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Pearl is incredible five stars 2 thumbs up. I have been playing with a pearl vision birch drum set and it sounds as great as it looks. I definitely recommend any product from pearl. They definitely give you a hell of a lot of bang for your buck. It may not be top dollar professional set but I know I will enjoy it for years. I have played on a number of sets including yamaha gretsch and tama but nothing that matched the sound quality or durability of my pearl set.

My parents recently bought me a pearl 12 piece master custom it cost them 8000 dollars for the drums only without cymbals, I have 7 rack toms, 2 floor toms, 1 gold plated ford corian snare and double bass drum. I also got 16 zildjian k series cymbals set, which include 7 crash, 4 splash, 2 china, 2 rides, 1 hi hat. I think the k series ride sounds bad, so recently I've bought a stewart copland blue bell ride, which cost me 1000 dollars. I found the best sound drums of pearl is the rack toms, they sounds so sharp and it doesn't even need a plastic ring to stop the sound continuing. The reason I choose pearl is because they sound too awesome for their low price. They are also the best looking drums ever made! My pearl master custom rocks with all my cymbals!

Great drum, great price, great sound, great brand...
Play it, and you will love it...
It will be satisfy you, I guarantee it..
Really, its a good drum, if its bad, why the rock and metal drummer use it? So choose PEARL DRUM

Pearl is awesome

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Just got a Tama set and I LOVE it! I could never get my toms to the low pitch I liked without sacrificing head tension on my old set and with my Tamas I can even go lower than I want to have. love them!

Best rock drum I've heard for the price

Solid, well made kits that record really well in the studio and perform great at live gigs, I've tried most other drum manufacturers over many years but for me it's got to be Tama just for the reliability, Quality and sound.

I've got a tama snare and bass paddle and I just like the way it sounds

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3DW Drums

to me they come like perfect. I never put heads on my drum set until the other day. and they sound fine with out the heads you dnt hear any extra noise after you hit it. then with the Evans g2 heads they sound so crisp.

I think drum workshop is the best. I don't own a kit but have their pedals and couldn't be hapier. Dw is definitely up there in quality and looks. Also sound. I love dw

They are quite expensive, but worth it. Any of their sets are comparable with the "top of the line" kits from other brands which sometimes are more focused on the aspiring-drummer market

Dw is the best drum ever

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I have a Mapex Horizon and this sounds amazing. The heavy strong sound of the skins of all the drum part simply blows people!. I never had a problem with this set ever since 5 years. Tuning and built in facilities are not complicated to manipulate. So thus in my opinion Mapex is an excellent brand and deserves to be ranked in the! !

Mapex Meridian Maple works for me. New Evans G2 heads, and a Pearl Masters Premium Legend snare (and some lovely cymbals) have made it as good as most kits around, unless you are spending really serious money of course. Still, if I had cojones to spend the money I'd get Mapex Saturn Shells.
But in truth most of the main brands produce some great kits.

this is a badass drum, I have been playing for 4 years and mapex never let me down

The sound of it is cool

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I've owned a sonor delite series kit from 2001 and it is the finest set of shells I've come across. I keep getting tempted to buy DW but they just don't do it for me. Sonor seem to make instruments that are not only technically brilliant but also the overall sound and feel is just as good. I would love to visit the Sonor factory one day.

My Sonor kit sounds amazing - better than any other brand I've played. In addition, just by looking at how well the set it built shows that it is higher quality than other brands such as Pearl. Take a look inside the drum itself sometime, the shell is stronger, thicker, and the hardware overall is too.

I get a lot of compliments on the kit. Especially the kick drum. But you have to change the head. I put a Aquarian snare head on it. Cut a 4in. Hole on the front. And mic it. Sounds like a 22in. Kick drum. I like my Martini

Just awesome drums made in Germany. Two thumbs up.

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The śGretsch Renowns" are pretty nice. If I could go back & buy a śRenownť kit again though, I would invest in the kit that includes a 16ť floor tom & probably the 24ť or 18ť bass drum instead of the 14ť floor & 22ť that came with mine. The problem I™ve found with the śRenown™sť is that they can be challenging to tune at times. Once you find the sweet spots though, this kit can be truly amazing. If I could afford it, I would most definitely invest in the śGrestch New Classicť kit. In my honest humble opinion, the śNew Classic™sť is by far the nicest sounding mass marketed kit I™ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. One of the absolute keys behind the śNew Classic™sť design is the mounting system. The mounting system doesn™t touch the lugs or the shell, there for the mounting system doesn™t pull on the rim or squeeze the lugs while disrupting the resonance. It really, really makes a difference. In-fact, I loved the śNew Classicť mounting concept so much that I actually bought ...more

Gretsch Is Underated I Feel The There Renown Maple Kills The Tama Superstar Fusion, And Pearl Is Completly Overated!

A magic sound for the Renown Maple limited edition

Warm sounding and epic.

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I own 4 kits presently... 2003 Ayotte customs, 2005 DW Collectors, 2011Yamaha Recording Custom Anniversary kit and 2011 Gretsch New Classics. I love them all, but have to say the Yamaha's just sound incredible... Easy to tune, warm rich fully rounded tone. They are my favorite kit, but I have an attachment already as this is a remake of the early 80's RC kit... I owned a 1980 set just like these and had them for 16 years before handing them down to my son who still plays them today.

I don't know why yamaha isn't top. Best sound kit for any music. I can crank my snare for a studio sounding rock/pop sound or higher for a jazz. The recording customs are the nicest drums ever and you can't beat there hardware.

Sounds really good and durable I really want to get these drums. I want to learn drums and want a long lasting kit. I have 2 friends who play drums and I'm not sure what they have

I just like these drums

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Definitely the best brand for cymbals

I have zildjian set and a 5a maple dip drum stick which is amazingly awesome

Best cymbal brand out there and Sabian a close second, but as their motto states they are the "only serious choice"


pdp have the best sound especially for metal the rev uses them and he was one of the best drummers of all time

R.I.P jimmy "The REV" sullivan

Great Quality build, warm tone, and have nice looks! The main part is the shell's durably and sound quality, hardware is not to bad!

I love the look of it and they sound amazing and I have just learned how to tune few months ago I recommend the a lot đź‘Śđź‘Ś

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If you have the money to spend on quality, expensive drums, go with OCDP. They sound great and give you a bang for every penny. They also have many custom paint jobs inspired by the great Travis Barker.

OCDP rocks! The bass is like a cannon and the toms sound great with the right drumheads. The drum finishes are good too, especially the lacquer ones. Also, there are many great drummers sponsored by them like Travis Barker.

I strongly recommend orange county drums they have amazing quality in durability, style, and best of all the sound is amazing. I put ont the evans g2 coated for toms, evans coated powercenter reverse dot on snare, evans emad on the kick, and some zildjian zxt cymbals its is phenomenal, youll never regret buying OCDP


Premier will always be the best sounding drums ever made.

Most awesome drum sound ever I guarantee it


you can't get a better cymbal quality nowadays

I have been using Sabian for 40years and they still sound the same as the first day I bought them!

14Vic Firth

Best sticks on the planet they have amazing quality and feel to them. The top drummers including grant Collins and Dave weckl use them

Best Drum Sticks Ever


Good drums, man!


Compare ludwig epic to any other maker.Sound is top notch/looks are sharp, price is 1000s less than others.match this kit against your pearl masters and some would wonder at the 4000 $ price difference.Love your brand but know your drums.Ludwig drums are awesome in the studio.There are very few drummers who can tell the difference at this level of sound.

I just got me and my band this awesome Ludwig Element set. Matt black looks awesome and the sounds is especially good for its small size! We compared it with a set which was almost tripple the price and although I could tell and especially feel the differenses, the sound of the Ludwig still held up perfectly. Its cheap for what it packs! New heads and they can match the epic sets 5 times its price

Just got my Brand new 7ply maple Ludwig set. Best set of drums I've ever owned. I'm not sure why its only 15 at the list. Sonar should be last.

I love ludwig and they make amazing drums. This should really be the #1 brand.

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For me the High and Mid level kits are great for the price, but the low end kits sucks


Has great quality, sound and good looking with a variety of colors to choose from depending on your choice and taste. It is suitable for any type of music. It's symbals are nice and strong and most important of all the drum lasts for a long time.

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