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You may not have thought that being a cat in a forest clan would be so cutthroat. But in the Warrior Cats series, every clan cat has a purpose. Warriors train to defend their territory, apprentices learn the ropes, queens give birth to the next generation, medicine cats tend to the injured and sick, elders share their wisdom, and leaders steer the ship. Each cat has to earn their place in the hierarchy.

Maybe your favorite warrior is the compassionate and brave leader Firestar or the fierce and loyal deputy Graystripe. Perhaps you are drawn to the wise and enigmatic medicine cat Yellowfang or the cunning and ambitious warrior Tigerstar. Each warrior cat has a unique personality and skillset, making them valuable members of their clans.

Which characters have captured your heart with their bravery, wisdom, or loyalty? Let your voice be heard.
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1 Firestar Firestar is a courageous and noble leader of ThunderClan, originally known as Firepaw when he joined the Clan. He is known for his distinctive flame-colored fur and his role in many critical battles and decisions that shaped the future of his Clan.

He's great! He's basically the main character in the first six books, but you know...

He did great as a leader, and I think he really should be liked more. He may be "overrated," but he is still a legend and a lifesaver for many cats like Cloudtail, Brightheart, Bramblestar, and also Bluestar!

He should have had a better death than being killed by a tree because that was the most random death ever. He should have had, like Scourge, come back and Bloodclan fight. That would've been good, but otherwise, Firestar's character is well-written. - Kat

2 Bluestar Bluestar is the wise and strong leader of ThunderClan, known for her deep blue-gray fur and piercing blue eyes. Her leadership was marked by both great triumphs and personal tragedies, making her a deeply respected figure in Clan history.

Bluestar had to go through a lot! First, her dad did not care about her and walked away after her mother died to find another mate. Her sister died in front of her, hit by a monster. She had kits and gave them up. Her mate, Oakheart, died shortly after that, and she was attacked by Tigerclaw. Her best friend also died. She was put through a lot. I was crying so hard my mom came in thinking I broke my arm or leg.

Bluestar went through a lot. First, her mother died when she was an apprentice. Next, her sister died. After that, she had kits and had to give them away in order to become deputy so Thistleclaw didn't get it and kill the clan, which resulted in one of her three kits dying. Poor Bluestar. She deserved more, and though she broke the warrior code, she was still loyal.

At the end of her life, she went crazy, but she still saved Firestar (Fireheart at the time). I cried for so long when she died such a brave death.

3 Yellowfang Yellowfang is a former ShadowClan medicine cat who later joined ThunderClan, known for her gruff exterior and sharp tongue. Despite her tough demeanor, she was deeply compassionate and dedicated to healing her Clanmates.

Yellowfang is like that nice, classic, original grandma but with so much more about her. She has always been one of my favorite characters. I think I like her because of her personality, mostly for her snappy retorts but with a heart of gold. She also trained Cinderpaw even after she had her accident.

Some people don't like Yellowfang because she killed her son and call her a murderer. However, Brokenstar killed kits, blamed that on Yellowfang, exiled Yellowfang, killed loads of cats, and fought in the Great Battle on the evil side. I could go on forever. The point is, what would have happened if Yellowfang hadn't killed Brokenstar? Think about that.

Feather Frost of SkyClan

4 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a blind medicine cat of ThunderClan, gifted with extraordinary powers such as the ability to walk in other cats' dreams. Despite his blindness, he is highly perceptive and plays a crucial role in many of the prophecies that affect the Clans.

One of my favorite characters! He actually has a personality. He has a forbidden romance that hasn't been done to death (time-traveling reincarnated medicine cat falls in love with ancient dead cat from mountain tribe).

And then we have JayxStick... YEAH, anyways, favorite character. Yep.

Jayfeather was blind. When he saw Flametail, she was in love with him, but shortly after, he died from drowning. She tried to save him, but it did not work. StarClan called him and said it is Flametail's time to die, not yours.

5 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt is a kind and determined ThunderClan medicine cat, who originally aspired to be a warrior before an injury redirected her path. Her resilience and dedication to her new role made her an invaluable member of the Clan.

I was pretty shocked when she got hit by that monster, and even more shocked that it was a trap for Bluestar. She was one of the best medicine cats in the story. The way she followed the path of a medicine cat without initially wanting to is really inspiring. I remember how excited she was to become a warrior as a young apprentice.

I was sad when she became a medicine cat because she never wanted to be one. She wanted to be a warrior. I prefer that Cinderpelt could be a warrior.

I like when she becomes Cinderheart. In the end, she could become a warrior. She is one of my favorite characters.

6 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf is a ThunderClan warrior known for her strict adherence to the warrior code and her deep sense of morality. Her black fur and intense green eyes made her a striking presence, and her journey was marked by complex moral dilemmas.

She killed Ashfur to protect the warrior code. She put the warrior code above everything else. It was the loyal thing to do! If she hadn't, Ashfur would have destroyed the clans. He should have gone to the Dark Forest.

Her devotion to the warrior code is good! She revealed the secret because she knew you shouldn't keep secrets or lie. It's not the right thing to do. She ran into the tunnels to escape from life. She has the saddest life in the world.

With Fallen Leaves' encouragement, she went back to ThunderClan where she belonged. She sacrificed her own life for Ivypool in the Great Battle and will be remembered forever.

7 Graystripe Graystripe is a friendly and loyal ThunderClan warrior, best known for his gray fur and his close friendship with Firestar. He experienced many adventures and hardships, including being captured by Twolegs and finding his way back to the Clan.

I love this cat. I really like his friendship with Firestar. I liked him and Silverstream too. I hate when he becomes mates with Millie. Silverstream was the better mate.

Please, Graystripe, choose Silverstream in StarClan.

He was always loyal to ThunderClan, even when he was in RiverClan. That's why he switched clans again and followed his gut. It was mostly him being loyal to Firestar.

Silverstream's death made me sad. If she hadn't died, he would probably be in RiverClan and not have multiple wives. He was the right deputy in the end. But that's all I've read up to! Thank you so much for reading!

8 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight is a brave and fiery warrior of ThunderClan, recognized for her loyalty and courage. She is notable for her bright ginger fur and her significant role in various adventures and battles alongside her Clanmates.

I think she is a brave and strong warrior. She handles things well and is very likable because of her looks and personality! I mean, look how many boys were into her! Brambleclaw got lucky.

She is very clever and solves problems by looking at things from a different point of view. She's also very stubborn and takes lots of risks, but personally, I think she matures from when she was an apprentice to a warrior. I would rate her personality a 7 out of 10!

She's sassy and has a humongous personality. Though that amazing personality died after she had kits, she is still my favorite character in Warriors.

She was an amazing deputy and mate, and she will definitely be an awesome leader.

9 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is the gentle and wise medicine cat of ThunderClan, remembered for her beautiful tortoiseshell-and-white coat and her prophetic dreams. Her compassionate nature and healing skills left a lasting legacy in the Clan.

Why did Spottedleaf have to die? So Sandstorm and Firestar could become mates? So Firestar could want lots of revenge on Clawface? Who knows! All I know is that I wish she didn't die. Though she loved Firestar, she knew they could never be together due to the warrior code.

At least she thought of the warrior code first.

And, I mean, don't you people think that Spottedleaf is better than Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather? She deserves 6th.

Spottedleaf is the best warrior. She was mistreated by Thistleclaw when she was an apprentice but still was so sweet to Bluestar and Featherwhisker. She even tried to love again with Firestar. She also gave up her opportunity to become a warrior but decided to be a medicine cat because of Thistleclaw's danger.

As an official medicine cat, she attempted to save Firepaw, at the time, from Longtail in battle. She also sacrificed her life to save Frostfur's kits. So, I think that is a reasonable explanation for Spottedleaf to be the best Warrior.

10 Bramblestar Bramblestar is a brave and determined leader of ThunderClan, recognized for his dark brown tabby fur and amber eyes. His leadership and loyalty were pivotal in many battles, and he often faced challenges related to his parentage.

Bramblestar is such a confident and capable leader! He doesn't deserve to be called "abusive" towards Squirrelflight. Maybe he has his own insecurities and is going through emotional turmoil and heartbreak.

I mean, you would feel frustrated if you found out the kits you had loved and fathered so dearly were not your biological ones at all. He also tried really hard to prove his loyalty to his clan and free himself from his father's dark shadow.

He trained in the Dark Forest with Tigerstar because he was manipulated, and I believe he had his reasons.

The Contenders
11 Ivypool Ivypool is a skilled and brave ThunderClan warrior, recognized for her daring missions as a spy in the Dark Forest. Her silver-and-white fur and determined spirit made her a key player in the battle against the Dark Forest warriors.

Wow. As well as Hollyleaf, I think she should have been the fourth cat. It would have been such a neat and satisfying ending to the sister rivalry that got her into the Dark Forest. Ultimately, she would have become the cat to save the clans from it.

I'm sorry, what did Dovewing do again? Don't get me wrong, she's a sweet character with a lot of good in her, but she never really had what Ivypool brought to their story.

Ivypool's new role as a deputy is really big! She did so many awesome things in her lifetime, like spy on the most evil cats to save her Clan.

She also fought hard in every battle! She gets my vote for sure.

12 Feathertail Feathertail is a graceful and kind RiverClan warrior, noted for her silver fur and blue eyes. Her selfless sacrifice to save the Tribe of Rushing Water from Sharptooth made her a hero in the eyes of all the Clans.

Shortly after Feathertail became a warrior, she met a friend named Sasha and taught Sasha's kits how to swim. After Sasha told Feathertail that Tigerstar is Hawk and Moth's father, they were not friends anymore.

I love this character. Silverstream is my favorite character, and she is the mother of Feathertail. I love when Feathertail was with Crowfeather. It was a cute relationship.

Her and Crowfeather were a super good match and her mom was also one of my favorites. Her brother was an inspiration. This makes me sad that Stonefur isn't here.

13 Whitestorm Whitestorm is a noble and experienced warrior of ThunderClan, known for his loyalty and wisdom. His white fur and calm demeanor earned him great respect among his Clanmates and made him a trusted deputy and advisor.

I really love this intelligent cat. This is one of my favorite Warrior cats. The first deputy of Firestar and the son of Snowfur (sister of Bluestar) and Thistleclaw. I feel sad for him when Tigerstar (his childhood friend) betrayed the clan.

The only thing I was confused about was his mates. Did he love Bristleface and Willowpelt the same, or did he love one of them more?

I love Whitestorm because he is just so brave and also very loyal. I like the fact that he was kin with Bluestar, because his mother was Snowfur, Bluestar's sister. He suffered a lot when Snowfur died.

Plus, his father, Thistleclaw, was very evil, but he didn't turn evil because of Snowfur's death and Thistleclaw's influence. I felt so upset when he died in the battle against BloodClan.

These are my opinions!

14 Crookedstar Crookedstar is the resilient and determined leader of RiverClan, known for his twisted jaw and unyielding spirit. His leadership was marked by personal struggles and triumphs that shaped RiverClan's history.

I think his life was more difficult than the lives of the others. I felt sad for him when Rainflower (his mother) didn't love him, and I liked when his father protected him. I felt sad too when he made the promise to Mapleshade and, because of that, he lost everything he loved.

But for all this (and more), he is one of my favorite characters.

Crookedstar worked hard to make sure his clan was safe. He went through a lot and deserved to be leader. Leadership isn't something that you just get. It's an award.

That's why Crookedstar is my favorite character. He is an amazing cat.

-Cobwebstrap the rogue

15 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a ThunderClan apprentice who later becomes a loner, known for his black fur and white chest. His journey from a frightened apprentice to a brave and independent cat showcased his resilience and courage.

I LOVE HIM! It's sad he didn't get his full name and left the clan, but he's a really good character. I like how he helped Firestar fight Bloodclan!

I felt bad that Ravenpaw was so shy and distant. Most of all, he was caught up with the memory of Tigerclaw killing Redtail. I was happy when Tigerclaw, later known as Tigerstar, got the punishment he deserved, and when Ravenpaw found his happy place with Barley. He is truly one of the most special cats in the first series.

- Kestrelsong, the RiverClan she-cat.

I never used to like him, but he grew on me. He had a lot of trauma at a young age but grew up and became an amazing cat. Also, Raven x Barley is finally canon, so he's one of the only confirmed gay cats in the series, which I also love about him. His death was so sad. I cried when I read it. I love Ravenpaw!

16 Crowfeather Crowfeather is a loyal and complex WindClan warrior, known for his dark gray fur and deep blue eyes. His journey includes significant personal challenges, including forbidden love and the burden of prophecy.

I mean, he wasn't all that nice, but then, I guess that just means we can all see where Jayfeather got his personality from. His love drama seemed quite unrealistic, but other than that, he was perfectly fine.

I like this cat because Feathertail was his true love. I like when he is chosen by his father, Deadfoot, to make the Great Journey with the other chosen cats. I felt bad when he lost Feathertail.

I hate Leaf x Crow and Night x Crow. Please, Crowfeather, choose Feathertail in StarClan.

He was a great character with so much conflict. I loved him and Feathertail so much. As for Leafpool... nah. I like Leafpool, and I like Crowfeather, but them together was awful. It was so unrealistic.

I actually don't hate Nightcloud. She loved Crowfeather in the beginning and then realized he didn't love her back. She was also a single mom to Breezepelt. I loved Crowfeather's Trial. He and Breezepelt finally got along, and he became a great father!

17 Silverstream Silverstream is a beautiful and courageous RiverClan warrior, known for her silver fur and her forbidden love with Graystripe. Her tragic death during kitting left a lasting impact on her Clan and loved ones.

My beautiful and pretty Silverstream. My favorite character. Thanks, Graystripe, for loving her. I had something to say. Silverstream is the true love of Graystripe because he didn't forget her when she died. He really remembers her even when he is with Millie.

I think Graystripe loves Millie because she has a similar pelt to Silverstream. GRAYSTRIPE x SILVERSTREAM FOREVER!

What a good cat. She has had a rough life, given that her mother and siblings died when she was a kit. Now, she is a StarClan warrior, and her legacy lives on through her daughter. She was a wonderful cat, and I loved the moment she gave her heart to Graystripe.

Their relationship was strong, and it was heartbreaking when she passed away. I wish she could have lived to see her two wonderful kits grow up. She will always be Graystripe's first love, and I firmly believe they should be together, while Millie should be the one to go.

Millie was a poor mother who played favorites with her kits. I hope that when Graystripe joins StarClan, they will reunite.

18 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a vengeful and tragic figure in the history of the Clans, known for her tortoiseshell-and-white fur. Her journey from a ThunderClan warrior to a Dark Forest resident was marked by betrayal and a desire for revenge.

I personally think she is very interesting. There always has to be a killer! I honestly feel bad for her because of her kits dying. Like I said, her life is very interesting!

And the way she just got away after killing those cats until finally she died. Her personality is nice too! Well, the good things about her. I think she just thought if her kits couldn't live, no one could.

I haven't read much about her, but some people have spoiled to me that she died. All I've read is up to the fact her kits died. Sorry if some information is incorrect. She's a savage!

19 Brackenfur Brackenfur is a reliable and steady ThunderClan warrior, distinguished by his golden-brown tabby fur. His dedication to his Clan and his strong mentoring skills made him a respected and dependable figure.

To me, Brackenfur seemed like a really good-looking cat. He was sweet and always wanted to know if anything was wrong. I hated that he had to live with the fact that *SPOILERS* Seedpaw and Sorreltail had passed.

He seemed broken afterward, but he knew he had to stay strong for the sake of his clan. He always cared about his sister and was worried about her leg. Even though the books don't say this, I believe he would have done anything to have Cinderpelt train with him as an apprentice. I love you, Brackenfur!

20 Scourge Scourge is a ruthless and feared leader of BloodClan, known for his small size and distinctive collar studded with dog teeth. His brutal reign and dark past made him one of the most formidable adversaries the Clans ever faced.

Scourge was a villain. Not necessarily evil, but a villain. But that's exactly why he's my favorite warrior cats character of all time - he has so much wasted potential.

He ripped nine lives out of a leader twice his size, nearly took over the entire forest, and almost killed his half-brother. He built an entire society from a bunch of fighting, hungry alley cats.

His manga, Rise of Scourge, shows his utterly awesome backstory. Besides that, he wears the claws and teeth of his enemies, which is absolutely insane and cool, and overcame his disgusting, immature siblings. The most interesting warrior cats character ever, and I really wish that he had a few more pages.

21 Tallstar Tallstar is the wise and long-serving leader of WindClan, distinguished by his tall, lean build and his black-and-white fur. His tenure as leader was notable for his diplomatic skills and commitment to his Clan's welfare.

I never did see much of this cat. So there is not much to say. But I know his heart, and that is enough for me. He resides in StarClan now. And Onestar is a good leader, even if he is a bit bristly towards my former Clan. Tallstar chose well.

- Echosplash, outcast of ThunderClan

Have you noticed how all the WindClan super editions are just brilliant? (I say this before Onestar's Confession has come out.) Either way, Tallstar's Revenge is impressive for Warriors. I hardly need to summarize this masterpiece. He is also a clearly good character in the main series. JakexTallstar should be canon. They are like literal puzzle pieces.

Note: This is all my opinion. While I would love to hear yours, I would not like to be hated on. I am also a human being, if that's okay.

22 Leafpool Leafpool is a compassionate and wise medicine cat of ThunderClan, recognized for her deep connection to StarClan. Her soft brown fur and gentle nature made her a beloved healer and an important figure in many prophecies.

StarClan told her to follow her heart. What was she meant to think? If you hate Leafpool for running away with Crowfeather, then you should hate StarClan instead. You can't control having kits, so that's why she had kits.

Then StarClan lied to Squirrelflight about her never having kits to make her adopt them. Leafpool never played any part in it. It was all StarClan's idea. She just agreed that it was for the best. And it was.

She died for Moonlight's kits. I don't hate the Sisters. It's their traditions, like how warriors fight.

23 Sandstorm Sandstorm is a fierce and loyal ThunderClan warrior, distinguished by her pale ginger fur. She is known for her strong spirit and her deep bond with Firestar, playing a crucial role in many of the Clan's adventures.

Sandstorm is one of my favorites! Her personality is so unique. I really liked how at first she hated Firepaw, later known as Fireheart and then Firestar, but then grew feelings for him. And oh boy, when he rescued her from almost off a cliff, I was like, 'Yes. Perfect.' They are the perfect pair!

Ok, yeah, Sandstorm was kind of rude to Firestar in the first book, but Sandstorm is definitely my favorite character.

She can totally stand up for herself, and technically, she was following the warrior code by insulting Firestar since it says you have to think of kitty pets as less than warriors. She was the fastest cat in ThunderClan and definitely played a big part in leading the pack to the gorge.

She had to wait for so long to get an apprentice because Firestar kept choosing other cats. She always stood up for what she thought was right, even if her friends and family disagreed. I just totally love Sandstorm.

24 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a notorious and ambitious leader of ShadowClan, remembered for his dark tabby fur and ruthless quest for power. His actions and betrayals had a lasting impact on the Clans, leading to many conflicts and power shifts.

I like the villains, and I think most of the hate inside him is his father's fault, Pinestar. He abandoned the clan because he wanted to be a kittypet. This is why Tigerstar hates kittypets. If his father had paid a little more attention to him and didn't abandon his son, maybe Tigerstar would have been a better cat.

But I love Tigerstar forever.

Tigerheart is SO amazing! I love his personality, his humor, his protectiveness, his caring, his courage, and his overall wholeness. He tried not to let Tigerstar's legacy get to him. He certainly made mistakes, but that is what is so beautiful about him! He has good comebacks, is smart, and strong.

He sticks to Dovewing, and after hearing that she's gone missing, goes after her. He also saved ShadowClan. They were always heading down a dark path, and Tigerheart made them a clan again. He made them strong, and he made them care. I have a whole sense of who he is, and he's such a well-developed cat. He is amazing!

25 Lionblaze Lionblaze is a powerful and fearless ThunderClan warrior, recognized for his golden fur and exceptional combat skills. He is one of the prophesied Three, possessing invulnerability in battle, which made him a key figure in many conflicts.

In my opinion, Lionblaze underwent the most development during Omen of the Stars. In the first two books, he's fine and even develops a budding relationship with Cinderheart. However, in the next book, he tells Cinderheart about the prophecy to alleviate her worries about him getting hurt.

This makes her feel like she's not good enough for him. At this point, Lionblaze begins to question whether being part of the Three is worth it. He wishes numerous times to be a normal cat so he can be with Cinderheart. This struggle makes him more relatable as he tries to balance his prophetic duties with a normal cat life.

It's one of my favorite character arcs and adds depth to Lionblaze's character.

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