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Not a SINGLE bad song! EVERY Rammstein song I have ever heard is just pure genius!

From their first album to their most recent, they are truly a legendary Metal band...
Rammstein, rammstein. Why The best because it is legendary band. Amazing melodies, its not the best German band, its best band worldwide. Just listen to albums Mutter or Sehnsucht and you will understand why its the best
I can't honestly think of a band as unique as Rammstein. Their sound is vulgar and powerful, and they 're lyrics are poetic and interesting. Their music will engulf any room it's played. Rammstein ueber alles!
[Newest]Rammstein has been around for so long and even with their German songs they are very well-known worldwide. That is an accomplishment. Furthermore, their unique sound and poetic lyrics, from the beginning to the end, is unknown.

Sonne is my personal favourite.
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They are incredible and Klaus Meine is an awesome vocal! They are way better than Rammstein, Accept and any other german band! Definitely one of the world's greatest bands ever! Songs like Wind Of Change, When You Came Into My Life(both versions), Alien Nation, A Moment In A Million Years, Under The Same Sun, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Still Loving You, No Pain No Gain, Here in My Heart, Your Last Song, Humanity, We Were Born To Fly, We Will Rise Again-this proves they are definitely the best german band up till now.
They are responsible for every german band who has reached fame somewhere other than germany
I just found out they started in 1965! The songs I enjoy seem to come from the mid seventies. The music is catchy and the sound of the singer's accent is endearing. It still seems to have a definite European feel even if you didn't know they were from Germany. I only found out about the band when my brother came back from the Army. Although I didn't approve of his military stint, I did approve of the music to which he introduced me. I don't know that much about the other bands listed. I approve of Kraftwerk and wonder why Nina Hagen didn't make the list as well. The inclusion of Kraftwerk validates the fact that this is not only a rock list.
[Newest]Klaus Meine rocks and also scorpions is one of the best in the world in my opinion
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3Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel has been around for quite awhile, and we KNOW they are going to stick around for many more years to come. And what is great about them is that even though they have been around for so many years, they hold their fans well and have the amazing ability to crank out more and more great music and evolve according to changes that need to be made. They keep everything interesting and updated, from altering their music style a little to glamorizing their look and shows. Bill has the most amazing voice I have ever heard, Tom and Georg are absolutely rocking' on the guitars, and Gustav is a wonderful drummer. They are fabulous and capture everybody's interest with the whole deal about Bill and Tom being twins (not to mention the twins' amazing looks and fashion styles) and they have such good hearts. All four of the members are amazingly polite and sweet boys, and they care so much about their fans. Fans, I might add, that are very numerous in quantity

Tokio Hotel brings wonderful music to the table; they deliver.


HEY! Wir sind Tokio Hotel! Tokio Hotel is a fantastic band, their songs are really good, I love all and each of them. Bill Kaulitz's voice is just perfect, he sounds incredible live, unlike many artists... The band puts a lot of energy into their performances, which do not cease to thrill. They create their own music with lyrics with real meaning. Bill, is singer and songwriter, in fact he started writing and singing his own songs at the early age of seven years old, and is still doing it. His twin brother Tom, started playing the guitar at the age of 6, supported by his stepfather, Gördon Trümper, the guitarist of the german rock band, Fatun. The bassist Georg Listing, also started at an early age playing guitar, as the drummer Gustav Schäfer that started playing the drums when he was four years old. They became super famous in Germany when they were only fifteen years old, and got millions of fans... They still have fans worldwide, which support them in any situation. They vote in all competitions, making them win in whatever they are nominated.
I am a BIG fan since three years and I will be a fan for ever, they make my day, when I'm happy Ilisten to TH, when I'm sad, I listen to TH, when I'm bored I listen to TH, I Listen to them always... I'll never get tired or bored of them, because they make me laugh, cry, excite, they just make me happy, and I am who I am today, in part thanks to TH...
They mean a lot to me, so, for me they are the best band ever.
I love the way they became in who they are, who could know that 4 boys from a little town would become into super stars
[Newest]Tokio better than Scorpions... , please?
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Thank me for adding Helloween to this list, for me they are the second best band.


Most underrated hard rock band of the eighties! Their music was original, but they also had outstanding lyrics. Real ones. Ones you could actually think about and live.
Along with Scorpions and Accept, the most influential metal band in Germany (and notoriously influential in Europe)!
[Newest]Must be number one!

Alright I understand Rammstein being high and Scorpions should be first but really? TOKIO HOTEL? They're just a big joke. Kreator should definitely take their place on this list at #2 after Scorpions
Rammstein 1st, laugh out loud, Tokio Hotel 2nd, laugh out loud, Scorpions 3rd, big joke! Scorpions should be 1st. Even if I prefer Kreator, Helloween or Accept, I have to admit that Scorpions is a legendary hard rock band and REAL musicians. But Rammstein and Tokio Hotel things shouldn't be in that ranking, or at the bottom of that list. If Justin Bieber was germanic, I'm sure he would be 1st too... What a shame!
Oh my God, one of the best Thrash Metal bands is forgotten
The real list must be: 1. Scorpions 2. Avantasia 3. Rammstein 4. Tokio Hotel 5. Kreator
[Newest]One of the best thrash metal bands worldwide.

One of the most influential bands of all time
Electronic version of Beatles
I can't believe that only 3 percent agree
Most of the influence from modern music no matter what genre, comes from Kraftwerk and most artists and musicians have multiple elements of Kraftwerk in there songs. They're just awesome anyways.
Originators of techno sound.
[Newest]Kraftwerk is just... wow... Best German Band

7Die Toten Hosen
Die Toten Hosen are a gift from God to mankind. I love the deep lyrics and their guitar skills keeps me dead electrified. As I can see all other bands listed here have been compared to others but Die Totens are just one of a kind. Seriously which genuine rock lover doesn't adore this Mega Band. -Chege (Kenia)
Die Toten Hosen in my opinion is so much better than all of the bands above it. They are not heavy metal scream-o type, their like your hard rock/modern rock band you hear in America but Deutsch. I love them and have been hooked on them for years. I am happy to call myself a fan of Die Toten Hosen. And if you haven't listened to them yet, I more than highly suggest you should start to.
Why is Die Toten Hosen down here? They should be number 1 or 2 at worst. If you disagree check out 90% of all of there songs and then tell me why they're 9th and not 1st.
[Newest]I love this band. Absolutely amazing.

8Blind Guardian
The best Power Metal band in the world! Everything they've done is a work of genius. Listen to 'And Then There Was Silence' (all 15 minutes of it) and discover your new favourite band.
This band is great, love the style of their lyrics
The Bard's song is the best song in the world
[Newest]Blind Guardian is many favorite band! I have ALL their albums and have seen them live about 6 or 7 times!

Thrash metal at its finest.

Oomph! Is an excellent band; their songs are great, and many of their songs, such as Labyrinth, are essentially short renditions of classical cultural items. In the case of Labyrinth, it is a nod toward Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Brennende Liebe is sort of an alternative Frankenstein tale. Both songs and music videos are intricately and excellently done.
People like Rammstein due to their live performance but on the other hand Oomph! Likes to stay focused in their songs. I personally love Oomph! A lot more than Rammstein and I like Rammstein a lot UNTIL I heard Oomph!. Tip: Listen to Oomph! If you like Rammstein and you might like it, just because one song is not good listen to another, maybe that one is
Oomph is the best German band I've ever heard. They're so creative and just make good music. Oh I love Oomph! So much
[Newest]Just the best band ever.

The Contenders

What ¡¡¡ brutal band... strong memories about them.
City of God is such a tune
Wow they deserve to be a lot better... Ausegebombt is a kick ass tune. Gove it a listen it'll blow away your expectations. Just Listen to the Agent Orange album in general. They kick some serious ass.

I am personally a scorpions fan but I also really like Avantasia so I just decided to go with Avantasia because it is lower down on the list and it is not where it should be scorpions should be #1 and Avantasia should #2 right behind the scorpions I guess all I am trying to say is that Avantasia and the SCORPIONS ARE THE BEST BANDS EVER AND SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER! 1!
It's simply one of the best power-metal band's out there! It obey's al the power metal rules as the best!

28. Songs come in two tempos: metal and ballad.
32. Play in as many bands as possible. More side projects and guest appearances means more epic!

And yet its still way more then just a "Power-Metal" band
Definitely deserves to be in top 5, common people vote!

if Accept isn't in the top 5 of the best German bands, this list is really pathetic...
you should check out their classic songs "Fast as a Shark" and "Balls to the Wall", as well as other songs like "Teutonic Terror", "Restless And Wild", "Princes of the Dawn"...


This band is really amazing, love the new singer, Mark Tornillo! They were big in the 80's, then came back again with a 2010 album, Blood of the Nations. Check out their classics, Fast as a Shark or Balls to the Wall, and also check out the newer stuff like Teutonic Terror! These guys are amazing. Heavy metal!


great metal band! this band is a marvel


[Newest]Pure heavy & classic!

Hey, this band is underrated in this list! Its the best!

15Gamma Ray
after Helloween the best German band


They're the best. Gamma RAY
Stunning Band... Up there with Scorps for me

16Die Ärzte
Best band in the world, hands down! I can't believe they are number 20 on this list. Oomph! And Rammstein are good, but Die Arzte is number 1. They are everything anyone could want in a band
I love them! Good punk rock music and funny lyrics
Life would suck without their songs, it lightens up mood and brings a smile to sad faces
[Newest]Best band from my country by far!

One of the best bands of all time, German or otherwise.

My thoughts exactly. Can should be at the top, probably behind Kraftwerk.
One of the best bands ever anywhere

Hey Dude no bad songs why is this band all the way down here! I mean I listen to them every day!


Best german band in my opinion
The first band I really liked and listened when I was learning German
[Newest]Ridiculous, should be in the top 5 easily.

Play "Jordan" and you will feel like you could take on an army. Powerful song. These guys ROCK!

20Einstuerzende Neubauten
Amazing stuff. Ahead of their time
These guys ARE industrial.
This is awesome band. Their songs are cool. I am happy that I found this band.

Originators of industrial sound. Haunting and innovative.
A unique band. The first commercial band to produce collages of sound although a lot of there album tracks are pastiches of established forms
Faust 1 and the Faust Tapes were ground breaking then their version of electro noise is as exciting as ever now. Sadly they, unlike their contemporaries Can and Amon Duul were rubbish live...

Compared to the others a REAL musician who is kind of a newcomer being still modern. I have to know - I'm german myself ;)! The others are already too old.. Sorry..
Greatest lyrics compared to the rest in this list.
Also great music
reggae band
I saw him in concert in Nice, and I have to say, that was a really great concert!

23And One
And one is simply just awesome no more to that
Their music is beyond amazing and meaningful, both in German and English.
Surprisingly good. Worth a listen. Itunes had some of their stuff.

24Heaven Shall Burn
One of most death metal I ever heard.. Great riff and deep growl with some quality to make many great songs
Very good band great music doesn't matter what you listen to you will like it if you like hard core metal
In Flames+Metallica+Lamb of God=Heaven Shall Burn!

Extraordinary innovative motorik styled music, original in it's concept and deceptively melodic. Hard to believe that they are not listed in the top 10 with can, Faust Amon Dul 2 and all the 70s German Cosmiche rockers.

26Kingdom Come
Excellent band, great vocals, lyrics, dynamics and presentation!

27Xmal Deutschland


29Michael Schenker Group

WARLOCK FOREVER! Doro is the best girl singer ever. I really hope, that people some day will understand, that rammstein are brutality and real bands are the classic once!
Warlock should be up much higher!


32Tangerine Dream
This band is way too subtle, artistic, surrealist sounding... Once you listen to Tangerine Dream you realize this is something else. I would'd not expect them to be top ten because listening to them you cannot tell what kind of music it is. Yet, so many movies had them on their soundtracks and people would not even know they have been listening to TD for ever.
Why wasn't this band even on the list, much better and more influential than any of the more generic power metal bands or tokio hotel.

33Holy Moses

34In Extremo
Best German medieval metal band ever!
I suggest you guys listen to "vollmond" by this band, it deserves a thumbs up.

As an American I became a huge Nena fan becuase I was lucky enough to hear of her in 1983, and am happy to see she is more amazing than ever, now.
I am also a big Rosenstolz fan, but wasnt fortunate enough to hear of them until a few years ago, and been hooked ever since.
I love Silbermond too (extremely talented but commercial), and also enjoy Juli (great, except the most recent Juli album I didn't like at all), and Ich & Ich (my personal preference is female vocalist so a minus for them in my humble opinion).

My husband, who speaks zero German, loves Rammstein, whereas I cannot stand it, and cannot imagine even being able to stand the sound of Rammstein, no matter what language. Obviously to some people, Rammstein are great, and if it inspires my husband to actually study German, then more power to them!
I cannot vote for any ONE German band.

Someone listed Nena (my longtime favorite) to be "the only worthwhile" German band. I do not agree with this statement, despite she may be my personal favorite.

There are many fantastic German bands to suit different tastes.

I like many of them; some are my personal favorites; others are great just because they are.
Silbermond is an excellent band but didn't know I can only vote once... But also: Nena (my favorite from 1983-now - went to see 4 shows in 2010 ans she's still touring & been making great music for near 30yrs); Rosenstolz (at it for 20yrs but I only heard them for first time March 2011 - bought all their dvds and music, and listen to them daily ever since - love them! ). Other good options: Juli; Ich & Ich, Wir Sind Helden, Aleen (was backup on Nena tour but great solo stuff if hard to find)
I love this band, they are awesome. They are more modern than Nena, yet not overwhelming, with a great sound and understandable lyrics.
[Newest]Silbermond (from Germany) and Christina Stürmer (from Austria) are the best.

I just recently started listening to these guys and immediately became a fan. They remind me of Rammstein one of the best industrial rock bands in the world. Eisbrecher is more techno with club beats which is not a bad thing.
Totally better than 39th. Not sure who is deciding this
This band should be on 2nd after rammstein

37Böhse Onkelz
Best riffs, best lyrics, best vocals great emotion pure hard rock!
Awesome Band with deep lyrics! And no, they aren't nazis!
They are simply the best. In short, "Legends Never Die"
[Newest]Best German Rock Band

Techno band. Sold over 25m records and have earned over 80 Gold ^^ Platinum awards. Scooter are considered the most successful single-record German act with 23 top ten hits. I can't believe they are not on this list.
Scooter forever! There will never be any band as good as this. The coolest band on earth.
They are the BEST thing that ever happened to music!

Dark, disturbing and awesomely industrial
Very dark, intense industrial. Also lots of replay value, because they're so different than most, and each song sounds unique. Rammstein has an awesome live show, but Wumpscut wins as far as my earholes are concerned.
Bleak and desolate industrial techno, very influential to many other acts

40Modern Talking
Relaxing music for people with "complicated" and rich mind, 60- 80 bpm

41Amon Düül II
Fell somewhat under the shadow of Jefferson Airplane, but really inventive acid rock. Consistently good albums

42Primal Fear
Best production, killer vocals

One of my personal favorite German bands.
Best of German band

44Jennifer Rostock

Best of progressive bands
One of the best Heavy Prog Rock Bands

Are you serious?! 74?! Hmm, may be there are real opponents in there... Let me see... Yes, Tokio Hotel on the second place! Mother of God, wake up, guys!

The best German Band! Nothing more to say, it's a fact, no one can BEAT the BEATsteaks!
They will always be the best Germany has given to us!

My favorite song from them is Mana. It is just so epic.
Such an amazing band.

49Guano Apes
Can't believe this band wasn't on the list!
Guano Apes and Scooter should be in the top ten...
It's one of the best!


Great voice... Great music... Should be among top 10. Why are they so poorly rated. Their songs like Pogo and Circles are greatly sung. Digitalism rocks. I always listen to them.
Bitte bewerten sie über 10.

52Leaves' Eyes

This is an awesome band!
Their music is very emotional and deep the lead singer has a great voice haven't heard a song yet I haven't liked I highly recommend listening to them you definitely will NOT be making a mistake! So go check them out! First time I heard them I fell in love!
One word: AMAZING. They should be way higher on this list
No words! Just listen!

54Culcha Candela
A group whose members are from all over the world, but all living in Germany. Influences from here and there, definitely the best. It is a shame if you dunno the group.
Most songs are fantastic, the others are awesome.
Dancehall and political themes?

Bad combination, but these guys managed it.

Alphaville's album 'Forever Young' is the greatest 80's synthpop I've ever heard. Singer Marian Gold has a fantastically unique multi-octavinal voice. The band have varied song styles: popular sentimental ballads (Forever Young), highly danceable songs (Big in Japan, Sounds Like a Melody, Dance With Me), ethereal masterpieces (A Victory of Love, Next Generation).
Vastly underrated, perhaps came a little too late in the synthpop scene nevertheless they are up there with the ranks of erasure, yazoo, new order, ultavox and other legends.

Listen to "Wonderful Life" and "Beautiful"; awesome


Saw them live. They are just pure joy.
I really enjoy their new songs like "Augenbling" or "Molotov". Have a look on it :)!

Deichkind continues to produce amazing diverse music. Not only is deichkind extremely popular in Germany, but also in other countries. Deichkind is usually sort of electro-techno music and much less metal-screamo than a lot of these bands. I love Der Mond und Luftbahn
Just great guys walking thru a few genres - and the new single"so ne music" (such kind of music) says it pure and clean - back to the basics of nu gen- electro hip hop - should be taken as an example for all USA Hip Hop artists to slow it down and get back to their roots like snoop farell and co... and not getting deeper into the guetta mud (EDM) - because that's for the kandi raver kids of S- cali and South America. use the 808 and clear meanful rimes - because that's what its all about! WORD!

58Lucifer's Friend
Most underrated german band. Excellent music for that time.
I ve heard no songs but my love... Awesome... One song changes opinion..

Greatly underrated German beer loving thrashers

Normally I just listen to indie rock and alternative music. But I love this band!
My favourite songs:
- Who We Are
- I Am Rebellion
- Devil's Night

61Running Wild
Why was Running Wild not on this list?
Best German Metal Band of all time

62Wir Sind Helden
These are the foremost rock group of new age German music.


64Subway to Sally
Oh my nipples! This band is the. best. ever. Somebody hold my beer!
Awesome band, all songs are super good!

Finally awesome band and many times better than those ones in the top10.

66Ton Steine Scherben
A punkband in 1972, a indieband in the seventees? Nobody, but Ton, Steine, Scherben!
Rio Reiser - when the König von Deutschland's name was Mensch.


68Mit K

69E Nomine

70We Butter The Bread With Butter

71Skew Siskin
One of the best hard rock bands of Germany, Nina C. Alice is a great singer and Jim Voxx an underrated guitar player!

72Die Toedliche Doris

73Ash Ra Tempel

74At Vance
They have amazing song. They should be in top 10!
The best in this list!

75Cosmic Gate


77Der Plan

Legenden des Prog. Rocks!

79The Lords

80Popol Vuh

81Kin Ping Meh



84Emil Bulls
... Aus dem Herzen von Bayern!



87Walking Dead On Broadway

88Cinema Bizarre
Their song is very nice.
Best band in the world.
Cinema bizarre have great songs and have great performance. Strify voice is so sexy. best group in world. They are German pride. they have many fans in Iran and Russian and Italy.
[Newest]Cinema bizarre for ever

89Boney M
Seriously? What has the world come to? Boney M was one of the best retro bands that ever was! Their songs are the best... "Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen..."



92Colour Haze

Legendäre Rockband! Und die Jungs haben tatsächlich ein sensationelles Comeback hingelegt. Man braucht sich nur "Remember the Daze" und "Dancing with Ghosts" anzuhören, um die hohe Musikalität von Epitaph von 1970 bis heute zu erleben

In my opinion the best German Rock group of all times
Simply the best from Germany

95The Boots

Ohne jeden Zweifel eine erstklassige Rockband, die sich aber durch mangelnde Disziplin und/oder schlechte Bandführung immer wieder selbst abgeschossen hat.


98Agitation Free

Strong melodic sense, excellent production, particularly on the Posthumous Silence album, which is particularly excellent. Vocals in English.

100The sweet

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