[UPDATED] A Live-Action Dora the Explorer Movie is Happening!

MegaSoulhero I was randomly strolling through the internet, and then I saw something that caught my attention. Apparently, a live action Dora the Explorer movie is in the works. Yep! College Humor predicted the future! I found this news to be rather interesting. So I’m gonna talk about it.

I don’t like Dora the Explorer, but I understand why they’re making it. However, you are not going believe who are working on it! Michael Bay and Nicholas Stoller! I am not joking! You may know Nick Stoller as the guy who worked on Sex Tape, Neighbors, Neighbors 2, Zoolander 2, and Get Him to the Greek. So he’s done quite a few adult films. He also worked on The Muppets (2011), Muppets Most Wanted, Storks, and Captain Underpants which were family films. Dora the Explorer, however, will be the first time that he’s working on a movie specifically for kids! That kind of has me worried. I’m not sure how well he will do on something like this. But the thing that has me worried the most is Michael Bay! You know! The guy who made all those terrible Transformers films! When was the last time that he made a good movie? With him working on this, we can expect the film to have a very heavy use of CGI! I know that the movie will have to use CGI, but they still might go overboard with it. But it will be interesting to see if he incorporates explosions into the movie. Still, Michael Bay and Nick Stoller seem like odd choices to do a Dora movie. Seems like something someone would come up with as a joke. The movie will suck regardless but whatever.

A Dora the Explorer movie makes sense. A lot of kids seem to love it, for some reason. However, I’m surprised that they haven’t made one already. Is Dora even still relevant anymore? This movie is coming out YEARS too late! People don’t really care or seem to talk about Dora anymore! There’s s chance that the movie is gonna be released in 2019. I’m not sure if people will still care. I do think the movie is going to suck. Not just because I hate the show with a passion, but also because live action adaptations of cartoons turn out to be terrible! There’s only one I can think of that was actually good! I actually kind of like Rocky and Bullwinkle. But other than that, I can’t think of a live action adaptation of a cartoon that was actually good. I remember there used to be a stage adaptation of Dora the Explorer and I actually saw it at Las Vegas. I was a kid back then. Don’t judge me. Stage adaptations usually work better than movies because they actually stay true to the source material. I feel like the movie will most likely be too different. Yeah the show sucks, but kids love it the way it is. Yet they dragged in Bay and Stoller. The movie is pretty much doomed.

Yeah. I’m not excited for this movie. But it’s obviously not gonna be for people who aren’t fans of the show. Still, why does it have to be live action? That will probably look weird. Imagine a CGI Boots! Imagine a CGI Swiper! Who’s idea was it to hire Michael Bay and Nick Stoller? With them working on this, I feel like I’m gonna have to see it just to laugh at it.

UPDATE: Okay, so apparently Bay himself isn’t working on the movie, but his partners are. I still think that seems kind of dumb.


I was SO expecting you to make this. I saw it a mile coming. I was just as flabbergasted as you when I heard this by the way. Good rant though :P. - CrimsonShark

To think prior to this, the only way I could think of Dora in live-action was a College Humor skit. Not to mention Michael Bay of all people is working on this! I've already seen Black Critic Guy express his thoughts on this. Can't wait to see Animat's reaction to this in next week's Animation Podcast. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

MICHAEL BAY?! I can already see the explosions from a yard away. - TristGamer

Hahaaa get the popcorn - visitor

Sounds like great news. Who wants to help gangbang dora? - Skullkid755

what - TristGamer

Joke a friend told me. I think he got it from Filthy Frank. - Skullkid755


Why are they making a Dora movie? Dora got cancelled 3 years ago.


Dora: Map where's the shop
Map: It's over the-

*explosions* - TwilightKitsune

What's next? A live action PowerPuff Girls movie... - visitor

Don't give Michael Bay ideas on how to ruin our childhoods! - Gangem

Michael Bay is working on this movie?!

Okay, now it's obvious that this guy just loves trolling his viewers. - visitor

Those college humor videos were hilarious. But now it's becoming a reality... - Phillip873

I WANT TO DIE. - Drawbox

Some guy: I have an idea!
Hollywood: What?
Some guy: Let's make a...
Hollywood: What?
Some guy: Peppa Pig live action movie with Alicia Silverstone!
Hollywood: THAT COULD MAKE MONEY, DO IT! - iliekpiez


Someone's been watching a bit too much collegehumor - visitor

Still looks better than The Lion King live action film. - TrendLover