Mao Zedong

You have a completely inaccurate and one-sided opinion of Mao Zedong. Your facts are wrong, your opinion is one-sided, and you are completely arrogant. First, I will say that Chairman Mao did in fact kill many people. He did some absolutely terrible things to many people, for example, burying people alive. However, I challenge your facts behind him being selfish and self-serving. He did not raise himself up to be a god. He did not put himself above the people. There are countless interviews with people involved in The Long March (if you even know what that is) who say that Chairman Mao would give up his own food for them so they wouldn't go hungry. He gave his shoes to a peasant whose feet were freezing in the snow, stopping the cold from reaching his heart and saving his life.

Your ignorant western mind is too caught up in the numbers that you ignored the reason. Westerners came into China and tried to turn it into a capitalist country. China has tried that before and it just didn't work. It caused their nation to crash and crumble. Mao was communist because he was restoring the amazing country that China used to be. While the Japanese and Westerners were raping Chinese women for information and piling binded people up on top of each other to die in a ditch, Mao was caring for his people and trying to restore a land that he once loved. World War II started in China 2 years before Hitler ambushed Poland. Of course there would be many deaths from that. They were at war with the Japanese as well as the Westerners who believed that communism was bad no matter what. They didn't even give Chairman Mao's ideas a chance. They didn't look back at the communistic societies in past China that made them rise and become a great nation that, quite frankly, didn't bother any who didn't bother them. They were very isolated in the world, causing no harm to anyone but the people who tried to conquer them. Just like communism wouldn't work in the US, capitalism wouldn't work in China. That is something that American's just can't wrap their head around and it infuriates me to no end. Chairman Mao is no god. He is not guiltless, but he shouldn't be categorized with Hitler and Stalin just because of numbers.