Greatest Dire Straits Songs


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Sultans of Swing
I love the distinct rock and roll messages in dire straits songs. in this one, it is very clear.
And a crowd of young boys they're fooling around in the corner
Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles
They don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band
It ain't what they call rock and roll


The Dire Straits most succesful song is also their best. It is a work of art.
the dire straits anthem! awesome song
This is probably their best work. The four that stand out to me are Sultans of Swing, Walk of Life, Money for Nothing, and Brothers in Arms. Such a great band.


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2Brothers In Arms
Should be n°1 - Perfect Lyrics, Perfect Melody... There is no other song in the world which contains more emotion than this one. Thank you Mark Knoplfer for every tears of hapiness and sadness that flowed from my eyes each time I listened to this song.
This is not just Dire Straits' best song, its the greatest music ever made!
It is perfect in every way, and so meaningful...
Love the riffs... And the solo, best by far to anything!
I can never stop listening to this song!
The lyrics is the strongest point of this song. Combine that with Knopfler's voice, the guitar and what you have is an epic song.
[Newest]Amazing song absolute best of their songs with Sultans of Swing, the sad thing is that these guys are only really well known for Money for the Nothing, and the lyrics are just amazing, the amount of thought that had to go into this song... it amazes me so much, GREAT SONG! 10 out of 10
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3Telegraph Road
This shows the extent of knowledge of people voting on these lists. Telegraph Road is easily the best Dire Straits song out there. With the exception of the title track, the Brothers in Arms album is the worst album Mark Knopfler released. It shows Dire Straits producing legitimate pop music. The band's prime was its Love Over Gold album, its prog-rock effort. Want Dire Straits at their best? Look into Telegraph Road.
Big, big, big Dire Straits fan. And being so, Telegraph Road is for me the best of their songs. The incredible finale leaves way behind all the others, extremely good as they are... What I don't understand is why it is so easily forgotten or left out of these lists. Incomprehensible...
A masterpiece. Just an immense masterpiece.
I just cannot understand how people can forget it... Just close your eyes and listen. THIS is music.
The pleasing music and the soothing lyrics
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4Money For Nothing
This song is my favourite song. It has the best guitar tunes and always the easy-to-listen-to-vocals...

I only used to like the guitar riff at the start, but now, it's the best song that's entered my eardrums!

Everyone who has a dire staits dog album on itunes, should always get this complementary song.. Best song in history... And best band in history!
An awesome song! This completely are o c k s! It has a catchy rhythm and the lyrics are easy. the meaning of the song is clear and the lyrics are also easily heard and recognized. the first time I heard this I was completely stunned because I had heard already Sultans of Swing which is very very good song (1 of their best), but this one seriously knocks me out!
Money For nothing definitely has one of the greatest guitar riffs ever. It doesn't get much better than this.
This is my favorite riff to play on the guitar. whenever I'm playing live, this song comes to mind with Layla and (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.


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5Romeo and Juliet
I like the second time where the refrain comes. The bass has there a really good subvoice. That's my absolute favorite song on the top 3 please!
Love the power of this song, it's so great, I would like to see it on top 3, actually, I would like it in second place, just after the sultans of swing, because this song combine everything that is good, like it a lot, and I don't have more words to describe it. That's all, ROMEO AND JULIET!
is freaking awesome... the guitar is amazing
Knopflers most tear-jerking song. My personal favourite Dire Straits number. There's nothing else like it.
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6Tunnel of Love
the guitar solo at the end is amazing


To be quite honest, if I could I would have also picked R&J, Money for Nothing & Walk Of Life
But in the end I think that Tunnel of lOve gets the cake.
It pretty much has everything you want in a song, Beautiful melody, a breathtaking solo, and most of all it's played by probably the greatest guitar player in the world.
Long Live Dire Straits!
This is song is truly epic! So meaningful yet up-beat.
[Newest]I love all the songs that I have listened to from Dire Straits but it was the solo at the end of this one which made me think differently about music. Most amazing song and the best solo ever!


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7Walk of Life
This deserves much more recognisment. I think it's as close to Sultans as Money for Nothing, no offense for Brothers in Arms. To be honest, it's obvious it's not about the lyrics, but dude... Seriously, in my opinion, such an inspiring song. Who needs weed having this? Best perfomance on 1993, On the Night
Upbeat - inspiring - catchy chorus lines and one of the most amazing keyboard riffs to die for! Undeniably Fun!
The melody, the lyrics and the awesome keyboard riff, this song has it all to make it my favorie Dire Straits song :) This song always makes me happy (and sing along sometimes too ;) ).
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8Your Latest Trick
The sax and mark's song combine together to make an unforgettable combination. I believe the son's lyrics and meanings are also a great contribution to the EPICNESS of this song.
No sure if it really is there best song but it's far and away the best song on Brothers in Arms that's for sure!
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9Private Investigation
The live version is the best chill out classic rock I've heard
The story telling gifts of mark knopfler are out of this world!
Unbelievable, how can a song lasting this long be so good
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10Lady Writer
Awesome guitar... one of the best works of knopfler... deserves to be in top 5
What? How come this isn't in the top 5? At least!? I like everything in this song. So catchy and mind drifting. Hey you people who haven't listened to this: What are you waiting for?
This List Is All Wrong This Song Calling Elivs Private Investigation and Heavy Fuel Should Be In The Top Ten Please Vote All Them Song Up and Not It Never Rains Your Latest Trick Why Worry


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The Contenders

11So Far Away
Highly, highly underrated. Just a move from my end to give the song what it deserves!
Very romantic. Always listened to this song while I was oversea's in the service. Its my #2 favorite
Great song. Very underrated.
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12On Every Street
How is this so low?
This is my all-time favourite song. The lyrics are so sad, 'and its your face I'm looking for, on every street. ' But the final guitar solo is so hopeful and makes it one of the best songs ever written
A song that makes me stop doing whatever I'm doing and just makes me close my eyes and listen to it.. It's incredible.. We also play it with the band and it's my favorite dire straits song.. No doubt about it!
Always liked Dire Straits, but hadn't really take notice of this song until recently. It's a brilliant track and really underrated in my opinion.
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13Why Worry
A lullaby for grown-ups, and one of the most beautiful songs ever written. So calm and soothing it's impossible not to love.
Deserves to be on top 10...
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14Down to the Waterline
Seriously... This Song is like one of the best songs that have ever been made, this riffs are just amazing... I can't understand why people wouldn't listen to it and just love it, like sultans of swing! Its definitely my top 5 favorites...
Oh come on! How is this song languishing in 14th! This shoule at least be in the top ten if not the top five.
This is one of those songs I like to listen to on long car rides. Amazing upbeat guitar helps me get moving. Terrific beginning to their first album.
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This song should be much higher!
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16Hand In Hand
Just love this tune.. so simple but just class
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17Once Upon a Time In the West Listen to sample

18It Never Rains
Possibly the most underrated dIRE sTRAITS song. Perfect from begining to end, great lyrics, outstanding outro.
It's such a shame it was only played live during the short Love over gold UK tour.
Without any doubt the greatest song Mark ever wrote during the Dire Straits period.
Underrated! Ending solo is just amazing.
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19Expresso Love
Amazing Song! Absolutely fantastic display of songwriting!
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20Heavy Fuel
Greeat Song this one should be number 10 or 11
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21Calling Elvis
"Sultans of swing" is my favorite, but this one comes to me on a more than creditable second place. The song is simply genius and if they didn™t stop at 6:27 it seems like going on forever. Got to love it!
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22Going Home Listen to sample

23Love Over Gold Listen to sample

24Twisting by the Pool Listen to sample

25In the Gallery
This is one of the most bluesy songs ever written, and it's combined with a perfect amount of funk. This song should be vaulted up top. Drink a beer and turn it up loud... You'll love the chorus.
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26You and Your Friend Listen to sample

27Where Do You Think You're Going
I think you just missed it
Right man thaats the best song of all!
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28Water of Love Listen to sample

29Industrial Disease Listen to sample

30Six Blade Knife Listen to sample

31News Listen to sample

32Solid Rock
Good old fashion Rock N Roll!
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33The Bug Listen to sample

34Lions Listen to sample

35The Man's Too Strong
This is a strong powerful song.
I Live This Song.
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36Private Investigations Listen to sample

37Ticket to Heaven Listen to sample

38Boom, Like That Listen to sample

39Communique Listen to sample

40Single Handed Sailor Listen to sample

41Planet of New Orleans Listen to sample

42One World Listen to sample

43Fade to Black
The Guitar Solos! ^_^
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45Two Young Lovers Listen to sample

46Local Hero / Wild Theme Listen to sample

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