Top 10 Best Video Games of 2015

The Top Ten
1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game is absolutely incredible! The developers obviously put an immense amount of effort into creating such a deep and rich world for the player. The story is an emotional journey that's not all about killing monsters, but also about the relationships and bonds you form along your journey to save the world. The combat allows for many variations of combat that the player can choose from; whether you choose to use alchemy or magic to destroy your foes, or you prefer the classic silver sword (heck, why not all three?! ). Speaking of abilities, the developers also did an incredible job to not only make all the abilities given to you useful throughout the entire game, but they also make sure that they make the abilities balanced so that the player can choose any battle tactics they desire and they will work. During and after the story, there are so many kingdoms, forests, castles, dungeons, oceans, caves, towers, and other hidden gems to explore in this vast game. Whether you choose to ...more

This game should be at #2 but its at a fair spot seeing that most people missed it with not being a AAA title. This game had so much great stuff going for it. The story is phenomenal. The characters are amazing and pretty likeable for the most part. Geralt is such an amazing character to play as. The way you are able to choose how you want him to act was a great mechanic. Gives you more incentive to play again and make differemt choices. The combat, while hard to handle at first becomes fun as hell as you level up. The graphics are what make this game what it is. The three areas are all BEAUTIFUL and are able to set themselves apart from each other. The day/night transitions are a thing to behold and don't even get me started on the sunsets. There is just so much to see and do, as there are TONS of side quests and secrets to find as well as the monster battles which are another highlight. I'm only about 30 hours in and I already feel this is one of the deepest RPG's I've ever played.

For me, Undertale is the winner. But this game came so damn close. The Games Industry has been drilling it into our heads for the last few years that good graphics take priority and storytelling is something that must be sacrificed. The Witcher 3 stands in defiance of this. God knows how hard CD Projekt Red have had to work on this masterpiece, but the fruits of their labors show. The only real complaint is that the menus, as always, are quite finicky on the console ports (I've played both). But the amazing visuals, strong storytelling, great characters, frankly ginormous game world and fun combat more than gloss over this.

The best game I've ever played. The story is immersive and interesting, the lore of the world is really detailed and deep, the characters are all fantastic, and player choice actually impacts the game. From the opening cut-scene, the game had me hooked. The side quests are better than most full games. A lot of people will tell you the combat is bad, but I whole-heartily disagree. I think the combat is serviceable at worst, and intricate and best. It requires you to research your opponents, brew potions, use spells, dodge, parry, and attack. The game has so much stuff to do. You can't get bored with it, as there is 200 hours of content with loads of great quests. The DLCs themselves are better than most games, and Blood and Wine contains 30 hours of gameplay-more than most triple A titles today. All the characters are well developed, and every emotional beat feels earned and impactful. The graphics are great, and look like they could have been made in 2020. Dialogue feels natural. AND, ...more

2 Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was crap so when I heard that Fallout 4 came out I wasn't too excited but than my friends introduced me to it and made me get it. Honestly that was one of the greatest choices I ever made. I'm in love with Skyrim so when I played this, maybe even a better version of Skyrim, it was like a dream come true for me. Also, in most games you might get bored by the story line, well in this game the story line is exciting and you can do side missions instead if you want a change. The makers put loads of detail into it that the mediocre graphics makes no difference when you see the games beautiful landscape. Anyone who doesn't like this needs to hugely reconsider as I think this is the best game of 2015.

People just love to hate on #1. Anyone claiming 1 & 2 were the best, is retarded. Don't think the graphics are amazing enough? Play it on a gaming PC with the highest graphic settings, then realize what you've been missing. I don't understand why everyone likes V.A.T.S. so much. I thoroughly beat the hell out of 3 and New Vegas both, only using it a handful of times when absolutely necessary, like shooting antennae off of ants. It's like cheating, and you don't need it if you're any good. My biggest complaints about 3 and Vegas was just having to switch outfits so often, and mostly shuffling around the endless belongings between you, party members, and storage areas because of clutter and weight/strength restrictions. With needing so many different items to build and cook with, it was endlessly tedious. It made me miss magical bottomless bags in fantasy RPGs. I do wish they would incorporate more new creatures though, you get sick of the same old. There's really endless mutations you ...more

Fallout 4 is the best video game of 2015, if not the best game in next-gen yet, and one of the best games of all time. It might not have the most gorgeous graphics out there, nor the most refined game-play, or even an amazing story, but everything in it makes sense, and fits in perfectly. It improves over nearly every aspect of Fallout 3, as well as Skyrim, and offer the best, most intriguing, an exceptional story of them all, especially that turning point after the Molecular Level where everything we thought we knew about the Institute just blew up on our face. Its characters are distinct and well done, and its world is without a doubt Bethesda's most ambitious, from the masterly done Glowing Sea, to the southern grey swamps of Boston, to the ravaged buildings of Boston (probably the most ugly buildings Bethesda has ever done in all honesty). Over that, Fallout 4 has the best side quests out of any rpg out there period surpassing even those of Fallout 3 and the Witcher 3, and passing ...more

When I started fallout 4 I felt like everything was new and improved, new starting video, new way to customize your character, generally a new look, but when I started playing I fearee the radiant quests will slowly ruin the game, however despite preston telling me another settlement needs my help, I enjoyed travelling there because every settlement could be built up in a unique way. I think the game retained what made fallout 3 so special and built on it with the improved RPG elements and improved building system. I think this is the best game in a long while and I think my current 5th playthrough can justify that.

3 Batman: Arkham Knight

Voted for Super Mario Maker because it's better you plebs.

The non-canon Arkhamverse might just be the best thing that's ever happened to Batman (besides the abomination that was Origins). Arkham Asylum and Arkham City could probably sit comfortably on a best-of-all-time list, with Arkham City possibly being my favorite game of all time.

Arkham Knight, the final installment, is a bizarre one. The first one rated M, the first one with the Batmobile, and yet the first that has some issues. It's an amazing game. The story's awesome, the dialogue is priceless, Batman's fear hallucination's are ingenious, and the Batmobile is awesome and overpowered in ways that don't make gliding irrelevant.

However, I do have my gripes. The Arkham Knight is a badass, but his identity was just so... copout. It would be awesome if it was a new villain or something but he isn't. And also, the tank battles are... kind of overdone. You spend more time blowing up automated tanks and ...more

I still prefer Arkham Asylum for it's visual design and being the first of the series, but this comes close second. Batmobile, flying, combat and pretty much everything feel flowy and awesome. It could have been more focused and there should have been more trippy scare crow levels but it's still a game that feels awesome.

This game should be (in my opinion) tie with fallout 4 because they keep me playing them again and again with endless joy. And why is Star Wars battlefront on this list? I love it but The game isn't out yet, it's out when you get the DLC.

Batman Arkham Knight's story is amazing, the gameplay is fantastic, the graphics are incredible, but it is kind of repetitive and sometimes boring. The boss battles are ridiculous, but the Riddler was way improved.

4 Mortal Kombat X

Best game of 2015?...Maybe; maybe not. But I voted for it just because of how great the graphics are! The characters' eyes look rather funny, but on the whole the graphics for this game are superb. The redesigns on Kitana, Scorpion and Mileena are good too.

Mortal Kombat 9 was great but this one is even BETTER! Seriously, it has much smarter reasons for fights, it has a great graphics and story. All characters are interesting, even new chars are great

Really improved the fighting from Mortal Kombat 9. The action is faster and the X-Rays and Fatalities are shockingly amazing.

Mortal Kombat X is an amazing game with amazing graphics. Though I admit it is not the best game of 2015 it does come pretty close

5 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

I had a hard time deciding between this game and Undertale but I have to give the award of best game of 2015 to this game. I love the way the gameplay mechanics worked together and the organic nature of the open-ended missions that allowed us to create our own memorable experiences, without being punished for deviating from stealth. Only downside is the overarching storyline lacks focus but this is truly a gameplay marvel, rewarding intelligence and creativity in a way few games do.

This is not just my favourite game of 2015 but of all time. You are the game, the game revolves around you and the choices you make as the boss. The freedom, the leveling up, the unexpecting twist or mystic turn that might unfold, your ability to customise so much of yourself and your armory. I was so used to having the odd shooter where you just killed of any enemy in sight. My decisions totally changed when I learned that you can be a hero and spare their lives and you fulton them to your base and they are your soldiers. The perfect game, graphics, design, story oh my God the story, and characters. Just perfect

"It was not the game I expected, but I loved it anyway. The story sucks, but for the first time in the series, that isn't a big deal. This is not a movie-game hybrid like the others. This is a straight up video game. Phantom Pain offers up this enormous sandbox with every imaginable tool at your disposal. I've never seen a game give the player this much freedom and control of how they want to approach it. You can impersonate a woman. You can shoot your hand off. You can rescue animals and make a zoo. You can plant C-4 on a dude's butt, wait for him to get in a helicopter, and blow it out of the air. You can do this (proceeds to place two decoys of Venom Snake on a metal gear and rides it around Afghanistan). Out of all the spectacular games on my list this year Metal Gear Five is the only one that feels like a true, next gen expirence.
--cuts to first clip of Ocelot saying "Now go! Let the legend come back to life"--
--badass MGS Peacewalker theme plays--"

- ...more

2015 has been the best year for games since 1998. There, I said it. Every AAA title has blown expectations (except Halo 5 :( ) and it all really kicked off with MGSV. This was the first game I played this year that made me feel like I was really in the next generation, and this is from an Xbox fanboy who's never played a Metal Gear game before. The freedom you have in what you do is so relevant that I can't even fathom how well it works.

The best game to come out in over 20 years, and maybe of all time.

6 Bloodborne

How is Fallout 4 above this? Fallout 4 was good, but dumped down and kinda boring at times. I was NEVER bored in Bloodborne! You're always on your toes trying to defeat your foe(s) without dying and losing 40,000 blood echoes. The DLC was great with new weapons areas and story. The lore is fascinating and engaging! This game had the best bosses from any game all year along with Undertale! They're isn't a crap ton of weapons but the ones that are there are unique, useful and none of them are useless! They all have they're strengths and weaknesses and is better than Skyrim's 'Do I choose that slow 20 damage axe or this quick 60 damage Swords with fire magic' (I do really like Skyrim by the way).
It's the best PS4 exclusive and my favourite game of all time! GOTY!

This game is awesome, it doesn't hold your hand: it beats you. It wants you learn, to act quickly and to calculate the risk of you actions whether you should be fast and furious or calm and secure. It's challenging, I do understand some people might not like but if you own a ps4 you have at the very least to try eat.Moreover the satisfaction you feel when you defeat a boss has no equal and the setting, the details and the art direction is superb.However this game has also issues 1st version had a long loading time,the frame rate in some places drops under 30fps, many say the camera is not good (I personally like it) the illumination is horrible the moon texture could have been done better. The story is whispered through the game you must have good insight to reveal it... I hope you agree.

Addictive, gorgeous, coated in deliciously twisted Lovecraftian horror, surprisingly fair for the reputation From Software's games get, possessing a rich and deep lore ripe for theories and investigation, the first AAA title for the PS4 that actually delivered and with hours of optional content, what's not to love? If you haven't played it yet, I recommend you get on that right away!

Amazing story, beautifully poetic environment, innovative yet simple combat (and weapons) that reflects the theme of the story, amazing level and enemy design, and I can continue jerking this game off but to me it all boils down to Lady Maria. I know it's DLC, but she is, in my opinion, literally the best boss in all of gaming.

7 Super Mario Maker

After nearly a decade of Super Mario side scrollers being way too easy with the New Super Mario Bros. games, Mario Maker is the side scrolling Mario game I have spent my whole life waiting for. It brings the most challenging levels to ever grace a Mario game and features the gameplay of some of the franchise's greatest titles. I hope Nintendo sees that most of these fan created levels are insanely difficult and realize that it is what is needed to bring new life to the series. If anything, they better ramp up the difficulty on the next Mario side scroller because by the time it comes out for the NX, Mario Maker will have already turned us into pros.

There are just so many possibilities here. This game definitely had room for improvement, and guess what? They've delivered - with additions that don't just fix problems (which the game didn't have a lot of to start with, just a lot of features that would be nice, many of which have been and may continue to be added), but add new possibilities for creative level designs that keep me coming back day after day for more.

This game has nearly ENDLESS possibility's! This should be higher, I don't get why people hate Nintendo games. A lot of other games above this are shooter games, and I HATE them! It's just hold A, move. No other things to do, it's just murder-fests. I see no difference in them and, for example, Asteroids! This game has flaws, like the search codes. But there are more pros then cons. An overall amazing game that should be higher.

Pros: Level designing, new level concepts, Mario meets difficult puzzles, Song creation, very precise timing "Do Not Move" levels, recreation of old Mario levels, remodels of old Mario levels, Mario Kart in regular Mario, and the mystery mushrooms.
Cons: Nintendo deletes levels with no stars, levels get deleted after some time star or not, level thievery, non-creative levels, levels that are impossible to beat for the 100 Mario challenge, having to unlock all the level elements (it can take a day, but it's just annoying), level upload cap, needing stars to increase the cap, and HAVING NO DISLIKE OR LIKE BUTTON...

8 Undertale

Though I can't endorse the fandom or the hype, Undertale itself is definitely worth a play. The gameplay is challenging, yet oddly compelling. The characters are all interesting (not necessarily likeable), and the game is fun. It is an trope-filled RPG, full of so much ridiculousness and frustration, that doesn't masquerade as anything else. I wouldn't call it GotY, but it is so unlike any other game, that it deserves a spot on the list. The elements of the story are absolutely amazing, and the MERCY system is something that made the game more lovable. You can't take Undertale seriously, yet it has an element of seriousness about it. It's a good time, and unique enough to deserve a vote.

Nobody knows how or why it became popular.
Nobody knows how or why it had to become popular.
Nobody knows how or why it had to attract these PewDiePie-loving kids who would ruin everyone's first impression of the game.
If you're reading this and you haven't played Undertale, hear my plea.

Would you like to play a funny, quirky game that subtly destroys anything separating our reality from its own? If you would, then please play it. Right now. Don't talk to anyone about it first. They'll either change your mind or spoil the experience. Ignore the fanbase, and ignore the haters. Ignore the videos about it and such. Don't let anyone influence your way of playing the game. Yes, there are multiple ways to play it. Everyone will try to convince you of playing in a particular way. Don't listen to them. Avoid the fans, and play the game YOURSELF. When you're done- or rather, when you want to be done- you can talk to someone about it. I know this sounds silly, but trust me, ...more

Undertale is brilliant. There's a deep narrative that manages to be both funny and touching without horrifically derailing itself, the characters feel alive and fleshed out and the gameplay, while not world-changing, is still quite fun. The fanbase is your typical trendy indie game fanbase (see also: Five Nights at Freddy's), but that isn't a problem with the game.

I haven't said much about it, and that's because you should play it 'blind' (without spoilers). Otherwise, it loses its impact. Even if you're a skeptic, Undertale costs $10 and can be beaten after about 6-7 hours, so there's no real reason to avoid it.

In short, buy this game.

P.S. The soundtrack is the stuff of legend.

This game is a masterpiece. It has components that you just don't usually see put together properly worked in like a piece of art. It's witty characters, storyline, jokes, music, and art make you feel like a kid again. The fact that it has become so popular in less than six months blows my mind, and yet, I feel as though that's the way it should be. This game has been in development for YEARS, and I will tell you, the waiting did not disappoint. Not only does it have three runs (pacifist, neutral, and genocide) that you can do, but the story lines change almost completely! Depending on what run you do first, it can even mess up your second gameplay. While reminding me of other great games (specifically Pokémon), it is a game like no other. If you've never seen/played it before, I highly suggest it. It will hold a dear place in your heart.

9 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Wow... a bunch of hipsters had to vote this game so low and hate on it and its fans because they think it's cool to do that. Get your heads out of your butts, people! Two weeks into this game and I have to say, this game has offered the most content in a Call of Duty game ever, it's also a really fun and enjoyable experience. In my opinion, the story is the weakest out of all of the Black Ops entries but is still very enjoyable, some would even say "the most ambitious Call of Duty campaign ever" but not me, Zombies mode is epic, the new mode, Free Run, is very fresh and exciting, and the Multiplayer is phenomenal, so much variety and so much to do, the maps are pretty good too. Overall, a really fun game.

This is my personal favorite Call of Duty game. But, in my defense, I am a zombies player. People who dislike the zombies most likely enjoy the less complicated maps, which I respect. But, if you love managing multiple things, amazing gameplay, one of the best stories I've ever played, or even just shooting zombies, everything in this game delivers.
Now, the campaign. Everything after BO2 has been absolute trash. This one doesn't feel like the stakes are high, which I do in fact hate.
The multiplayer is kinda fun. Not my personal favorite (BO2 or BO1), but I still have an enjoyable time playing multiplayer.
If you do not enjoy this game, I completely understand. Especially if you're not a zombies player.

This is by FAR my favorite Call of duty game ever made! I am absolutely in love with the new movement mechanics! the campaign could be better, but then again not many people get Call of Duty for the campaign. The new multiplayer is amazing! I love the specialists and how you can choose them. another great new feature is free run. This is an obstacle course based off the Wall-Running, Boost jumping, and power sliding. The graphics are amazing, unless you are playing on an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. The zombies mode is just as fun as the others, where this game features a zombies campaign, which is also named "Nightmares". No matter how you play, Black Ops 3 will blow you away!

OK, this game is admittedly fun, I can say that much. But at THIS point, these games should be REVOLUTIONARY. These games are still enjoyable, and anyone I know can pick up one of these games and play it for a while. But all this "step forward" crap needs to stop. This game is exactly what they've always been: a watered-down shooter with simple gameplay, a campaign that has as much effort put into it as the microwave burrito you made for lunch, and an online mode which is the only thing worth playing, if you can stand the cancerous fans of this franchise.
This franchise's success is still a mystery to me. Yes, maybe entertaining YouTubers played these games, but that alone doesn't explain why they make millions of sales every year. All of the Call of Duty games focus more on how they look than the experience you get, and I want a game WORTH $50-$60.

10 Just Cause 3

A SEVERELY underrated game

This game will tie "Game of the Year" with Fallout 4

One of the best open world games ever made. It favors FREEDOM, creativity, and epic action packed gameplay and explosions, you will NEVER be bored of this game with all the things to do in this fictional open world game based on taking down military dictatorships in beautiful exotic countries.

How can you not love a game whose only purpose is to be a fun game. You can go in guns blazing and destroy everything, or you can try to be subtle (good luck with that).

It is a very fun sandbox that unlocks each thing at the right pace so you don't get bored. Also, it has Weeping Angels in one area.

Okay so maybe the frame rate can be a bit choppy and its low on overall content, but a video game should be about fun, and no game I have ever played has had me having as much pure fun as this does. Takes its predecessor and improves almost every detail. My game of the year.

Underrated, but beautiful. A huge improvement from Just Cause 2, and now there's a wingsuit! Tons of weapons, huge archipelago to explore, and awesome explosions and gameplay!

The Contenders
11 Life is Strange

It may have not been graphically the best or had the best action sequences. But no game since The Last of Us has left such an impact on myself and millions of other players. The music is among the best I've ever heard in a game. The plot twists and the compelling characters that you form a relationship with become actual friends to you. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it gave me a life lesson to not take things for granted because I don't have a rewind. I need to make everything count. Yes it's only a game, but it will change you and your view on how games are made forever.

You want to cry. We got it. You want one of the best indie soundtrack and score ever heard in a video game? We got it. You want a compelling story that twists and turns every which way? We got it. You want so much character development that nearly every character isn't an "every man" or "Mary-Sue"? We got that too. You want some of the prettiest graphics of the year? We got that. You want some of the most depressing scenes in video game history? You bet your sweet ass you got that. There has never been anything else like this.

I'd like to consider this a deconstruction. If you don't know what that is, it takes old tropes, and then turns them on their head. LiS is a very good example of this. It starts out as a typical teen drama game, and then blows itself out of the water. Why this is losing to Fallout 4 and Mortal Kombat, I have no clue. You will be sobbing by the end, and for that alone, I give this game 10/10. Buy it. You won't regret it.

Honestly, I can't think of a better game than this (of this genre). It has mystery, sadness, intrigue, suspense, romance (and not too much, either), super powers, teen angst, forgiveness, madness, and a compelling story that hits you hard. Not to mention the conveniently placed cliffhangers, too. This game is great, and I think it would actually help people see the world in a different perspective.

12 Rocket League

Awesome! Really innovative, has a great formula for replayability.
Difficulty: 7/10. I liked the level of difficulty to master it, but too hard to get into.
Graphics: 9/10. I really like the animation style or some reason.
Soundtrack: 9/10. Cool lobby music and sound effects. No in-game music, though.
Replayability/lasting appeal: 10/10. Really addictive, rounds are 5 minutes unless forfeit or overtime and you'll want to play lots and lots of rounds to try and improve.
Gameplay: 10/10. So original, great set of modes, and just really well-designed.
Overall rating: 9.5 Pros: Original, well designed modes, getting you to want to play lots and lots of rather long rounds to improve. The appeal is the same in your 1st round and your 50th, takes right amount of time to master, cool sound and lobby music, great animation style.
Cons: Too difficult to get into, graphics and sound were slightly less than perfect, no in-game music. (not a huge flaw)

Ya so awesome! by 2018 it sold over 40 million copies, a half bad game can't do that! Very good, cool noises, good-looking, lots of customization options, many different modes, and hours of fun to be had!

This should definitely be in the Top 10. Although not that new of a concept, it has about the best customization and game play I've seen in a game.

A cool way to bring football to those who don't care about it in the slightest. The game is appealing and thrilling to play, whether you play football or not. Always fun to play with friends.

13 Halo 5: Guardians

This game hangs at the border of Call of Duty and Halo. I was thoroughly disappointed by the amount of new material that brought the game further away from the general concept of Halo and more towards a game about the weapons in the game, and how cool the players can make them. That aside, I thought it was a decent game. I appreciate the game bringing back the infected game mode and the almost identical armors from Halo Reach. The Emile's Regards assassination was a nice nostalgic touch.
My biggest complaint for this game is: Where is the split screen? This should be a basic part of any Halo game. What's the fun of playing the game at your friend's house if only one of you can play? Not everyone has an Xbox One.

I really think this game could have done better than what they had. The multiplayer and the graphics were spot on. I loved the scenery.But the campaign was horrible. It wasn't about the chief and loche fighting. They had one really good fight scene and that was it. the After that it was just activating guardians one after another. The requisitions were cool, but they could have done better on getting more stuff and more points. It seemed like every now and then all I get is garbage like guns for war zone, and I don't even play it! half of the people that play halo don't play it for war zone. but the worst thing ever is that it doesn't have splitscreen

Halo 5: Guardians it is more a prequel to Halo 6 than a sequel to Halo 4. The excessive marketing over it kind of destroyed the game a little bit, but in overall, this is an awesome game. Great multiplayer, realistic graphics, better gameplay and a good campaign. Not the best of the Halo franchise, but an awesome game and in my opinion, the best of 2015.

I think that halo 5 had a bad storyline but look at the graphics. Another thing was all I missed from halo was that it never had any form of aim other than scopes I was so happy that they added it in one word BEAST!

14 Star Wars Battlefront

I agree with the person below me on the graphics and sound design: they were phenomenal. I enjoyed the iconic dogfights, blasters, and all the characters, but looking at it from purely how it fared as a game...I don't find it spectacular. It's great for giving fans something to relate the movies to, but as a game the lack of single player and repetitiveness makes it something that would just be taken out of the case every once in a while. Not a game that would keep me entertained for a long duration of time.

I have played the battlefront games since I was 4. Started off with the first one, when there were maps like Bespin and the time when the engineer class had an arc caster. Then the second one came. Better mechanics, better graphics, new classes and they even added 2 more game modes: Campaign and Galactic Conquest. And... We then got to number three... Best game of 2015... Battle of Jakku - Amazing, and that's just a DLC for FREE! Nothing else to explain about this game...

This in 15th is a disgrace best shooter this year and it's so much more than that. The dogfights, heroes, and awesome walker assault gameplay make it game of the year, if you don't have it get it. Better than BO3 easy, same as fallout 4 (my top 2)

Overall Star Wars Battlefront EA is a great game, it's fun. I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece or amazing, it's just good. It should also get better with all DlCs releasing, pretty much when the game is fully completed. Right now, If I were to rate this, I would say more like a 8/10 at best.

15 Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Even through Assassins Creed changed a lot, I still love this one. I play Assassins Creed since the second one was realised, but this is way better.

Mostly, I love the atmosfere. London is such a beautiful city and in the game, it's made perfectly. You can find there the most popular historical buildings and the most popular historical people whom lived in London in 19's century; like Big Ben or St. Paul's Cathedral, Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria or Alexander Graham Bell.

Shooting is way better than in Unity. The designers made a really good work here.

Switching between Jacob and Evie is really interesting, too.

Syndicate deserves to be in a top 3!

Syndicate was a fantastic game. Nice graphics, fun gameplay, and plenty of missions to keep you occupied throughout. I also appreciated how they brought in a female role, and the environment of London is beautiful. A really solid and entertaining game for the series, this really should be higher on the list. Who gives a crap about making a Mario level when you can be living the life of the coolest and most dangerous assassin, saving historic London from the clutches of evil.

Syndicate was a step in the right direction after the abysmal launch of Unity. The first Assassin's Creed I enjoyed since Revelations.

Ubisoft is trying something very risky but it paid off. The detail of the surrounding and the beautiful atmosphere will blow your mind. -Dr.J

16 Splatoon

Uh... how the heck is Call of Duty, of ALL THINGS, higher than Splatoon? I know people hate it when someone says this, but guess what? Call of Booty is the same thing over and over again. People say "No, there's new guns and maps! " when Ubisoft (or Activision, can't remember) could just release that stuff as DLC. Improved Zombies mode? Patches/updates. New mode? Dlc. My brother is a huge Call of Duty fan, but he admits that one of the newer ones he purchased was black ops with a jetpack. Splatoon? It's a unique shooter. Heck, you don't even HAVE to shoot. Use a roller, inkbrush, octobrush! And while you can kill, your main focus is inking everything. There's even competitive Ranked Battles, map and gun dlc, (cough Call of Duty cough) campaign, local multiplayer, and not only do you buy weapons, but you can also get clothes, hats and shoes. And they actually do something; they give you special abilities instead of just looking cool. Point is, Splatoon rocks. It is definitely top 5 ...more

This game is awesome. Everything about it is awesome. Too bad I have bad internet connection. Neither I, nor my brother can't play online. Sorry if that sentence doesn't make sense. Still, single player is fun, and so is the online mode. I have a guide book, which I got for Christmas. I think the Inklings, Octarians, and NPCs are cute in every single way. Although, some of the Octarians look like a derp, no offense. At first, I thought Octarians looked ugly, but now I think they are so cute! Too bad they're underrated. Now, here's what I have to say about those morons:

Those idiots who think this game is for babies and say to get a 3DS instead, act mature and shut your pie holes. This game rocks! The Wii U and 3DS are both made by Nintendo, and I have both. Do you consider me a gamer? Eh?! Stop calling Splatoon lovers five-year-olds, and babies. Babies don't know how to use a Wii U, and some of us, including me, are older than five years. Sorry if this comment is too long.

I had always avoided shooters before thanks to graphic violence and the harassment of other players, but Nintendo really knows how to remove those elements and still make the game increasingly addictive. It's a very welcoming game for casuals, but still has those statistic details and intense strategies that hardcore players like.

While I don't own a Wii U this game is fun though. Seriously the game is colorful and basically Call of Duty but with a kid feature. I seriously adore the Inklings and the Squid Sisters they are cute and hilarious at times. You play as Inkilngs that are human/squid teens and you can chat with friends, customize your inklings with clothing and accessories and play online with others in Ranked matches or regular matches. They also have news were the Squid Sisters explain the las test news for the game. There's these so called Splatfest which you basically choose a team (Example hot dogs vs Pizza) and have to battle out in special matches for special rewards they also change the plaza to night party theme and have the many Splatoon characters you regularly see dance in Inkopolis. They are pretty nice too with DLC since it's mostly free. I haven't tried try single player but it's great. Overall this game is great. Overall 9.5/10 I also suggest getting the Splatoon Amiibos so that way you ...more

17 Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Pretty solid fighter. It's got a ton of abilities, you can customize your own character, and there's a pretty good twist to the story. There's a few problems, though:
*Almost every boss has super armor, which makes them immune to stagger and take less damage. I wouldn't mind this with insanely powerful beings like Beerus or Broly, but the super armor is a little ridiculous
*Quite a few difficulty spikes and canyons.
*Super Saiyans are absolutely OP.

This game needs to be higher! after over a decade of attempts, Xenoverse perfectly encapsulates what it would be like to play as a DBZ fighter in a game. Plus the original story and villain is a fresh change from just rehashing the same story as the show, I pre ordered the sequel on pure faith because of how good this game was.

Definitely a good game for the series of DBZ games. I hate generic fighters but always wanted DBZ to be somewhat an RPG type of game. I hope they move forward and continue to make this game better!

One of the BEST DBZ games ever, aside form Budokai 3 and Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of course. And at least these games aren't so repetitive like some other game. *cough cough* Call of Duty,

18 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

This game by all means isn't flawless, but it damn well deserves better than #22. It is an innovative breath of fresh air in the FPS realm, of which snore fests Call of Duty & Battlefield currently have a monopoly on.

It is also worth mentioning that it is currently getting better as the months go by. More operators and content is being added (FOR FREE! ), bugs are continuously being fixed, and the overall playing community is steadily growing, 90% of video games can't say that after 8+ months since the release date.

My personal favorite fps of all time now, its bugged to hell but it's so intense, so fun so gripping, it may not be the best looking, it may not work right all the time, but its just a good change of pace from the bore fest of Call of Duty and battlefield. Not to mention free dlc.

Amazing game. Too bad it was published by Ubisoft so the connection breaks a lot and it takes forever to find a game. Incredibly good game though.

Ridiculously underrated. This game is one of the best tactical shooters of all time.

19 ARK: Survival Evolved

This is my favorite dinosaur game ever. Like Fnaf 4, I haven't bought it but some day I will soon. Its like Minecraft and Garry's mod except that it has dinos and that I liked that you can actually tame dinos and other primeval creatures and you can do what you want in that game.

Fight Dino's tame them fight with them build and collect materials and build your bases.

Have underwater adventure skill alphas breed Dino's collect get eggs.

This game is my favorite game ever. it totally tips off Minecraft and you can ride fly and swim your Dino's around this giant map. BY IAN MARKOVIC. sponcers mqh mary queen of heaven school. best school on earth Catholic school. Do you want to be a MQH KNIGHT?

Ark is a game with great graphics and gameplay and there are many things to do

20 Dying Light

The storyline is somewhat engaging and the gameplay is very engaging, but it gets boring after you finish the main quests. It's not fun to play by yourself killing zombies to level up for no reason in campaign mode, and when you blindly qeue for online mode, the players that are matched up to you can be any level, and have weapons and damage potential 100 times less or 100 times more than you. It's also hard to ignore the fact that you can ask a higher level for their trash weapons and use it to one hit virals.

Dying Light takes an overused genre and gives it a breath of fresh air. It isn't the typical zombie game where you find yourself fending off mass hoards of the undead only to retrieve the random quest item for a random dude. You fight against unique zombies with a variety of customizable weapons while parkouring through the city to help save people you grow to love.

The graphics are good and the parkour engine is fun at first, but that's about it. This game desperately tried to set itself apart from the other cookie-cutter zombie games, yet it sadly has the same premise as Dead Rising: go around and be everybody's errand boy!

I honestly wouldn't put this as my #1, but it REALLY deserves a lot better then the current ranking it has, Fallout 4 beats this one in my books, but just barely.

21 Until Dawn

I loved this game so much. I've been playing it for almost 2 years. It drives me crazy on how good it is. Although, let's be honest, it's not crazy popular like Life Is Strange, but it's still worth so much and it can be popular is people wouldn't overlook it. It makes you sad on how people and the actors put so much time and care and EFFORT. It took 2 years to make the game. Life is Strange is a BEAUTIFUL game, but Until Dawn took a lot more time and care. I'm not begging to have this in the top ten because it doesn't belong. It hasn't been around long enough. The games that have worked for years and years belong in the top ten. Graphics? Outstanding. Gorgeous. It's actually scary, and really has the horror genre. Life Is Strange is meant to be a click style game- great choice. There choices actually change he game- Until Dawn had some trouble with that. Mainly, the game felt the same even when different choices were made. That's the one problem. Other than that, for a low famous ...more

This is one of my favourite games for many reasons. Mainly because you get to choose how your caracters are gonna act, and develop the story that way.I loved it because it has the horror game features but it has a much deeper meaning. The graphics are great too. I like the fact that you had to collect clues to fully understand the story. The totems were preety cool too. I also loved the don't move feature, it made the game 100times more stressful. I hope they release a dlc, or part 2 of the game. This game deserves to be higher on this list. (I also liked the sound of footsteps on the snow haha)

Why isn't this in the top 10? its at number 45 at the moment what? They put so much effort into this game, and it didn't even get into the top 10. I don't even know how Mortal Kombat came first, but its just the messed up world we live in. I mean like its one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics were truly amazing!

I have been a horror fan all my life, and I found this game to be more enjoyable than 99% of all horror movies that've come out in this past decade. Not only are the graphics stellar, but the acting is so fantastic. The dialogue is amazing. I don't know what's more disappointing: The fact that this is only at #25, or the fact that Life Is Strange is currently ahead of it.

22 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

"In my opinion, Majora's mask was the best game I had growing up. I can't tell you how much I loved it. I had always loved creepy things, sure as hell made my day many times. The storyline was phenomenal and no matter how many times I played it, I still kept a keen interest in it. Then comes the BEN Drowned story to go along... Long story short, we the people want more LOZ like this.

This game is a masterpiece. It was the game the not me into one of the best game series of all time, The Legend Of Zelda. With great gameplay elements, an amazing story, and the highest pitch scream in gaming history, it well deserves to be in the top ten.

Majora's Mask 3D is a very philosophical game. If you play it, it could change your life, no joke. I especially love what the moon children say after you give them masks and stuff. So philosophical. So good.

Well, it only had Nostalgia going for it. Really wasn't a reason to bring it to the 3DS, in my opinion.

23 Rise of the Tomb Raider

Lots are saying that this is a great game that deserves just as much love as some of these other titles, that Crystal Dynamics basically took everything right with the 2013 game and improved upon that. And to top it all off, it looks gorgeous. It's such a shame that it will be overshadowed due to timed exclusivity and coinciding with the release of games like Black Ops 3 and Fallout 4. Oh Microsoft, you silly bastards.

I like tomb raider. I's just disappointed that the publishers made it a timed exclusive for Xbox One. So now I have to wait another year. But now Sony is going to smack Microsoft in the face by making Final Fantasy 7 Remake a timed exclusive. Talk about payback.

This game is gorgeous. An excellent sequel, and a great way for Microsoft to make me get an Xbox because hell if I'm waiting for it to come out on ps4. Shame it was an exclusive though... Could have gotten more of a fanbase...

After 2013, it feels like I have waited an entire lifetime for this follow-up. I am hard-biased because I love Camilla Luddington and she does this role more than justice. Lara Croft: the OG female badass!

24 Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

A cute, fun, and original Animal Crossing! :> I must say, I love it--I've been playing Animal Crossing, each game that came out, since the GameCube AC. I'm never let down by the new games.

A disgraceful cashgrab that wants your money, do not buy this, buy wild world or new leaf, this is a sad $40 rip off. Tell me you think this game is worth $40 when new leaf has almost everything this has and 10X more

I really love this! The only thing I don't like is you don't have your own house.

Had to hire the plumber to clean my pipes; a clean home is a happy home.

25 Mad Max

I don't hear many people talking about this game, it's actually really good!

I've played it and it's a really good good game.

How is Call of Duty better than this?

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