome. Vote it up to make it at least top 5.

13 Leave Out All the Rest

Perhaps it's just me, but Leave Out All the Rest is the best farewell song you can have. It has the pleading in it, the explanations, and the finality of tone. Reminds me of a hundred things. Should remind you of your mistakes as well. I like how this song makes you feel less bad about being bad but does not let you feel good about it at the same time.

Linkin Park at their best, one of their songs that brings feeling from inside. Definitely the ultimate song. I've heard all Linkin Park songs, but this is their best. Definitely a number one, undoubtedly.

I can't complain if all Linkin Park songs turn out to be good. So underrated on this list.

14 A Place for My Head

If there's one LP song that I think should be moved way up the list, it's this one, without a doubt. I think it's one of the most overlooked LP songs. The guitar and drums go perfectly together and make the instrumental sound altogether so fierce, giving off an almost angry feel. The vocals and lyrics go great with that instrumental, and the meaning of the song is pretty simple. Chester's whispers build up until his screams are just amazing. They're not insanely heavy, so it's good for someone just getting into the old LP style or any other screamo to start out with. So, an amazing song that should be moved way up. Not to mention the live performances!

15 The Catalyst

This is one of the best songs from Linkin Park, in my opinion. It's very disappointing that most of you guys nowadays don't like the "new Linkin Park" because, no matter how they've changed, they're still Linkin Park. Linkin Park forever!

Best song ever. Don't let anybody else say otherwise. This song should top most of all these songs without even most of the song playing. Whoever has been voting has no sense in good music because this song has been and always will be one of the best Linkin Park songs ever made during their time together.

16 Lying from You

This song sends me into a rollercoaster of emotions. Every time I listen to this song, I feel my deepest depression come back to me, from my darkest moments. By the end, I feel as if suicide is really the only option left for me. However, on a second listen, it becomes a cathartic release of these emotions, and I feel like I can take on the world. Also, I've climaxed like 18 times, so take that as you will.

I remember listening to this when I was a kid. I had a CD player with crappy headphones and kind of just overlooked this song, even though I still liked it. When I finally listened to it through decent headphones and cranked the volume, I felt like I heard it for the first time. From then on, it was my favorite Linkin Park song. That bass hit in the intro really did it for me, and when hearing it loud, you really feel the anger in the lyrics.

17 Iridescent

This song is really touching and mind-relaxing! It should be among the top 10! This song is extremely relevant to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

This song makes me feel calm. The video is also spectacular, awesome, and any other good words you can say. This is one of the best songs I have ever heard! The tone and the way of singing are just amazing!

One of the best songs created by LP, this really deserves to be in the top 10. People should stop comparing these songs with ones like Numb and In the End. They're totally different. I love them for their pumping music, and I love this one for the meaning it holds. It's really beautiful and serves as an inspiration for many people. Thank you, LP!

18 Given Up

This song is by far one of the best and really deserves to be in the top 10. Chester's vocals are astounding, and the scream he produces is the best and cleanest I have heard. I absolutely love this song and could listen to it all day.

Minutes to Midnight is one of the best albums Linkin Park has made, and people think I am weird because when I hear this song playing, I jump up and turn the volume up as loud as I can without giving myself a headache.

How is this not on top? This, in my opinion, is the best song by Linkin Park. That may be because I'm into heavier music, but that really long scream gives me chills. It's amazing!

19 Bleed It Out

I can't believe that this awesome song is so far down on this list! I mean, first of all, it has the best riffing out of all LP songs, brilliant rapping from Mike Shinoda, and Chester screaming at the top of his lungs. If you've ever experienced this song live, you'll also learn to appreciate its diversity and the energy the band puts into this particular piece of plain rock art.

I love the top ten list for Linkin Park, except that Bleed It Out is so low on the list. It's like Linkin Park's signature song along with Numb. I love the tune of this song. The only thing about this song is it's short. People, if you haven't heard this song, then stop calling yourselves LP fans. This song rules. Trust me, you need to hear it!

20 From the Inside

What are you people even voting for? This is Linkin Park's best song because it showcases every single one of their elements - the scratching, the guitars, drums, bass, and the vocal play between Chester and Mike. Great lyrics too! This should be No. 1. Chester's screams are epic as well, and it's a well-constructed song.

Are all people mad? How can this "Best Linkin Park Song" be so far down the list? Just listen to this song and understand its meaning! It has the best lyrics of all Linkin Park songs and also awesome music with glossy smoothness. It contains all shades of self-dependence! Come on, people, vote for this song.

21 Castle of Glass

This is the most magical and greatest song that Linkin Park did with In the End. It's the best song on their best album, Living Things. The entire Living Things album gives off fresh, magical, and slightly depressing vibes. Lost in the Echo, Castle of Glass, and Powerless are just artworks. Mike's part in Castle of Glass is just...

Awesome song! I heard it only a couple of hours ago, and it's already stuck in my head! LP rocks!

Not only is this my favorite song by Linkin Park, but it's also my favorite song ever recorded! Both Chester's and Mike's singing trigger meaningful emotions. The tune itself is something to behold. It's a song of absolute top quality that will never leave me until my dying day.

22 Points of Authority

I think most people who have voted here only listen to their most popular and latest songs, because seriously, this song deserves a higher rank than Waiting for the End or What I've Done (at least in my opinion). And to think this is from their first album. People who want to vote should really listen to their songs thoroughly first before deciding which is the best one.

This song is absolutely amazing. It's sad that nobody actually listens to this song but votes for the ones that are, for some reason, more famous, like In the End and The Catalyst, which aren't nearly as good as this song or even the rest of Hybrid Theory that is as low as #50!

23 Shadow of the Day

I immediately loved this song when I heard it on the radio, but when I found out it was Linkin Park, I loved it even more. They're super awesome, and it's cool when they play it soft. Vote for this song! I know I will!

This is such a great song! How is it not in the top ten at the very least? I've been a fan of Linkin Park for a while now, and even though songs like Waiting for the End, Numb, and In the End are great, I've always loved this song a lot more since it has an unforgettable chorus! Love this song!

Awesome song... Absolutely beautiful. It seems to make me feel better every time I listen to it. Man, this song could raise the dead from the ashes. I mean, you can't deny the lyrics take your breath away.

24 With You

Yeah, I agree. This is my favorite song. But people who only know like three songs of LP usually vote for the calmer ones. It sucks to see songs like Pushing Me Away, Papercut, Crawling, Lying from You, and many other awesome songs out of the top ten. This is clearly the influence of the average public and does not translate what the real LP fans like.

With You at 29 and Catalyst at 9? Are you kidding me? This is one of the strongest songs I've heard by LP, and it is far better than some songs in the top 10.

With You at 29 is unacceptable. It surely deserves a higher spot on the list. It is one of the best songs by Linkin Park that I have heard. Both the music and the lyrics are awesome.

25 Pushing Me Away

This is simply the worst list I've seen yet on this website. Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, and it hurts to see how badly rated some of their best songs are here. This list, along with "Don't Stay," "No More Sorrow," "By Myself," "From The Inside," "Given Up," "With You," "Figure.09," etc., should all be in the top 15 or top 10. Also, "One Step Closer" should be either first or second, along with "What I've Done". Those two are the best songs. "Crawling," "Hit The Floor," "Points Of Authority," and "Papercut" should all be in the top 10 or top 5.

Damn it, man, how could you put it at #23? It's a mind-blowing but deeply painful song. Please, everyone, listen to it first and then vote. I'm sure after hearing it, you'll change your thoughts about this list.

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