Gaming Overview 2015

2015 was a year, full of good, bad, disappointing and surprising games! Today I will look with you all at what this year gave us, this is Gaming Overview 2015!

Let's start with
Most Disappointing Game Of 2015:
Nintendo promised for 2015 to release Zelda for WiiU, but that game was later delayed to 2016! What we got for the series this year is the most disappointing game of 2015!
The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
While being a enjoyable game itself, trailers already promised a amazing Co-Op experience! With the gameplay the series is known for, this could've been one of the best games of the year! In the end it just fell flat on its nose! Playing the game in singleplayer was repetitive and boring at times and the game majorly lacked puzzles!

Most Surprising Game Of 2015:
There were numerous surprises this year! I considered Rocket League for this title, but went with my second favorite game of this year
Ori And The Blind Forest
This game surprised me so much this year! Not only is it one of the greatest games I've everplayed in the genre of the Metroidvania games, but it also shows off an amazing and interesting artisticness! This game is beautiful on a artistic level! Besides it is fun to play and you can play it over and over!

Worst Game Of 2015:
I don't even have words to describe how awful this game is!
Alone In The Dark: Illumination
This game is so awful, that it landed on my remix of the Worst Games Of All Time! Not only has it awful graphics and a Co-Op campaign (Does'nt seem that ALONE in the dark!!!), that does'nt function! No, there's more! The game is unfinushed and has some of the most laughable glitches of all time! Sound clips sometimes just cut out! Besides this game rips off Resident Evil 6, a game which was already awful enough, and even failed at that!

These were the most surprising, disappointing and worst games of this year! Before I get to the #1 of this year, here are games that you should play too!
(No particular order):

-Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate:
A big overworld and a great combat system, that nearly perfected the Monster Hunter series! Overall this is a great 3DS game, with a lot of content!

-Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain:
A new great addition to the Metal Gear series! Its stealth gameplay and story alone would've given it a place on here, but the bewly introduced Homebase was a fun addition!

-Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam:
This crossover was supposed to happen! And even if it missed some points, it was a overall great package! Story, gameplay and overall appearance all were as good as we exoected a M&L game to be!

-Just Cause 3 (aka Micheal Bay Simulator 2015):
This game is INSANE!!! It has a amazing Open-World, which you can explore with new tools! And now this game even has some Online Challenges, like in NFS: Rivals two years ago! It's an overall insanely fun game, you should try out!

-Batman: Arkham Knight:
If you had the PC version (like me :/), you probably experienced numerous bugs and glitches! Still the game itself was great! It was'nt nearly as good as Arkham City, yet had a incredible Open-World and a good campaign!

-Fallout 4:
While not being as polished as most other games of the year, going out into the Fallout again was a great experience! The game could've consumed entire days for you!

-Rocket League:
One of the biggest surprises of the year! The concept of soccer mixed with racing was extremly interesting and fun and made for one of the biggest surprises of the year!
(NOTE: Some people already thought of that in Real-Life, so I won't say how "INNOVATIVE" the idea is)

Best Game Of 2015:
There was no competition for this masterpiece!
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
This game was INCREDIBLE! It had an amazing overworld, which was big and so much to see and explore! Also TONS of side quests to keep you occupied for a long while! Not only that, it also had an amazing storyline, which will take you DAYS to complete! The gameplay itself was smooth and fun! Besides the graphics were incredible!
Overall this was a nearly flawless game and the best game of 2015 and if you have'nt played it, PLAY IT NOW!!!

And before I move on, here are the most anticipated games of next year(no particular order):

-Kingdom Hearts III:
Kingdom Hearts II was almost ten years ago! And finally we get an end to this trilogy! Graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, all seem promising!

-Mass Effect: Andromeda:
Even though Mass Effect already ended, this game should bring something new to the series! In this game main focus is exploration! The concept incompanied with the quality we expect from Mass Effect alread seems promising enough!

-Dark Souls III:
Brutally challenging, dark story and enviroments, brilliant combat! Finally we get a new Dark Souls game! Graphically it's already extremly impressing and gameplay seems extremly promising!

-Street Fighter V:
Street Fighter V is almost completly revealed to the public! It is one of the first games, that will come out this year and it should be very promising!

-Horizon: Zero Dawn:
The gameplay looks incredible! The concept of fighting off giant robot dinosaurs is almost too promising to be real! Besides these are some Nex-Gen Graphics!

-Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End:
No comment!

-XCOM 2:
XCOM, one of the most tactically brutal video game series finally gets a new entry after the Reboot! The gameplay should be great, if they stick to the formular!

-Persona 5:
A very promising JRPG for next year! Not only has it new additions to the series, that seem extremly fun, but seems also promising in a technical regard!

-The Legend of Zelda(WiiU):

-No Mans Sky:
The most technically promising game of 2016! Not only has it incredible graphics, but also a world to explore, which is as big as nothing we've ever seen before!

Incredibly seeming new entry to the legendary FPS series! Graphics and gameplay seem extremly promising!


Good post - bobbythebrony

Good but how come Kingdom Hearts gets an end to the trilogy after 10 years but Half Life 2 doesn't get a successor and it's been more than 10 years now... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Cause valve doesn't know the number three is a thing. - Skullkid755

What about the new doom game that's coming out this year? - MrQuaz680

You should really play Undertale sometime. - xandermartin98

Quit obsessing! - Skullkid755

Seriously, though; why isn't it on the recommendations? - xandermartin98

Because...he either
A. Might not like Undertale.
B. Has never played Undertale.
C. Doesn't know what it is.
D. Or simply, not putting it on the list. - RiverClanRocks

D was right!
I actually love Undertale! I simply played it after I made this post! - visitor

And xandermartin didn't listen to me. This is what undertale does to people, and that's why there shouldn't be an overtale! - Skullkid755

Triforce heroes is good, but here are the Zelda games I have played from best to worst.
1. A Link Between Worlds. Wall merging, non linear exploration, good dungeons, getting me into Zelda games.
2. Majora's Mask3D. If you had a song that freezes time in a dungeon then it will beat ALBW
3.Ocarina of Time 3D. Remake of great game and a great game itself, but Hyrule field is kind of empty except for a ranch and enemies. Also, Majora's Mask had better time travel mechanics.
4.Skyward Sword. I like the motion controls a lot, but their is a lot of filler and
it is a little to linear.
5. Oracle of Seasons. Played it by downloading it off the Virtual Console, and it is fun.
But the fact that the sword is a switchable item causes it to get annoyed when it comes to item switching. Also, I wish you didn't need to get on a stump in order to change seasons.
6. Triforce Heroes. Fun game play, but their is laggy multiplayer, some people won't listen to you, if someone quits you have to restart, and single player is tedious because of the switching between the dolls.
7. The Legend of Zelda- Good amount of exploration, but their is hardly any civilization so the world is empty except for several enemies, but a great game and give it credit for starting the series and open world and action adventure genres.

Hope you liked those reviews. - Skullkid755

Wait, you got Mario and Luigi Paper Jam in 2015 while we had to wait until 2016!
Why can't all countries have the same games released on the same days!
This is... (Lemon Grab voice) unacceptable! - Skullkid755

Zelda U has been delayed to 2017 again according to Zelda dungeon wiki - Skullkid755

Hey, how about reviewing an entire company? Or an entire console! - Skullkid755

Doom 4 exceeded my expectations. - Ananya