Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Things that Happened in 2017

NuMetalManiak 340 items, the year has drawn to a close. Here's a new kind of rewind.

1. Las Vegas Strip Shooting: Definitely the worst. So many innocent lives lost in a massacre that really shouldn't have happened. Not a terrorist attack, but still the deadliest mass shooting in the US. What was his motive?
2. Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: The perpetrator for this one acted alone, but it still made people paranoid about air travel.
3. Kyrgyzstan Plane Crash: Another air-related incident, happened to kill a number of villages. Ouch. It belongs here.
4. Cleveland Easter Shooting: This was Steve Stephens, the guy who had apparently been in the area of a few Toptenners. It was scary, to say the least.
5. Death of Chester Bennington: Celebrity deaths are big news, but not world-changing ones. I realize this is a controversial opinion, especially considering this was a suicide.
6. Bombing at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester UK: I mean, this is a terror attack where a celebrity almost got killed (like with Jason Aldean), so it counts as a terrible thing.
7. New Orleans Tornado Outbreak: Must've happened during Hurricane Harvey.
8. Hurricane Irma: Surprised this is in front of Hurricane Harvey, considering the latter's total damage and rainfall. Then again, Irma did depopulate a whole island.
9. U.S. Soldier Killed by ISIS in Afghanistan: One US Soldier? I mean ISIS is bad but how did this end up at #9?
10. Jerusalem Truck Attack: The comments here are mentioning Nice, France, but there was a different attack in Jerusalem which hurt a bunch of soldiers. Compared to one, in the above item, this was certainly terrible.
11. Stephen Hillenburg Diagnosed with ALS: The creator of Spongebob is still working on the show though. And ultimately how many people actually care?
12. Hurricane Harvey: The worst hurricane ever now, worse than Katrina.
13. Orlando Police Shooting: Given that Orlando suffered the previous shooting last year, this one was a crime against people who fired him. What disproportionate retribution.
14. Akhnoor Attack: Militiants kill civilians, only three, but still...
15. 2017 San Bernardino Shooting: Should probably mention this was a school shooting. What's wrong with this city?
16. Bella Thorne Dating Sam Pepper: REALLY?
17. Cincinnati Ohio Shooting: Okay there are gonna be a ton of shooting incidents on this list. I know that. Not the worst though, especially when the perpetrator is dead too.
18. Death of Gene Cernan: So he was the last on the moon and took the last photo of Earth. He was the last hope against Flat-Earth society.
19. Syria Airstrikes: These really need to stop.
20. Taylor Swift's Ticketmaster Scam: Do not care too much for this celebrity stuff, seriously.
21. Donald Trump becomes president: Well, technically, he DID become president in January (was elected last year). Still, GET OVER IT ALREADY, WE MADE IT THROUGH AT LEAST ONE YEAR DIDN'T WE?
22. Hurricane Maria: Worst Puerto Rican hurricane in history.
23. Death of William Peter Blatty: This happened in January and most people don't know him.
24. Ending of Regular Show: Uh, so what? Rabid autistic fan alert.
25. February 2017 Pakistan Suicide Bombing: over 100 people? This should be further up top.
26. Emoji Movie: Yes it's bad. Worst thing about 2017? Please get a reality check.
27. Death of Chris Cornell: He was an inspiration and a powerful vocalist and I will remember him. Still, what I said about Chester still applies.
28. Beyblade Burst Came to America: A manga comes to America and people think it's the worst thing this year. Wow.
29. Death of Lil Peep: Changed music, but not really groundbreaking or world news.
30. Fidget Spinners Launched: If you hate fidget spinners so much, ignore them instead of actually hating on them non-stop.
31. Death of Rio De Janeiro: The whole city being dead to police riots? Ugh.
32. January 2017 Baghdad Bombings: Not worse than the Pakistan bombings, but one of the worst.
33. Grenfell Tower Fire: Yikes.
34. Tacoma, Washington train derailment: Anyone heard of this? Nobody even died either.
35. Ohio State Fair Accident: A scary sight that resulted in a death. Now you know why I hate these kinds of rides.
36. Charlottesville Riot: They're both in the wrong, the neo-Nazi guy for running people over and the Antifa for being hypocritical.
37. September 23 End of the World Hoax: I survived this.
38. Death of Tom Petty: Yes, another amazing rocker died. And yet somehow, the world forgot him a few days later.
39. United Airlines Retired the Boeing 747: United had a bigger issue than this.
40. The Great Movie Ride and Ellen's Energy Adventure at Disney World Closed: BIG DEAL. Both were pretty old anyways.
41. Barcelona Van Attack: The whole issue with Catalonia really needs to be addressed.
42. North Korea Nuclear War Threats: We are definitely on edge because of this.
43. Star Wars Old Republic Trilogy Cancelled: This went up to #43 when doing this, but so what? Overreaction again.
44. Florida Tornado Outbreak: Part of Hurricane Irma?
45. 2017 Westminster Attack: 6 died, another drive-through people attack. These people who commit these actions don't realize how many they hurt.
46. Donald Trump banned Transgender people from serving in the U.S. Military: I'm actually surprised many who support transgenderism are complaining about it.
47. Multiple people stabbed in Finland: This needs to be specific.
48. Death of Craig Butz: A high school principal and a hockey player. ONLY ONE PERSON knows who this is. Get real.
49. Kim Kardashian became pregnant: Stop making us care for things we don't need to care about.
50. Rapper Nelly accused of rape: Sexual assault charges run rampant. Have you noticed how entitled females can be?
51. Taylor Swift released Look What You Made Me Do: Pop culture has made normal people into stupid hate-mongers.
52. Libya Sex Trading: Very bad.
53. Death of Don Rickles: He at least lived long enough, but not the worst thing ever in 2017.
54. DisneyQuest Closed on July 3: Yep, they are overreacting.
55. Mexico City Earthquake: Mexico tended to have quite a number of disasters this year.
56. Northern California Wildfires: Now this is something that's going on now. How do these fires start? And why in December?
57. Maryland Shooting: Not really specific.
58. Texas Church Shooting: Definitely deserves to be higher, with the amount of fatalities. Not a terrorist attack by the way.
59. Egypt Mosque Attack: Okay this definitely needs to be at the very top if the fatalities are to be believed.
60. Melanie Martinez accused of rape: Well, I guess females aren't excluded from raping men after all.
61. Death of Rob Stewart: Misread this as Rod Stewart, but then again, this is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker. I wonder how he died but this being here is a bit of an overreaction.
62. YouTube Blocks LGBT Content: When did they do this?
63. Death of Gregg Allman: Yes good musician, sad to leave us, blah blah blah.
64. Death of Lars in Steven Universe: This is FICTIONAL CHARACTER for crying out loud.
65. Death of Adam West: Many of these are celebrity deaths. The worst thing? Many will forget about him now.
66. Oregon Wildfire: Some idiot teenager caused this, okay then.
67. Khloe Kardashian became pregnant: CAN WE PLEASE STOP OVERREACTING.
68. Harvey Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Even if women take a stand, I have to say that ruining an director's whole career for something that happens offset is awful.
69. Typhoon Lan: Yep, glad this got mentioned.
70. Death of Fats Domino: Okay, I get it.
71. Death of Dick Gordon: You guys do realize he retired, right? Most people here don't know him either.
72. Seminole Heights Shooting: Talking about a serial killer here, and apparently a McDonalds employee.
73. Tehama County School Shooting: I cannot find any information about this.
74. Death of Malcolm Young: Yes, another rocker gone, but not something to say 2017 was worst over.
75. Galleria Mall Shooting: What is wrong with Texas.
76. Pontiac Silverdome Implosion Failure: One of your favorite stadiums had an accident and it's worst ever material, okay then.
77. Tilikum and Granny Died at Sea World: Tilikum KILLED HUMANS. Also why should everyone care?
78. Quebec Mosque Shooting: Wow, way to make Donald Trump look bad Alexandre Bissonnette.
79. Death of Gabe the Dog: Did people just mourn the death of a meme?
80. Death of Chuck Berry: He lived long enough.
81. 2017 Stockholm Attack: Stop making everyone fear you, terrorists.
82. Death of Robert Goodwin: There are several Robert Goodwin's and this one talks about the guy Steve Stephens killed. A tragedy but most of us are behind it now.
83. Liv and Maddie ended: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
84. Justin Bieber at One Love Manchester: DCFnaf summed this one up.
85. Tower of Terror closed at Disneyland California for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout: How bad can it be?
86. Anthony Padilla Announced That He Was Leaving Smosh: You people are overreacting over the stupidest things.
87. Finsbury Park Attack: How many of these driving into crowds are we gonna see?
88. Pakistan Oil Tank Explosion: With all the deaths that happened here, this is Top 10 material in an objective sense.
89. Mississippi Plane Crash: "Honestly, I am tired of these tragedies, terror or not. It just shows lack of happiness." Sums up my thoughts on this whole list.
90. Disney plans on Lion King live-action remake: On the other hand, THIS IS NOT A TRAGEDY AND GET OVER IT.
91. Disney announced Paradise Pier at Disneyland will be rethemed to Pixar Pier in 2018: More overreactions.
92. Burkina Faso Terrorist Attack: Is this why Burkina Faso is on the Worst Countries list?
93. East Denver High School tortures cheerleaders: No charges were filed for this guy? And you thought Colorado was a blue state.
94. The Dab: Yes it's annoying, but it's haters really have nothing better to do anyways.
95. Despacito - Luis Fonsi: I have never heard this song. You hear that? I have never actually heard this song.
96. Kinder Surprise Came to America: You would think people here would like it because it's coming here.
97. Mexico Earthquake: Already on the list.
98. Freeman High School Shooting: No one has actually heard of this.
99. Cassini Spacecraft Ended its Mission: What's with NASA these days?
100. Tennessee Church Shooting: Only one death, and a Sudan native was behind it.
101. Eastman Chemical Plant Explosion: But nobody was hurt.
102. Chris Savino Sexual Misconduct Allegations: At times, I just, you know what forget it.
103. Grambling State University Shooting: Some of you people are confusing terrorism with mass shootings.
104. New York Truck Attack: Like this, this was a terrorist attack.
105. Colorado Walmart Shooting: They at least caught the guy.
106. Celina, Ohio Tornado: There were two tornadoes. Gotta get the plural.
107. November 19 End of the World Hoax: Another hoax? AND ON MY BIRTHDAY?!
108. Death of David Cassidy: Sorry about your loss.
109. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure: Frozen haters are on this site.
110. Death of Mary Tyler Moore: I don't like old shows.
111. Death of John Hurt: He was Ollivander? Didn't know that.
112. February 2017 Chicago Attacks: Was an ongoing crisis that spanned a month. Should be higher.
113. Death of Alan Colmes: He was a liberal on Fox News. Liberal news probably branded him as a traitor.
114. Storm Doris: You mention a girl getting injured but not the deaths?
115. Alabama Gulf Shores Parade Accident: Well at least this wasn't a terrorist attack.
116. 2017 London Stabbing: London is so overrated this year.
117. Harvey Beaks Moves to Nicktoons: And why should we care?
118. Ending of Bones (TV Series): Did you get boned?
119. St. Petersburg Russia Explosions: Why do terrorists do these things? I know it's for a cause but seriously?
120. 2017 Sweden Attack: Pretty sure this was on here already.
121. 2017 Paris Shooting: There were several of these, the one I'm thinking of was the guy who shot the cops. And another stupid ISIS supporter.
122. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Death: Someone PLEASE tell me why people with conditions and disabilities keep showing up to amusement parks. Because these people seriously need amusement that could actually kill them?
123. Bill O'Reilly Fired for Sexual Harassment Accusation: I am getting sick and tired of these sexual harassment accusations.
124. Death of Jonathan Demme: So many old film directors that no one has heard about.
125. Florida Wildfires: The only state that is still hot this winter.
126. WannaCry Ransomware Attack: Sure was glad this didn't affect me.
127. Teterboro Airport Plane Crash: Well at least no passengers were onboard.
128. The Cancellation of Scream Queens: I love the comment here, "Why!" Shows who's the real scream queen.
129. Death of Roger Ailes: Please stop putting up people no one knows about.
130. Times Square Crash: As in stock market?
131. The Cancellation of Sens8: Apparently this came back so you should be good.
132. Someone made up a rumour saying that Avril Lavigne is dead and was replaced by an actress: People need to stop spreading misinformation, only then can people stop falling for misinformation.
133. Disney made rumors that The Great Movie Ride is closing: Well this rumor came true.
134. Ending of Pretty Little Liars: "Oh my god, who the hell cares?" - Peter
135. Petya Ransomware Attack: This one is pretty terrifying but seemed condensed to one nation.
136. Disney plans on making Aladdin live action remake: And I thought the flamewars on Mario characters were annoying. You hardcore Disney fans need to grow up.
137. Death of John Heard: I heard (sorry for pun) about this one too late.
138. Greek Earthquake: What country is Greek? That's not a country.
139. World's Oldest Known Manatee Snooty Dies at 69: Cool, a Guiness World Record-holding animal dies and must be mourned as the worst thing to happen in 2017.
140. Ariana Grande's Instagram Account Hacked: This happened after the attack. Some people.
141. Death of Robert Hardy: He was Cornelius Fudge? And the actor who plays Horace Slughorn is still alive.
142. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Break Up: Another stupid overreaction.
143. Hawaii Helicopter Crash: They suspended the search, now you KNOW it's bad when they do something like that.
144. Disney's rumors to replace Dinoland U.S.A. at Animal Kingdom with Indiana Jones Land: Blah blah butthurt Disney fans.
145. Kissimmee Shooting: Uh, no one was even injured during this.
146. Death of Jerry Lewis: We have different kinds of comedians nowadays. The future is now, old geezers.
147. La Tuna Canyon Fire: Anything world-news-worthy here? Nope? Moving on.
148. Dragon Challenge closed at Universal Orlando: I was actually surprised to see Dueling Dragons close. At least they keep a Harry Potter theme with the next attraction.
149. Equifax Cyber Attack: Cybersecurity is one of my favorite topics.
150. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Moved to Nicktoons: Butthurt Nickelodeon fans now.
151. Death of Troy Gentry: You should mention the helicopter crash, because no one knows this person.
152. London Train Explosion: And yet America gets a ton of terror attacks. What is wrong with London.
153. Toys R Us going bankrupt: I felt sad about this one. Hopefully they can get some sales in this Christmas.
154. Best Friends Banned at Schools: How...WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?
155. Oaxaca Earthquake: Mexico had too many natural disasters this year.
156. Death of Hugh Hefner: Yes he like many other famous deaths had a hell of a legacy, but is it worst thing in 2017 material?
157. East Orange Stabbing: This happened around 9/11 too.
158. Niger Attack: Frickin' US soldiers got killed her. Horrible.
159. Yellowstone Supervolcano Hoax: It still is something to worry about.
160. Aliso Viejo Shooting: These things need to STOP.
161. Szechuan Sauce Riots: This really does not need any sort of explanation.
162. University of Utah Shooting: Was actually a carjacking that happened off-campus.
163. North Korea Nuclear Base Collapses: Well I don't know what to say here.
164. Chicago Starbucks Shooting: This happened over a drug deal gone wrong. Wow people.
165. Death of Gloria Fallon: Wouldn't have known she was Jimmy's father, but what did she do for the show besides that?
166. Taylor Swift released her album Reputation: Oh PLEASE.
167. Iran-Iraq Earthquake: Almost FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE? Seriously, this is one of the worst things of the year, how is it this low?
168. Mall of America Stabbing: This happened recently but is not insanely groundbreaking news.
169. Death of Rance Howard: Zzzzzz.
170. The Javan Rhinoceros Became Extinct: Okay this is definitely sad news.
171. Death of Jim Nabors: Old people, old people dying everywhere.
172. Teacher has sex with teenage student in parking lot in Texas: That's awful, but not the worst thing to ever happen.
173. Queens New York Attacks: Probably was mentioned earlier.
174. Death of Butch Trucks: I'm at a loss for words. This list is listing every marginally famous person ever.
175. Death of Mike Connors: Because we just HAVE to know the legacy of many people who are often forgotten.
176. Xbox Project Scorpio: A PC fan put this here.
177. Peter Capaldi Left Doctor Who: BIG DEAL.
178. Death of Rob Stewart: How in the world is this one here TWICE with the exact same wording?
179. Justin Bieber on T-Mobile Commercial: Because clearly the person who put this item here committed suicide afterwards.
180. Ringling Bros Circus ended: Well there goes another legacy.
181. Death of Richard Hatch: Why should we care about actor's lives.
182. YouTube Subscriber Count Glitch: It's fixed now.
183. Death of Mike Ilitch: I have no respect for Little Caesars anyways.
184. Lashkar Gah Helmland Suicide Bombing: I hate terrorists.
185. Tampa Shooting: Already mentioned (Seminole Heights).
186. February 2017 Baghdad Bombing: Again, I gotta say, the amount of casualties should determine where the item ought to be placed on the list.
187. Los Angeles California Megastorm: We've ever had? We on the East Coast always get storms.
188. Death of Ivan Koloff: Anyone know him? Show of hands.
189. Death of Brenda Buttner: Anyone know her? Show of hands.
190. Death of Bill Paxton: At least this guy has been heard of at least once.
191. Lahore Pakistan Explosion: I really am running out of things to say.
192. Orange County Florida Deputy Shooting: Seems like an awful way to get back at a person who rejected you.
194. Death of Tommy Page: Another suicide, but no one even remembers who he was.
195. Ending of The Vampire Diaries: Maybe there's a reason all your favorite media brands keep ending.
196. Death of Neil Fingleton: Cool a tall guy who was a record breaker. Once again, BIG DEAL.
197. Peruvian Storms: I didn't know South America even had storms. Oh right, too much focus on the other America.
198. Death of Chuck Barris: Old game show creator. Who cares.
199. Nigeria Suicide Bombing: Good lord, these suicide bombings are the worst thing about 2017. Way too many casualties.
200. Winter Storm Stella: Why do we give storms such weird names?
201. Patriots won the Super Bowl: Maybe the Falcons shouldn't have let their guard down.
202. Storm-Chasing Vehicle Collision: Oh wow, that's terrifying.
203. Washington DC Shooting: We have too many attacks on American soil. And they say we are the bad guys.
204. Death of Gilbert Baker: Is the LGBT flag creator really that important to you?
205. Death of Paul O'Neill: The TSO has that one awesome song during Christmas, but come on.
206. Merrick Park Shooting: Only two people though.
207. Palm Sunday Egypt Church Bombings: Terrorists seem to do these attacks on every holiday.
208. Death of Tysen Benz: Whoever he is was the victim of a suicide prank. The girl who did this deserves punishment.
209. Death of Alum Clay Adler: Please stop the suicides. There is so much to live for.
210. The Loud House lost in the KCA 2017: Stop making other people care about your dumb show.
211. Death of Charlie Murphy: Dang, Eddie's brother died?
212. Kabul Suicide Bombing: There's way too many tragedies nowadays. Stop creating them, terrorists.
213. Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb Dropped in Afghanistan: Did it hurt anyone?
214. Death of Dan Rooney: Again, tragedies that are celebrity deaths. GET OVER IT.
215. YouTube Channels Hacked: Glad I don't have a channel.
216. Death of Emma Morano: Celebrities include record holders in this case.
217. Girl Meets World Ended: I agree with the comment here.
218. Voice Singer Meghan Linsey Bitten by Brown Recluse Spider: Spidergirl emerging?
219. Fresno Shooting: California is just as bad as Texas sometimes.
220. Support Ended for Windows Essentials 2012: I'm surprised. You would think that something five years ago would last longer than that.
221. Death of Erin Moran: Old actresses are forgotten by everyone except those who like living in the past.
222. Woman Stung by Irukandji Jellyfish at Cable Beach: Perhaps it would be best to not swim in the water where they are.
223. YouTuber Coyote Peterson Attacked Himself with a Lionfish: What does this even mean?
224. Death of Ueli Steck: Well that sucks, falling to your death.
225. Canton Texas Tornadoes: I hope the Texans weren't trying to shoot the tornadoes, that'd be stupid.
226. San Diego Apartment Complex Shooting: That's a terrible way to ruin a birthday party.
227. Stabbing at University of Texas: What is wrong with these people?
228. Death of Alton Sterling in Louisiana Shooting: The new Trayvon Martin?
229. North Lake Texas College Shooting: Very minor.
230. Flooding in Arkansas: Is it back to normal over there?
231. Balch Springs Shooting: Great, another murder to mandate new BLM protests.
232. Death of Steve Holcomb: I really just want to give up doing these analyses now.
233. Boston Penthouse Shooting: Lots of questions arise, but almost no one remembers this.
234. San Diego Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Shooting: I can't find this one.
235. Chicago Shooting in May: This is both broad and specific.
236. Death of Christopher Boykin "Big Black": No clue who this is.
237. Death of Powers Boothe: Anyone know him? I don't.
238. Support Ended for Windows Vista: Well it wasn't a good OS.
239. Memes got worse: I TOTALLY AGREE. And there's too many complaints.
240. Afghanistan Bombing of 2017: Already on here.
241. 2017 Kabul Bombing: Did you just put the same item twice?
242. Portland MAX Stabbing: The further we go, the less we know about things.
243. London Bridge Attack: Is falling down.
244. Orlando Shooting in June 2017: Already on here, I think.
245. Notre Dame Shooting: Groan, more terrorism.
246. Death of Danny Dias: People actually CARE about MTV stars in this day and age?
247. Alexandria Shooting: Really a screwed up place there.
248. Columbus Ohio Nightclub Shooting: Somebody tried to recreate the death of Dimebag?
249. Columbia Mall Bombing: Correct this to Colombian. This happened in Colombia.
250. Monsters Inc rumored to replace Rock N' Rollercoaster at Disney Hollywood Studios: Wasn't there already a Monsters Inc. Attraction?
251. Han Solo Movie Directors Left: I can't figure out what this refers to.
252. Death of Robin Twist: I realize I come off as a smug snake at times with these comments, but seriously, no one really hears about this and most people (especially ones who are not Harry Styles fans) have never cared for this.
253. SeaWorld Orlando Downgraded Journey to Atlantis: Well find another fun amusement ride.
254. Death of Prodigy: A rapper, I don't know anything about it.
255. Death of Michael Nyqvist: The whole point of Full-fledged List Analysis is to talk about every item. I hate items like these because no one knows what they even are.
256. Josh Peck Didn't Invite Drake Bell to His Wedding: This is actually surprising.
257. Adele's Vocal Cords Damaged: You are THAT concerned about it?
258. Little Rock Arkansas Club Shooting: Lots of injuries, surprisingly no deaths though.
259. July 2017 Chicago Shootings: Well Chicago, California, and Texas seem to be the worst places ever it seems.
260. Avignon France Mosque Shooting: Not terrorism? And surprisingly no deaths reported.
261. Boston Airport TaxiCrash: I want to know why everyone just tries to plow through crowds in this day and age.
262. Death of Stevie Ryan: A youtuber death, hmm. Wow another suicide.
263. Autistic Superman Cosplayer Attacked: Now this is an example of an item that certainly needs to be higher, due to idiots being abusive and all.
264. Death of Nelsan Ellis: You can be an award winning actor, but you are not well known still.
265. Newborn Beluga Dies at SeaWorld Orlando: What a terrible fate.
266. Beauty and the Beast 2017 live action remake: WOW what a terrible overreaction.
267. Antarctica Ice Shelf Breaks Off: This could be of concern.
268. Marco Polo Condominium Fire: This is why I don't want to live in a tall building, hard to escape from in a disaster.
269. Death of John Bernecker: That sucks to die in a stuntman accident.
270. Death of Julius the Giraffe in Maryland Zoo: Animal lives matter.
271. Death of George Romero: Surprised he's not more well-known.
272. John Lasseter Quits Directing Toy Story 4: Disney fans overreacting again.
273. Marceline and Francine frozen in the Swiss Alps: Sounds like an urban legend.
274. Hampton Complex Tampa Shooting: We really don't need more shootings in Tampa now.
275. Death of Barbara Weldens: Yikes, got electrocuted from stepping barefoot on a wire.
276. D23 Announced New Changes to Walt Disney World and Disneyland: WHY ISN'T THIS AHEAD OF ALL OF THE OTHER DISNEY THINGS. You should've blamed D23 the entire time.
277. 8 People Dead in San Antonio Trailer: Well this item actually shows a death count.
278. Death of Elliot Castro: Anyone outside of PR know him?
279. Michael Phelps lost in Shark Race: Oh Phelps.
280. Minneapolis Police Shooting: If someone attempts to startle a cop, they will retaliate. Common sense.
281. Death of Barbara Sinatra: I am so bored right now.
282. Last Orca Born at SeaWorld San Antonio Dies: Nice comment, whoever decided to write that crap.
283. United Airlines Drags Man Off Plane: Yep, one of the dumbest and worst things ever. I actually agree here.
284. Death of Marty Sklar: Why can't you Disney fans stop moping?
285. Man Kills Wife on Alaska Cruise: Over what?
286. Barcelona, Spain Train Crash: Pretty sure Barcelona had worser problems this year.
287. Severe Turbulence Incident on American Airlines: At least the plane didn't crash. For crying out loud stop overreacting.
288. Death of Darren Daulton: Okay, a baseball player.
289. Death of Don Baylor: Another one. No one aside from baseball fans knows this though.
290. Apopka Shooting: This was fought over jewelry? Really?
291. Gary Sinise No Longer on Mission: Space, at Epcot: You tell me JPK. I don't know either.
292. Charlottesville Car Attack: #36
293. Disney's decision to keep the Tomorrowland Speedway: So what?
294. 3 Injured from severe turbulence on Flight 3167: Turbulence is bad for aircraft, but whenn people survive it, it is not worst thing ever of 2017 material.
295. Enköping Water Incident: Can't find this.
296. Charleston Restaurant Shooting: Yep, on here already.
297. Death of Jay Thomas: Obviously don't know him.
298. Kabul Shiite Mosque Suicide Bombing: Obviously you ran out of ideas, so you reword other ones on the list.
299. Death of Toby Kooper: You can't even find this person on a Google Search.
300. Divide - Ed Sheeran: Nice exaggeration.
301. Death of Walter Becker: I thought Walt Becker died too.
302. North Korea Crisis: Worse than Cuba?
303. New Jersey Helicopter Crash: Okay there it is.
304. Death of Abdulhussain Abdulredha: Wow what a name. NO ONE HAS HEARD OF THIS PERSON.
305. London Underground Bombing: Moving on.
306. Los Angeles Earthquake: Take into account the casualties, please.
307. Fyre Festival Disaster: Uh, how bad was this exactly to be deemed worst thing in 2017? It looked like no one got harmed.
308. Death of Monty Hall: Long-winded gameshow host, most people seem to not pay attention to these.
309. Birmingham Mosque Stabbing: Stabbings, shootings, drive-through-crowds, I get it.
310. Death of Y.A. Tittle: Poor baseball fans.
311. Kylie Jenner became pregnant: 20 is a young age, but still, enough with this, please.
312. Black Sabbath Breaking Up: They're probably too old to be playing anymore. Sorry if this opinion hurts you.
313. Siemens Sponsorship with Spaceship Earth at Epcot ended: STOP MAKING US CARE ABOUT YOUR PRECIOUS DISNEY RIDES.
314. More Teens Sexualized Themselves: We have this, and theñ the sexual misconduct allegations.
315. Portugal Wildfires of 2017: Fanned by a hurricane as well.
316. Hurricane Ophelia: Nice prediction, go me.
317. Death of Gord Downie: Tragically Hip singer meets tragic end.
318. Death of Mychael Knight: God I can't wait to get to the end of this list.
319. Death of Paul Weitz: Like many astronauts, he already retired.
320. Taylor Swift wore a body suit to look nude in her Ready For It music video: Please stop getting absorbed into stupid things like this, people.
321. Manhattan Shooting: Be specific.
322. Swish Swish by Katy Perry: What is this item doing here?
323. Sears Closes 18 Stores: Not really bankrupt and I still have some nearby.
324. Kmart Closes 45 Stores: Come on, how bored are you people?
325. Death of Brad Bufanda: Stop suiciding, famous people.
326. Kevin Spacey Allegations: Tried to pull the gay card, didn't work here.
327. Rockford Police Officer Killed: If it were the other way around, the cops would be targets of protests.
328. 3 Year Old Shot and Killed in Car at Texas: What bastard did this.
329. TCU Campus Shooting: A bus driver? Oh wow.
330. SpaceX Rocket Engine Test Explosion: Musk needs to work his A-game to prevent another one these from occurring.
331. The Cancellation of Wakfu: Cancellations of things are not things to whine about in this year. Get over it.
332. Death of Liz Smith: Lived long enough.
333. Atlanta Concert Shooting: Nothing to say here.
334. Death of Azzedine Alaia: A fashion designer's death is important enough to some people here.
335. Death of Mel Tillis: This happened on my birthday.
336. Aretha Franklin Death Rumors: Death rumors are just as bad as actual deaths.
337. Club Penguin Shut Down: Seeing this happen was definitely the end of an era, even if the playerbase wasn't that huge.
338. Disney Plans on Mulan live-action remake: Now my new worst fanbase ever is the Disney fans, thanks to you butthurt ones on this list.
339. Philadelphia Earthquake: No one's dead or injured because of it. It's not that bad.
340. San Francisco Bus Crash: Jeez, this happened recently. It's like if someone here is always on the lookout for current news items that quickly become forgotten later on.
341. Southern California Wildfires: Though this is certainly of major concern.

To sum this list up, a ton of overreactions about things. Deaths of celebrities are bad, but they really aren't all the collective worst thing about this year. The Disney-related items aren't even close to anything this list has to go for, and honestly makes some people look pathetic. The real worst things that happen in 2017 are the mass shootings, terror attacks, suicide bombings, and driving-through crowds because they murder the most amount of people.

And, unfortunately, this kind of thing will continue into 2018, and no matter what, people will look to that year as a worse year than the last, as it always ends up being. Please, learn to realize this is how life is. I know many of the things I said above were cruel, but seriously, you need to understand this.


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