Top Ten Dream Theater Songs

This list shows the best songs of the gods of Prog Metal.
The Top Ten
1 Octavarium

An odyssey of a song no doubt, this song takes me on a journey through the depths of the Earth, to places unexplored and full of wonder. It takes me around the circle of rock history, presenting a variety of famous rock songs through the lyrics of Portnoy. Octavarium is far more than just a song. Octavarium is a piece of art, a musical masterpiece, structured in a unique way, containing themes, and filled with secrets many of the listeners are probably unaware of.
I would love to go into detail about what Octavarium truly displays behind its genius melodies and solo's, but I will leave it for you do discover yourself. An adventure awaits. And that adventure is enhanced with the true knowledge of the song.

This song is really beautiful in every single way! Rudess' continuum draws the reader in and is easily one of my favorite Rudess moments. Then comes the soft intro from Petrucci and the beginning, lyrics by Petrucci is here to draw you in and sway to the music. Then comes Medicate, by James Labrie. Myung is a real rocker in this part and after this part, the explosion. God, doesn't Rudess' synth makes you explode and smile? This is when the song picks up and comes some really trippy lyrics, but still very fun nonetheless, then comes a fantastic instrumental. Did you guys catch the Jingle Bells Easter egg by Rudess? Also, sleigh bells seem to be ringing. Then is Intervals by Portnoy. This is easily one of the most dramatic parts in any Dream Theater song as Labrie screams. Then, is Razor's Edge by Petrucci with some enchanting lyrics and the ending solo. The ending solo is so beautiful as it contains passion rivaling The Best of Times. The end is when the Root of All Evil note plays ...more

Well, it's taken me a year and a half, but I'm finally here. This will be my 1,000th comment on TheTopTens, so I decided to make it a good one! This song honors the perfect format a song should take, which is that of a book. You have a nice and slow introduction to set the mood, then slowly build and build and get more intense throughout the whole song. Then comes the climax, when the song is at its peak. After that, the song slows down and an ending is established. This song perfectly executes that format, and not to mention with amazing instrumentals, and great lyrics coming from a perfect voice. This really is the perfect song.

When true musicians here someone speak of the legends of DT, they can faintly hear the soft whispers of the the musical gods playing Octavarium in there ears, this song is number one. All the people that voted "Pull Me Under" are only musicians when it comes to Guitar Hero, otherwise they would have never heard of DT.
Favorites: Octavarium, Metropolis pt.1, Entire Scenes from a Memory, surrounded, Count of Tuscany (Ending makes me tear up every time) etc.

2 The Count of Tuscany

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard by Dream Theater. The structure of the piece was one of my favorite parts of this song, as I am always keen to hear the more adventurous songs by Dream Theater, and this is one is certainly no exception. I also liked the "Echoes" inspired middle section with only Rudess and Petrucci providing a much more meditative section, before the song built back up to an absolutely amazing finish with another awesome guitar solo, and plenty of high soaring string parts and clever harmonies. An absolute must-have. If I had to choose only one song that I could listen to for the rest of my life, then this would be it.

Even though the first few guitar notes seem to exactly replicate 'The Ghost Prototype II - Deus Ex Machina' by Sacr Symmetry, it is a fantastic and epic musical journey that would be very difficult to match. Be it the headbanging first 8 minutes or the beautiful last 5 minutes, this masterpiece does not disappoint. I believe it is Dream Theaters finest work which displays each individual's skill at there selected imstrument. Even though most people will just skip through the middle section (which does Kind of drag on) it is worth the wait as it slowly builds up to the climatic emotional finale to such a perfect piece.

Masterpiece is really the right word to use. I've been listening to DT for a long time and when this new album came out, I was skeptical. After you listen to this track several times you really feel its power and are pulled in to the story. It's like 4 songs put together like puzzle pieces, perfectly aligned. This is Labrie's best vocal output in years and the intro is simply perfect

This song should be #1! This song makes you feel like you're going for a ride through Tuscany, its absolutely fantastic! Whoever thinks pull me under is better than this only cares about the popular songs; it may be their signature song, but this is a ballad! Nothing beats this, not even Octavarium!

Top 10:
10. forsaken
9. honor thy father
8. change of seasons
7. home
6. pull me under
5. Six degrees
4. metropolis part 1
3. under a glass moon
2. octavarium

3 A Change of Seasons

I remember a time, my frail virgin mind, never heard of this song... But now, I can't stop listening to it. Even though it's 23 minutes long, I love the lyrics to this song, and how everything flows together. Plus, the ending,... I always get goosebumps when I hear James' vocals at the end of the song. The vocals are incredible throughout the song because only a few months before this was recorded, LaBrie had a food poisoning incident, and while he vomited, his vocal cords ruptured, and doctors couldn't do anything but tell him to rest his voice as much as possible... Obviously that didn't happen. Besides, at 11:54 in, the riff is so catchy, and it sounds great. This song screams #1

Anyone who puts The Count of Tuscany or Octavarium over A Change of Seasons needs to re-evaluate things. The Count has the ending and beginning that are iconic, but the middle section drags on a bit and seems like it was slightly forced (see the last half of A Nightmare to Remember or Beyond this Life). Octavarium also drags a bit at the beginning with Rudess on the continuum. Everything about A Change of Seasons screams masterpiece. The lyrics are beautiful (oddly enough it was Portnoy with some lyrics that weren't about alcohol addiction), the themes are woven together with expertise, and there isn't a moment where you think the are just showing off how extremely talented they are. Every part of Change is necessary to the story being told. The main theme recurs throughout the song (something Octavarium and Count cannot claim). Plus, how are you going to stop the train when it's coming full force at 18:37 in? I've heard this song countless times, yet I still get chills when the ...more

This song deserves the number one spot. Even though it's not as heavy as the Count of Tuscany, this song has lyrics that are touching, because Mike Portnoy wrote the lyrics not because of the film, but rather after his mother passed away. For instance, the epic closing to the song:

I sit down with my son
Set to see the Crimson Sunset
Many years have come and gone
I've lived my life, but now must move on
He's my only one
Now that my time has come
Now that my life is done
We look into the sun
"Seize the day
And don't you cry
Now it's time
To say good-bye
Even though
I'll be gone
I will live on
Live on"

I LOVE IT! Proves James LaBrie is one of the best metal vocalists of all time, and showcases the impeccable musicianship by the 5 band members. Their best piece of music still today

A Change of Seasons...what can I say? It's a masterpiece! This song and Octavarium is really similar to each other in many ways. Why?
1. Both are one of the best Dream Theater has created.
2. They are both over twenty minutes.
3. The ending for both songs signify the cycles repeating each other.

Now, this song is the best song by Mike Portnoy about his mother's death and it just gets me every time.

4 Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper

A song that's art of the best quality within its genre. You simply enjoy every second of the song, and it is hard to get bored. People that dislike Dream Theater often says that they are good musicians that go brag around, I often use this song to show otherwise. And most of the haters get convinced. This song is musical power and technical power set together in a wave that can move mountains. Surely one of the best masterpieces that have ever faced the earth. And this is the easy way of saying it.

It's very close between The Count of Tuscany, Octavarium, and Metropolis for me but in the end Metropolis is the winner. The way the intro is crafted and leads into the speed picking ultra tight bass and guitar riff, the dynamic bass breakdown solo, the heartfelt lyrics, this song melts your mind and then reconstructs in a way that was previously unimaginable.

I used to like Dream Theater. Then I heard this song: from that point on I LOVED Dream Theater. It is easily my favourite song of all time. The musicianship show by Myung, Petrucci, Portnoy, Moore and LaBrie is incredible. Just because it isn't over 20 minutes long doesn't make worse than the likes of Octavarium or the Count of Tuscany.

This is the one that started it all. Octavarium is definitely remarkable, but this song accomplishes what octavarium did in less than half the time. And it was the beginnings to what would be dream theaters most significant work. Metropolis part 2, which draws many themes from this song.

5 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

How a song can be this long, complex, and varied, while keeping you interested. The transition from Goodnight Kiss into Solitary Shell is pure art.

This song is moving, mixed emotions evoked cannot be explained. The song to me brings up feelings of fear, sadness, yet brings up a feeling of innocence, happiness, hope and magnificence. It expresses the thoughts, troubles and problems faced by those suffering from mental problems like autism or split-personality. Everything goes on inside their heads, their perceptions, the war inside their head. It sends vivid pictures and scenes floating by with different melodies in the song in my head. I thought the song was touching and meaningful.

This song has everything that I want from a dream theater song X10. crazy solos, catchy tunes, sick drums, Some of the best vocals that James has ever done and sooo much more. And also, some of the most interesting lyrics I have ever heard. it takes up the stories of 6 different people with mental disorders. About to crash is about a perfect teen girl who falls into a deep depression. War inside my head is about a person with schizophrenia and paranoia. Goodnight kiss is presented in the form of a letter from a mother inside a mental institution to her daughter. And my favorite when it comes to lyrics, Monday morning lunatic is separated into 2 verses. the first is about a kid who's seen as a little special and nothing more, daydreams a lot and likes to be alone. But nothing thinks that there is something wrong with him. hi's just special. The second verse is about the same boy but grown up. he still behaves the same way but now he's seen as a danger to himself. They speak of him as ...more

Amazing. Without any doubts one of the best songs of all time. Especially the live one at the 20th anniversary concert. Starting of with an amzingly calm and relaxing orchestra part that goes darker and darker just to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Then the soft and beutiful about to crash part and... Oh what the hell just listen to it! The song is about 42 minutes long but there is no way in hell that you will get bored. Six degrees of inner Turbulence live with octavarium orchestra might be the best thing I've ever heard

6 Breaking All Illusions

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. The lyrics are perfection, James' voice is incredible and he makes it even better with the feeling he puts into singing it. The new drummer, Mike Mangini, is amazing, I haven't listen that much to classic Dream Theater so I can't comment on him being better than Mike Portnoy, but I can say that the new one is really good. The guitar solo isn't necessarily my favorite of all time, but it is most definitely in my top 10, it is simply fantastic. The feeling in it is just amazing. The best parts of this song for me is the intro, the 'Life's biggest battles' part, the chorus and the solo. If you haven't heard this song before, I can't recommend it enough.

I absolutely agree with the guy above me. The guitar solo is the best one I've heard in my entire life, it has so much feeling in it! You can almost hear Petrucci speak through his guitar. Myung did a great job in this song as well. His bass sounds incredible in this one. (As a bassist, I am still wondering: How can he even play that stuff? OO) Not to forget he wrote the lyrics which are awesome. The intro makes me feel almost ecstatic and the chorus is just epic.
This is now the song, after all those years, where I can say: This is their best! I've been waiting so long for a song like this.

After listening over and over to this song I can honestly say that this song is among my 3 favorite dream theater songs. The 3 songs are (from past to present) : learning to live, then octavarium and the recent is breaking all illusions. DT is my favorite band of all times and john petrucci is for my opinion the greatest guitar player of all times. I also like Jordan rudess - he is one of the best keyboard player ever.

Absolutely the most masterful thing DT has ever done. Goes through an incredibly wide variety of moods and themes while still staying cohesive, and the buildup at the end is one of the most epic things in all music.

7 Panic Attack

Jesus, I've been waiting heavy metal for over 30 years (Maiden, The Big Four etc) but this song is definitely the best thing I have ever heard! So complex but very compact st the same time. Phenomenal lyrics, great drumming by Mike Portnoy, great harmonies - just true masterpiece. DT would be my favourite band ever having more things like this in their catalogue.

A brutal assault from Dream Theater. It's a complete contrast to the rest of Octavarium, which is rather mellow in comparison. This is probably their heaviest song since The Glass Prison. It's very Portnoy-driven, and here, he makes excellent use of those two kick pedals he's armed himself with.

I thought this song was just ok, until I tried playing the intro on guitar which took me 2 hours to learn and now respect the song much more. Its not a "perfect song" but is one of the more interesting while not requiring to listen as closely as Metroplis or Octavarium which makes it the best.

It's very complicated. James labrie's voice can shine here and portnoy and myung really shine in the intro with the distorted melodic bass and the brutal double bass assault. Pretrucci then comes in with this harmony driven riff that just rules. Never liked a song by DT more

8 Pull Me Under

I just read a review in classic rock magazine in 2001 which told of dream theaters style, within 3 months I had the full back catalog plus 2 of the bootleg series. I despise comments like just because of guitar hero. It doesn't matter how you hear the music just as long as you do and you enjoy. I also only heard of my chemical romance because of guitar hero and subsequently bought 2 albums. I would still put this song at number 1 in the list even if my personal favourite is under a glass moon, because it will easy anyone reading this into the musical masterpiece that is dream theater.

Say all you want about Octavarium, I do love that song too but In my opinion, Pull Me Under is the greatest song Dream Theater has ever created.

How do I describe this? Hmm, the introduction, the mid-passage instrumental, the suspenseful ambiance, the colorful theme, the complexity, the beauty and the beat, everything will make your already beating heart dance to it like a one-time only experience.

Pull Me Under for the win!

I saw an advertisement for I&W in a guitar magazine and as soon as I saw the cover art and the name of the band I just had a gut feeling that this was the sort of music I had been looking for. I went to my local music store and had to order it as it wasn't out on local release. After 6 weeks it finally arrived and this was the first song I heard. I fell in love on that day in 1993 and have never looked back!

This song is extremely overHated. Its one of their best songs, even if it is the most popular. Its an extremely musically powerful song with great lyrics and an amazing climax, which is when Labrie sings "watch the sparrow falling gives new meaning to it all" etc. It is a song deserving of its poularity.

9 The Glass Prison

My favorite Dream Theater song of all time! The main reason is because it's arguably their heaviest song, and the heaviness goes on for 14 minutes! Love the lyrics, not only to this song, but to the ENTIRE 12-STEP SUITE! I don't know how it's only at #10, deserves a top 3 spot for sure.

After hearing this song, you will not find a single DT song better than this one. What I love about Dream Theater is that they are fantastic musicians, these 5 guys are musical masterminds, and they show their skills, and their skills are top-notch. Dream Theater definitely showcased their talents in this one!

Just being on 12-step alone makes this top 10 material, but... Just listen to the first 3 minutes and take in the ridiculous technicality. This is their heaviest, fastest and most technically complex song. But then, this goes on relentlessly for 14 minutes and constantly getting better the whole time, finally ending in an insane instrumental section (which is awesome to play on drums). You will not be dissapointed if you let this spend 14 minutes of your time.

I watched Mike portnoy play it with The Shattered Fortress live, This song has aggressive beats and the change between parts is astonishing.
One of the greatest gtr solo from John Pettruci and close to the end of the song there's even a short bass solo John Myung Deserves.
The drums are fun to play and listen to and James does great vocals with Mike Portnoy in a kind of duet.
Should have been longer.

Listen to the version of this song from the Mike Portnoy instructional video "In Constant Motion" that goes right into "This Dying Soul".

After hearing this, you will be a changed person forever.

10 The Spirit Carries On

Probably the most underrated DT song ever.
HOWEVER, for those poor souls who never try to understand the true meaning of a song, here is a quick step-by-step guide to how to love this song:
1) List the whole album "Scenes from a Memory"
2) Understand the story/lyrics
3) Listen this song again
4) Cry whenever you hear JPs solo
5) Great succes!

Listening to it right now! It's amazing... Don't forget a solo with such passion, that I can't even play the first 3 notes without sounding like I can't be bothered!

I'm not that sensitive, but this song keeps hitting the right string even after listening it a thousand times. Over all I prefer the harder song of DT, but this one stands out above evrything in the world.

Should be at least top 10!
Awesome Mike Portnoy! Amazing Jordan Rudess!
Really best (a bit) slow song of dream theatre ever!

Scene of memory can be involve as the best album ever beside images and word. viva DT! Laugh out loud

The Contenders
11 The Best of Times

Love this song, should be inside the top 15, if not top 10.
The intro is fantastic, the piano and strings work majestically. Then the guitar riff that comes in at 2:47, and ohhh I love it! Inspired by the Rush classic 'Spirit of Radio', it's like a whole new beginning to the song.

I'm playing this song at 3 different occasions:
My dad's funeral
My stepdad's funeral
When me and my girlfriend get married

Awesome song, 2nd best from Black Clouds only behind "The Count of Tuscany"

Come on! This song is a masterpiece. I can't help but cry at the end of this song because of the level of passion and emotion that goes into this piece. It may not be the most musically complex but the guitar solo at the end is nothing short of virtousity. This song deserves to be in the top ten. "Pull Me Under" is a good song but "The best of times" is a masterpiece. It should be right up there with Octavarium.

Wow, this is easily one of Dream Theater's best songs. There is absolutely no reason why this should be at number 38, nor is there any reason why "Pull Me Under" Should be at number 2. It should at least be at number 18, right under "Forsaken. " Honestly, I don't understand the logic behind this list.

The entire composition of the song is very well planned out. The recurring theme is absolutely beautiful no matter when its soft at the start into full blown towards the end. Plus I feel the 3 minute guitar solo at the end is absolutely beautiful. A must listen!

12 Scene Nine: Finally Free

Are you kidding me? Seriously? Finally Free is in my top ten DT songs. It always will be. This is the icing on the cake for Scenes From a Memory. You hear The Spirit Carries On, then just when you think it can't get any better or emotional, this song comes on. It's absolutely flawless. And I have to point out the vocals. I think this is James LaBrie's best song to date. The way he sings it... I wouldn't want any other person doing it. Perfect song.

Finally Free has the kind of chorus you can just SCREAM out, and when it appears for the last time with acoustic accompaniment before blasting itself out full power with the backing vocals, the characterful guitar riff it's one of those rare moments of musical perfection.

I have cried before while singing along to "we'll meet again my friend, someday soon". The perfect end to the epic journey of what I believe to be their strongest album (and I'm a fan of most DT, old and new.)

And that drum solo at the end! Such a feat!

close 2nd to Octavarium for me, but Octavarium needs no more publicity ;) It's in a league of its own. 14th is a ridiculous place for this song to rank in my opinion. 2nd or at least top 5 and I wouldn't complain

This should be in the top five! It ties up so many loose ends in the albums plot and leaves you still wanting more.

Amazing song, but I'm not a fan of the way it's structured. Might have to grow on me.

13 In the Name of God

This song is musically perfect. It's the DT equivalent to hallowed be thy name. The main riff is absolutley chilling and one of my favorites in all music. The last shrieking note in the solo that smashes into the main riff is a moment any Metalhead should recognize as truly perfect.
These guys showed up on my iron maiden station on pandora a year ago and they've been in my top 3 bands ever since.

This is my second favorite DT song behind Tuscany. The breakdown is one of the best pieces of music DT's every written, and the lyrics and message are very powerful

This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10 man. Its amazing, and even has a secret in it. There is one point in the song which is secretly done in morse code really quietly, which translates to 'Eat my ass and balls' in English :P

This song is is so heretic and heavy. 1 of the best DT songs. Can't say anything more. I also like Honor Thy Father but I could only select 10.

14 Another Day

Don't be a fool...
Don't believe in propaganda. Undoubtedly this is the best song of dream theater I've ever listened. It's awesome... Amazing... Fantastic... Wonderful... Mind blowing... It must be placed in number 1(not even this list but also in every music lovers mind).

Who made this absurd list.. Shame on him. They forgot to mention the best song in the top place.

Please listen the dream song of dream theater and browse the world of melody. Good luck fans...

When I Opened This Page I searched For this song in 1st or 2nd in the list! But its not even in top 10, I scrolled down down and down and hey its in 34. Come on DT fans Another day is the Most Amazing song DT have ever Produced. Way better then pull me under.
Best Instrumental use and one of the Greatest SOLO ever.
So before voting to other songs please listen to Another Day if you haven't listen it yet.

I have listened, listened, listened and still listening thousand time. All my heart goes to this song... Still from childhood. Teardrops fall from my eyes hearing this song.. It need to be 1st on the list...

This is my favorite DT song and definitely one of the best songs of them. It's a shame such a wonderful song is not even on Top 10. Most people unfortunately don't have taste in music anymore...

15 In the Presence of Enemies, Pt. 1

In my opinion, this song should be in the top 5. I think the only problem with the song is that it is broken into 2 pieces as bookends of the album. I see what DT was trying to do, but I think it was a mistake none the less. If DT had included the song on the album in its entirety as one track then I believe it would be appreciated more. For my self, I spliced the two parts together and blended it with a audio editing program so I could listen to the song as it was originally intended. This allows me to have the complete listening experience without interruption. I would recommend every DT fan doing this even though it takes a little work. I was amazed at the difference it made for me as a listener. Truly one of their greatest masterpieces.

Honestly, this list wad made before Systematic Chaos came out because it had a new epic (25:35) called In The Presence Of Enemies. This is in the top five as far as most dream theater fans are concerned. Coming from most real Dream Theater fans, Pull Me Under might be in the lower top ten, but not #1. THIS IS BY NO MEANS A HATE COMMENT. I am just coming from the average actual Dream Theater fans point of view. Not from the general public's point of view. Anyways, there is a survey on some website with thousands of voters that is:

1. Octavarium
2. A Change Of Seasons
3. Metropolis
4. In The Presence Of Enemies
5. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

However, my personal opinion is

1. Octavarium
2. A Change Of Seasons
3. The Glass Prison
4. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
5. In The Ptesence Of Enemies

Epic battle of good and evil. A lifetime full of notes, riffs, intros, changes, chorus's, altogether you get 2 brilliant songs to open and close the album. Portnoys vision of making great prog metal with balls & relevance is fully realized. Perfect 10. Dark master...

One of the best intros of all time, technically excelent. The slow solo/passage matches great in this song and there's nothing to say when to the lyrics of the songs referes epicness at it's pure meaning.

16 Learning to Live

It's one of those Dream Theater songs that are more progressive rock than heavy metal and I like it for that: This song has so much feeling and emotions in it without becoming anywhere near cheesy. No unnecessary soloing, just great songwriting, great dynamics and an overall great flow. Hardly any other DT song flows as well as Learning To Live, my favourite song ever. Plus, the lyrics are plain awesome!

The fact that this is #28 is a crime. This song is easily top ten, should replace as I am and pull me under with in the presence of enemies and in the name of god (not at those specific places though. Obviously anyone can vote on this list so it shows what their most known songs are rather than what really hard core fans think, but seriously...

Such a fantastic song SHOULD be on the top ten of Dream Theater best songs. Its true that compiling the 10 best songs of D. Theater is impossible but this is a total classic. It is probably in the top 10 metal songs ever. "The way your heart beats makes all the difference in learning to live"

This is the epitome of a perfect DT song. Multiple musical themes, amazing piano sections, breathtaking lyrics and 5 perfect guys showing the world why they are the best in what they do. Given that this is my favorite DT piece along with Breaking all Illusions, I'd really wish that mr Myung would compose a little more often

17 The Dance of Eternity

Certainly one of the most complex songs ever released by Dream Theater. Certainly not as emotionally complex as songs, such as Octavarium or A Change of Seasons, but 104 time signature changes in just 6 minutes makes this one of their shortest songs, and certainly their most complex musically. John Myung has an excellent bass solo, and Rudess has my favorite keyboard solo from any Dream Theater work. It's such a memorable song, and you can listen to it over and over again. It's difficult for it to get old or stale, but that can be said for much of their other music as well.

Like a collage of the best of their work, this song shows the best of their technician and progressive work, and for me is their best instrumental.

This is completely sick, that drum signatures, that bass solo, that Rudess surfing on the keyboard, completely amazing. Can't believe #18 when it's easily top 10 for all old and hard fans of DT.

Also, this song is played with percussion-only instruments in a Music School in Venezuela, go take a look on YouTube, and ask yourself, would it worth to play another ass-melody glamorous thing, or this blow-minding piece of destruction?

The complexity of this song along with John Myung's insane bass solo with sextuplets and the everchanging time signatures can't be beat. This was used as one of the "test" songs for their new drummer auditions.

Am I seriously the only one around here who just enjoys listening to this instrumental and does not (only) adore it for its complexity & technicality?

18 Illumination Theory

Octavarium is actually my favorite, but I think this ultimately deserves to be in the top ten at least. What with the false ending, the orchestral interlude, the ultimate theme, it was legitimately one of the best songs I've ever heard, and really just an all around amazing experience to listen to. I know how difficult it will be to vote this all the way up to the top of the list, and all of the songs currently on top of the list are pure masterpieces, each of which has given me chills and a deeper appreciation for the greatest group of 5 musicians ever to grace the Earth with their presence, but this absolutely deserves to be among them.

This is not the song I listen to most often. It's because when I do I kind of need a breather. This is hands down the best song ever written. 22 minutes of beautiful lyrics, epic feelings and heavy riffs. The new self-titled album is to me the greatest album ever. Mike Manginj rocks! I'm sort of glad that Porknoy left. With him, this song would never, ever, EVER, have been done! Thank you Dream Theater, the best as always.

Top 10 Dream Theater songs:
1. Illumination Theory
2. The Bigger Picture
3. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (it's ONE song! )
4. Space-Dye Vest
5. The Looking Glass
6. Breaking All Illusions
7. Wither
8. Enigma Machine
9. Octavarium
10. In the Presence of Enemies

I LOVE epics!

Aggressive at times, but calm at times; dramatic for most of the song, and the combination of the orchestra with superb progressive metal writing makes this song probably the best progressive metal song there is.

I mean, really, what is it with everyone saying Octavarium is their best song? It was kind of boring for almost all of the song until the very end, and the lyrics are laughable at times. For crying out loud, In the Presence of Enemies (one of my least favorite DT songs off of one of my least favorite DT albums) beat Octavarium in terms of keeping interest.

Anyways, Illumination Theory is the best prog metal song in my book (up there with Mouth of Madness and Architect of Fortune by Circus Maximus), and it's CERTAINLY DT's best effort to date. The 15 minute mark to the end is my favorite point, but the entire song is so great that it's incredibly hard to pick a favorite part.

This song is almost similar to Tuscany. Starts soft, heavy riffing, epic instrumental and solo, then that middle filler ambient, then propels to epic outro. This is also better than ACoS.

19 Stream of Consciousness

Feel extremely guilty for having to upvote a song from this absolutely awful band. This is the only song from them that's worthy of penetrating my ear. Great Song!

Serving as a continuation of Vacant, this one hits me hard. This is their longest instrumental, and it doesn't even need words to be as meaningful and emotional as it is. As Vacant is about the helplessness associated with a loved one in coma, this song's a really fitting expression of the crazy thought traffic going through the mind of someone who goes through that. Around the end of the 8th minute, this song gives me chills with the climactic build-up and keyboard/guitar solos. It's dark and heavy, but it goes on to become chillingly fluid and full of sorrow in a crazy climax toward the finale. Definitely worth a listen.

This is only Dream Theater song that's still existing in my music library since the first time started listening to them some 5 years ago. Love that transition, which starts at 5:07 as well as that sound (hard to describe) from 7:13 till 7:31 (that's my favorite part).

I absolutely and dearly love this instrumental. Currently my favorite instrumental song. If it wasn't for this song, I would've battered, shattered and dumped Train of Thought CD in the garbage bin.

The emotion pouring through this instrumental is pure and amazing. Also the music itself, Petrucci's guitar work, the drumming, Myung's bass, and all they keyboard-work is perfect.

20 A Nightmare to Remember

Why is this not higher? This is Dream Theater pouring everything they've got into one masterpiece. A dash of their typical style of prog metal, a pinch of opeth-style death metal, a tad bit of Dimebag Darrel style riffs, a small handful of incredible solos, and a drop of slow acoustic metal style music make this song one of dream theater's best tracks.

This song is possibly one of the few examples of modern metal taking on board the structures and compositional principles of classical music. The motifs are presented and developed in a really clever way.

First time I ever heard this song I was watching the DT auditions on Youtube. I watched Mike Mangini play it with such passion, it really inspired me. It's a beautiful song, with each play better than the last. Should be higher in my opinion.

This song is the definition of epic. Goes from super intense to slow and mystical. Put headphones on, and listen to the whole thing through. You'll feel like you just woke up from a nightmare afterwards.

21 Space-Dye Vest

Dream Theater always strike me for their technical superiority and virtuoso musicianship but I have always found them a little too over produced and somewhat emotionally sterile... Something I'm pretty much will piss a whole lot of Dream Theater fans off and I know loads to disagree. This song on the other hand and for whatever reason has a great deal of punch to it, perhaps it's the (relatively) simple structure compared to other DT songs, but whatever... To me this song feels more REAL.

This song is a prime example of what Dream Theater was missing when Kevin Moore left. Only Scenes From a Memory can compete with Images and Words and Awake, and part of that is keyboards. Jordan Rudess is technically amazing, but he lacks the knack for song-writing that Moore brought to the table.

I can't in good faith call this "Dream Theater's best song, " for this is a Kevin Moore work through and through.

However, it's still one the most intriguing and emotionally heavy pieces of music I've ever heard.

I am not sure if I really understood this master piece, maybe It will take some time and I will have to grow up at the first place, but this is just briliant prove why is DT such a great band.

22 Endless Sacrifice

I really love the beginning of the song, and the middle instrumental has a chaotic kind of sound, just like most other Dream Theater masterpieces.

Let me start off by saying "pull me under" is very good. Some people seem to think, that just because people like "pull me under", they have found out about Dream Theater through Guitar Hero and such, which is nonsense. Everyone has different tastes and we should all respect that. The only thing that is slightly strange is if you do not like a band with such, epic music. Most of my freinds are not able to sit through a song that is more than 5 minutes. They like things that are played on the radio and in the charts. Fair enough, I think. But they are missing out. Okay. Lecture over. Now let's get on to this epic song.
James Labrie has an awesome voice and sings really well on this one. It is almost like a ballad. The chorus is the best part though. Absolutely brilliant stuff. This one is actually pretty underrated. The lyrics are thought provoking and some of their best, John Petrucci's guitar is almost as good as it get's and Mike Portnoy's drumming is great as well. What a ...more

I have to vote for this one because it was the first DT song I had ever heard, by my guitar instructor who introduced them to me. I immediately went out and bought the cd, yeah cd, this was like 10 or so years ago. And you know how when you hear a band for the first time, that first song from them, that first album, always holds that place in your heart, probably as your all time favorite? That's how it is for me. Train of thought, being my first album, is my favorite DT album. That being said... Where the hell is this dying soul?

This progressive song is just amazingly composed, gives me joy to hear it till the end. What an Energy!

23 These Walls

This song touches my soul like no other. Can't think of any other song that can inspire me like it does. This song really needs to be in the top 10 at least. DT's most evocative solo, massive chorus that's on par with In the Name of God's, best hi-hat work from MP and by far the most poignant lyrics in a DT song. It's not as well known as their other stuff but it's the real deal.

According to the top 10s, it seems as though the best dream theater songs are those that pass the 10 minute mark... This song, despite being 7 minutes long, is literarily epic... My personal favorite

Awesome song, my personal favorite, when I listen to it I just want to tear down the walls its really amazing.

The music, the vocal and specially the lyrics of this song will take your mind to an upper level of feeling.

24 Wither

Okay, let's face it: "Wither" isn't one of the better known songs on Black Clouds and Silver Linings because the other five are what most people think about when they hear the name of the album. But even though it's the lowest in the album, this song is just awesome.

Seriuosly... This song may not be the most popular but it is superbly composed. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard with one of the best guitar solos ever done (not the fastest but it has SO much feeling! )

Wonderful song, with some amazing lyrics and great piano and guitar solos, this song should have made it to top ten...

Common, aren't there any real dream theater fans... How can you neglect this song which is easily top ten dream theater song

25 On the Backs of Angels

I don't understand why the new songs are so underrated. I think some dumb 90's fans can't accept that sometimes things are changing. In my opinion the new album is the best album and OTBOA is a masterpiece. Never heard such a good construction.

Both, music and lyrics are awesome, talking about our modern society is and saying as well about recent events such as the 2008 crisis, doing all this philosophy with beautiful metaphors.

Just listen to this song once and you'll understand why it was their only grammy nominee, to be honest I think that "White Limo" by Foo Fighters isn't as good as this song.

It's insaner than the pull me under.
It must the top one.
The drummer is insane.
Well, everyone of them is insane.
And I'm insane!

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