Top 10 Worst Commercials of All Time

The absolute worst adverts ever made in the history of television! Ads that are either offensive, terrifying, or so bad they're actually hilarious. Feel free to add more.
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1 HeadOn. Apply Directly to the Forehead (HeadOn Miralus Healthcare)

This 2006 ad is notorious for being unbelievably annoying and repetitive. HeadOn is supposed to be some sort of product that can relieve headaches, but I'm pretty sure everyone started to get headaches from viewing this irritating ad. It features a woman placing the product at her forehead while the words "HeadOn! Apply directly to the forehead! " are repeated over and over again. This ad caught a lot of people's attention and started an Internet phenomenon, resulting in a lot of parodies.

"HeadOn! Apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn! Apply directly to the forehead! " God even after all these years it's still stuck in my head...

Hey Scriptwriter, I have something for You: Much needed expansion, Apply directly to the vocabulary!

I remember this commercial from my childhood this was so annoying.

2 The Spongemonkeys (Quiznos)

I've never eaten at Quiznos but I honestly have a reason not to now that I know about these unholy monsters. They first appeared on the web singing a song called "We Like the Moon". Quiznos apparently thought the video was funny so (as ' morons) they decided to use the Spongemonkeys in their commercials. Thank god they were removed completely due to complaints from viewers.

Looks like someone did too many of certain drugs beforehand

Wow! Those Spongemonkeys sure look ugly and terrifying!

The voices are weird

3 Love's Baby Soft (Love Cosmetics)

This ad is wrong on so many levels. A 70s ad where it advertises Love's Baby Soft that's supposed to make you smell like a baby. If that wasn't odd enough, it also shows a full grown woman in baby clothes licking a lollipop seductively. What message where they trying to convey? That babies are sexy or something? I don't wanna know.

Now we also have images on this list. Thanks for adding them, Aragorn98.

Oh my god why did you remind me of this commercial's existence?!

This commercial is just promoting pedophilia

4 Wunder Boner (Wunder Boner)

I remember first seeing this ad when it first aired. I get this is a fish deboner, but my god could they not have made a better NAME? Is ANYONE going to take a product called "Wonder Boner" seriously? Even as a kid I laughed at this.

I saw this ad before on youtube.I was watching a video which the rules is not to laugh or grind and I didn't even laugh at it because I don't have a dull,rubbish dirty mind! But the ad was disgusting and odd

It doesn't matter how good this ad is if no one can take that name seriously

We can all agree Nostalgia Critic brought us here.

5 The baby (PlayStation 3)

This ad just scared people away from gaming.

Makes no sense

This one just doesn’t make sense at all, and it’s creepy.

This One Is Pure Cringe

6 Puppy Monkey Baby (Mountain Dew)

I hate it a lot but this is my older brothers favorite commercial and please do not be like youtube comment replies when someone says someone they know has an opinion that most people don't agree on and say does your brother have medical problems or stuff like that

I honestly thought this was funny

That thing is weird in a bad way

Not really disgusting or offensive, but cringy.

7 Brad Pitt's Chanel No. 5 Commercial (Chanel)

This commercial featuring actor Brad Pitt advertising the perfume Chanel No. 5 is known for being needlessly dramatic and over-the-top. Even the dialogue itself tries way too hard to sound poetic. This ad was so bad that it was parodied and mocked for years.

He was the highest paid celebrity for an advert back in 2012 when it first aired. They made a mistake.

8's Racist Pandas (

Another Super Bowl commercial, and this one is highly racist. It shows two pandas with stereotypical Chinese accents. This ad was branded as offensive and racist and was quickly pulled from the air. SalesGenie stated that they never thought anyone would take offense cause the pandas themselves are Chinese. Yeah, like that's not stereotypical at all!

LeTs ChEcK oUt ThE bEaRs At ThE zOo

the animation is also terrible

This One Is Extremely Racist

9 I Am Autism (Autism Speaks)

Not everyone with autism is the same, we're just as variable as people without x e.g some of us are quiet, some are loud. some of us are anxious, others calm. some of us are great at socialising, others struggle. I understand the intention of this advert but I think it sort of sounds like they're saying all autistics are the same way which I don't agree with xx

This commercial (directed by Alfonso Cuaron) is offensive towards Autistic people, and it sparked a lot of controverse. Not only that, most things in that video are untrue.

Why isn't this higher up on the list? It wrongly and offensively generalizes autism as a burden.

This commercial may be the worst one of all time. I could not finish it.

10 White People (Health Hotline)

I saw this commercial while on my elder ego on the summer I saw this same commercial but they are black this time and it still have the same voices that's how horrible the commercial is.

The animation in this knee brace commercial gives Clutch Cargo a run for its money.

Grandma, slow down, I can't keep up!

Maybe you could use a knee brace, too!

I seen the white version of this commercial on television

The Contenders
11 Life is short (Xbox)

Fun Fact: This ad was apparently so bad that it got banned in the UK.

Life is short. Play Fortnite on Xbox One then you go commit die.

My child is dead and Xbox killed him.

The first time I saw this I was like "What?"

12 Rick Perry's Strong (Rick Perry)

I wrote a poem:
Rick Perry
Looking outside
At your house
He loves you
He likes to see you
He wants to be you
Rick loves people
Rick Perry is strong

A political ad by Texas Govenor Rick Perry that was made during the time he was running for president in the 2012 Republican Party presidential primaries. It caused controversy for addressing gays in the military and religion in public schools due to Perry's disapproval of the former. As of June 2017, it's the 23rd most disliked video on YouTube and I can see why.

Most of the stuff in this video is untrue!

Republican does not approve!

13 Nationwide's Dead Boy Advert (Nationwide)

This commercial aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. Everyone knows those types of commercials are supposed to be fun, but this one wasn't as it features a child narrator who turns out to be dead, and it caused backlash among viewers. Nationwide even responded to the backlash, saying that it was supposed to start a conversation. If that conversation was about how Nationwide scared people, then yes. It succeeded.

Dramatic and rather eerie to say the least

Depressing and eerie


14 Your New Favorite Show (Teen Titans Go)

My version of commercial
Person who talks: It is your birthday but all things you get nothing can be anywhere as good as this gift
Robin: We have a gift for you
Person: We are cancelling and never airing Toddler Titans No! And replacing the airings with classic shows and Steven and Regular show and Adventure Time
Cyborg: Sounds crazy enough to work I like it
Person: No more Toddler Titans No! You're new least favorite show.

This commercial let me know I was gonna hate the show

Yeah. No. Nice try Cartoon Network.

No, you’re not. Long live OG TT

15 (

I remember watching this ad when it first aired back in 2008. It's supposed to be some sort of program that helps your computer run faster, but my god couldn't they have picked a better name? Are you really gonna take a program called seriously? That name's so awful that I even remember laughing at how bad it was as a kid.

16 Shame on You (DOE Road Safety)
17 Delivery Dance (Grubhub)

Commercial: Grubhub perks
Me: Uh you never come to anyone I know's house when they order so don't say perks plus why is that kid looking scared plus why the ugly designs and mayo is gross
Commercial: give you deals on the food you love the kind of deals that make you boogie.
Me: Why would anyone boggie over deals.
Commercial: man dances.
Me: Woah dude your digestion will go fast. I tried chewing while dancing that happned.
Commercial: shows lady doing choking hazard.
Me: Woah ugly design again also you can choke doing that.
Commercial: lady bends while drinking shake
Me: Not a good idea while pregnet. also another ugly design
Commercial: Shows kid confused then joins.
Me: No cringe again

Cosmo and Wanda: Hi we are your fairy godparents
Timmy: I wish the cringe Grubhub commercial was gone.
Wanda: Sorry Timmy it's against the rules to wish away cringe popular meme.
Timmy: Aw man!
Season 9 and 10 ending
Cosmo and Wanda: You're wish is our command!
Timmy: Yay

The ugly character designs, awful dance and terrible flute music makes me wanna lose my appetite.

Obviously the worst commercial of 2020 and so far as of Feb 26 2021 worst commercial of the 2020s

18 The Kinder Surprise Humpty Dumpty (Ferrero SpA)

A British advert even more creepy than the other two I've mentioned below. It features a very human Humpty Dumpty speaking in a high-pitched gibberish.

I've already mentioned this in my anti-Kinder Surprise list so I'm just gonna say this. It's like if the British really hated children so they wanted to do abusive parents a favor by psychologically scarring them for life instead of beating them. If this is what they really intended then boy did they succeed. Good job Britain! A+! Gold star!

Since these things are sold in Canada, I think it's safe to say that I (as an American) am more comfortable living in my own country, even if Trump is our president...

If nostalgiatards think that the 80s were all happiness and rainbows then they haven't seen this pure abomination of hell.

This dumb advert was as much as a confusing childhood memory as my 12th birthday was

19 Ozzy Osbourne with Justin Bieber (Best Buy)

Seeing a good artist and a bad artist together already makes me cringe hard.

No. Please no. Just the thought of them being in the same ad...

Why the hell do they look like two girls?

I kind of thing it was funny, actually.

20 Back to School (East Hills)

Funny pants and shoes

bOoTs aND pAnTs, aNd boOtS aNd pANTs

21 Protegent (Some Trojan Company in India)

Nobody is gonna trust a Commercial about a Super Why ripoff character with Poorly animations skills.

I thought I was the only one aware of this atrocity's existence.

22 1-877-Kars4Kids (Kars4Kids)

Am I the only one who likes the jingle?

It makes me wanna cry.

23 Little Baby's Ice Cream

Disgusting, this would make you NOT want to buy Little Baby’s Ice Cream. I wouldn’t be able to have Little Baby’s Ice Cream without this ad playing all the time.

Absolutely disgusting. I lost my appetite for ice cream after watching this ad. Thank god their company got shut down last year! 🥳

Didn't watch the commercial but that man or woman seems creepy

I eat little babies, they make me feel young

24 Creepy Little Sun (Sprite)

The kids look horrified... and I don't blame them.

I honestly find this funny

Hide your children

Its cute you uncultured swines

25 Stoner Sloth (New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet)
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