The Angry Outlaw #25 They came from below... the NETHERREALM! Part II

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Outlaw: Quan Chi, Scorpion, what are you doing here?
Quan Chi: You will compete in the Mortal Kombat Tournament.
Quan Chi: Laws It is time.
Shao Khan: You puny human are nothing! You will face... Reptile!
Outlaw: Just cue the instrumental music.
Shao Khan:... so be it hahahahaha!!!!!

His the meanest outlaw in all of america,
He does not hold back from anything or anyone,
he'd rather stick it up there's and go screw a limp wang,
Then talk about the dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage there is no stopping him,
He is the Angry! Angry! Outlaw!

Shang Tsung: The next match will be Outlaw vs Reptile, BEGIN!

Narrator: As both fought valiantly with great intensity, no outside interference occurred. Outlaw knowing little to know of his abilities made quick work with. Reptile was absolutely owning outlaw in the early going, however after taunting a bit gave outlaw the opportunity to strike back with quite the shock on reptile's face. Hitting effectively as if his a shaolin monk, leg sweeps, uppercuts desperately trying to tire out Reptile. He then beats Reptile only to be do this.

Shao Khan: Finish HIM!
Outlaw: I will not kill him, let him leave.
Shao Khan: Very well, back to the dungeon with you peasant.

(Back in the cell)
Shang Tsung: What exactly are you playing at?
Outlaw: What's it to you, I wasn't sent here by you a friends of yours no less.
Shang Tsung: Oh is that so, tell you what I know what you are tell you what i'll make you a deal. Review these movies for me, and i'll spare you back to the earthrealm.
Outlaw: Okay what do you have in mind?

Mortal Kombat (1995): Yes of course the Mortal Kombat movies, might as well start with the 1st movie. Beginning with one of the greatest movie themes to never be put into the actual video game ever, the sound is just unreal & unforgettable. Then your introduced to a flashback of Shang Tsung, and a very young Liu Kang. Shang Tsung all overpowered and saying to Liu Kang ''you will be next.'' Then we are introduced to Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and Raiden. The four would complete for the mortal Kombat tournament they chose to accept (although not really could get the idea until later in the movie. The three do explain why they want in, Liu Kang wants revenge on Shang Tsung for killing his brother Chan... okay. Sonya Blade all she wants is Kano, and end him once and for all. Johnny Cage a an egotistical actor that figured it would help his movie career? As they arrived to the island Liu Kang can't help but take a look at Kitana (the princess of Outworld). All three kombatants Blade, Cage, and Kang all beat there adversary's in the 1st round. Liu Kang beats an unknown, Cage barely escaped death from Scorpion, and Sonya Blade seeked out revenge successfully ''finished'' Kano for good. Kitana would appear at times to secretly help Liu Kang against Sub-Zero, in which worked. Johnny Cage pulled off what is a David and Goliath type of victory beating Goro as he fell to his death. As Johnny Cage defeated Goro, Sonya Blade gets captured by Shang Tsung, and went to a tower to potentially wait on who will face Shang Tsung, but before that Liu Kang has to face you guessed it Reptile. How fitting what I just went through, anyways the lizard got beat, and now we get to the final battle. During the final confrontation Tsung tried to psych out Li Kang by shape shifting to his brother Chan to get into his head, but ultimately did not work Liu Kang hitting with everything he had made sure Tsung was not coming back falls into the deadly spikes as they celebrate their victory. Suddenly Emperor Shao Khan appears to send a message to the ''pathetic fools, i'm coming for your souls'' As the earthrealm warrior get ready as the movie ends as it hinted their would be a sequel. I thought the movie was not that terrible as the flaws that are their its actually one of the better video game movies. Not the top one though, but it would be up there, but wait a second i'm the angry outlaw, do not worry the next gave me a ton of chest pains.

Mortal Kombat Annihilation: The sequel that had in the cover ''destroy all expectations'' that alone made me think what am I in for? We continue where we left off, but wait a second! Majority of the cast has changed minus Liu Kang and Kitana. What sense does that make? Did they just go ''I quit this was a bad idea from the start.'' here are a lot more kombatants in this movie as opposed to having fewer. The movie starts where it left off, Shao Khan enters through a portal with his army, and in a surprise start kill off Johnny Cage. The earthrealm warriors all try to regroup later to best Shao Khan, meanwhile Jax a member special forces had a minor role in the first film near the beginning got a more extended role in Annihilation which seems necessary. Oh! on a side note, the special effects (CGI) in this movie is one of the worst ever I had to sit through. Liu Kang, and Kitana end up getting ambushed by a generic cyborg (noob?) as get this Sub Zero comes to their aid. Now call me crazy, but did he die in the first film? Oh that was his brother! Wait now Scorpion what is going on here? Destroy all expectations how about Destroy all originality. Kitana ends up in the clutches of Scorpion as they teleport back to Shao Khan's territory. Jax and Sonya are seen in a lab, and suddenly a group of Ninjas start to attack, and leading the way was Cyrax. When he gets defeated burned up to death we get this cringefied explosion scene that looks incredibly dumb. We then see only Liu kang all by himself or so we fought, accompanied by this native shamen named Nightwolf who tried to free all of Liu Kang's evil demons from the past. Jade then tests Liu Kang by almost seduce like measures, and attack a bit, but backs off. Then we cue from a catfight between Sonya and Mileena, that turns into another awful looking CGI monster that gets beat by Jax which make him look like a bleep. The earthrealm warriors have reunited, and have to travel to Outworld to not only save Kitana, but also kill Shao Khan. There is a totally point fight scene with Raiden and the generic Khan minions. It led to a knocked out (assumingly) Sindel next to Jax on the side of a wall. Liu Kang then attempt to save Kitana, but meets the worst looking Baraka in a film. Kitana is free, and tries to undo the spell cast by Shao Khan that resurrected Sindel. Which proved to be unsuccessful as she escapes, and retreated. An epic 4v4 confrontation engaged for the fight for fate. Raiden end up getting killed by Khan, but gets revived by the elder gods thanks to Liu Kang and company. This resulted in Shinnok being treasoned to go to the netherrealm. The earthrealm warriors prevail, and head on their way home. If you ask me, this movie is by no means good, yet it has a lot of unanswered parts in this film. What does scorpion do after capturing Kitana? Why was Rain, and Sheeva even in the film if they did hardly anything. This movie is so bad I can't help but take a bag, and take it all in as you learn what you got yourself into a piece of crap of a movie.

Outlaw: Alright, ugh... Sang Tsung! ... Shang Tsung!....
Quan Chi: Fool why you shouting for?
Outlaw: Its between Tsung, and I
Quan Chi: Oh is it really? You can tell me right?
Outlaw: Will you spare me?
Quan Chi: hahahahahahahha!!!!!! You fool you fought to trust him, you not going to get out of...
Outlaw: Raiden!
Raiden: Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade attack!
Raiden: Don't worry local earthrealmer you will be returned. (teleports back to Earth)
Outlaw: Thank a lot thunder god.
Raiden: No problem, now I must go back to help my allies.
Outlaw: Pleasure to meet you.

(find out his sleeping the whole time)
Outlaw: Whoa! that was a wild adventure, or was it?
(screams for a good 10 seconds)
Outlaw: No more late nighters, i'm the angry outlaw, and i'll see you next fall.