Top 10 Worst Cartoon Finales

Here are some of the worst finales to any cartoon ever.
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1 Stimpy's Pregnant (Ren & Stimpy: "Adult Party Cartoon")

Whilst all of the Adult Party Cartoons episodes are completely the worst of all in animation history, this is the one where we end Ren and Stimpy's story? And this is the thanks all the fans of the old show get? Heck no!

I'd say how Ren and Stimpy's story really ended was in "The Last Temptation", which was a season five episode, and was the last episode of the original series. After Ren saves Stimpy from choking on some turkey, he and Stimpy have their stuff now owned by Wilbur Cobb (even though, he already died in season four, but he came back as a guardian angel of Ren after the episode from season four where he died by falling asleep, falling flat on his face to a fire pit; don't do that if you want to go to sleep, you guys). this leads the main duo to cry like babies in the end, see? That is how the story completely ends, Stimpy's Pregnant is something that ends Ren and Stimpy in a bad way.

Stimpy giving birth to a baby made from his crap, Stimpy being noted for constipation and is not pregnant at all (which is the biggest reason why this finale episode was misleading), the jokes go on for way too long, Ren treats Stimpy like a total slave by making him do all the work whilst bragging the news to his mom on the phone, and the most infamously despicable of them all in the reboot's ending, the scene where Stimpy vomits and eats his own vomit, that is not funny, it is nauseating!

So this is not the kind of way that would end the story of Ren and Stimpy, if you want to see how Ren and Stimpy ends, please please go watch "The Last Temptation", it's a way more tolerable finale than the show's foul reboot that came from the minds of Hell, and was brought out to be nothing but the most disgusting utter garbage ending I ever saw in my life.

2 Goku's Next Journey (DragonBall Z)

Even the English dub voice actors are fully aware of how stupid this episode is.

The stupidest ending to one of the greatest anime.

3 Back on Shaq (Johnny Bravo)

Would Johnny find the right girl? Accept he's single for a while and focus on more important aspects of life? Give us one last action-packed, pepper-sprayed, tazered night on the town? No, that would make SENSE! Instead, we got the typical Hannah-Barbera sellout episode. That was totally worth it.

Johnny going back in time and meeting Elvis Presley and learning how to get the ladies would make a much better finale than this.

4 The Lair (Mr. Pickles Season 1)

PhantomStrider has every right to hate this season finale and the show overall.

5 Sonically Ever After (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

This was simply a load of crap.
This episode alone is what makes Sonic X better than SatAM. Sure there was Chris, but there was never a waste of time episode like this one.

To the writers of this episode just how drunk were you guys when you wrote this episode.

One of the many reason why both Sonic Boom and Sonic X are better than whatever this mess is

6 The Elimination Special, Part II the Elimination (Drawn Together)
7 Things Change (Teen Titans)

I agree and disagree. This episode didn't have the WORST ending. It was just unsettling and left us with a lot of questions. I DO wish we had a season six. I miss OG TT. Now we have crap called TTG. But Trouble in Tokyo wasn't bad at all. Things Change just left us on a cliffhanger.

8 The Doomsday Project (Sonic the Hedgehog Sat AM)

Thankfully there are people on the internet making a season 3 of their own. they even got crush 40 to sing the original sonic SatAm theme song.

It ends on a cliffhanger and that's pretty much its biggest crime.

In case you're curious, the creators said the glowing eyes belonged to Naugus.

9 Goodbye to Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

This episode was disappointing to end this cartoon especially when Cheese moves to Foster's after his owner Louise was moving to another apartment that doesn't allow imaginary friends.

10 The New Black (The Boondocks)
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11 The Superjail Six (Superjail!)
12 Everyone's a Critic (Darkstalkers)
13 Relief (Deadman Wonderland)

The series ends with so many things unresolved.

14 Fancy Schmancy (The Fairly Odd Parents)
15 The Gift of Gum (SpongeBob SquarePants)

This shouldn't be on here because SpongeBob never ended.

16 Come Along with Me (Adventure Time)
17 Cleaved (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)

This is the worst cartoon finale I've seen to date. It throws everything to the wayside in favor of Star and Marco's budding relationship. It's one saving grace (or final nail in the coffin depending on who you ask) is the ending scene along with the beautiful soundtrack for the entire episode. In the beginning, the show was about Star metaphorically bringing a bit of Mewni to Earth. The final scene really does that fact some poetic justice.

18 The Ending of the End/The Last Problem (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

This certainly isn't a bad finale, but it isn't a good finale either. The action and plotting is on point, but the lesson feels like something that's been said before (many fans have criticized the finale's lesson as all too familiar to that of the premiere's lesson). Overall it felt like the writers were playing it safe, which is understandable considering that they were wrapping up nine seasons of story. But, for what it was, it was pretty well done.

19 Hear Us Rock (Grojband)

Awful ending to an awful series.

20 The Mountains of Beyond (The World of David the Gnome)

The only reason its on the list is for how depressing it is with the main characters prepare for their deaths yeah real great way to end a kids series by having the characters die.

I wouldn't really call this one bad, just depressing. If this list were about sad endings, you should have put the finale of dinosaurs on the list

21 Lumpus' Last Stand (Camp Lazlo)

Agree. This episode was inappropriate for kids and Lumpus is a pedo for asking the scouts to paint themselves without anything on.

22 The Final Wreck-ening (Total Drama All-Stars)

Really boring final 2 and the reset button was stupid. Horrible finale to a horrible season.

23 Sozin's Comet (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
24 A Regular Epic Final Battle (Regular Show)

I don't know what's sadder, Pops permanently dying in a heroic sacrifice, or the fact that Mordecai dosen't marry either Margret OR CJ, but some random character we NEVER got to know.

Obvious nostalgia bias is obvious nostalgia bias.

25 A Million Points of Light (Digimon Digital Monsters)
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