These Comments About One Direction are Sickening

Ok let's just start this off with half of these comments, criticizing one direction over their false assumptions of them being gay. Ok so what, let's say they somewhat are, doesn't that just make you a terrible person for being a homophobe?.

Secondly, a lot of you say that they are terrible singers which is actually quite funny since they were chosen individually as good singers to be formed into a band.

Their music isn't cheesy at all, in fact I think what drew me into liking the band was their lyrics that had practically told me it was alright to have insecurities, not like the bands these previous commenters must listen to about watch to have sex with someone.

There's nothing to personally judge one direction about, you don't like their music, so be it, doesn't mean you have to hate them individually.

Their fan base don't listen to their music based on their looks, cause they bought the album to listen to their faces?.

I think they are quite sensible in what they hold in fame, they aren't running around doing illegal things to gain more reputation, they simply do things in their interest in music.

I think these statements are not true and I believe everyone does have an opinion, but these comment are sickening and the more hate they get, the more sympathy I'm growing for them because they don't deserve this.


Haha I mean, they aren't even a rock band. - visitor

Wow, way to clarify a point. Please elaborate on your eloquent statement. - visitor

I'm sorry, but Justin Bieber is criticized more and at least he can sort of sing. Have you seen the comments about him!? By the way One Direction have done illegal stuff, like smoking joint! - visitor

One Direction can sing. Anyone can sing. You need to phrase things correctly, my friend. Also, are you really going to point to illegal stuff instead of the money they've raised for charity? EVERYONE'S done illegal stuff at some point in their lives. - visitor

One Direction are the same as anybody else in the music industry today. I don't see why people are talking about them so much. They are just a pop boy band. There have always been boy bands in the pop music scene. The Backstreet Boys, The Jonas Brothers and the list goes on and on. Their music has nothing special and I think that I'm not the only person who thinks that. - visitor

Thank you for posting this! I completely agree! - visitor

They're not even rock. They really can't be on here. - visitor

Bottom line: 1D isn't rock and they can't sing. They have less talent than a brick. - RiverClanRocks