Worst Things that Happened in 2017

2017 is a new year, and there have already been bad things going on so quickly. So many bad things.

So I decided to make this list for you all.

There's so much more to go on as time goes by.
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1 Las Vegas Strip Shooting

The worst shooting in U.S history 500 hurt, or badly wounded, while 59 have tragically died. The weapon the mass sick human being had can be heard, by those who recorded the disturbing site in the circle of hell. After while the police finally step in, and Stephen Paddock takes himself out after literally preparing for the tragedy he has taken with him.

We almost got involved in this shooting! Good thing we left a day before it happened because if we were still there (Doesn't matter if we were out or staying at the hotel) our entire vacation would have been completely destroyed. A great family vacation would have become a horrible family vacation death nightmare!

I may have only heard a few parts of it in the news, but one thing is for sure. This all has to stop! Seriously! A lot of tragedies are happening yet people are not doing anything to stop them. 2017 wasn't going well I guess because of this. What's next? "God sent another shooter!" by the fanatical Westboro Nazi Church? Don't ask. May those who died Rest In Peace. ;(

So many people died without expecting a thing, if someone lived near the cost then expect a hurricane but if you go to a country festival, you won't expect to be shot...it's tragic and shouldn't have happened

2 Death of Chester Bennington

I have held Linkin Park close to my heart since I was 12. While I thought One More Light was by far their worst album, I still thought it was pretty good, and I look back on the lyrics and get an insight into what Chester was thinking during this time. While he only co-wrote two songs, he still sold me on the ones he didn't write, so I still believed him that he was going through a dark time. This was especially saddening as I had tickets to see them in concert just two weeks after he died.

He was a great singer, a talented artist, an icon of Linkin Park as well as Rock Music, and then he passed away. July 20 will be remembered as one of the darkest days not just for Linkin Park, but for Rock Music as well. RIP

Don't know if this is the worst thing considering the amount of others who died in Vegas and other parts of the world, but definitely heartbreaking to lose a great voice. RIP Chester

How come awesome people like Chester Bennington, Prince, and Carrie Fisher die, but devils like the Kardashians, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj still live?

3 Hurricane Irma

It was a category 5 hurricane, and the strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina, and was a category 5 when it hit Cuba, and then downgraded to 4 when it hit the Florida keys, where much damage occurred, along with storm surges and flooding.
As it traveled inland, it downgraded to a category 2, and continued on, yet it left millions of people without power and trees fell on houses and people.
The power outages have caused problems in prices for gasoline, and recently, a nursing home lost power, including AC, and became so hot inside that 8 people died.
The total death toll overall so far is 102, and will keep on being checked.
This has been an awful time for 2017 and an awful way to end summer as we go through this hard and difficult crisis and time.
And being on the day of 9/11, was just truly shocking amd remarkable, and no 9/11 jokes of Irma or anything like that.

Horrible, first Harvey, and then now Irma, lots of people died and buildings were damaged, tons of trees fell and millions were left without power, the coasts were the worst to suffer, with lots of flooding and more outages along with food loss.
Pray for those in the Caribbean and Florida.

My grandmother used to live in Key West and the hurricane was so close to Key West! Very scary!

Awful day for Florida and Cuba. Our hearts go on with everybody involved.

4 Texas Church Shooting

I live in Texas and visited that church before. I heard there were so many young kids and it was the worst shooting in Texas history.

This should be higher than Kim Kardashian getting pregnant.. disappointed

That's rats mate

5 Kyrgyzstan Plane Crash

Chester's death above plane crash? I respect him but this should be higher.

Turkish Airlines Flight 6491 was the flight name. Very sad incident.

6 Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

This has already been a horrible start to 2017, We were hoping for a good new year, but this just ruined it.
Florida's 4th attack in a row, 1st Orlando, then Fort Myers, Miami, and now This.

This airport soon got hit by Hurricane Irma. Why does Florida always get unlucky this year?

My friends were there... Hopefully they didn't died and I am so grateful about that!

Well, it appears the terrorists really want something to do with us based on all the incidents that happened this year

7 Egypt Mosque Attack

Isis needs to stop

8 Jerusalem Truck Attack

It was like Nice, France, a terrorist rammed people with a truck.
Though Nice had 85 people killed, while only 5 were killed in this, but still, terror is Horrible.

9 Seattle Amtrak Train Derailment

My feelings go out to the victims and their families, and everyone who was on that train.

10 Orlando Police Shooting

We are just hoping for peace to restore, and this is just nothing like it.
They were heroes, shot to death, and remember what happened before in 2016 with the nightclub in Orlando.
And the police shooting in Dallas?

I am probably never going to Orlando again!

The Contenders
11 Bombing at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester UK

Poor Ariana Grande and poor people that died. I am so sad that this happened. All those innocent kids who were involved, I hope they're all okay.
P.S. Ariana is amazing, considerate and kind, she literally went out her way and had pity for all those suffering and dying and went off doing a One Love Manchester Concert. She is something else, wow. She's a strong, brave woman with a good heart and I love how she was so kind enough to visit all these victims in the hospital. I love you Ariana Grande, you're a SAINT! God bless you and I hope all is well

All those beautiful children... and everyone affected by this act of cowardice. My heart feels so sad for everyone involved. But Manchester is a city of strong individuals who stick together through everything. They are like one big supportive family. To see them all pulling together, helping each other through this awful time is so touching. If ever there was such a thing as the North / South divide, it's just dissolved.

This is the closest time of 2017 that any pop star got involved in an incident and worst of all, 12 of the 23 victims are young children (Only under 16 years old) which would mean the 11 others are the adults. The attacker also died as well. 59 others got injured and Ariana was forced to cancel the tour. But to the haters, this is serious, no wishing of this event as a blessing to a singer you hate, that is just straight wrong.

I know she's a bad person because she took seminudes and did donut licking and a mean chant to America, but seriously, this is MUCH worse. She could've been KILLED by the terrorist while he bombed the concert and killed 22 people, he even threatened to kill her. This shows us the world is full of evil and fear, not just good.
People these days are so arrogant.

12 Death of Angry Grandpa

At least he can now see his parents again!

It was so sad he bought so many laughs and I have been watching him since 2013 :( 2017 really, really sucks.

13 Donald Trump Becomes President

This should be way higher, because Donald Trump becoming president is the reason behind all of the mess and chaos with all of the attacks going on. He is linked to all of it. If he wasn't elected, we wouldn't be on the brink of WW3.

Honestly, if it weren't for Donald Trump, some of these things on this lost wouldn't have happened or been as serious.

Hey! Donald Trump is great! Stop getting so hypersensitive over it! Geez!

Definitely one of the worse things to happen worldwide.

14 Akhnoor Attack
15 Death of Craig Butz

He was an awesome hockey player, and was later the principal of my old high school.

16 Death of Gene Cernan

He was the last person on the Moon, and the one who took the photo of Earth in Apollo 17, the most famous photo of all time.

We'll Never forget him or his accomplishments.

And he was 82, same age Neil Armstrong died at.

17 Bella Thorne Dating Sam Pepper

She was a good actress when on The Suite Life on Deck, then she went downhill when she was on Shake It Up.
And things just got downright ugly when she started dating Sam Pepper.
The Worst YouTuber of all time.
He rapes people and pretended to kill someone, as pranks.
Just Horrible.
I can't believe someone would do that.

18 Taylor Swift released Look What You Made Me Do

Catchy but stupid

19 Death of William Peter Blatty
20 Hurricane Harvey

This is a serious disaster.
When it hit Houston Texas, it flooded it, because it stayed rather than drifting off(as with most hurricanes) since the rain kept pouring, and it triggered widespread damage and killed dozens of people, yet more to die as time goes on, then when the flood hit a nuclear plant, it exploded and contaminated the water, making safe drinks impossible and worsening the disaster.
The death toll keeps on picking up and who knows how many will die at the end result, but one thing for certain, it's one of the deadliest hurricane disasters in Texas.
Prayers for Houston.

Why the heck is this behind Donald Trump winning. I live in the affected area and am so fortunately blessed to have not been affected but I have friends and family who have lost EVERYTHING. This should not even compare to something as silly as the election.

This is horrible! We couldn't believe Houston would face perhaps it's worst fear, yet we thought they were prepared.
This is definitely Houston's worst year in Ages.

This cost the USA billions of dollars. Many people died from this and houses and families were destroyed.

21 New Orleans Tornado Outbreak

That was crazy

22 U.S. Soldier Killed by ISIS in Afghanistan

Let's hope Trump can end Isis and Al-Qaeda, then he won't be a bad president after all.

No! That's so sad!

23 Death of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So you think a fictional character dying in a movie that's fictional, is worse than shootings, fires,& hurricanes? Oh my god, grow up!

I love the movie. But Luke should never die. It makes me extremely sad. But still I enjoyed the film though.

Very dumb movie

Worst movie ever

24 Logan Paul released his dead body video
25 Taylor Swift released her album Reputation
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