Full-fledged List Analysis Double Feature: Summer Vacation lists

NuMetalManiak You kids are in summer vacation, so how much are you guys spending on it? Let's see here. I've got two lists to analyze.

Top 10 Things to Do on Summer Vacation
Top 10 Worst Things That Could Happen During Summer Vacation

What's good and what's bad. First list!

1. Relax: This is probably the one thing everyone wants to do. Honest to god at my age this is seriously the kind of thing I NEED. If you have a full-time job your work isn't gonna make you relax.
2. Sleep: Basically this is the same as above, other than above pertaining to other things like sitting in a chair I guess.
3. Watch TV: Well that's one way to relax. Make sure there's something interesting on TV.
4. Play Video Games: LEGIT what I am doing right now.
5. Play Sports: That's if you have a penchant for it. Try stuff out. Although here's the first item that doesn't pertain to relaxing.
6. Read a Book: How about read a Top Ten List? Or anything?
7. Watch a Movie: Pretty easy to do nowadays with Netflix.
8. Go to Summer School: How did this end up in the Top 10. Only if you NEED to do it.
9. Go on the Internet: WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING.
10. Socialize: I can socialize here, or not.
11. Get Out of Town: To beautiful Sunny Shore Resorts!
12. Go to an Amusement Park: Okay for some of these items, they still cost some money. I HIGHLY recommend you guys save your money for these things. Amusement parks are usually hot too.
13. Hide from Everyone: Hahaha, I actually do this in some ways.
14. Visit the Grave Yard: Usually there's not a reason to visit one unless you know someone who died and are just paying a visit.
15. Swim: At least twice a week I've been doing this. They say it's the best option for losing weight.
16. Have a Barbecue: That's if you know how to use a grill.
17. Have a Party: Meh, parties are boring for me.
18. Go to Vegas: Oof. I recommend not doing this actually. You could lose a lot of money here or possibly your life.
19. Fly in a Plane: What do you mean by fly. Do you mean actually fly one yourself, or just ride one somewhere?
20. Go on a Cruise: This would be good if you're not easily seasick.
21. Play Outside: And then get stung by wasps, scrape your skin on the pavement, or accidentally touch poison ivy.
22. Buy School Supplies: They advertise this so much and then your parents make you buy everything because "you need to prepare ahead of time" like you know this already.
23. Go to the Playground: Hate to break it to some of you but you'll know when you're too old for playgrounds. You'll get stuck on the equipment OR you'll just get bored and play video games instead.
24. Go Urban Exploring: Hmph, good luck not getting targeted by some people.


1. You go to Summer School: That will happen if you are a particularly bad student. You may hate the work, but you MUST do it.
2. You get paralyzed from the neck down over the summer: Could actually happen in some sports. Stay safe.
3. Your Disney Trip is canceled: Which to be frank is because of some bad plannings on proper adults. Maybe a lack of money?
4. You get stuck at home: Well this could happen for a number of reasons. Your parents work too much? You have no money to save?
5. Your laptop breaks: Happened to me last year. Having to buy a new one is quite a lot to spend.
6. You lose your well-worked on TheTopTens page: Can happen due to the new CAPTCHA thing, which I hate to say it admin, I know these things don't work well. Alas the new Save Draft feature is gonna ruin this. Also I really wish people would stop deleting their hard-working accounts. Just keep it for crying out loud, you don't have to use it, but deleting it deletes your stats.
7. Your girlfriend or boyfriend dumps you: Are these crushes looking for fun? They probably found you boring. They'll probably do the same to other people afterwards.
8. Your parents divorce: This can financially screw you up, being part of a separated family.
9. A friend steals your Xbox 360 and breaks it: Just to break it? What kind of friend does that? What kind of friend steals anyways?
10. A embarrassing selfie gets sent to Facebook: This is why I don't use Facebook.
11. Justin Bieber comes to your neighborhood: Well now the Justin Bieber items seem to be inevitable around here.
12. Homework: Don't you mean summer packets? Happens for some AP courses.
13. You have no money: GET THIS TO NUMBER ONE MY GOD. This one is something very fearful. Spend wisely and never let anyone know about your money.
14. Getting a fridge thrown on you: Who's throwing it?
15. A wasp stings you: Well it hurts badly but unless you have an allergy it will be gone by about a week.
16. You find out there is no summer vacation anymore.: One of my biggest fears actually.
17. Having school for all of summer vacation: You mean summer school.
18. It Snows!: If you live in the Southern Hemisphere it will snow in the "summer"
19. Get grounded for 3 years: 3 years means 3 summers and 3 school years. You have to be really bad to earn that.

The biggest issues with summer are saving your money and dealing with jobaholic parents. It pretty much has to be said.