YouTube Review #1: Racist Mario

Martinglez Please watch the video before the review, you won't understand a thing if you don't

Hello, and welcome to YouTube Review, the series where you decide the video, and i review it.

Today, as sugested by bobbythebrony, i will review Racist Mario, by YouTube chanel Flashgitz

Mario characters are racing with non-Nintendo characters, so Mario, being a racist against everything non-Nintendo, tries to kill all the racers, and he succeeds at it, until he is confronted by Kratos.

I think the best way to review this video is by death scenes, since there are the specialty of this video:

Knuckles: This is not really the most gruesome or funny death scene, i think it works as a warning to the rest of the characters, although the Peach joke is pretty funny.
Anakin: While he´s on his Podracer, Mario burns him, and then this guy (please tell me who it is) comes and unzips his trousers (you know his intentions). Okay, that´s pretty funny.

Yoshi: Oh my god! Yoshi got a brutal death! He is stabbed with an ítem box! Hilarious! I actually laughed more here tan anywhere else on the video, not because i hate Yoshi, but because of his screams. Oh my god! Also, the eggs were a nice touch.

Donkey Kong: Well, if Yoshi´s death was gruesome, imagine someone shoving a banana up your butt. I also laughed a lot here. Mario really got his revenge.

Sackboy: This death is the least gruesome and least funny one on the video. There´s not even blood on this one.

Sonic: oh my god, poor Sonic, Mario destroyed his face, plus he ended up being captured by Ash, with him saying:
Allright, i caught it! Now i can force it to do whatever i want!
And then hee laughs like a maniac while taking his clothes of
I think he will regret joining this race, a lot. This is a very funny death

Luigi: Mario´s main enemy in this video is actually killed by Kratos, as an introduction to himself.

Toad: Toad´s head is eaten by Mario to grow, alfter Mario tries to shoot Kratos. Poor Toad, he´s used as an item.

Mario: Finally, Mario dies, being killed by Kratos just as he would kill any god. He deserved it in this video, alfter acting like a racist psicopath.

Ending: Kratos is shown riding a kart with Peach and Daisy on top of him, barely clothed. This was probably added so the creators could add sexy Peach on their thumbnail.

So this video was very funny and had good presentation. It´s the kind of humour that you would find on Family Guy or South Park. Just imagine a video dedicated to the funniest Kenny deaths. I recomend watching it at least once (but you allready have, haven't you), and checking out the other videos Flashgitz has in store.

Thanks for Reading. Be sure to tell me witch video i should watch next week, and OH MY GOD, IT´S MARIO, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.


Martinglez: OH YEAH? *phones Godzilla*

Godzilla: Hey Martinglez, I'll help you with this one. Also I can talk now.

*an epic fight ensewed, with Mario eating a mega mushroom and Godzilla geting a gun and rampaging, killing Mario*

Martinglez: Consider yourself lucky, I could have called Chuck Norris

*everybody laughs, until we realize that we have to pay for the damages*


I hate that video! - visitor

Cause Luigi got murdered? - bobbythebrony

It was stupid! - visitor

Danteem is upset that he saw how weak luigi is. - Therandom

Not just because Luigi got murdered is just because many other characters got murdered and you didn't get to see Peach and Daisy's boobs. - visitor

Because people died and there was no nudity you don't like it? - Therandom

Danteem, your account's been deleted, but your content remains. what? - Skullkid755

The guy who unzips his pants is Emporer Palpatine. - DapperPickle

Oh, thanks - Martinglez

Great review! - bobbythebrony

Thanks - Martinglez

Love that video - Therandom

Why it's so stupid! - visitor

It's funny. Get humor. - Therandom

Remember, you can vote for the next one - Martinglez

It was funny, and my water came out my nose when Mario turned into Bullet Bill. - MeaganSaysHI

I love that video,it was really funny.but yoshi wasn't the most brutal death,it was sonics that was - Nateawesomeness

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Yahoo! Luigi died! He is bad so it was awesome! - Skullkid755

Mario is also a cannibal in this video because he ate toads head off. - Skullkid755

Maybe Toads are a different species - Martinglez

Poor toad, being eaten by a racist. - Skullkid755

Yeah - Martinglez

It's the best video ever! Lol!

I hope Kratos just killed those two stones with one bird. - visitor

Luigi should've killed everyone in the video -
Danteem - visitor

Ha ha, thanks for approving my comment! - Skullkid755

AWESOME! - TwilightKitsune

Marioism at it's best - BorisRule

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