About Rap...

About rap - There's nothing wrong with songs about killing fools. I want to murder people too sometimes, it's understandable. The problem here isn't the lyrical content. It's the invasive, narcissistic, pretentious psychos who listen to it that ruin it for everyone. They don't just want to listen to it. They want you to notice that they're listening to it, and (unless you're bumping it, too) they want you to be offended about it. They want to be like the red lion from Voltron, storming out of his volcano in an awesome ball of fury to cause earthquakes and blow everything away, and they want to make it crystal clear to the world that they don't give a crap. In fact, they want to demonstrate they don't give a crap so much that they'll get bigger woofers installed, go out in their Hummers for the sole purpose of cruising, and roll down the passenger window when they're the only one in the car just so everyone will be extra sure they don't give a crap. I guess they know how to make a point. Can you honestly say that rap is just the same beat over and over again? No rap stars do not just autotune everything, that is what is described as "pop rap" the kind of crap that you hear on the radio and becomes popular. Believe me I used to think the same about rap, "oh they're just talking fast, they don't even know what they're saying, its not really talent, its the same beats, the lyrics are so poor that I could crap out better ones" I also only used to listen to a set few genres and believed that I knew everything about music, however my view changed and I now generally listen to all types and genres of music with a few exceptions for things like 'screamo' that's not a music genre its just someone with issues. I have found that those who suggest rap is an inferior music genre have never even sat down and listened to a whole album from a credible artist, yes they have heard a few songs on the radio here or there and base their opinion of rap on those songs, what happened to that saying? What was it again? "don't judge a book by its cover" or something like that, anyway you guys and gals do whatever the hell you wanna do, because at the end of the day rap is a pile of crap and has no critical acclaim, it has never even managed to dominate the market, it hasn't had an influence on this world - not in the form of art, sampling, clubs, dancing, lyricism, fashion, rock/pop/reggae/soul/R&B/metal/etc/etc, rap is nearly non-existent, fools.


I would say that rap music does have a standing point in our world. Because it's forced down our throats. You can't go anywhere without someone forcing you into the noise. This includes my brother, who I have the tolerance to keep a mind open for his opinions, and have listened to a considerable amount of his music, which I happened not to take a liking to. But I don't force my dislike of a genre into anyone's faces, so why should those that do do the same to me? Or criticise me for my taste in music? If I dislike a genre, is that wrong?

Why would you want the singer, or anyone, to torment you anyway? And what, prey tell, is good about murder, or singing about it? If I were to do so, would you like it? And, in spite of my open eye for music genres, I still see no rhythm to rap music, or any decency in having them put their embarrassing sex lives to what little tune you get; the distinct sound of a crowbar in a meat blender.
I'm sorry. I can't listen to trash like this. End of. - PositronWildhawk