FFLA: Worst Things About Youtube

NuMetalManiak Good lord I hate Youtube these days, mostly because of many things on this list. I looked over it and it seems accurate. Or is it?

1. Advertisements: An easy #1. Two ads these days, no way to skip them on the dial, and now you can't tell when another ad shows up. It makes replaying videos a hassle. And all to get the greedy website managers more dollars.
2. It's Not Good Anymore: Uh, that's the point of this list.
3. Google+: This is no more, thankfully. It wasn't good in the first place either.
4. The Comedy Is Gone: I mean it can be there in spades, but...
5. Reliance on Shock Value: This is perhaps the rationale for the previous item. Also for all those horror game players, this is tiring and dumb.
6. YouTubers Now Become Bad People: When you let fame get to your head and do unspeakable things, yeah. Although what sucks most is that the popular ones can still go on while less popular ones are down in the dumps.
7. Swearing: This is less of an issue than demonetization or censorship of videos with swearing.
8. Buffering: This isn't an issue unless your connection decides to randomly get worse for no reason. And you don't know what causes it to happen.
9. 9-12 Year Olds Having Accounts: To fix this, the ones in this age group should not have some privileges older teens and adults have. But then again, that might lead to complaints from them so it's a no win situation there.
10. Copyright Strikes: This and the ads are the worst, hands down. Several companies, especially Nintendo and WMG have no idea how they are ruining their audiences by doing copyright strikes on videos that only exist to entertain.
11. Plagiarism: Well this can take certain forms, like another account uploading an original video (although if what you see above about Copyright Strikes applies for the original video and not the other, well it's a save point).
12. The Channels Aren't Good Anymore: Which particular channels? A lot of them either move on or are just trying new stuff.
13. YouTube Kids Cartoons: I almost want to bash all the people who hate preschool shows on this site, but it turns out these are different. Perhaps they are original, but are still lackluster in comparison to those that air on television.
14. Google Buying YouTube in 2006: Dang hipsters always whining about the "old YouTube".
15. Clickbait: Quite a lot of these exist and actually should be flagged.
16. YouTube Heroes: Is this some sort of bad series? I'm unsure what it is.
17. Copy and Pasters: I'd say this ties to the plagiarism item.
18. Copyright: Hey I'm going to remove "strikes" and it'll be a brand new item!
19. Video Not Available On Mobile: Never had this, but it's pretty stupid.
20. Bad YouTubers: Well dig deeper.
21. Ridiculous Copyright rules: The copyright stuff is so bad the item is duplicated thrice on this list.
22. The Video Takes A While To Load: This is something I remember. Oh wait, it still happens.
23. Misleading Thumbnails: The comment on this item has me concerned. Apparently someone wanted to see some perverted fanfic sex and DIDN'T get it. But why?
24. "Message to the Haters" Videos: These videos are HILARIOUS. Hilariously bad that is.
25. 10 Year Old Bratty Girls Who Post Videos With Their Boyfriend: Very specific but then again these are 10 year olds.
26. Pewdiepie: Whether or not his videos are good is your opinion. The fanbase is worse.
27. Darude - Sandstorm: These guys who make these comments have only listened to this and only this as music and that's it.
28. Hateful Comments: Wow, something finally comment-related. These can range from sheer trolling to actually hating, but some people are better off not hating and leaving things alone.
29. Popular YouTubers are immune to Flagging: I think this is because some hater likes to flag them too many times just to troll.
30. Trolls: They pretty much always exist.
31. "Fake and Gay" Comments: Made by know-it-alls with no lives.
32. Logan Paul: Have never seen the video, but he seems to be dumb.
33. Inappropriate Videos: The question is who is flagging or who ISN'T flagging things as inappropriate. Who even knows?
34. Dumb Comments: Basically everyone at some point has made one.
35. You Can No Longer Customize Your Channel: Are those bots in the comments I see in this item? Customizing a homepage is cool, but not every site uses that feature.
36. Getting Suspended for No Reason: There HAS to be a reason for a suspension.
37. Harsh Comments: Harsh is synonymous with hateful. Try again.
38. Annoying Users: That exists, oh I don't know, EVERYWHERE. But since it's YouTube it's one of the biggest bustling metropolises of this trope.
39. Cyberbullies: You have every right to report this if it happens.
40. Twerking Videos: No substance in these videos.
41. An error occurred. Please try again later.: This never happens because of "an error". This happens if your video decides not to load after 12 seconds. In other words it's laziness.
42. TheAngryGrandpaShow: Isn't the title character dead.
43. Popular annoying YouTube Partners: What do you mean by partners?
44. YouTube Poop: I prefer going on DeviantArt for perverted art instead of watching this stuff. There, I said it.
45. Package Opening Videos: Another type of video that lacks substance. Oh cool, you open a box with something. THAT'S NOT NEW OR EXCITING.
46. "First": While the "worst youtube comments" list is that way, I can say these comments still show up and don't contribute anything.
47. They Took Away Chat Rooms: Well it depends on the video. A recent gaming one I saw actually had a chat room history showing which chat messages were shown. So it's a relatively new upgrade.
48. Video Is Not Available In Your Country: I take it this is an issue with non-Americans because I've never seen this before.
49. Raging Feminists: How about any political commenters? These people should have internet privileges revoked.
50. Restricted Videos: You mean "sign in to confirm your age". Which kind of sucks because you have to log in first.
51. Comments keep getting randomly disabled: Some videos disable comments, which may make sense in some cases. Not all the time though.
52. Viacom: Apparently these guys are way worse than the other copyright lovers I mentioned.
53. Reaction Videos: Technically these videos are plagiarism unless they are reacting to their former selves.
54. Fred: Heard a lot about him. Hope he's doing alright to be honest.
55. 10 Second Videos Taken On A Cell Phone With Terrible Quality: What would make this ironic is if they have ads, which usually last longer than 15 seconds.
56. YouTube Red Has Been Made: Youtube's answer to Netflix is laughable.
57. LeafyIsHere: We getting into specific channels now? First Pewdiepie then Logan Paul then Fred, now Leafy. They will probably get more obscure so I got nothing.
58. Videos That You Are Not Interested In Are Recommended For You: Okay time for a rant. I like to listen to individual songs on albums IN ALBUM ORDER but in the recommendations panel I see everything EXCEPT THE NEXT SONG on the panel. If this is some sort of marketing technique that forces me to search right away then I swear Youtube is the worst ever.
59. Culturally Sensitive People Who Complain when Someone Says a Color in the Comments, or simply, "That's offensive!" Commenters: So saying just a color will trigger a superracial person. You can't win.
60. McJuggerNuggets: So this is the series that tried to confirm Youtube is an occupation, huh.
61. Verification Badges: Do these need to exist?
62. Slow Loading: They actually pause buffering now. That's sad.
63. Youtube Drama: Well it's everywhere. What can you do?
64. Scene Kids: Like in high school?
65. Only the Big Guys Make It to the Front Page: Man up and create better videos. Hopefully you can.
66. AutoPlay: The time this happens is if your video decides to buffer. Which is why you turn it off.
67. Scary Face Pop Ups: What video are you guys watching? Tell your friends they aren't your friends if they try to get a reaction out of you.
68. Minion Haters: The haters list is that way.
69. Dora the Explorer Videos: You know, I really hate being ignorant, but some items here are just making me doubt the quality of things on this list.
70. Unrelated Videos in the Recommended Section: Pretty much mentioned this already.
71. Jake Paul: These Paul people got undeserved recognition.
72. Screwattack in 2018: How are they these days?
73. Perverts: Elaborate.
74. KidBehindACamera: This thing is actually mentioned twice believe it or not, he just has two channels.
75. Stupid challenges: These things hurt people for some dumb cause.
76. Demonetization: I mentioned it multiple times. Now it's actually an item.
77. Epic Rap Battles: Basically worser Death Battles, both of these are terrible regardless.
78. Weird Songs In Videos: If they don't make sense in video context, then yeah.
79. Profanity: As if I cared.
80. Stupid Videos: Avoid them. Hopefully they aren't clickbait.
81. They Took Away Video Responses: Those existed?
82. They Took Away Groups: Um, that's a fancy way to say a group of followers.
83. Matroix: Not gonna even ask.
84. Video Won't Play: "An error occurred"
85. Screamers: Do they use indoor voices?
86. Calling People Names: That exists in any school age environment.
87. Content ID System: What is this I wonder? Sounds bad.
88. SammyClassicSonicFan: What a weird person?
89. Uploading Videos Is Super Complicated Now: Uploading videos is not the same as uploading a job application. Get with the times, Youtube management.
90. Sparta Remixes: Any sort of remix is annoying and unfunny.
91. "My Reaction To (Insert Random Character/Person/Event Here)": Yeah that's already on here.
92. Stupid Comments: "Insert X here" comments
93. Full Movie Quality: What does this mean, you cannot watch a full movie with high quality because you have a bad computer?
94. Gross Videos: Not every video is about poop or porn. Those get flagged.
95. It Doesn't Accept Smaller Channels Anymore: Um I sure it should.
96. DaddyPays: What I can guess from this channel? Not a clue!
97. Nightcore: God, what awful ways to make good music bad.
98. MLG: Some cult followings on Youtube are full of idiocy.
99. Too Many Gaming Channels: This is a problem?
100. Cringe Compilations: You can just not watch them. Compilations are okay.
101. The Game Theorists (MatPat): Urm, yeah, nothing.
102. Unboxing Videos: As if "unboxing" is a fancier term.
103. Children Younger Than 12 Having Accounts: There's quite a lot of duplicates on this list now.
104. Squishies: Not gonna look this up.
105. React World: Basically an entire reaction channel?
106. Automatic Closed Captioning: Don't think captions are a problem to be honest.
107. Harambe is Everywhere: No it isn't.
108. Video is Not Available: How is a video not available? Be specific with this item.
109. itsRucka: Can we put these "worst youtube channels" somewhere else?
110. Memes: Should be saved for other sites.
111. Spambots: Should be flagged immediately.
112. Windiken: Who?
113. Bad Playlists: Often are just random songs put together.
114. FGTeeV: Put the channels somewhere else please.
115. Minecraft: Not an actual Youtube game.
116. YouTube Kids: Er, duh.
117. Dislikes: Maybe the videos weren't as good as expected? Usually trolls do this though.
118. Bad Trending Content: This is a serious issue.
119. People who assume you liked your own comment: Oh like you're so smart.
120. Riley J. Dennis: Looks awful to me.
121. Reporting Youtube Videos and Youtube doesn't care to respond: But they should.
122. Constant Layout Changes: If something isn't broken, don't fix it.
123. The Alt-Right: Go away, you actual political creeps.
124. Comments got removed on family videos: I wouldn't be sure as to why this happens.

Actually not too bad of a list aside from several duplicates.


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You really need to learn how to capitalize the T in YouTube. - dreamsstinco