Scarred For Life: RWBY Chibi

Welcome to Scarrred For Life, where I take a look at something in a certain franchise that left and ugly scar in a franchise. Today we are looking at the adorable spinoff series RWBY Chibi. (Aka Teen Titans Go Done Right)

What it does right:
RWBY Chibi is probably the most tolerable kid appeal show. A great part is the animation. It's nothing special, much like other cartoons. But it makes characters so cute. I mean look at them. Just look at them. And at least most of the characters have some of their personality. Ruby is still an overexcited leader, Weiss is still like a heir to the throne, Blake is still a book reading faunas, Yang is still a trigger happy blondie that likes terrible puns, Jaune is still a nervous, anxiety teen, Nora is still insane, and Ren is still a stoic badass. Also, Rooster Teeth easily balances out RWBY and RWBY Chibi, which makes it fair enough. RWBY Chibi also doesn't focus on dumb jokes. There's constant 4th Wall breaking, well placed jokes, Zwei, and puns and it's hilarious to watch. This show would have been just as good if not better than RWBY.

What it does wrong:
None of the episodes actually have a moral. They are just random clips of adorable RWBY characters doing adorable things. None of the episodes mean something. Each episode was always the same time. Have 3 clips of adorable RWBY characters doing adorable things and call it a day after that. Also, the episodes were short as hell. And most made no sense. We get something and we roll with it. Pyrrha came back to life? Nice. Nora traveled between dimensions by drinking coffee? Okay. Ruby can hypnotize people? Umm...okay. Zwei can write books? Fine...I didn't want an explanation anyway. Yes, I know this was a show was meant for kids that are like 3 to 6 so they have to be this silly to get their attention. But since I'm a underrated, over serious, and whiny 11 year old nonce that craps on kid cartoons, I don't really like this at all.

My Opinion:
It's sort of like the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books. I usually watch RWBY Chibi for a laugh or chuckle. However, the episodes don't serve a real purpose, they are usually the same thing, and nothing is really explained. Despite all this, RWBY Chibi is decent enough and is probably the most tolerable kid cartoon out there.


The hardest decision was to decide if FNaF World was worse or RWBY Chibi was worse, since both never necessarily ruined the franchise they had and both have similar flaws. Both don't have a plot and nothing is explained. However, I say that FNaF World is slightly worse than RWBY Chibi. So RWBY Chibi is at the bottom of the leaderboard. (Thank god)

šŸ„‡Teen Titans Go
šŸ„ˆTransformers Energon
šŸ„‰Justin Bieber
4) Sonic 06
5) FNaF World
6) RWBY Chibi

Next up: Ben 10 Reboot


Sorry if this feels rushed. I'm trying to finish as much as I can before the 1st day of school, since that's where I stop being so active. Also, there isn't much to talk about when it comes to RWBY Chibi. - visitor

The Ben 10 reboot is actually decent. While it is more focused on comedy, they still do alien battles. It's way better than Teen Titans Go. - TheReviewer20

It most definitely is. - visitor

I honestly love RWBY Chibi because it's hilarious and it's not really meant to have any morals or meaning to them. It's just there as a small comedy show. - Mcgillacuddy

Yeah - TwilightKitsune

I think it's adorable. And it's different from TTG because in TTG the characters act like flanderized retards but in RWBY Chibi they act cute.


Why did everyone question Pyrrha coming back but nobody questions Yang's arm regrowing - TwilightKitsune

I still check out RWBY Chibi every once in awhile. Some jokes are funny and some are confusing. But this show doesn't seem to be the type to teach any morals (except maybe one episode involving Tai and his daughters). - RoseRedFlower