Fact Check - Influence

There are two things which drives the human mind, one is influence and the other is experience. Strangely, it's the former which is mostly the dominant one in most of us. Influence is something that can be defined in one simple sentence "information gained through other person's experience", which means it's the data our brain collects through the teachings of others which include society's traditions and culture and the influence our elders have on us. Even having opinions on other people is mostly regulated by the popular opinion (and popular opinion does have big influence on us). Irrational beliefs, fears and actions are also the product of the thing called Influence.

Experience is the information we gain through our own actual five senses. The data we gain through experience is processed on a daily basis which may or may not have a permanent effect on us. Experiencing the culture of a foreign country is much different than reading about their culture on the internet (internet influence). Listening to popular songs is mainly due to the influence factor, while listening to the music YOU LIKE which maybe be unpopular or underground comes under the experience factor.

But what happens when the experience factor and the influence factor directly contradict each other on a particular topic? Which one is the winner? We would like to believe it's the former that wins most of the times but in reality, it's just the opposite. A long standing belief (due to influence factor) when contradicted by a proved and tested fact (experience factor) creates a mental strife inside us. Most of the times, it makes us uncomfortable, and we simply refuse to believe it. The prime example of this are stereotypes. Stereotypes are something passed down through generations owing to the influence factor, and no matter how many times actual facts falsify them, it always prevails.

But is influence necessarily a bad thing? Not at all. All the good manners we learn from childhood come under the influence bracket. Children belonging to good and open thinking familes most of the times, are open thinkers and well mannered themselves. A peaceful society influences the individuals to be peaceful themselves.
So as long as we think rationally and not let this influence factor push us to the point of irrationality, it's all good.


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