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1 The COPPA Update The COPPA Update

I hate Youtube Kids because its childish however you must be 13 or older to have a Channel and therefore and also you will get Terminated if you create a Channel while too young.

Guys, Youtube Kids exists. So, why they need to censor yet we have age verification.

Yeah, why disable comments on every video when people don't want to.

We're content creators, not babysitters.

2 Advertisements Advertisements

If YouTube plagues us with any more ads, I'm downloading YouTube Vanced. I've had enough with Susan giving us more and more ads over the past few years. What's next, triple ads?

Yes, most advertisements are annoying at the most. The only good ads there are the underground rock and metal bands (even though I skipped them because I don't have time) and the synthwave stuff.

Ok, we all hate ads on videos, but if we remove them, it will take away a good amount of profit creators get from the videos they make.

One of the worst ads I have ever seen is the anti-smoking ad that features annoying and trashy music and somebody singing about "butts" over and over again. What is worse is I could not skip it. In addition, there were some racy ads I could not skip and had to back off for awhile (the videos I usually watch are clean).

3 Copyright Strikes Copyright Strikes

If you use a music in your school project, you will face the risk of copyright strike. If you want to use that song but this is exists, this will be your problem.

I wanted to watch manklor's modding video mario kart tour whale simulator gold edition, and it said deleted video in the playlist whale simulator mario kart tour, it said this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by nintendo of america inc.. now he got a copyright strike I hope Nintendo won't give him 3 copyright strikes then he could get terminated

Terminating an account over copyright is a little bit too far for me.

Okay, ads I can handle but this crosses the line!

4 Clickbait Clickbait

Don't forget the clickbait video titles! That's just a waste of time. You see a certain title of a video, you click on it and the whole video is not related to the title like what

I want to punch whoever uses clickbait in the face.

Click Baiters should get cancelled.

I'm looking at you Michael Green.

5 Constant Layout Changes

I miss the 2012 - 2016 layout for this exact reason.

6 Susan Wojcicki Susan Wojcicki
7 Removal of the Dislike Count Removal of the Dislike Count

Hey at least nobody gets bullied by dislikes anymore eh? (sarcasm)

There's a reason we have dislikes, they can be used to judge whether a video is worth watching or not so removing them makes it impossible to gauge a video's quality from just a down glance. Yes, even Jawed Karim (one of the original creators of YouTube) opposed their decisions. This is why I hate censorship. Even if you say something hateful at least you have the freedom of speech protecting you but now it's 2021 apparently only speech that "benefits" (insert bad group here like SJWs) is allowed now and it's terrifying as heck.

Now you can't tell if the video is selling you a scam product or not.

I hate that they removed the dislikes count, it not the same without it

8 Copyright Copyright
9 Buffering Buffering
10 YouTubers Becoming Bad People

Normally I'd just say the old talent is departing and new talent is stepping in but that's not the case here, the old talent is departing but I'm not seeing any new talent

So many of the big name channels that we all loved like Smosh have just fallen from grace and turned into garbage, there's almost no good channels anymore

Pewdiepie doesn't deserve subs. He is racist.

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11 People Getting Punished for Dumb Reasons but People Who Deserve It Don't
12 The Comedy is Gone

Was it ever there

13 Videos Getting Blocked Worldwide

I remember this happened when my friend uploaded a Call of Duty gameplay video with in-game music.

Imagine having a video get blocked in more countries than there are on Earth.

14 Demonetization Demonetization
15 Bad YouTubers

That's who we all have now, and we're getting more of them, even the best ones are turning into bad YouTubers.

16 Reliance on Shock Value
17 Swearing

They swear too dang much

Swearing is the worst when people swear too much, it drives me nuts

18 9-12 Year Olds Having Accounts

Not actually bad, but some of them don't respect opinions what ruins the comments sections quickly.

Let me tell you about things you can get now, and things you have to wait for
this is one of those things you have to wait for, just use it anonymously

They are too young

19 Bad Comment Sections
20 Videos Getting Marked as "Made for Kids"
21 Misleading Thumbnails Misleading Thumbnails

No joke, I literally saw one video that which it's thumbnail was a picture of SpongeBob having anal sex with Princess Mindy. I clicked on it (I was just curious what the video was about. I'm not a pervert) and it had absolutely no sex in it at all.

Thumbnails can trick you. You expect to see the thumbnail but in the whole video is ahh.

I had one once that showed a car running over a watermelon and it wasn't in the video, I was disappointed

22 Videos that Contain No Inappropriate Content Get Age Restricted
23 Plagiarism

This have plagiarism because different language top channels copy english channels by translating

24 It Doesn't Accept Smaller Channels Anymore
25 Screamers
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