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1 Girls Just Want to Have Fun

It's impossible to determine which is Cyndi Lauper's best song, because all her songs are incredible. She is the best singer of all time. Music wouldn't be the same without her.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is definitely one of my favorite songs by Cyndi Lauper, truly awesome in every way.

Cyndi's debut album is one of the greatest pop albums in history. This song was and still is great and memorable. I miss the '80s.

The best of her songs. Her voice is amazing, and she has magnificent talent.

2 All Through the Night

The most underrated Cyndi song, in my opinion. I feel like so many children were conceived to this song. Magical.

I've been looking for this track ever since I heard a local rendition at a bar in Singapore. Love it very much.

How is this not in the top ten? A classic! The chorus is phenomenal!

3 Time After Time

Wonderful song. While Girls Just Want to Have Fun is fun, Time After Time stands out among her many great songs for me. I have it on my mobile player. It never fails to touch me emotionally.

I understand the nostalgia regarding Girls Just Want to Have Fun, but Time After Time should not rank second to it. By far, it's Cyndi's best song.

Such a beautiful song! I'm a teenager of the 2010s and I really love this song from the 1980s. By far the best song by Cyndi, and I will continue loving this artist for generations.

4 True Colors

This song is my all-time favorite Cyndi Lauper song! Cyndi is my favorite performer. I love this song and Sisters of Avalon.

5 She Bop
6 Change of Heart

Amazing song, and really good whenever live!

Love this song so much! And the video!

7 The Goonies 'R' Good Enough

I can't get enough of this song! Even if it was made for a movie, it's great!

I love this song! It's so catchy and very Goonie! Never say die!

8 Money Changes Everything
9 When You Were Mine

I like Cyndi's version better than Prince's. Enough said.

10 I'm Gonna Be Strong

Vocally, this is one of her most amazing songs. It is powerful and emotional. Whether listening to the recording or a live version, it's always impressive. I think a lot of people just don't know about it.

I would love it if she performed this song more often. It proves she is one of the greatest vocalists of our time.

Awesome! Love the emotion and power!

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11 What's Going On

The musicality of this song is brilliant. Her voice suits Gaye's song perfectly. She hit the top 20 with this, and the video stayed in the MTV top 20 countdown for weeks. It is a gorgeous production.

12 Hole in My Heart (All the Way to China)

Amazing and fun song! I loved her in Vibes, and I can't listen to this song enough!

13 I Drove All Night

This rendition of the song just blows my mind. That high note she hits near the end is simply an exclamation point. Awesome, Cyndi.

I think this song is the best among her tracks. It contains her longest note and rarest vocal quality. I like Celine's performance, but I believe Cyndi's rendition is superior. Her rare and long notes in All Through the Night stand out, and her voice is rare, strong, deep, and wonderful.

The way she sings this sends chills throughout my body. It's unlike any other song she sings.

14 Into the Nightlife

I love this song. To me, it represents a new evolution in her sound, marking her success in a new era. It reached #1 on the Billboard Dance chart, proving her continued relevance in today's music scene. An excellent dance song.

15 Unconditional Love

Totally underrated and unknown. If it had been released as the second single from the album, it would have been a huge hit.

16 A Night to Remember

Probably her greatest breakup song. Such feeling and emotion went into it, and the lyrics really convey how she feels.

17 Who Let in the Rain
18 Yeah Yeah
19 Sisters of Avalon
20 Primitive
21 Heading West
22 You Don't Know
23 Grab a Hold
24 That's What I Think
25 Say a Prayer
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