The truth is...

I see this list, and as I scroll down it, I try to find someone to vote for, but I find it hard to. Each fighter has their own specific move set, and each is as deadly as the next if one will learn to use them correctly. On the matter of clones, my outlook is this: they are very similar, but definitely not the same. For instance, I don't like Pit, but I do enjoy playing as Dark Pit. The small differences between them are enough to distinguish them from each other. I never liked that Pit's arrows curved, so Dark Pit's arrows appealled to me because they fly straight. The differences between the Upperdash Arm and Electrshock Arm are also one of the reason I prefer DP ove Pit. The same can be said for CF and Ganondorf. I can see why people call Ganondorf a clone, but they are WAY to different to be considered the same. I would play as CF if that were true. Even those "underpowered" characters are just as strong as the rest. Jigglypuff, in the right hands, can destroy any other character. Also, some characters have an advantage over others, but just like they have an advantage over certain characters, others have an advantage over them. Every character has a strategy for their abilities, but there is also a counter-strategy and counter character for every one of them. While some characters may have a spammy move, or get overused, just remember that there is a hole in their moves somewhere and it just takes time and experience to find those holes and to learn how to take full advantage of them.


Well written, some good points. - EvilAngel