Best Alcoholic Drink

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Hm, I love beer, English Beer and Larger are the best although I like Australian beer, some american beers like Bud, Canadian beer is good too. I love all beer the Germans know there way round a pint as well. Beer beer beer
Despite the taste of it, the thing that inspires me to drink beer is the period it was invented. Beer was discovered in Mesepotamia 9500bc. This is the first alcoholic drink ever made. However, some beer comes from routes (which is basically named route beer). If you think about it, this specific type of beer was developed in a natural atmosphere. I love natural life. I think it is more fascinating than the common modernness we all have today. Also, some beer comes from hops (which is a female plant grown in Germany). In my opinion, I like beer the most, because it comes naturally. No one ever found out, themselves, how to make it. Beer evolves itself, which I think is fair. Although you still have to beware of alcohol, because you never know what could happen to your head. But despite all other alcoholic drinks, if all those never were discovered in life, beer would be the only type of alcoholic drink we have in the world. I think beer is the greatest one. A real alcoholic drink. It is also very popular nowadays. Thank you for reading my opinion. I appreciate it a lot.
.. Because I think beer is the common alcoholic drinks I've known, and I think base on the people who drink they say it is delicious .
[Newest]Beer is better choice than any other drink...

2Rum & Coke
I live in the Caribbean, if you want rum then here's the list:
Smoothest, Vat 19 (Trinidad)
Sweetest, Bounty (St Lucia)
Nicest, Mount Gay (Barbados)
Worst, Captain Morgan (blended)
Aged, El Dorado 20 years (Guyana)
Best Spiced, Kweyol (St Lucia)
Best cane rum, La coco Rhum (Martinique)
Strongest, Puncheon (Trinidad)
Most dangerous, Sunset (St Vincent)
Most Elegent, Chairmans reserve ( St Lucia)

My choice, Fernandes Black Label, Trinidad.
I pick rum! It's good for Captain Jack!
Rum for ye all me mates... Coke is good with vanilla ice cream..
-by Capt. Jack Sparrow
[Newest]It's a very awesome drink and also gets you drunk

3Vodka & Orange
Vodka saves my life and definitely is gonna ruin it one day, but until that happens... gimme another round!
Gotta love some screwdrivers!

And I agree, vodka is a girl's best friend!
Me and my friends love this drink best of em all to me some times we just drink vodka but this is definitely a good one to me. Vodka is the life of the party in my opinion
[Newest]Vodka is my second water!

4Sex on the Beach
So nice and yummy and gets you drunk too, I drink this every time I head out, definitely worth any money spent on it, does the trick and usually quite cheap, yum yum, il have a few for everyone tomorrow night!
Definitely Sex on the beach is the best drinks ever I sipped, it drives me stunning and outterlly high. Have a go and see what you will feel I don't tell you.
When me and my friends go out this is what we start the evening with so refreshing love it!
[Newest]Not a fan of them but I guess a lot of people like them.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!
I think Tequila is the best drink... It's really delicious! As tequila cazadores bottle says: Es para compartir.
Tequila... Love the one, two, three, floor post... ROFLMAO!
[Newest]Well silver bullet cocktail is the best

Jager + Red Bull = JagerBomb! Best ever! Everyone should try it. Its better than vodka because you don't drink it as fast and you can enjoy the taste of it. In a group of good friends its the best drink!
Jager plus Coke = The Bomb. Another good sub for the Jager is Captain Morgan.
JagerBomb defines the laws of alcohol. You can have an X amounts of the drink before you drop on the floor like a bomb fell on you. Jagerbomb has a 100& rate at making your night worth while.
[Newest]I wish I had one now best drink mix hands down

its great, especially with jose or
"Two things Florida can teach the other 49 states: how to make a good margarita and how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane." by Tom Feeney
I love it served in a special huge thick glass cup. Adds a party mood to the great taste! Blend it with ice
[Newest]The one and only!

Carbernet makes the people say hey, merlot gets my panties on the flo'
Tonic wine (Buckfast) is the greatest of all time, factual info. This is not even up for debate!
For what reason do you drink? Just to make head?
Or to help you relax and have a great time with other people?
My choice as a Greek, is wine with its various tastes, aromas and makes, that can accompany you at every beautiful or difficult moment of your life and rise it to a better state (and always with food)


[Newest]Red wine is the best ever this is awesome with a capital W

9Whiskey with Ice
It has to be Irish, preferably Jamesom or Black Bushmills.
Johnny Walker Black Label! MM! You have to have quality to really enjoy Scotch whiskey.
Gotta love that Bottled Courage. Burns your throat!


[Newest]Makers Mark on the rocks please bartender!

10Long Island Iced Tea
I love a long island. It's a quick buzz drink with a great taste.
Almost every time I order a drink it is usually a long Island iced tea. I only get one for the night because it's a strong drink. When a long island is made well with good alcohol you won't taste the alcohol but yet a sweet indulges of southern warmth.
everything you could want in one glass


This drink does the trick every time! All you need is one and your done!
[Newest]The best drink I've ever drank.

The Contenders

11Piña Colada
I love Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain! Ice, Malibu, Light Coconut Milk, Pineapple juice, with a wedge of pineapple on a hot Summers day - bliss!
i LOVE this drink!!! it's so nice, i had it once when i was on holiday in spain... yummmmm!!!


YUM YUM YUM That's a goooood drink! just don't drink too much or the cream will make you sick :P
[Newest]If you like pina colada and getting caught in the rain, if the love making out at midnight in the cold summer haze, I'm the man that you have looked for just give me a call!

12Single Malt Scotch Neat
Now THAT'S a drink, Laddie!


Costs more but well worth the price, you can't go wrong with a good single malt scotch.

13Jager Bomb
Great for the club!
Jager bomb is the best I had it and I got drunk all it is well what I do is mix jager with red bull or monster whatever you prefer and you get drunk
This is definitely. The best drink. Like hands down. Good taste, and it gets you drunk
[Newest]I love jager bomb

14Malibu And Coke
I love malibu me and the girls drink that as our first drink on a night out
Malibu is as smooth as surfing in Hawaii

15White Russian
Black ones are better though. Still awesome. I love how it is just so easy to gulp down, and the Big Lebowski too. Can't go wrong with this drink.
I Love White Russian.. Its So Delicious And Yet Its Not That Heavy!
Long Live White Russian!

The Quality In The Mixture Between Vodka And Lequire, Makes This Drink On Hell Of A Drink

Seriously, If You Have Not Tried It Yet, You Should Very Soon!
Most amazing drink ever
I love to drink this when I'm out with some girlfriends and wanna have a good time! I love white Russians and I highly recommend them if you wanna have a good time without having the horrible taste of gin or whiskey
[Newest]Great drink for a Saturday morning off, also there good when you are hungover and beer or wine just isn't on your mind. Just a smooth ice cold glass of goodness!

Absinth, ah... How I love you!
Definitely one of the best shots to ever enter your mouth, delicious, a big burner, but gets your ass to the dance floor if your conscience isn't allowing you to
Green fearie... You should read Edgar Allen Poe's definition of Absinth.
Absinth has been my favourite drink since I was 13 years old in the gutter. She goes well with learning life skills and it sure did teach me a lot

17Champagne (or Sparkling Wine)
I don't drink at all, only on special occasions, but I def. can't go without the Champagne on Holidays.


How is this not in the top 10?!? Who can have a nice special occasion without champagne? It's nice, light, and bubbly, and I always feel fancy drinking it ;-).
The choice for any celebration, how can it be anywhere else but in the top 5?


Tastes like sparkling apple juice with alcohol added.
Ciders taste good and if your late you can even bye it from a fruit shop in India..

Used to order only Mojitos but got tired of there always being a lack of an ingredient to prevent them making it so I ordered a Grey Goose Cosmo one time and fell in love. Wife told me later that Sex In The City made it famous. Don't care about that but love the drink.

Taste like crap the first time, but goes down so well that you couldn't help but make this your favorite after a couple tries.
Best alcohol high ever!
You feel it when it goes down! Awesome!
Johnnie Walker or Chivas Regal!
[Newest]Chivas Regal neat. Drink it with a Chunky Bar. Best combo ever.

Henney and RedBull!!! Holla!
Ya'll don't know how to drink hard! This is the BEST
Hennessy best thang since my last shot
[Newest]Lord this gives me my strength whenever I feel the need to reenergize my soul

22Cannabis Vodka
Just the title alone stands out to be a killer drink. Wanna know how its done?
How is done, it sounds interesting I heard my grlfriend talk about it I thought she was just jocking around.
I'm not a huge drinker, but I'm a hell of a stoner, so this is my drink

23JD & Coke
JD silver select 50% with 4 large ice cubes I know don't use coke but I love this drink to death better then water first sip tastes strong but it just keeps getting better and better... Expensive and hard to find duty free the place to get make the drink strong it's smooth as whatever you think is smooth as
this is the best drink out there!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack is my favorite drink out there. Everyone seems to be surprised by that since I'm a girl I guess! Girls can love a some good ole whiskey!

Nice taste great kick at the back of you throat, recommend you get a couple down before you get used to it
I love baileys combination of love and cream

A sweet drink for dates who don't like the taste of alcohol.

Try it with a splash of red bull it's the best!

27Whiskey Seven

28Caribou Lou
Good drink by far don't understand why its number 20 Bacardi 151 Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice haha this is the real panty dropper
Made 4 gallons of this and took it to a party with my buddies... Best party I've ever been to the song came on and we started downing that... Totally worth a try

29Miami Vice
This drink is absolutely delicious I tried it while on a cruise with my hubby.

30Vodka & Grapefruit Juice
The drink is actually called a Greyhound. If salt is added to the rim, it is called a Salty Dog.

Bombay sapphire vermouth and lot of queen size green olives... Yummy
I feel like martini is the best drink in america
Martini is another of my favorite drinks.

Can't beat this one, mine comes from the hills of Kentucky, might be known for bluegrass but the green grass and shine is what this great state was built on
goes sooo well with cordial!
Just lobe it don't need to much to get the job done.

33Irish Car Bomb
Half a pint of Guinness throw in two shots of Jameson and drop in a shot (including the glass) of Baileys just before you chug and its a guaranteed good night. I prefer to do them in groups of three.
These made for the best college experience ever! I'll be doing these pretty much every time I go out

34Lava Flow
"soo smooth, sooo goood!!!"
Like a sweet dessert!

35The Wet P****
Definitely gets the females going! OO It will have them wetter than eve
Wetter than the ocean
What is all included in the drink

36Crown Royal
Crown Royal is the absolute best alcoholic beverage. For every King is the Crown. BOOM goes down so smooth
Expensive but worth it, there's just something about how smooth it is an the respect it commands
Goes down smooth, with no hot after taste. I chase it with water. You don't need anything sweet.

37Redneck Tea
Pure grain alcohol, just one and you are SMASHED!

38Dry Martini
These lists clearly represent the opinions of the new generation. When they mature, marry, have children, see the world, perhaps serve their country, provide for themselves and others, they will treat themselves to the world that existed before 1990. Listen to Lou Gerhig's farewell speech; check out Jimmy Stewart's real heroics, not in the movies, but during World War II; read The Grapes of Wrath; talk with your grandparents about their childhoods; realize that high SAT scores or attending "elite" universities neither endows you with wisdom nor makes you better than "the next guy"; be kind to others; be as kind to yourself; question authority when necessary, but understand doing so doesn't make you an authority; avoid trends, investigate traditions; devote some time to volunteering, one hour, ten hours, no matter the time, what counts is your effort and devotion ; be respectful ; write thank you notes by hand, not e-mail; watch a great movie that has real dialogue, not a lot of special effects ( E.G. I Remember Mama,1948; The Philadephia Story,1940 ; The African Queen, 1951; Goodbye Mr. Chips, 1939); never, never use the word "sucks"--it's common use, even by people who should better, is vulgar; be humble about your successes, and, realize success isn't measured by wealth, but your self, your dignity, your compassion, your respectfulness. Finally, if you do drink martinis, the drier, the better. But what do I know? I'm just a stranger on a computer. Now, back to the book I'm reading.
Agree completely with these comments. Perhaps, pedantic, but many, many excellent points. Still, I prefer beer.
I like it shaken not stired

39Seven and Seven
All the gangsters drink it!

40Brandy and Coke
Brand and coke with lime is the way to go. Coke with lime and add a slice of lime with it. Awesome!

Should be renamed a "911" It will knock you down but makes you a better person when you wake up. Just like the Japanese pilots who crashed into warships, the kamikase hits you unexpectantly.

42Amaretto Sour
Perfect drink .. sweet and sour at same time!
Mix amaretto with some lemon mixer and it taste just like sour patch kids. Mix it with a beer and taste like dr pepper.
Tried for the first time last night very taste. Can't taste any alcohol which I like. Just a sweet tangy goodness!


44Blue Balls On the Rocks

45Jack Daniel's Whiskey
Need I say more sour mash whiskey is by far the best.

46Pisco Sour
Only with peruvian pisco!
Excellent, try it you are going to like it.

47Bloody Mary
If you sick of all those sweet sugary drinks, then get some Mr & Mrs T's Bloody Mary mix, and a bottle of tomato juice and some vodka, and mix it to your taste. Humm good. But be careful, because they make 2 types of Mr & Mrs T's if you get the bold and spicy, you might catch fire.. Laugh out loud!

I love bourbon, it feels very warm when going down.
I love my Bourbon and Coke!
All of my friends think I weird, the I like the hard stuff!
Or even straight it is good!
Beam and coke or just on ice.

49Woo Woo
One of the best tasting drinks ever!

ice cream, kahlua, bailey's, & vodka. HEAVEN.
just fabulous... I liked them as a cooler at LCBO but homemade is even better!
Best drink I've had other than egg nog!

A great Canadian drink. Invented in Calgary, Alberta using a distintinctly "made in Canada" clamato mix. Spicy is best

52Smirnoff & Pink Pineapple Smoothie
I live in iran the people of this country have not and can not any drink so they go to opium and go to dead but I can buy smirnoff I love it if I come out of iran I will drink only smirnoff because I think the vodka is belong to Russian only.
is amazing OMG i had that last night and it KILLLLLED MEE

haha got me drunk =]

53Rum and Egg Nog

great for mixed drinks due to all the flavors available. Sneaks up on you though
Best taste in my opinion

55Gin and Tonic
Simply the best. The drink of Kings. Winston Churchill drank it and he defeated the Nazis. No further comment needed.
Light and refreshing. Tastes like lemonade and who doesn't like lemonade
Best. this should be number one!

56Tom Collins
Classic but the best if you could get a true bar...
Great drink, 54th on the list?! What a shame


58Bitter Liqueur Gorki List
exelent and most beautiful drink
I love this stuff! I wish I could find it in the USA.
Serve in a tall shot glass with lemon wedge! DELIGHTFUL!

Shot of Kola Kubes/Stiffys, depending on where you buy it and mix it with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. If you remember the small packs of sweets called frosties? The drink tastes jst like that... delicious

60Buttery Nipple

61Captain Morgans
It's one of the best spirits drink you can get, simply drink and enjoy... Goes well with soda

62Vodka and Lime
Fresh lime and vodka is bittery goodness

63Vodka and Chocolate Milk
The chocolate Milk keeps it from burning horribly and still has both tastes. Awesome

64Rye & Coke
Every time I experiment with other drinks, I always seem to end the night with at least a double Rye and Coke. It tastes great, is cheap, and gets you drunk fairly quickly. What more do you want?
Some Wiser's and coke, all you need, simple and effective and gets you drunk quite nicely.

65Vodka and Redbull
This is the best, you get drunk faster, and you get less alcohol taste. Your buzz hits you a whole lot faster than it normally would. The more vodka the better it will be! :D
I have no idea why but I hate vodka and hate redbull but the two together are amazing


Ye Love this the redbull keeps you awake all night so you can drink as much vod as you want

I liked drinks chivas.

67Vodka & Tonic
Refreshing, best tasting, and it's not SWEET.


68Kahlua and Milk
This drink is wonderful and taste great! You well forget it's mixed with milk.
I know it's not the most common drink ever, but it is incredible

69Triple Black Smirnoff
Tastes just like the original Zima Love it... :D

70Dr. Mcgillicuddy's
Mcgillicuddy's and Cranberry juice... tastes just like a cheesecake. So good!
Hell yeah, the doctors in the house!
I love cheesecake so I will try it

71Corona Extra
The best beer in the world Dawg try it
Arturo's pub with the gang "bronx"
The best beer ever

72Vodka Cruiser

73Vodka & Sprite
Very nice and hard

74West Coast Cooler
The best non alcoholic tasting drink!


76Bulmers Irish Cider

77Vodka and Mt. Dew

78Wyoming Leg Spreader


80Old English
A solid no nonsense beverage. Will always fight the good fight. I'll take 3 litres please

81White Rum and Mango Juice

82Cask n Cream
Mmm! Its such a smooth drink that warms ya up especially on those chilly nights! Enjoy!
Love it... Old favorite

83Raspberry diAmore


Pisco from Chile with the best

86Tuaca Bombs
Mix Tuaca and red bull (to your own taste) in a glass then pour in shot glasses and enjoy. Believe me if you don't like the taste or alcohol THIS IS THE DRINK FOR YOU!!!

87Baby Guinness

88Vodka and Berry Juicy Juice

89Puncheon and Supligen
Puncheon is a white rum 70% by volume that's 140 proof, aviation fuel to you and me, mix it with Supligen, a vanilla milk energy drink and you've got the most dangerous alcoholic cocktail you've ever found. I challenge anyone to come and try it then tell me I'm wrong
It has a few more ingredients but it definitely is a tasty drink when made right, I've had plenty of those, the final mixture would be called a brown cow, later.

90Purple Haze
1 Shot! Mix Half a shot of BLUE AFTERSHOCK with half a shot of RED AFTERSHOCK. It turns purple, hence the name and will get you wasted. Tastes like Cinnamon.

91Glitch In The System Shot

92Port Wine

93SoCo and Diet Dr. Pepper

94Cape Codder
Nice bite, simple, cheap, less hangover, how can you go wrong!

Best mixed drink ever! Recipe: glass rimmed with salt, Beer, Clamato, lemon juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce,3 Tabasco sauce drops
Makes my mouth water!

96Vodka with Pink Lemon


98Galician Licor Café

99Cougar Rum & Coke
the sweetest Rum ever.....yummy...

100Queen of Battle
1 1/2 cans of red bull, a glass of organge juice, glass shards(not really)3-6 shots Absolut 100, and 5 shot glasses of Sea dog Blueberry Ale. 1 shot of Crown, and a shot of Spiced Rum. It fits in a military issue canteen.
Every member in our military ought to have a flask full of this!

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