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Cher... She had her own musical TV show with Sonny Bono, she starred in numerous films, from drama to comedy! She also published many hit songs solo, or with others! And yet Lindsay Lohan is above her!? HellO!
What is wrong with you people? Cher did way more and is more talented that Lohan and Lopez!
Cher has done it all and done it well. She is timeless and brings more to the table than most of her colleagues!
[Newest]I had no idea she was an actress

2Whitney Houston
You all should go somewhere because whitney houston is better than all the people on this list. She has been in the biz for years and she sings to the deepest and can give you chills unlike the people ahead of her. I'm sorry but have you seen some of her original movies like the body guard and stuff not many people can sing the way she does and nowadays you don't really have that.
She may not be a great actress, but there is no one better at singing, period! Even after 20 years, her voice and charisma rings in my heart.
She is the best singer ever in one of the best actress
[Newest]She a great singer


4Selena Gomez
Well I love Selena and she is beautiful funny and different but in a good way she has a loving heart and she likes us for who we are so I love her I'm like her number 1 fan so ya that's all
She is such a darling! She totally deserves to be #1.. Lots of Love from Pakistan darling.
She is great! She have a good voice and her acting is wonderful! She's so amaizing and talented. I LOVE YOU SELENA!
[Newest]She is the best

5Jennifer Lopez
She docent show true beauty. Just what all those guys want to see.
She's a wonderful women, I love what she've done and achieved, and offcourse she is a sexy woman.

She is the best I have always listened to her music and always will
She porved be a good actress in her movies, like golden globe nomination performance in Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records
Her voice inspires me to be like her when I grow up.

7Janet Jackson
She should be number one

8Jackie Evancho
She acts, she sings, and unmistakingly, the best I have seen and heard... A natural talent, a un-natural ability to make me listen, see and smile
Acting career just getting started, but playing Robert Redford's daughter in his recent movie "The Company You Keep", she was just about perfect.

9Katy Perry
Always sings confidently I love her

10Britney Spears
Britney is good singer/ mom she is a very big
Inspiration to me

The Contenders

11Lindsay Lohan
Bridget Mendler and Victoria Justice
I like Lindsay lohan

12Lea Michele
Her voice is so amazing, she is a true shinning star and she can sing anything. Come on, number 5? She sang everything on GLEE, from "Baby one more time" to "Defying gravity". She has a Broadway voice, she's brilliant on Broadway songs, but she really nails some pop songs as well.
Lea Michele is amazing. She has better skills than Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff heck every person on this list.
She looks nice and pretty! Should be on top 3!

Why is she on this list, doubtful she could act her way out of a paper bag.

14Michele Lee
I love this lady and what has she done keep it up

15Jennifer Love Hewitt
Most beautiful woman in the world
Jennifer love hewitt all the way ♥ ♥

Love from finland
I love Jen! She is beautiful, is a wonderful actress and sings beautifully!

16Liza Minnelli
Absolutely the best hands down please don't even try to compare

17Dolly Purton
Better to attach photos on this page.
Ditto & it's spelled Parton!

18Barbra Streisand
Should be number 1, those who disagree go lie down and hear her version of windmills of your mind. Watch an early movie of hers with redford. You wake up and smell the coffee! Hey I like women too laugh out loud.
There has never been any person as talented as Barbra. She is the number one American actress and singer ever!
Barbara Streisand is THE QUEEN of acting and singing. She SHOULD be #1.

19Mandy Moore
Mandy can pull it off!.. She can play the character well! Especially the most promising movie of 2002 "A walk to Remember", based on a novel. And also she was one of the bullies of Princess Diaries 1. Her movies are "Chasing Liberty', 'How to Deal", and Because She Said So... Vote for Mandy Moore.

20Avril Lavigne
She is a heaps good actress in over the hedge!
Avril lavigne.. !

I love your style..
I love all of your songs..
I love your voice..
I love the smokey eyes..
I love your bad reputation ckckckckck..
Never stop creation..

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