Hollyleaf is the best

Hollyleaf is an awesome cat. She is brave and loyal, and cares about her Clanmates.

Here are some reasons why she is better than people think.

1. She had a reason for everything she did. When she killed Ashfur, she was doing it to help her brothers. When she told the secret about who her real parents were, it was because she cared so much about the warrior code and couldn't bear to see it broken.

2. We should feel sorry for Hollyleaf because she wasn't part of the three, which gets me really upset. She deserved it, and would probably work harder than the others who are in the three. It was really hard for her because she was the only one out of her brothers who did not have a special power. Hollyleaf wouldn't have killed Ashfur if she was part of the three, because she would have been more focused in playing her role. We should also feel sorry for her since she was lied to when she was young. Hollyleaf didn't even know who her real parents were until she was older and had to figure it out for herself.

3. Hollyleaf is also very hardworking and caring. She helped Molepaw and Cherrypaw by fighting off a fox. She also died saving Ivypool from Hawkfrost. Hollyleaf deserves way more than what she got. I used to be one of the most passionate Hollyleaf haters. But then I realized that Hollyleaf had a really good heart. And sometimes she overreacts a bit, but it's okay, because everyone has their bad times. It's just that she's been through a lot, more than people could imagine. After she killed Ashfur, she worked hard for her clan. She hunted for a lot of prey and protected her Clanmates.

4. Hollyleaf followed the warrior code, even though it was really hard to. When she had the chance to kill her enemy, Sol, she forgave him and decided to show mercy.

Hollyleaf is underrated, and I hope that people would understand her better. It really hurts my feelings when people call her evil. I know this paragraph is really biased, but I hope people support me. I love you all, Hollyleaf lovers!

By Oliveleaf


Amazing post! Yeah, Hollyleaf doesn't deserve the hate she gets nor does she deserve to be called pure evil - visitor