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The Beatles
You have GOT to be kidding me. The Beatles in 4th place? Queen in 5th? Led Zeppelin in 6th and Pink Floyd in 11th!? Has everyone gotten deaf? Mcfly isn't even that famous. And in no way is it even nearly as good as the Beatles yet its 2 spots above it?
Probably some 10 year old made that list.
Actually what to commit since when did mcfly, keane and coldplay become better than the Beatles. Without the Beatles they wouldn't even exist whoever voted for those three actually want to be shot. What is the world coming too. Correct Order 1. THE BEATLES 2. Rolling Stones 3. Pink Floyd 4. Led Zeppelin 5. Queen 6. The Who 7. Oasis 8. The Smiths 9. The Clash 10. The BeeGees
The Beatles are easily the best band in the world. My top 10 UK band list: 1. Beatles 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Rolling Stones 4. Who 5. Pink Floyd 6. Black Sabbath 7. Queen 8. Yardbirds 9. Cream 10. Sex Pistols
[Newest]Best band of all time more like it. And George is my favorite.
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Wow, #1! I must say, Keane totally and completely deserve to be #1! Tim Rice-Oxley is a genius when it comes to writing beautiful lyrics and melodies and Tom Chaplin has the best voice I've ever head and needs no autotune to aid him! Not only do they contribute beautiful songs but they are so dedicated to their fans. The members of Keane have been cooped up in a studio since the end of September putting together their fourth album. Instead of shutting their fans out, they have been posting pictures and short teaser clips of the music they've been working on. So far this album sounds like it is going to be their best one yet, so watch out for the second coming of Keane.
Great quality of lyrics. Great voice quality. Great live performances. What else? They reinvented the piano-rock. If not enough, try listening to a couple of songs and then tell us what you think
Keane is simply amazing. Tim's lyrics are so deep and from the heart and they're so simple at the same time, anyone can related to them. And Tom's voice is just the most gorgeous thing ever. They're all just so amazing.
[Newest]Keane has everything. They are the greatest.
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Freddie Mercury the BEST vocalist of all time.

Brian May one of the best guitarists of all time and the only one who could probably gel so well with mercury's voice

Roger taylor insane drumming skills

John Deacon great bassist! (listen to the bassline from under pressure)

The band responsible for Bohemian rhapsody, we will rock you, another one bites the dust, and we are the champions. People from all over the world have heard them! Even those who are from non-English speaking countries (such as me). Queen is the greatest band ever!

The only bands (from the UK) which match queen are the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Who.

None of them are in the top 3. Even other amazing bands like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, radiohead, sex pistols, and the clash are nowhere on the list!
Queen is the best band ever! Their songs have become part of everyone's life at one point or another. Their music is music for winners! If you are down and want to feel pumped up and like a champion listen to Queen. You will never tire of Queen's music because it is so diverse. Every band member contributed hit songs and every band member has a college degree (and one, Brian May is a genius! ) The original lineup stayed together for 20 years until Freddie's death and they made music up until Freddie couldn't sing anymore. This band is the best ever! If you watch their documentaries you will be blown away at their story and you will definitely get sucked in and never want to come out.
Been listening to Queen non-stop all day. You can't do that with any other band without getting sick of it. Queen had such a wide variety of songs that it never gets old!


[Newest]Number 1 by a mile
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4Led Zeppelin
HAHA JOKE SHOP! I'm sorry, and at the risk of music snobbery, any list regarding the best British bands who's top 10 doesn't include (in no particular order
The Beatles, Queen, Led Zep (and probably The Yardbirds), The Stones, The Kinks, Bowie (though a 1 man name) and Floyd... Is a bit of a load!

Oasis, Radiohead, The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Roxy Music, Muse, Blur, Pulp, Manics etc are all brilliant but owe everything to the above... As for Keane and McFly... They barely even rate to clean the piss from the toilet seats of Page, Beck, Plant, Harrison etc al.

Anyway! My 5 pennies... Keane my arse!
Muse ahead of Led Zeppelin? Really? Jimmy Page one of the greatest guitarists ever. John Bonham one of the greatest drummers ever. Robert Plant one of the greatest rock voices ever. John Paul Jones one of the most underrated musicians ever. Truly inspirational music that blended many genres, including rock, heavy metal, blues, Indian, Celtic, etc. Truly a brilliant band in every way.
This is ridiculous. how is led zeppelin not at least no. 2 on this list... greatest band to ever live... changed music in the most beautiful and inspiring way ever possible. stairway to heaven and whole lotta love has truly changed my life... take a listen and try and argue that they are not one of the greatest bands to ever walk the earth
[Newest]Greatest rock band ever! Do not release a bad track!

I think coldplay it's the best UK band, the best musicians, the best overrated band, the most popular, the best songwriters, the best song- to fall-in-love-a-girl(or boy) writers. They're simply the best
Coldplay, should not be in the top ten, there are so many other great bands that have made areal changed in music, style, and attitude. Coldplay, in this position very funny.
I had difficulty picking this over the Beatles and Led Zepplin, but when it comes down to it, nothing feels better than listening to coldplay. If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, that would be it.


Coldplay is my favorite band ever and it is self evident they should be at this spot the international superstars deserve it!
the only band that deserves to be at top is coldplay, they have done it over and over again giving the coldplaymates great music all the time, buy an ablum you would never be dissapointed. Rock on coldplymates...
[Newest]Best Band to listen, It takes you to another world

6Pink Floyd
Spice girls beat pink floyd? Lmao who visits this site?


Pink Floyd have stood the test of time, and their music will still be loved long after people forget the names of some of these "musicians".


Their music will be remembered forever especially when compared to that of the bands above. Sure Muse looks huge now, but in retrospect we will all think that they were ants when compared to the giants that The Beatles, Who, Queen, and Floyd (etc. ) were.
[Newest]Pink Floyd 6?! They should be 3

Muse is probably the most unique British band there is right now. Each of their albums having a different style and genre (s) makes them simply amazing for everyone. Matt Bellamy honestly has the most amazing voice I have ever heard, melodic, expresses emotions perfectly, and is one of the only rock singers that can actually use falsetto amazingly. Not to mention his incredle guitar playing skills, the Plug In Baby riff was voted the best riff of the decade, and with good reason! His guitarist is always complex, and uses a wide range of guitar techniques, not to mention his frequent use of improvisation in playing guitar live. Chris Wolstenholme has been voted one of the greatest bassists of all time, this being backed up by the incredible bass riff in Hysteria, the legendary bass riff of Time Is Running Out, and so many more! Their live performances never fail to entertain their crowd, whether it be an arena concert, or yet another sold-out stadium concert. The band has multiple "best live act" award, and for good reason. Their sets consist of light shows, massive LED screen displays, the band's own absolutely incredible performing, and on their recent stadium tour, flame throwers and more incredible pyrotechnics!
Only band that could (maybe) deserve to be above Muse are the Beatles - and that's only because they changed music so much. If Muse had been around at the same time, they'd have been even bigger than the Beatles were!
This is the youngest bands amongst most of many mentioned below, they deserve to be on top, keane deserves to be somewhere 15, muse has the most dedicated fans and is most under estimated band, they will be regarded as best bands of modern times, most of american bands suck, they are famous just because they show explicit materials rather than concentrating on music, if muse were american, they would have got attention just like lp but would have fans 4 times than lp, I have heard so many rock bands none of them are a match to MUSE in terms of great music, style, vocals, MATT I SALUTE YOU!
[Newest]The best band ever

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8The Who
Really, the who, rolling stones, led zep, queen and pink floyd are like the greatest rock bands of all time. The Beatles are the greatest artists of all time.
I just watched a movie about the who and fell in love with the band, I have always been a fan of their music and knowing their story makes their songs even more special.
Great guitar riffs, crazy ass baselines, great drumming, and an amazing voice. All of those together make up "The Who" they are definitely the people that made rock music sound good!
[Newest]How do you define best band. If your talking live which you should be, where there is no cheating going on, then the who should be number1

9Rolling Stones
The who was the first band to ever wreck instruments on stage. The first band to ever right rock opera. The who is the bar there is nothing to stones did to change the face of music but played recycled blue songs. And having some great hits as well. The Beatles did nothing to change music but open a door for a lot of great bands to go to America. The stones and the Beatles both made good recording in studio but they who could definitely blow them both off the stage. We are talking about rock and roll right? It's more than just listening to music and albums. it's an energy a total loss of control definition of rock 'n roll is The Who.
the rolling stones along with the beatles paved the way and set the standards for those who came later
[Newest]How come the rolling stones at 11th? Should be at least top 5.

10Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden, without a doubt, have proved to the entire World that they are the greatest British band of all time, as well as one of the greatest bands, full stop!

Up The Irons!
How is Maiden not in AT LEAST in the top 4. With over 2000 concerts played over their 35 year run and a more global fanbase than any band in this list they SHOULD be number 1. With that awesome voice of Bruce, the amazing bass of Steve, the best drumming by Nikko, and the incredible guitarists trio of Dave murray, Adrian Smith and Jers, iron maiden has made a everlasting impact on music and always will be the best band from the UK. Long live maiden.
This list is absolutely ridiculous. Surely bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Cream, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rolling stones, The Who, definitely Leppard, Motorhead, Deep Purple, Eric Clapton etc. Ought to be above the current top three, which should not even be anywhere near the top 10.
[Newest]Iron maiden should at least be in the top 5. You probably won't hear anything quite like iron maiden in your life. The overall creativity and how the whole band comes together as a whole is just brilliant. I know I know, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and queen are also amazing bands but I'm just shocked to see iron maiden this low on the list.

The Contenders

Amazing band!

Noel Gallagher is one of the greatest song-writers of all time and liam Gallagher has such a raw and unique voice. Their Best Album is 'What's The Story) Morning Glory! It is UK's 4th best selling album of all-time, 14 times platinum in the UK, best selling album of the 1990's which was a decade of amazing albums! :D

Best songs include -

Don't look back in anger, some might say, the Hindu times, lyla, the importance of being idle, the masterplan, little by little, wonderwall, morning glory, roll with it, songbird and champagne supernova... And more.
What is the world coming to if oasis are behind mcfly!


Oasis is the best Britpop-Band of the 90s, without any doubt. Only Beatles can reach their level. "wonderwall" was THE 90s anthem. Live forever
[Newest]Laugh out loud Coldplay keane and iron maiden ahead of oasis and stone roses, insanity

McFly? McFly's the best band. I think they just created a new style than anyone can like. If you listen to some old McFly's songs you'll realize they sound like The Beatles (like a new Beatles' style). Their last albums totally changed it's style, but I think they're still unique. It's easy to identify yourself with their lyrics... Those inspirational and fabulous lyrics. Don't forget about the melody. The melody of their songs are just amazing. The way they play their instruments, the way Tom and Danny sing while they play the guitar, Dougie's style to rock with his bass, and Harry's form to play the drums is just HANDSOME. McFLY's my life and no one's gonna change that! MCFLY ROCKS.
McFLY second!? Wow! Wasn't expecting that!

McFLY Are great band who focus on keeping up to date with new styles, yet stick with meaningful and emotional lyrics. Their new songs (to be officially released in the winter) are almost electric rock, yet the lyrics recall dougies (bassist player) hard time in rehab.

Seen these guys 9 times and just seem to get better each time, and I'm a 19 year old guy.. Not a 12 year old little brat. I love bands such as coldplay, bullet for my valentine, keane, oasis, muse and queen and I'm not going to attack them.. But nothing will compare to the 6 years I've had following McFLY.
Time doesn't = quality. Yeah, it's great to have been around for a while, but that doesn't automatically make your music better! 8 years and five albums is what McFly have accomplished by the first half of their twenties. Give these guys time, and their original music and lyrics are going to earn them JUST as much longevity as some of the other bands on this list. Don't wait a couple of years to give this band the credit it deserves, appreciate them now!
[Newest]McFly is Phenomenal, MAGNIFICO and is just FABULOUS. Another great boy band to emerge from Britain. From 2004 they be dropping hits, I think they should b further up this chart though. Simply Amazing.
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Should be somewhere between 1 - 15
Not from the UK, from Ireland.


Ace, my favourite band

When You discover Radiohead, they become your favorite band...


Oh my god! Keane is number ONE?! That is just stupid... I mean, over Radiohead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Queen? I mean, those bands are legendary... just try and listen to Paranoid Android, and you'll see how awesome these guys are.
Radiohead has such amazing lyrical power that I can't help but vote for them. Thom's angsty vocals, Jonny's insane guitar, and the band's overall creative spirit rockets them past the competition. They lent their skills to such amazing successors as Muse and Coldplay, who carry on their legacy, which lives on forever.
[Newest]They are the greatest and most creative band of the past 25 years, they deserve to be in the top 10

15Black Sabbath
If not the best, one of the best heavy metal bands of all time.
Surely the best english band.


Ok most people would say number 1 is beatles or zeppelin but why some band I've never heard of ps one direction sucks paranoid best album ever
How is Black Sabbath this low?

16Arctic Monkeys
How is Artic Monkeys number 16?! They deserve to be above Bullet For My Valentine and Spice Girls! They are great! Much better than Iron Maiden!
#1 in europe as it stands
They have one of the best lyrics if you actually listen to it. Their live sessions are fantastic, it makes everybody jump and enjoy life. They're the real meaning of a life changer.
[Newest]How is arctic monkeys 16th? It should be number 1! AM all the way!

17Dire Straits
One of the best guitarists of all time, one of the best albums Brothers In Arms


The best band of the world
Best of the best

18Electric Light Orchestra
Legendary band in every respect! From the 70s to now they have just got better and better and have some of the greatest songs ever written to their name.
These guys should be much higher than mcfly!
I liked their songs so much
[Newest]Jeff Lynne... Says it all.

19Bee Gees
The Bee Gees are the 5th best selling act of all time, wrote great songs and were not a disco group, there had hits before Saturday night fever and after. It frustrates me when people say they only did disco and people forget their work after Saturday night fever, I love songs like Too much heaven and How deep is you love, listen to many of their songs from the 90's and 2000's, The only love, For whom the bell tolls, Secret love, I could not love you more, Alone, Sacred trust, Wedding day, just to name a few, great songs, with great lyrics and melodies, written and performed fantastically, take a listen, find them on You tube
The Bee Gees my first love! One of the most succesful band from UK and the whole world. The capacity of reinventing their selves is just amazing! Decades of incredible songs, incredible success and incredible talent! They connect in a way that only brothers could connect! They are amazing! Their songs are so varied and so rich in different influences that there is a song for every day of your life!
How could anyone forget about the Bee Gees lol


20Bullet For My Valentine
This is not one my favorite bands rather only the most favorite band I ever liked. All the songs are just like a bullet to me that pinches into my heart. Specially- all this things I hate, tear's don't fall and say goodnight
This young Welsh band is unbelievably good at their genre - kind of like a nu Metallica. Not lacking talent either!
FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND (Wales) and HUNDRED REASONS (England) should be on this best UK band list!
The best band ever! Who the hell is not voting for them? Just listen to "Tears Don't Fall", "Waking The Demon" and "Your Betrayal". You won't want to hear anything else after that!

21Depeche Mode
Most underrated band in music history. Their music is so far ahead of its time that most people cannot comprehend it. If after you listen to them and then disagree, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. Better than the beatles by lightyears. Best band in the universe PERIOD.
The absolute best. When will they ever get their long, long overdue recognition? On a completely different level to anyone else. Decades before their time. Always have been. Always will be. Enough said!
Depeche Mode is #1. Acknowledge this fact Britain. The rest of the world has. So sick of them being underrated. #41.. Just look who's above them... Enough said!
[Newest]20 years ahead of their time and still going strong. Never really got the recognition from the establishment they deserve but from the army of fans that love them and always will we know whose the best.

Best band ever. Love you guys!
Jarvis is my hero.

23The Smiths
They're timeless, melancholy but uplifting, can have them playing all day


Who made this list there on drugs! The stones are first! The smiths are 2nd duh
The Smiths' music still sounds awesome and still means something. The most important British band of the 1980s, in my opinion.
[Newest]Come on guys, The Smiths at number 22?! Easily top 10, if not higher

24Asking Alexandria
Come on, seriously, no. 30, the deserve better than this. Its asking Alexandria of course the best scream band of all time
The only reason I like the UK is because of Asking Alexandria!

25The Script
What? This band is not in number 1? What happened to you guys? I mean, danny has a really great and unique voice. Their songs are really catchy and wonderfully made.. I mean. Wow! This should be at the number 1 spot. The man who can't be moved is really great. Straight from the heart. Breakeven? The best! For the first time? Wow! The best =D
Sir's you're still the number one and the best for me.. Keep it up idols.. I'm a script fan forever and ever..
I love THE SCRIPT who sings HALL OF FAME
[Newest]Why 25th they should be the BEST!

Not the most accessible compared to Coldplay, The Beatles, etc., but Yes has the most euphoric music I've ever heard. Listening to Yes feels like flying.
Their music takes you to another world. It wasn't made for radio airplay, and it's not always easy to digest. It's just one of those things you either get or you don't. And for those who do get it, nothing is better.

27Bring Me the Horizon
This. Band. Is. Amazing. They have made it further than most of the bands here, and Oli Sykes have one of the best voices in the world. Not only are their songs written perfectly, but they save lives. These should definitely be number one, as they are one of the best known bands in the world.
This band is juat brilliant they are totally my fave band as they have helped me through a lot in my life and their lyrics have personally helped me and I was able to relate to their dark stories behind the lyrics
I love this band & I wish it could be the best Beitish Band of all time!

Can't believe Feeder aren't higher than this. Most underrated UK rock band ever.

29The Cure
One of the best bands in the world! Just listen to songs like 'Lullaby' or 'Pictures of you' and you see what I mean. Why is this band on place 25?! Jesus Christ...
Epic song writing which ranges from great poetry to bright pop. Bi-polar as art and brilliant to enjoy.
Best band in the world
[Newest]Best band of uk

30Sex Pistols
The Sex Pistols, put PUNK on the front pages. The Sex Pistols influenced a vast number of bands to this day. Not only in music but fashion as we'll, that you can see today.
What the heck is mcfly and keane doing there!? They're not even the best band in their genre! R you kidding me? And where's the clash!? Where's the punk movement!? Pistols and Clash should be at least top 15! They made punk so popular (along with Ramones of course) and influence so many people!
Sex Pistols Rock The Cashbash just like the clash


31The Police
It deserves to be in top ten
The police deserves 2nd as it makes real music and is not like some donkey eg
Justin bieber

32Kaiser Chiefs
I think this is one of the best bands ever! How come is it the 39 position?

I still get crazy when I listen to "Ruby".

I consider this bands as one of my favorites bands in addition with Van Halen.
Why is this band so low?

Since when should Blur be this far down the list?!?! Are people insane? Blur absolutely rock!
Haha mcfly and keane ahead of blur and the Beatles go get some rest you musically destroyed people.
How in the hell are blur only 44th? Underrated is an understatement here
[Newest]Blur meant a lot to the UK, and still does

They only had two albums and I still think that those songs are better than a lot out there today sung by bands who didn't even write those songs, and can't play instruments. Their style of Pop-Punk was like nothing else and they are the 'secret' inspiration of a lot of bands who are famous today. Some of their songs trigger emotions and all of them have the most amazing lyrics and the most catchy melodies.

35Snow Patrol
Come on, snow patrol are awesome, at least top 15

Snow patrol should be at least 10th. They have like best songs of all - Chasing cars, called out in dark, run, open your eyes... Vote!
Keane at number 2 and Snow Patrol at 33rd, what the hell is going on? So many well known and incredible songs are Snow Patrol but for some reason no-one knows they wrote them, INJUSTICE.
[Newest]Your KIDDING! They are MUCH better than this rating!

36Joy Division
Almost in top 20! That voice, that bass, that drums, the guitar... What an atmosphere. Unkown pleasures for your ears.

37King Crimson
The origin if prog rock right here. Like yes, they defined their genre and hove the most unique sounding songs. But I'll admit some of their songs are just noise which may turn people off.

38The Kinks
WHAT! The Kinks, one of the greatest and most quintessentially British bands of all time 64. This is ridiculous they are in the same league as The Who and The Beatles no doubt. With songs like "Waterloo Sunset" and "Sunny Afternoon" also early classics like "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of The Night".
Gotta agree with above. The kinks have more quality tracks than anybody. They're a bit off centre/quirky/unique and definitely the inspiration for so many bands even today.
Founders of heavy metal, social commentary and the most british of all british bands

39Manic Street Preachers
Best british band of last 20 years.. Absolutely and without a doubt released the singular best album ever with holy bible. give it a listen


35?!? What? This band definitely better than that.
Definitely should be at least among ten!


41Moody Blues
"To our childrens, children, children" is a rock-pop masterpiece. And there's so much more. No other band on this list comes close. They should be number 1.
Look at their library! Top 10!

42Mumford & Sons
I really like the way they use guitar in their songs. And I love the song "I Will Wait" it is going to be a classic

43The Wanted
This band is amazing. They have a lot of swag. Its hard 2 choose between one direction and the wanted
Not so nice but a little they can never beat up till one direction
I think they are deserve to first 5. I love their all song ❤

44Pet Shop Boys
Seriously? No 41? Over 100 million worldwide sales and 30 continuous years in the industry. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are a genius of music writing with the ability to span many genres. Long may them continue.
The pet shop boys are so underrated. Not really a band.. but definitely Best british duo. If not The worlds best duo! Timeless and catchy songs.

45The Clash
Should be higher I can't believe keane, busted, spice girls, one direction and mcfly are higher.
Come on, obvious number one choice!


The Clash along with The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and so many other great punk bands of the mid 70s. Created a new way of listening and understanding music. Their music can be heard today. Almost 40 years later, and be consider, today's music, with all the problems that we have.
[Newest]Oh come on, TOP 5! This page is not realistic

46The Stranglers
Unique sounds in my top 3 bands of all time.
Pure class! Awesome band! So underrated...

47Status Quo
Yeah totally agree, this band is running longer than the beatles and zep were for like 2.5 times! Had more singles than anyone! 22 top ten hit singles... And led? But no status quo is no rock (sarcasm), they only play three chord (Screw that old joke! )... Hello people, rock and roll isn't more than blues, which is three chords! Jailhouse rock, how many chords are in there! People who place bands like zep and beatles on top, are just mainstream rockers, only like what reaches the top ten in lists! I have my own taste, and Quo is the best band the world has ever seen!
Why the HELL isn't this band in the top ten! One of the most successful British bands ever! More UK hit singles than any band on this list! Get a grip people!
Should be top 10 all the way. A band that has not and I doubt, will be bettered, for their hard work and musical integrity. Love 'em or loathe 'em, Quo have been the backbone of UK music for too long to be so low in this chart!

48Deep Purple
Wow, how come they are not top 10? They are great, sold millions of albums and many famous songs! How about smoke on the water? Anyone? THEY ROCK!

Simply the best UK band of all time!

49Siouxsie & the Banshees

50You Me at Six
One of the greatest bands of 2012
You Me At Six has produced an amazing album 'Sinners Never Sleep' and re-introduced uk rock music into the charts
Josh Voice always amazing altrough it in a bad song.. Almost they song amazing.. Just listen their songs and look the lyric and video.. Amazing..
You me at six has change my life for ever


52New Order
As if this super, ground breaking band was left out. Give your head a shake.
They are best of the best!

53Judas Priest
Is that a joke. They are the BEST


55Mt. Desolation
They are underrated but they're amazing, every song they had is perfect and they're great musicians, every time I listen to them I really feel the music I just love to listen to this band, they had really good lyrics N. N

56Little Mix
Little Mix is the most talented group out as of right now (April 2014). Not the most famous, One Direction is, but they have extreme talent. AMAZING individual vocals. INSANE harmonies. INSPIRATIONAL and EMPOWERING songs. EXTREME talent ^^. BEAUTIFUL girls with HUGE hearts! I love these girls so much. They're songs always make me smile, make me wanna dance, and make me sing along. I know all the words to most of their songs. (Salute, Wings, Boy, Move, Change Your Life, Pretend It's OK, Turn Your Face, Towers, Good Enough, See Me Now, Different Beat, Competition, Stand Down, Love Drunk, How Ya Doing'? , Red Planet, Always Be Together, DNA) I made this longer than needed. Fack.
Little mix are the most generous, well-working yet beautiful singers in the entire universe. Although they aren't very famous they have unique potential that brings them all close together. I love little mix!
I LOVE one direction and little mix there the best I couldn't live without them. They just love what they are doing and have fun doing it.

My favorite band! One of the best in the world, actually! Listen to any of their songs and you'll be hooked. Personally, I recommend Empire. Still my favorite song, even after listening a hundred times.
DUH. OBVIOUS. They have everything a legendary band has... Please, Keane on number 1? AT LEAST put the Beatles as the number one. Or Anything else. And why is Bullet for my Valentine in here?
Kasabian is better than many bands in this list... At least should be in top 15. I love this band they have variety in everything man!
[Newest]What a band! Nobody else like them

58Beady Eye
Great band and they are alive!

59The Alarm

The most underrated band...Jamiroquai is not just a band, it's a state of mind : Unique music style, unique voice and dancing style of Jay Kay, incredible basslines, very very diversified discography. And probably one of the best live bands, with song which are 3 times longer in live than in the studio version, a lot of different instruments and improvisations.
Undoubtedly the very best of jazz. Definitely maybe (yup, you got it) the best of UK.

61Roxy Music
Really should be much higher, great band.
I like very much, and the recent Brian Ferry interpret Bod Dylan songs in magnific

Incredible band with 5 consecutive number 1 albums and over 20 top 20 songs and 11 top 5 singles definitely should be much higher than it is.
They deserve at least top 20 spot in ALL time UK ranking and top 3 ranking in current time. They're amazing! Cheers from Slovenia!
Kelly and his Band rocks!

63Stone Roses
this is a joke listen to
stone roses debut its one of the most importaint albums ever made without this there would be no oasis. simples
Please tell me how the stone roses are 76? This is real music should be at least in the top ten! If not number one! "International Continental"
Can't believe the roses are 75. Ian brown is genius. The best debut album of all time. Inspirational to so many then and now...
[Newest]One of the best bands of all time! How so far down the list?

Amazing band, should be in top 10 without a doubt!


I've loved this band since I heard their song "Burn Burn" for the first time... Now I listen to all their songs every minute and I can say they're the best band ever!
Great band with great music. Should be number 1 or at least in he top 5
[Newest]Don't even bother with the rapist crap INCREDIBLE BAND ENOUGH SAID!

65M People

66Def Leppard
one of my most favorite bands in the world from hard rock, metal, alternative, pop-rock. they are very flexible, the lyrics and music is great. all of them are amazing and rick allen who has only an arm can do fast beats without having another hand to use. def leppard is a legendary band because many artists look up to them.


Keane #1! What has this world come to...
Definitely Leppard is a much better band in the ways of talent, sales, loyalty, quality of albums and of course actually having decent music...
Definitely Leppard is the type of band which you can really get into their music. They definitely should be in the top ten instead of Keane and Muse who haven't been around as long or influenced as many artists.
[Newest]Seen them 3 times. Fantastic riffs. Joe Elliot has great voice. One armed drummer. Come on, man!

67The Jam
Brilliant music, should be at least up in the top ten, amazing British sound and lyrics. Probably one of the best bands of their time.
I've known quite a few people who had them as their favourite and they're one of mine after Clash


Should be much further up in the rankings here. Fantastic, and can I say better than the Clash?
[Newest]Should be in top 5, bowed out at the very top and weller has stayed on top of his game until this day

Dear Westlife - Shane, Mark, Nicky, Kian...
"Tonight", I could not sleep. I'm miss you, Westlife, very very much. And I think many of your fans will "No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight" like me. But I want to close my eyes and sleep to "I Have A Dream", so that us can become "Closer" or simply "Miss You Night".
The first time I heard your voice-I can not remember that when it did-but I really moved by every melodies of you. I feel the happiness, love and sadness-everything in this world are in your songs. Thanks to you, I can find joy and hope in my life, "You Raise Me Up". You became "My Love", was the fun, was the "Queen Of My Heart", was "Mandy" by me, was all for me. Thanks to you that I find myself, so I can live true to myself and be myself, so I can "Flying Without Wings", You are the "Lighthouse" point me in the dark. I wonder that is "Have You Ever Been In Love" or not. And finally I found the answer, it is true, I realized I could not live without you, "If I Let You Go" I will take all, all, nothing.
You is not simply is you, you are "Home" our, "The Rose" of a love everlasting and eternal. You are "Angel" of my life-a beautiful angel, your "Smile" make me feel like I'm in heaven. All are able to "When You Tell Me That You Love Me".
It's "Amazing" but just the right time in my love is still strong, then you "must" go, please "Tell Me It's Love" eternal, never ends. But I knew something must will be end but for me, it's "Too Hard To Say Goodbye" but will "Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You", That love will be forever "Unbreakable" in me. "Thank You" has to do all that for me. Whether you go or what I believe you will always keep the "Safe" for me and I will be forever "Open Your Heart" to greet you.
It's "Last Mile Of The Way" and I would have to say goodbye to you but: "Goodbye Westlife... It's not goodbye forever, it is goodbye and will meet again... "!

PS: As much as these songs: "What About Now", "Uptown Girl", "What Makes A Man", "Bop Bop Baby", etc...
Nothing can ever beat you guys :)))
Westlife've made me feel better each time I was sad. Their music just... Heal my soul...!

73?!?! WHAT Gorillaz is by FAR one of the BEST Bands. They deserve at least top 10!
Such a unique band my favorite
The best band ever only 73?

70Fleetwood Mac

71Franz Ferdinand
I have to say I'm not surprise of the ranking... But still, Franz Ferdinand has a unique sound (which I'm crazy about! ), an amazing singer (okay, every British band does... ) and will have an important place in my heart, as well as in my Ipod forever!
If we're judging this poll based on acts that actually British, then Westlife has no business being on this list for obvious reasons. Franz Ferdinand on the other hand, has every right to be here simply because it is a british band.
They're amazing, and I do mean it. The drums, the guitars and the rhythm are unique! They sound like any other band, and that's hard to find nowadays

72Take That
The most successful of boy bands. Wrote their own songs, danced like no other. Great-looking lads, great inter-relationships, no ego-trippers.
Should be in the top 5 :D

This band should be way more popular than they are. Amazing, emotional and beautiful music... Those who haven't heard them, listen to their song No One Can!


74Jethro Tull

Possibly the greatest live band ever and a huge benefactor to the rock scene entirely

76The Kooks
I Love The Kooks
There songs are limitless song for every mood
Should be way higher than 75! Their first album is timeless!
True Indie band!

What! Travis should be in the top 10! Post Brit-Pop, They paved a way for bands like Coldplay, Keane and many others. Proper musicians. I like their honesty. Fran Healy has a supurb voice and is a truly great songwriter.

78Bad Company

79The Animals



82The Wombats

83The Verve
One of the best songs ever "Bitter Sweet Symphony"
Because of: Bittersweet Symphony, Lucky Man and some other trully great ones

Dragonforce should be at least number 25. they are one of the best british metal bands. they have outstanding musicians and some of the fastest songs on th planet.

85Celtic Woman
Every member past or present has top-10 potential, whether by quality and power of vocals or being the best concert violinist ever. Together they make the best sound and visual performance I've ever known.

These guys are one of the most talented bands around, and should be ranked in the top twenty at least!

How is rubbish like Busted, McFly and Coldplay higher than this group of more talented people who can write meaningful songs and who kicked off one of the most important music movements in British history? How?
Suede are no doubt the coolest band around today. I love Brett's Sweet voice. And Richard Oakes is one of Britains best ever guitarists. He is masterful and is great at songwriting too. Suede also do the best live performances around. You can see the passion they put into their music and the enjoyment they have on stage. Suede!
Unique voice and sound, very nice tunes


88Cradle of Filth
Probably the most unique band to come out of the UK. An acquired taste that, once tried, won't go away! You just want more! Extreme but not pretentious, a must for true metal fans.

89The Housemartins

90The Prodigy
Keane, McFly and coldplay in the first 3 positions! Is this a joke?

Led Zep at no6? This must be rigged. The Beatles at number 4 is a surprise, as this overrated boring band always gets voted number 1 as predictably as Jimi Hendrix gets voted number 1 as a guitarist (Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck are far superior)

No rolling stones, Deep Purple, The Who, Black Sabbath, Free, Pink Floyd, definitely Leppard and many many more.

So for all you young hipsters who think bands who dress like accountants and have no guitar solos and are void of any soul, are boring to listen to and and are devoid of any originality, Here a list of some British bands ( well English really) that have to be heard if you want to be able to judge what real music is all about.

Bad Company
Judus Priest
Atomic rooster
Barcley James Harvest
Blind Faith
Brian Auger and The Trinity with Julie Driscoll
Brinsley Schwarz
The Clash
Fairport Convention
Genesis (with peter Gabriel
Gental Giant
Humble pie
The Small Faces
The Faces
Jethro tull
Mott the Hoople

And many more I can't think of off the top of my head.

People need to go back to the beginning and search out bands from the 60's, 70's and 80's to get a real picture of what a really great band is; and Keane, McFly and Coldplay are not it!

Led Zep should be number 1 followed directly by The Rolling stones!

And by the bloody Albums and not those damned compilations that leave out some brilliant songs of any band.

91The Cult

92Paradise Lost

93The Darkness
Come on! Sure they're no Led Zeppelin, but how could you forget this band? Permission to Land is the best debut album of the 2000's. The perfect combination of Queen, AC/DC an a touch of Van Halen.
I love The Darkness! I can't wait for them to come in my Country!

Its a referente Band, not to be compared with most of the mencioned ones! The list is ridícoulus if is not starting with The Beatles! '

95Ocean Colour Scene
Unbelievable underrated. If you like your music mellow and emotional - great lyrics amazing vocals and instruments.

This is my favourite band ever, I am from the Philippines I mwish their come back again to our country
Just like they come here on eat bulaga and sing 5678

Not big in britain
But were a real hit in the usa
I love everything about gavin rossdale with his powerful and unique voice
Please big up bush


99Wi-Fi Band

Great band with awesome songs like ONE LOVE, ALL RISE, IF YOU COME BACK and many more
The best band in my opinion @ 105 what should be in top 1o

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