The Ten Greatest Emo Bands

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The Top Ten

My Chemical Romance
Best band to ever walk the earth. Their lyrics are sweet poetry in this world of despair.
This band is known by just about everyone. "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "I'm Not Okay" were the songs that kicked off their career. "Helena" is just a flat-out great song.


Best band ever. Digs famous last words and disenchanted and pretty much every song of there's. But think they went the wrong direction with there new album just saying
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2Black Veil Brides
They are awesome and deserve to be number 1 on every rock list. They are going to change the world
Black Veil Brides are one of my favourite bands! Andy six is my future husband! Knives and pens is an amazing song!
Black Veil Brides are my absolute favorite band, second is My Chemical Romance!
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330 Seconds to Mars
Don't think we can "label" them as Emo, no, they don't fit only in that genre, but in multiple ones.
They create an unique and excellent sound, a new genre, maybe,
So, probably we can call it "Mars Sound", that's it, but definitely one of the best bands ever!
! I just love 30 Seconds to Mars! Their music is just AMAZING! And Jared Leto is totally hot. But that is not the only reason why I like him and his band. The lyrics they sing are touching and his voice is... Just WOW. I can't describe it.
30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance are my favourite bands ever! 30 Seconds to Mars deserves to be at the very top along with My Chemical Romance! The lyrics are unique and beautiful and Jared Leto voice is just... WOW! Lets not forget about the music which is also absolutely brilliant! I wouldn't say they are emo, but I suppose touch on this genre in some of their songs...
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I really love their song, angandatx..!
and I like hayley's bangs and the color of her hair.. yeahpxz..
haley is so danm brillent I ain't got the words to explain it!


Hayleys the best songwriter.. ! (equation i)
Taylor's an awesome guitarist... ! (equation ii)
Jeremy an awesome bassist... ! (equation i)
So from the equation (i), (ii) and (i), we get that :

Paramore = AWESOME!
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5Escape the Fate
the hottest and mostest sexyiset bands i ever saw and max, ronnie and criag all very cute and i'll give some love to monte and robert. keep rocking ro screaming whatever you perfer.
Escape the Fate rocks hard. Listen to The Flood and Won't Back Down. They're two seriously cool songs by a seriously cool band. Please uprate them they deserve a higher spot than this!
The Guilltine, The Ransom, Dragging Dead Bodies, Friends and Alibis.
Pretty much any song by Ronnie Radke is simply amazing


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6Bullet for My Valentine
Good music Good voices and Good lyrics. Very nice
Their song really inspire me.. Really can make me feel what the meaning of the songs.. Matt's character vocals guitar is perfect!
Bullet is a metal band not really emo but it still should have the proper respect of putting it at least in 2nd place.
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7Falling In Reverse
Hell yes RONNIE RADKE's new band boy face this band is an amazing band it has Escape The Fates old singer Ronnie Radke but I still love ETF like Forever laugh out loud
If everyone would take a listen to this band I'd be very grateful. They are like the second greatest band to My Chemical Romance in my mind. They don't seem to be getting the recognition they deserve. Yes, Escape the Fate was a good band started by Ronnie Radke, but they're nothing without him.
If you just listen to Ronnie's music I don't need to even argue why it's amazing, you'll understand
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8Fall Out Boy
I love FALL OUT BOY! They are so amazing they're pretty much all I listen to!
Good Rock, Good Lyrics, Good Guitars.

I mean, c'mon, they're multyrockers
Fall Out Boy is a genial Band! AMAZING. Hear it and you must hear it even more. xD
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9Asking Alexandria
Amazing band anyone who does not think these are awesome are seriously lame this band should be way higher defiantly in my top ten bands of all time
What? Number 15 their songs are... There's no words to describe them. They are awesome, make them at least number 7 but they deserve highter. But they KICK ASSES! I love the song (final episode) and (a candeliet dinner with inamorta). Vote!
Absolutely the greatest band ever. Danny Worsnop's voice range is uncomparable to any other singer. He screams like the devil, yet sings like an angel.
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They should be #1 I love the way Amy Lee expresses her emotion in her voice. My Immortal is a sad yet powerful song. They really put a lot of focus on how they describe things in their songs. I love them.
Evanescence is the best band I've ever listened to. The songs are so deep and meaningful that they are perfect. Songs like Hello and My Last Breath bring out what perfection means. And Amy Lee's voice just matches the lyrics in every song. It's her that makes every song sound do unique and artistic.
Anyone who has listened to this knows this is emo genre. It's more gothic but a lot of her songs have harder stuff. It's more sad than emo but yeah.
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The Contenders

11Jimmy Eat World
I love how this is the only real emo band in this list. Hahaha, major fail list. But oh well they all are good bands. Especially My Chemical Romance and Escape the fate. Amazing. Emo no. But amazing nevertheless.

Oh and this band, is totally the best EMO band in this list. Refer to previous comment.

Again. Haha.
Laugh out loud! Jimmy Eat World is the only real emo band under these ten bands, and definitely the best emo band out there. Get a life, dumb ass guys. You must be sick. Hey, Though I'm a German, I know what real emo music is. That's in fact, haha.
Jimmy eat world are absolute legends, just fact, created emo with Clarity
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12Blood On the Dance Floor
BOTDF is absolutely amazing. I don't care what anyone has to say about them. Some of their songs talk about drugs and sex but others don't. They have been a big inspiration on me since I started listening to them. They are the ones that make me feel there is an importance to life. They're the ones who show me not to care what others think of you. It matters what you think of yourself not what others think of you. You are the one that makes your decisions not everyone else. LET THE HATERS HATE! Or as Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe say "haters are my motivators. " Be yourself, be who you want to be. Go with what your heart tells you, not with what people say you should do.

Thank you Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe for showing to me that life is what YOU make it, not what other people judge you on.

Welp, here goes.

Their songs, yes, are explicit at times. But if you have a problem with it, don't listen. God. They have other songs as well that DO NOT cuss. Just so you know. It takes talent to do as well as they do, and their lives shows are AMAZING for those of you who say all they are is autotuned.


Get your ass on here and vote.
Favorite band EVER! I don't care if you like them or not there are amazing and I love them! They have songs about sex yes but they are amazing. They have songs that give people confidence and help them. So... Yeah AMAZING
Love you Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity3
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13Pierce the Veil
Are you kidding me? , are kidding me? Pierce the veil is in 36th rank, do you even know what you guys are talking about, they're like super good you'll feel a sense of guilt that you didn't listen to them earlier in your life. I hate that you guys don't know how good pierce the veil really is, just plain disappointment is all I have right now
Pierce the veil is like the best band ever! It is so easy to let yourself go in the music, when I'm sad I listen to them, upset I listen to. Them, even when I'm happy or in love or heart broken do still listen to them because they're just that good!
Pierce the veil is awesome I don't see how they could be in the 36th rank. I would put them as number 1 best band ever, they always cheer me up and when I feel down I just listen to them and forget about the world, Pierce The Veil saved me, they are my heros, the first song I heard of them was southern constillations, the lyrics really touched me, they really help me to not cut, whenever I feel like cutting, I listen to them and forget about the world, they also help me throughout the most hardest times like heartbreaks and my boyfriend started to listen to them, and PTV has really helped him out too, the first song my boyfriend heard of them was Bulletproof love
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14Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping with sirens is the best band there amazing and everyone should check them out I love sleeping with sirens so much I can't wait to see them they're sexy and make amazing music go check em out guys
They're an amazing band, but I don't think 'emo' when I think of they're band. I think 'wow! What amazing voices and feelings they have in they're songs. ' I personally like bands above this, but it is an amazing band.
I love them cause there different not cause there cute they don't just yell they make music that people can relate to I don't care what you say I love them
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15Hawthorne Heights
I think they are just wow wow wow they were the first
emo band I lisend to when I became one I seen them live and just the first song blew me away but a lot of emos don't agree so what if you lick thm then good if you don't that just weard googd luck to them on ther tour you rock my life
The melodic emo-pop slowly invaded rock radios everywhere in the nation. The few that made it (and stayed) on the radio are the better known bands such as My Chemical Romance. You can keep getting your music spoon fed to yourself on the radio and television. Great music like Hawthorne Heights requires some searching to be found.
I have seen this band twice. The CD Skeltons is probably one of the most well written I have ever heard -- death, life, afterlife, sorrow, self-destruction, all wrapped up into one. There is a continous underlying theme in every song.. Check it out sometime.
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I Love Alesana.! They Are Really Awesome They Should Be One Of The Top 5 Best Emo Bands.!


Real Emo band... Not that "wanna be" emo --'
And One thing... TOKIO HOTEL ISNT EMO!
Love the way they make their albums into stories, and that each song is linked. You can't just go but one song off of The Emptiness because its a story, and it'd just be like ripping a page out of a book and reading it. Alesana is amazing and I hope that everyone else will give them a chance.
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17Tokio Hotel
Love this band their songs are so amazing! Love each and everyone of them with respect. Bill kaulitz voice cannot be describe its like a angel!
tokio hotel is the best band I've ever seen. their style, songs lyrics... woo! everything is so awesome... bill kaulitz is fabulous...
Tokio Hotel is the only band which speaks to me. Every song I can relate to and they comfort me as I struggle in this bitter world. 'Everybody says that time heals the pain, I've been waiting forever. That day never came. '
This world is just too cruel, and Tokio Hotel express this through there beautiful haunting music.
There is truth in there lyrics, which sooths me.
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18The Used
best emo band ever! love the songs I caught fire and taste of ink
The used is definitely the best emo band I know of, it's a close call between The Used and My Chemical Romance. My favourite song is probably either I Caught Fire or Find away.
One of my favorite bands in the world. Their newest album is one of their best albums out.
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19Bring Me the Horizon
There are my favourite band ever! They ' kick ass.
I listen to them when I'm sad and when I'm happy.
Their saddest song is 'don't go', its very touching
You are crazy this band is amazing ; they should be number 4 for me, Oli has an amazing voice. The best song is shadow moses or suicide season, vote for them AND GO CHECK THEM OUT THEY ARE BRILLIANT. VOTE VOTE VOTE!... BEST BAND!
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20Secondhand Serenade
1 of my favorite band... I like all their songs.. So fascinating! I love listening to their songs especially: BROKEN, I HATE THIS SONG, ITS NOT OVER, STAY ClOSE don't GO.. And their album HEAR ME NOW ad A TWIST IN MY STORY..
Come on people! None of those bands hold a candle to secondhand serenade
This must be the first greatest emo band because I can relate in their songs, and I can feel their emotions and feelings when they sing their song. I listen to everyday I've almost memorized all their songs and I always gather information in the internet about them. I love their songs and their voices can relive. Add me on My email is, I hope you add me on facebook.
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21Dashboard Confessional
dashboard confessional is the #1 band on my iPod along with AFI(a fire inside)
their songs are so touching, make me cry sometimes.
Loved by MTV. Former frontman of Further Seems Forever goes Acoustic.
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22Panic! At The Disco
They're beyond the best! They're so Cool, bad ass, awesome! They're the type of band people look up to and, wished they can be that awesome band
Love this band! Panic at the disco has always been my favorite band because it is emo, without being to sad. Also Panic at the Disco in better than lots of emo bands that I like. My favorite song by panic at the disco is The Balad of Mona Lisa
They must be in top 10! If you look to top ten there're no emo bands actually. I mean paramore is awesome but they're not emo I think, they're like pop-punk or somethink like that. But P! ATD is the greatest emo band ever. Even they've broken up, I don't mind. They're always awesome. And Brendon and Ryan are hot
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23Suicide Silence
R.I.P. mitch <3 We all miss you :) But seriously, this band is amazing... Like, more than amazing. They save so many lives, and deserve to be ing the Top 10 for bet lyrics
Best band ever. It should be up a little more. Some of these band are horrible. I love the song You only live once, its one of my all time favorite song, it in my top twenty for sure.
I don't understand for the life of me how Suicide Silence are an emo band. In the 'Unanswered' video they show a sign saying 'Every $1 kills an emo kid. ' If you think this band is emo then you're an idiot.
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24All Time Low
I love the so much. Their music is sort of a punk pop style. My favorite song is Somewhere in neverland.
I've been listening to ATL since I was 14. I can honestly say that I've never met another band who were more dedicated to their fans. These four boys not only make amazing music but also completely have my heart.
I love them so much, their lyrics are always so meaningful and the tune is always upbeat, they deserve to be higher on the chart.
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Awesome band my favorite song is love like winter because it expresses the way I sometimes feel with my family and beautiful thieves is good to like the way death just steals some peoples beauty
Best band EVER! I love love love them they are awesome and should be closer to the top
They changed all the way that the hardcore punk moved in 90¬'s, awesome voices, awesomeriffs, awesomelyrics and they are the best of all in live. AFI deserves to be the number one in all
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26Motionless In White
I love Chris and the band I especially love their song Abgail and upon this dawning
Their songs have so much meaning behind them
Love Motionless in White. They are pretty amazing. Seriously go check out some of their music.
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27Rites Of Spring
Only emo band on the list... Seriously. Like, none of these are true emo. Where is At the Drive-In? They are like pioneers in the genre and their reuinion is the biggest news
A hardcore punk band that experimented with their sound, the founders of the genre.
The first ""emo" bands that "emo" fans don't know about. They are great though.
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28Papa Roach
Papa roach is awesome, last resort is my favourite song and I can listen to it repetitively! Last resort is the best song to listen to on them days you're really pissed at the world.
Papa roach is not emo. It is more metal ore than anything else
Awesome band! Great songs love their song forever and last resort

Sounds like angels played their music, Beau's voice is so sweet it makes me feel warm, not emo just posthardcore but its great nonetheless... This list is fail
Best screamo emo band hialgia best song
They are not emo!

30Vampires Everywhere!
I absolutly love this band they are amazing. They are very inspierational and Michael vampire is the sexyest guy in the world beside andy beirsack.

31Death Cab For Cutie
I wouldn't really consider them an emo band, but I guess "emo" is a word used to describe a lot of different bands nowadays... but they are one of my fave bands


I think they r emo as their music is a lot like emo poetry and they aren't the biggest most successful band of all time and the whole world isn't full of their fans either. Plus I'm emo and I listen to them a lot. But it still doesn't make them "emo".
I'm pretty confused about which bands are emo and which aren't, but I'm pretty sure Death Cab is, and they're amazing either way.


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32Breathe Carolina
Breathe Carolina is just amazing! They are doing a great job. There new mixtape Bangers is awesome. They are not emo but they are screamo and electronic added. They are really cool.
Breathe Carolina is amazing! They should be on the top 10 and their nott emo, or at least I wouldn't consider them as being in the 'emo' category, their more screamo mixed with danced/electronic. But wutever there an amazing band and one of my favorites along with Blood On The Dance Floor
I love breathe carolina! Live on! I'm so sad that kyle left.
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33The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I think people forget the meaning of Emo, Emo stands for emotional. Not all the crap about sex and stuff. These guys are amazing and have amazing lyrics. Believe, Face Down and Your Guardian Angle are my top 3 favourites from them.
Come on people in this list there are only like 3-5 real emo bands and like none of the top 10are they are all good bands but not emo rja is actually an emo band fix the list
The Red jumpsuit apparatus are one of the best bands around. In my opinion. I think that they should be in the top 10 at least not 28th no way.
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34Texas Is the Reason
Texas is the reason is one of the best bands on this list. Some of the others really shouldn't even be considered emo. I consider The band itself to be more post-hardcore, but regardless... Should be higher up.
Sadly, I agree with "Texas is the reason is one of the best bands on this list. Some of the others really shouldn't even be considered emo. I consider The band itself to be more post-hardcore, but regardless... Should be higher up."
Not considered emo by many "emo-experts" but still more emo that most of anything on this garbage list.

35Avenged Sevenfold
Number 74?!?!? You people sicken me.. A7x is the best... You guys have no taste... RIP The Rev <3 you and your music is obviously missed
Unacceptable, A7x is incredible. Easily top 20, top 10 in my book.
<3 Love you A7x!
The only reason I can think of for these guys not being number one is that they are not emo...easily best band of all time
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36Taking Back Sunday
The first two TBS albums may be the two best emo albums ever. You can literally feel the emotion in their voice when they are singing, and the back up vocals harmonize so well with lead. Both albums flow very nicely, and the first one has an awesome raw feeling to it. Love them
Pretty awesome, just started listening today on a friend's advice, absolutely love them. Cute without the e, and liar, best ever
For me The best emo band ever. And The New √°lbum is like The First one. The best emo song of The 00's is cute without The e
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Really! 64! These guys are awesome. Worth checing out

38Eyes Set to Kill
Really great band but I have to say... My Chemical Romance and Black Veil Brides are my favorites... If you like screamo check out Darling by estk if not check out give you my all ticking bombs!
All of there songs is really beautiful and the lyrics
They should be number one their what emo is about this is a real emo band I should now am a real emo not a fake ass poser their songs are so beautiful they touch my soul and my heart I love estk

39Brand New
Between this and Sunny Day Real Estate really.

99% of this list is radio commercialised shallow throwaway crap anyways
This is more emo than any other band in this list. Listen to The Devil and God or Deja Entendu, legendary albums by a great emo rock band.
Jimmy Eat World and Brand New are the only actual emo bands I've seen on this thread. Brand New should be higher up but oh well whatev
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40A Day to Remember
BEST BAND ever! Love ADTR they should be like in the top five!
They are amazing! Jeremy's vocals are really really good and they are amazing live.
Laugh out loud 33? They are absolutely the most popular band in this metalcore/emocore genra right now. How dare you put them with chump ass bands like dashboard haha
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41Mindless Self Indulgence
They are the most amazing band ever. I've been listening to them for months and I can't stop. My favourite song is "Shut me up"
This band is so cool and stuff, being emo and listening to MSI is my new hobby

42The Promise Ring

I can't get their music out of my head.. I think they are the best band in town. so much cool!
In my opinion They're best band after Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional. My favorite song by their is "My Heroine" and "My Disaster".
My favorite one. "Your Sword vs. My Dagger" is the greatest emo song I ever heard. "Defend You" is pretty good, too.


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Their more goth than emo but still their songs are amazing and Ville's voice is beautiful ; check out the song wings of a butterfly
I really don't think they're emo. Ville is amazing.
They are not emo!
They are not goth!

They're just the best... Awesome guitar riffs, good lyrics, etc. They're one of the bes
A very good band from the Philippines, probably the best emo band in Southeast Asia.
A band from philippines. Listen to their song boston
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Solid band man... This band never gives negative lyrics(death, cut, blood, hatred) this band gives you so many positive messages throughout their songs. Listen to
You Are Not Alone
Bury Your Head
It's Far Better To Learn
Another great band. "Some Sense of Security" and "Voices" are two great songs by them.


You Are Not Alone, Bury Your Head, Voices, Seven Years, Sleeper, man... They make me cry
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Their a great band and their songs are badass
The best emo bands

Thursday is the greatest band ever to be formed, their beautiful lyrics that are delievered with such raw emotion via Geoff Rickly (Gods gift to music) Their songs speak to me, and I know I'm not the only one.
Listen to their waiting album

The hottest sev and screamo band

50Our Last Night
Emo and screamo there really good
They are not emo!
They are not Emo or screamo!
They play post-hardcore or something of this kind!

51Green Day
They are an amazing group of artists, that give the world a wonderful piece of musical and lyrical art every time they release a new single or album. They have been in the music industry for a long time, and will stay there for even longer, because they will always have fantastic supporting fans when they produce as good musical ear-art as they do per today.
This band is so awesome that words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this band. Their lyrics are from the heart, you can tell by listening to any one of their beautiful songs. NEVER HATE ON GREEN DAY. Don't listen if you must, but never hate one them. Ok, I'm done ranting now
I love these guys they always put great lyrics into there songs and I believe most of there song lyrics are true.
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52Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and men are such and amazing band.. they make great songs ‚ô• if you don't know them make sure to check them out! I'm sure y'all gonna like them because they are awesome! C:
Of Mice and men are such an amazing band.. they make great songs ‚ô• if you don't know them make sure to check them out! I'm sure y'all gonna like them because they are awesome! C:
This is the best band in the whole World c:
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53The Spill Canvas
Newer emo band, though sound of the second wave. Give "All Over You" and "Under The Covers" a listen.
They are amazing "Black Dresses" is such an amazing song

54Hollywood Undead
This is the best band ever it should be higher up
Hella awesome band, more rock than emo though
Coolest band I have ever heard to!
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55A Static Lullaby
A static lullaby are one of my favourite bands love their music

56The Devil Wears Prada
What the hell they should be way higher than 52! I love them and listen to them all the time. They should be at least in top 20! I love the song Morte Et Dabo
love their song so much...
Wow this band is to amazing the be here I would vote a7x but what In the world there not emo core
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How are they not higher, they were one of the first emo bands!
This list disgusts me. People just don't know Emo's roots. You people who listen to "My Chemical Romance" and "Asking Alexandria" aren't emo, you are just whiny little tween douchebags wearing t-shirts of the bands that killed music which were bought by your parents who you live with in a suburban area. You have no reason to be depressed other than having a likeness to these wannabe metal bands. Blake Schwarzenbach would not be amused.
Is very good this songs
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58Saves the Day
Just listen to At Your Funeral or Firefly if you are looking for Emo. Also listen to Brand New, probably number one for emo bands, my opinion though. Enjoy.

I seldom listen to them. "Baby, You Wouldnt Last a Minute on the Creak" is a pretty good song by them.


chiodos is a really good band and two birds stoned at once is a good song


Craig is just a good Lyric righter.
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60Snow White's Poison Bite
I think its a band definitely worth checking out... They have a good mix of screaming and singing :) a song I would recommend by them: The end of Prom Night... Check them out!
Their songs perfectly suits on my them al

TF HAS NO ONE VOTED FOR RED! Just saw them on the list and auto-clicked! Some good bands on here although not all of them fall under the "emo" genre.
Should be top 20. Though they are heavy by their music but their lyrics, guitar riffs and vocals are more than just an emo. They express the struggles of suffering people. They are real talent. Listen to any of their songs. I bet you will definitely vote for them.
Should be a lot closer to at least 30. Check out "Feed the Machine" to see what I mean
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62I Hate Myself

63Scary Kids Scaring Kids

64All American Reject
Great Band, there songs are so catchy.
I think they should be little bit more up than that
What the hell, this is one of the only emo bands on this list, and it's 65th.
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Half emo-half punk rock. Their song "Waiting Room" is considered on of the best emo songs ever.
This is a band that everyone should know no matter what classifications yopu enjoy boxing yourself into... "you are not what you own"... "don't let every slip become a fall"

Whatever genre, they're just making awesome music
Greatest band from the phillipines
The 1st Emo, EmoCore in the philippines... Songs Paris...
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67From First to Last
PEOPLE! From first to last! One of the best! Emotional to the max with fantastic vocals from sonny moore who has since gone in to form skrillex... Do the amazing music a favour and put them in their rightful place!
"I can feel my mind
Wandering again.
Into where I don't know,
And will I ever get home?
Time starts moving
Faster than I can.
And I'm sick of this scene;
I need to break the routine. "
Should be in at least the top 20?!?! The individuals split up to form bands that everyone knows? D.R.U.G.S... SKRILLEX! These guys are genuine geniuses.. Each in their own way.. Between the scream of travis and the piercing screach of Sonny moore there is NO BETTER BAND
Unfortunately Sonny Moore went on to become Skrillex and make rubbish music. But while he was in From First to Last, they were brilliant. They attempted to cling to life with Matt Good as the vocalist, but the only real gems were with Sonny on vocals.
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68Dr. Acula
I like Dr. Acula! :D I think they make very good music. They shouldn't be in 34th place. Well at least it's higher than all those other bands down there... You know...
This is not emo!?

69Faber Drive
I'm addicted ti tis band also!
I like all the songs! Especially the songs: Tongue Tied, When I'm with you, You And I tonight, By your side and Sleepless night... I hope Some people Appreciate their songs. Just like me. I'm adictted to their somes... I hope Teir will perform in the philipinnes.

70Senses Fail
-good lyrics
-good music
-the BEST
-100% EMO
"we know that you don't know this band"
TRY out their BLOODY ROMANCE.. If you've listened to it.. Well, it's just an example of their work
I LOVE this band! It sounds amazing. Buried a lie is my favorite song. This should be much much higher than 57.
Best Band on the list. Listen to Let it Enfold you. Trust me it won't be a disapointment.
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71Cap'n Jazz
Obviously, people need to know what emo really is.
I looked at this list and most of the stuff here (Good God, since when did Fall Out Boy become emo, huh, trendies? )

Cap'n Jazz is a true emo band. Their lyrics may be childish, but they make sense. If you're not the hippie who claims to have listened to emo.

Because emo isn't supposed to sound like pop.
Cap'n Jazz is probably the only band that actually deserves to be on this list.
What none of these bands are emo. Cap'n jazz basically invented modern emo and are amazing
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72Framing Hanley
They are amazing. I wouldn't particularly brand them as "emo" I feel their lyrics may be taken in such a way people may think that but their lyrics are amazing and they are great live.
What? Why is it so low? Their song, Hear me Now is KILLER! Someone needs to raise them up more

Cursive is a great group. I might be partial because they had a cellist at one point, but they can play. Cursive also fits into the genre of emo. My Chemical Romance doesn't want to be called emo, so I think that is an acceptable request. Papa Roach shouldn't be on the list.

74Marianas Trench
Great band just listen to good to you and cross my heart. Good emo band
Do I have to explain?

75Sum 41
I love this band so much
Great songs, great lyrics, not really emo though

76Further Seems Forever
Sounded much like Rites Of Spring.
Further Seems Forever is my favorite band. I loved them no matter who their singer was.

77A Skylit Drive
A Skylit Drive is BEAST how could you people let it slip to 32nd and XO Skelton in an EPIC song how dare you guys let them down!

78You Me at Six
There absolutely amazing! Can't believe they're so far down the list the lyrics are touching and they have great chemistry, the have songs like loverboy which are powerful and strong then songs like the dilemma which are playful and so damn catchy! Love my babies
This is a great band. One of my favorites.
I think they should be in at LEAST the 20s. Their song stay with me is amazing. Come on guys, how could they not be in the 20s?
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79Ghost Town
This underground mix of dubstep grunge is multi talented and fun to dance to!
Ghost town Is one of my favorite bands
You should also listen to "fit for rivals"
Are you kidding? 79? They should be up way higher they are amazing!
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80Silent Sanctuary
So heart warming lyrics, too bad most of their songs are tagalog. Only for filipino listeners
Best Filipino Band Ever! Try listening to their songs :)

Pinkerton is one of the Greatest EMO ALBUMS Ever...
My personal favorite since I could comprehend music, will always be apart of me.
No Weezer=No emo. These guys started it all and got it popular worldwide

82FM Static
Moment of truth best love song

Emarosa are amazing! Johnny Craig has an amazing voice and their music is just awesome They deserve to be much more well known
Jonny Craig has a damn good voice.

84Funeral for a Friend
Well, I don't really think that FFAF is emo, but they're definitely good! My personal favorites are Roses for the Dead and The Diary. I just think that they have a good meaning, and I lvoe what they write their songs about. Oh, and My Chemical Romance isn't emo... ^. ^ Just thought I'd say that... They hate being called emo. I'm not sure if Panic! Or Green Day should be on here either...
They are not Emo!

85Attack Attack!
They are really awesome!
They should be up higher... Listen to I kissed a Girl
(they did the cover of Katy Perry! :3
I love this band. Its very good. Deserves a higher placing.

Goodness! I don't get how Finch is down here! Wasn't Finch's WIITB revolutionary? And even the second album "Say Hello To Sunshine" was something much worth listening! Finch really is something! They deserve more upper rank than this
What It Is To Burn is a classic
Why the hell is Blood on the Dance Floor up higher than this... *facepalm*



89Memphis May Fire
Should be like 5th in my book
They should be at least in top 20
They need to be 4th

90Egypt Central
They are great and they have one of the best song the title sounds stupid but its an awesome song its called white rabbit... UBN
White rabbit you fall down like alice!

91Boys Night Out
Can't believe they're #65. If the genre is emo, they deserve to be at least within the top 25. Trainwreck was nothing short of incredible, people, come on.
LOVE BNO! Trainwreck was heavily played in my cd player when it came out, that was even when they switched up their sound, their early stuff is great as well.


93Amber Pacific
They are the best - vote them ^_^

94A Vain Attempt
Their the best people they write songs that go straight into your heart. The songs "I can't escape" and "you broke my heart"are amazing go check them out or els I kill you! Hihi
This band what an amazing band
Lyrics are just amazing!

95Dot Dot Curve
Dot Dot curve is so different and has a great tune to it. Their voices are sexy and I personally love Rocket ship to the moon and boys pop bottles girls pop their asses... <3 deserves better placing
The best song : Rocket ship to the moon.

Not very well known, but one of the best emo bands out there. Check them out.
These dudes would hate being on this list

97Sienna Skies
Well... Its new screamo band... I like their songs

The most passionate band I have ever heard

99Short Stack
Short stack are amazing! There music has a great beat and the lyrics are so relatible! Even though they have broken up there music is still amazing! There music has come a long way since they started!


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