Best Blind Guardian Songs

The very best of music created by German power metal band Blind Guardian. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
This is, for sure, the best Blind Guardian's song ever, certainly should be on the top of the list.
Check out, that song at Wacken Live Show, I beg you also speechless, then.
This song is amazing, it's the only song on all the music history that the crowd sings the whole song at the same time. Thanks to Blind Guardian for this.
[Newest]Ahh, Itunes uploaded a live version as a song sample below! Awesome!

2Mirror, Mirror
This is by far the best Blind Guardian song ever! Epic and stunning!
An epic song stuck right in the middle of one of Blind Guardian's best albums. The song builds up to a chorus which that is pure, unadulterated distillation of the fantasy genre.
Mirror Mirror on the wal
[Newest]Really very good song... One of my favorite songs

3And Then There Was Silence
There is no song more epic than this.. Period. As someone who prefers metal but listens to everything from polka to classical to metal to rap to country.. There is nothing more epic and uplifting - it lifts you up.. And up.. And up again.. Brilliant songwriting, brutal riffs, amazing melodies and harmonies.. Hands down spectacular.
WOW! What can I say about such a great masterpiece of power metal! It should be in every top ten power metal songs. It has so many epic parts that you don't know which one is the best... It's like too many songs in just one.
The dynamics of this song are phenomenal. There isn't a more epic song in all of power metal. This isn't a slight against BG's other songs but nothing quite does it like the power metal ballad of Cassandra's misfortunes.
[Newest]Easily the band's finest work.

Nightfall defines the genre of power metal. Powerful vocals, epic melodies, cool solo... People who don't like the genre fall in love with this song. It should be no. 1. No... Wait... It is no. 1.
I love this song.. I love also the other songs.. But nightfall is... Nightfall.. Is special
I'm italy.. Sorry for my english..
Amazing song from and amazing band.

This song isn't for most people trying out power metal, but damn it has an unmatched epic quality to it. One day I will surround myself with speakers and blast the crap out of this amazing song.
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G drumming, amazing guitars, amazing vocals and lyrics. Too bad they don't play it live anymore.
One of the most unique songs you will ever hear


[Newest]This is THE best song in the world

The very best for chorus
Brilliant song, Hansi and Kai's voices work so well together. Plus who doesn't just wanna scream that chorus out!
This is my favorite

This isn't on top? Brilliant combo of technicals and ingenuity!
Best Blind Guardian song
Majesty is awesome guys. Great chorus. One of the best speed metal songs out there and of course - my personal favorite from this subgenre (alongside Banish From Sanctuary).


8Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
Time Stand Still (At The Iron Hill) is probably one of the best songs I have ever herd, Almost every single role is protrayed perfectly
Awesome! The most epic song I've heard!
Time Stands Still is my daily dose of epicness

9Sacred Worlds
Play this one for all who are down on hard rock and metal and challenge them come up with a better piece of music than Sacred Worlds!
The power of this song is unbelievable. It's a true masterpiece.
Any list of the greatest symphonic metal songs that doesn't contain this song should not be taken seriously.
[Newest]This is the greatest song ever made. The intro is perfect. The lyrics are awesome. There is no better song that Blind Guardian has ever made.

10Into the Storm
This song is what intense wants to be when it grows up.
Killer riff, great vox. I agree it's very intense and I love it (same for Thorn).


The Contenders

11Banish From Sanctuary
The solo for this track is pure genuis, one of the best and most memorable melodic speed metal solos in history.
Banish From Sanctuary in one of my favorite BG songs - aggressive and fast. Love Hansi's raw voice and the solo is really amazing, too. The LIVE version is even better - from 'Imaginations Through the Looking Glass' .


12Bright Eyes
This song always comes with shiver on my skin. Instrumental greatness of this song can't be told in any words. Just beautiful. For me number one.
One of the first I heard and one of the best.
Very well done.. somewhat different has a special something to it
[Newest]One of the most unique songs I've ever heard.


13Skalds and Shadows

14Mordred's Song
Very good song, with beautiful melody and lyrics. Hansi could really transmit the feelings of Mordred and his fall as knight.
The acoustic version of this song is the very best by Blind Guardian in my opinion. Not by far, but it beats The Bard's Song


15Lord of the Rings
Simply epic. Should be the soundtrack for the movie
"One ring to the dark lord's hand
Sitting on his throne
In a land so dark
Where I have to go! "
I'll keep the ring full of sorrow
I'll keep the ring 'till I die,
Slow down and I sail on the River!
Slow down and I walk to the Hill!

16The Throne
This is so epic! A lot going on bit it fits really well, and a lot of varying choruses that are all equally as catchy. Great instrumentals too
One of my favorites from the 2015 album - great! I'm so proud of them.
5:30-6:30 - Hansi is unstoppable, as if he doesn't take breath and only sings, sings and sings ... Awesome!


I don't know why this one isn't more popular, it's so full of emotion and is easily in my top ten favorite songs by them, probably top five as well.
Just epic, there isn't a better way to describe it, some of the best vocals I've ever heard from them. It's just too good to pass up on
Best song I've ever heard

18Wheel of Time
I think this is the most epic song of all time.
I remember being hyped for At the Edge of Time at age 12. When I first heard this song... it blew me away. Sick song.
One of the best orchestral metal songs of all time.
[Newest]Pure epic! Nothing more to say.

19The Curse of Feanor
Nice shred from start-to-finish. This is a top-notch metal song, let alone Blind Guardian.
Should be right after Nightfall, as it is on the album!
My favorite song off my favorite album- I actually think Ride into Obsession is the best BG song, but you can't beat the riffs in this one.

20Theatre of Pain
This song introduced me to Blind Guardian should be higher
So powerful, epic and amazing refrain
The most underrated bg song

21The Bard's Song (The Hobbit)
One of their best songs! This should be close to the top.

22Imaginations from the Other Side
Great song.. Just love it.

23Curse My Name
Musically this song just might top the bard's song as my favorite Blind Guardian ballad. During my first listen through of the "At the Edge of Time" album I cried when I first heard all the overlapping layers of different vocal lines in the middle of this song.
Its such an amazing song. It has so many layers, and a very good melody as well. Definitely take a listen to this!
Definitely of the 10 Best BG Songs, and one of the great symphonic metal songs of all time. A must listen! This is my favorite Blind Guardian track.

Epic song, I love it!
I love it, too - Hansi's voice is absolutely face-melting here; it's a proggy song with a crunchy riff.


25Another Stranger Me

26Time What Is Time
Why is this at the Bottom? Top 15 easily
This song is one of their best
I also think it's one of their best - it's on my personal top 10.


27The Ninth Wave
We will bring the new age, reborn as aeon gods! As aeon gods we break through!
Maybe the best from the 2015 album? Or The Throne? Or The Holy Grail? Or Sacred Mind? Or Distant Memories?
I don't know - love them all! But The Ninth Wave is the most impressive.


A song that takes your soul! The first passage ¬'¬'they rule the land their in command, they hold our wings in hand¬'¬' is just perfect!
Come! Take a look! Breath it in! Artificial wonderlands!

29Wait For an Answer

30Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
This song is great. why isn't higher up?


Why isn't this song higher up? I love it!

31Follow the Blind

32Precious Jerusalem

33Twilight of the Gods

34Another Holy War

35A Voice In the Dark
This song's musical content reflects its subject matter! The song itself sounds like going on a long journey somewhere while being assaulted furious blizzard.
How is this not higher up? This song is so epic I couldn't believe what I was hearing when I first heard it...
I over listened this song. But hey, it's abou Game of Thrones!

36Carry the Blessed Home
Http://voices. Yahoo. Com/10-best-songs-blind-guardian-12035486. Html

Always loved this song.
Great lyrics and melody, good arrangements: one of their best songs, one of the best in symphony / metal.

Intro really adds a different element than most songs, and then the instruments come in... Have to play those air instruments every time!
The song is harmoniums and great, combine with their voices

38Lost In the Twilight Hall

39Welcome to Dying
In my opinion is the loudest of the blind guardian the instruments are in perfect harmony and live is even better.

Paulo Henrique M. De Lima Perus, S√£o Paulo Brasil.

40Road of No Release
This song is amazing!

41The Script for My Requiem
This had always been the Quintessential Blind Guardian song for me. I am perplexed as to how it could not be on this list.

An underrated song witch has many interesting elements and an amasing theme! Ulysses descends to the underworld. Hansi did mentioned in one of his interviews that he was inspired by Dore's engravings for Dante's Inferno. I believe it should be higher on the list for keeping a great analogy between lyrics and music!

43Harvest of Sorrows
This is easily one of the best ballads in metal. Should be way higher!

44Ride Into Obsession

45Somewhere Far Beyond
This is a very call an melodic Speed metal song... I always start dreaming... For me One of the best songs of blind guardian

46War of Wrath

47The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight

48Turn the Page
Hello? Is it only me who lovers this awesome song? This Song is worth to be in top Ten!
Awesome song and Hansi's voice is buttery smooth here. I'd say top 15-20 (#56 is too low for this tune).



50Control the Divine

51Surfin' USA

52And the Story Ends

53When Sorrow Sang
It is not a known one but if you can found, this is awesome

54Traveler In Time

55A Dark Passage

56The New Order

57Under the Ice
Love this song. The slaughter house part is epic

58A Past and Future Secrets
A very nice song
This is amazing and I think that the re-recorded version of 2012 is even better.


59The Last Candle
A great song - the intro scream, the chorus, the outro. Hansi's voice is superb! This song is awesome live.


60At the Edge of Time


62The Holy Grail
One of the pearls on the 2015 album


63Miracle Machine
Hansi's crystal clean and beautiful voice shines here again.


64Distant Memories
A relatively mellow, mid-tempo song from 2015 but it's very beautiful


65Beyond the Ice
This is a GREAT instrumental. This song shows a lot off Blind Guardian's speed and skill. I would love to see it live!
Best song ever in my opinion, its fantastic, solos, riffs, vocals
Best of blind guardian and whole the power metal universe

66Tanelorn (Into the Void)
I think this song is perfect, 5/5 on my list of BG songs.


67Guardian of the Blind

68This Will Never End
Incredible song, great riffing throughout the song, vocals are pristine, all around just an incredible song.
Surprised no one mentioned this song. It's pretty awesome.

69Born In a Mourning Hall

70War of the Thrones
How does no one have this? It is about the ASoIF series, the lyrics are beautiful, the song is epic, and the melody is great!

71Run for the Night

72Sacred Mind
This one is quickly becoming a favorite from the new 2015 album, too.

Love how Hansi sings with his ghostly voice at the beginning and especially how he shouts "on FIRE!". It sounds so psychotic - awesome!


73Ashes of Eternity

74The Grand Parade
Perfectly performed solos and build up in the middle of this song.

75Journey Through the Dark
The LIVE version from Tokyo Tales captures all the power and melody of a Blind Guardian concert, and deserves a spot among the top of their all time song list

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