Greatest Deceased Guitarists


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The Top Ten

Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne)
Please, Please, Please... I'm telling you to give a listen to only 3 Solo's:
Crazy Train, Mr. Crowley & Goodbye to Romance...

Youtube them NOW!


He changed rock at his time. Revolutionized his sound and helped ozzy a lot. Its a shame he died so young. Had so much potential. Definitely could've had his name more so recognized had he stayed around. Much greater of a player than zakk wylde. Truly underrated due to misfortune of early death. His crazy train was derailed before it left station
I knew Randy for 17 years and it was such a shame that the world didn't get to hear what I heard over the years. He was THE GREATEST guitarist of his time!
[Newest]Randy is a GOD... 25 is no age to die, (Hendrix and Cobain were 27! Probably only more acknowledged for being part of the club) especially not the way he died... what he accomplished in his small career however was far greater than 99% musicians out there today. Most versatile and not only changed guitar but also music, completely broadened it with concepts of writing in different keys etc. flying high again is more impressive to me than any of hendrix's music and his live recordings were unbelievable. He was also extremely humble and respectable plus had no influence of drugs on his music, not many people can say that.

2Jimi Hendrix (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
He was so good but he died so young :(


What is this world coming too? Jimi not on top is blasphemy!
The Voodoo Chile is number one...

3Dimebag Darrell Abott (Pantera)
I miss him, and miss pantera, I don't play guitar, but I have bought his model from Dean to honor him, such a good musician
he was the god of metallic guitar...
we miss him badly.
this guy did the maddest guitar riffs


[Newest]Among the best! Wicked solos and tricks for sure. A good guy and awesome stage presence.

4Duane Allman (The Allman Brothers Band)
Real blues slide right here. No one can match his talent and carefree style of playing. Long live the Allmem brothers band.


5Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Truly an amazing guitarist, and to sing at the same time; truly a legend who left too soon.
He was an inspiration to me and I will never forget his music. He was truly amazing.

6Stevie Ray Vaughan
What a shame. He was cut down in his prime. Think of all the innovations he could have made.
He was incredible could send you away with his playing close your eyes and you were lost in him
King of the blues. A lot of greats with the guitar, but only the select few can make it talk. SRV did just that.

7Rory Gallagher
Rory Gallagher was the People's Guitarist. Unassuming but tenacious, the Irish blues man devoted his life to touring and playing his beloved Fender Strat...
In an interview,

When asked œHow does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world? "

Jimi Hendrix replied,

"I don™t know, go ask Rory Gallagher.
if ever blues and rock had to be combined to create "that" sound, of all people Rory Gallagher did it better than enyone else

8Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)
What a talent hughley underrated a good place to start is Europe 72 stelar tracks include China cat sunflower /i know yoi rider, trucking, morning dew this poll is total garbage how on earth a limited player is rated higher than jerry garcia is beyond me still that rock and roll
Jerry Garcia is one of the best guitarists and as much as I like Kurt Cobain how is Kurt ahead of him.
Miss him so! Bad. Oh bobby pappy is too much. Old dead head 200 shows, 58 yrs old. Thanks.

9Frank Zappa
Making over 80 albums and everyone sounding unique. He was a genius in his writing and he heard music in everything. Belongs higher on the list. Kurt cobain was the best at being the worst guitar player. Anyone that has ever studied the guitar can contest to the fact that many of these lists are so far off
Musical Genius. Underrated Guitar Player
Shut up and play your guitar.

10Gary Moore
He should be on the 1st place
I've saw him live...
was the best concert I've ever been
the best sound
but was a audience of 4.000 people
only smart people can understand that kind of music
R I P Sir Gary Moore
Give a listen to "Still Got the Blues" and the live version of "Cold-Hearted". Gary Moore belongs in the top three, easy.
Legend nothing more needs to be said. A gentleman with sole and the best I had seen live

The Contenders

11Allen Collins (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Allen will always be known for his Freebies solo, but he was an amazing rythym player. His soloing skills were excellent and he knew his way a round the fretboard

12Shawn Lane

13Chuck Schuldiner
Chuck is so underrated. You are a legend, mate.

14Hillel Slovak (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Amazing guitarist, it's such a shame he had to get rapped up in herion.

15George Harrison
A very classy gentleman, played amazing guitar and wrote some incredible songs. Most certainly he will be sadly missed and never forgotten.

RIP George
Influenced more people to take up the guitar than any other human. Vastly underrated because of the bands he was in.
My favorite person in the whole wide world... George will be missed by Millions

16Steve Clark (Def Leppard)
One of the best guitarist around another 1 died b4 his time rip :(

17Glen Buxton (Alice Cooper)

18Syd Barrett

19John Lennon
He's the real mvp
One of the best rythym players ever

20Roy Buchanan
Worthy of the top ten list in my opinion!
He was absolutely amazing!
Would be in my top 5.

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