The Ten Greatest Emo Bands

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The Top Ten

My Chemical Romance
Best band to ever walk the earth. Their lyrics are sweet poetry in this world of despair.
This band is known by just about everyone. "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "I'm Not Okay" were the songs that kicked off their career. "Helena" is just a flat-out great song.


Best band ever. Digs famous last words and disenchanted and pretty much every song of there's. But think they went the wrong direction with there new album just saying
[Newest]Best Punk band ever! Some of the best inspirational lyrics out there too. 10/10
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2Black Veil Brides
They are awesome and deserve to be number 1 on every rock list. They are going to change the world
Black Veil Brides are one of my favourite bands! Andy six is my future husband! Knives and pens is an amazing song!
Black Veil Brides are my absolute favorite band, second is My Chemical Romance!
Mine 2! I also love fall out boy, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, and a whole lot others
[Newest]I love Black Veil Brides. Andy, Ashley, and Jinx are my future husbands. They should be #1 on every rock n roll. Band list
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3Fall Out Boy
I love FALL OUT BOY! They are so amazing they're pretty much all I listen to!
Good Rock, Good Lyrics, Good Guitars.

I mean, c'mon, they're multyrockers
Fall Out Boy is a genial Band! AMAZING. Hear it and you must hear it even more. xD
[Newest]The best band ever. Their songs are SO SO CATCHY
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4Falling In Reverse
Hell yes RONNIE RADKE's new band boy face this band is an amazing band it has Escape The Fates old singer Ronnie Radke but I still love ETF like Forever laugh out loud
If everyone would take a listen to this band I'd be very grateful. They are like the second greatest band to My Chemical Romance in my mind. They don't seem to be getting the recognition they deserve. Yes, Escape the Fate was a good band started by Ronnie Radke, but they're nothing without him.
If you just listen to Ronnie's music I don't need to even argue why it's amazing, you'll understand
[Newest]This is the best band I have listened to so far because the music can relate to pretty much anyone who listens to it LOVE falling in reverse forever <3 <3!

I really love their song, angandatx..!
and I like hayley's bangs and the color of her hair.. yeahpxz..
haley is so danm brillent I ain't got the words to explain it!


This band is so amazing, I can't even describe it.. Hayley Williams' vocals are THE BEST. Jeremy Davis and Taylor York are genius! Their lyrics are just.. Absolutely BRILLIANT! There is a Paramore song for every emotion/thought/feeling I have ever had. Their songs and lyrics have helped me through SO many things in the past. And that is why Paramore remains my favorite band and will be forever.
[Newest]They will be #1 in a matter of time

630 Seconds to Mars
Don't think we can "label" them as Emo, no, they don't fit only in that genre, but in multiple ones.
They create an unique and excellent sound, a new genre, maybe,
So, probably we can call it "Mars Sound", that's it, but definitely one of the best bands ever!
! I just love 30 Seconds to Mars! Their music is just AMAZING! And Jared Leto is totally hot. But that is not the only reason why I like him and his band. The lyrics they sing are touching and his voice is... Just WOW. I can't describe it.
30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance are my favourite bands ever! 30 Seconds to Mars deserves to be at the very top along with My Chemical Romance! The lyrics are unique and beautiful and Jared Leto voice is just... WOW! Lets not forget about the music which is also absolutely brilliant! I wouldn't say they are emo, but I suppose touch on this genre in some of their songs...
[Newest]I think there better than fall out boy

7Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping with sirens is the best band there amazing and everyone should check them out I love sleeping with sirens so much I can't wait to see them they're sexy and make amazing music go check em out guys
They're an amazing band, but I don't think 'emo' when I think of they're band. I think 'wow! What amazing voices and feelings they have in they're songs. ' I personally like bands above this, but it is an amazing band.
I love them cause there different not cause there cute they don't just yell they make music that people can relate to I don't care what you say I love them
[Newest]I love Sleeping with Sirens! Ladies Kellin Quinn is mine back off I'm serious

8Escape the Fate
the hottest and mostest sexyiset bands i ever saw and max, ronnie and criag all very cute and i'll give some love to monte and robert. keep rocking ro screaming whatever you perfer.
Escape the Fate rocks hard. Listen to The Flood and Won't Back Down. They're two seriously cool songs by a seriously cool band. Please uprate them they deserve a higher spot than this!
The Guilltine, The Ransom, Dragging Dead Bodies, Friends and Alibis.
Pretty much any song by Ronnie Radke is simply amazing


[Newest]Ronnie for the win.

9Pierce the Veil
Are you kidding me? , are kidding me? Pierce the veil is in 36th rank, do you even know what you guys are talking about, they're like super good you'll feel a sense of guilt that you didn't listen to them earlier in your life. I hate that you guys don't know how good pierce the veil really is, just plain disappointment is all I have right now
Pierce the veil is like the best band ever! It is so easy to let yourself go in the music, when I'm sad I listen to them, upset I listen to. Them, even when I'm happy or in love or heart broken do still listen to them because they're just that good!
Pierce the veil is awesome I don't see how they could be in the 36th rank. I would put them as number 1 best band ever, they always cheer me up and when I feel down I just listen to them and forget about the world, Pierce The Veil saved me, they are my heros, the first song I heard of them was southern constillations, the lyrics really touched me, they really help me to not cut, whenever I feel like cutting, I listen to them and forget about the world, they also help me throughout the most hardest times like heartbreaks and my boyfriend started to listen to them, and PTV has really helped him out too, the first song my boyfriend heard of them was Bulletproof love
[Newest]I love Pierce The Veil So Much! Why are they at 9?.
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10Bullet for My Valentine
Good music Good voices and Good lyrics. Very nice
Their song really inspire me.. Really can make me feel what the meaning of the songs.. Matt's character vocals guitar is perfect!
Bullet is a metal band not really emo but it still should have the proper respect of putting it at least in 2nd place.
[Newest]I love this band they should be #2

The Contenders

11Asking Alexandria
Amazing band anyone who does not think these are awesome are seriously lame this band should be way higher defiantly in my top ten bands of all time
What? Number 15 their songs are... There's no words to describe them. They are awesome, make them at least number 7 but they deserve highter. But they KICK ASSES! I love the song (final episode) and (a candeliet dinner with inamorta). Vote!
Absolutely the greatest band ever. Danny Worsnop's voice range is uncomparable to any other singer. He screams like the devil, yet sings like an angel.
[Newest]Asking Alexandria is definitely a top emo band. Look at their old albums. Even the new albums are top notch emo. How FOB is even considered emo anymore is unexplainable.

12Panic! At The Disco
They're beyond the best! They're so Cool, bad ass, awesome! They're the type of band people look up to and, wished they can be that awesome band
Love this band! Panic at the disco has always been my favorite band because it is emo, without being to sad. Also Panic at the Disco in better than lots of emo bands that I like. My favorite song by panic at the disco is The Balad of Mona Lisa
Ballad of Mona Lisa and I Write Sins Not Tragedies are my favorite songs. They are so beautiful. The rhythm, the guitar and drums, everything. Panic! At The Disco is the best band and deserves to be #1.
[Newest]They are my second favorite band of all time. They have such great music out there I love them! ❤️

13Jimmy Eat World
I love how this is the only real emo band in this list. Hahaha, major fail list. But oh well they all are good bands. Especially My Chemical Romance and Escape the fate. Amazing. Emo no. But amazing nevertheless.

Oh and this band, is totally the best EMO band in this list. Refer to previous comment.

Again. Haha.
Laugh out loud! Jimmy Eat World is the only real emo band under these ten bands, and definitely the best emo band out there. Get a life, dumb ass guys. You must be sick. Hey, Though I'm a German, I know what real emo music is. That's in fact, haha.
Jimmy eat world are absolute legends, just fact, created emo with Clarity
[Newest]They invented emo. Without Jimmy Eat World emo wouldn't even exist!

14Hawthorne Heights
I think they are just wow wow wow they were the first
emo band I lisend to when I became one I seen them live and just the first song blew me away but a lot of emos don't agree so what if you lick thm then good if you don't that just weard googd luck to them on ther tour you rock my life
The melodic emo-pop slowly invaded rock radios everywhere in the nation. The few that made it (and stayed) on the radio are the better known bands such as My Chemical Romance. You can keep getting your music spoon fed to yourself on the radio and television. Great music like Hawthorne Heights requires some searching to be found.
I have seen this band twice. The CD Skeltons is probably one of the most well written I have ever heard -- death, life, afterlife, sorrow, self-destruction, all wrapped up into one. There is a continous underlying theme in every song.. Check it out sometime.
[Newest]Hawthorne Heights is THE emo band. No one can say they are not top 5. Ohio is for lovers, the album Zero, all of it is the true story of emo. Their songs are life saving.

They should be #1 I love the way Amy Lee expresses her emotion in her voice. My Immortal is a sad yet powerful song. They really put a lot of focus on how they describe things in their songs. I love them.
Evanescence is the best band I've ever listened to. The songs are so deep and meaningful that they are perfect. Songs like Hello and My Last Breath bring out what perfection means. And Amy Lee's voice just matches the lyrics in every song. It's her that makes every song sound do unique and artistic.
Anyone who has listened to this knows this is emo genre. It's more gothic but a lot of her songs have harder stuff. It's more sad than emo but yeah.
[Newest]This should be the top band, every song has so much meaning and you connect to any song in some way. Their music got me through depression.

I Love Alesana.! They Are Really Awesome They Should Be One Of The Top 5 Best Emo Bands.!


Real Emo band... Not that "wanna be" emo --'
And One thing... TOKIO HOTEL ISNT EMO!
Love the way they make their albums into stories, and that each song is linked. You can't just go but one song off of The Emptiness because its a story, and it'd just be like ripping a page out of a book and reading it. Alesana is amazing and I hope that everyone else will give them a chance.
[Newest]Alesana are simply the best. The screams are one of the best I've ever heard and the song's are meaningful and addictive, I love all of their songs

17Blood On the Dance Floor
Favorite band EVER! I don't care if you like them or not there are amazing and I love them! They have songs about sex yes but they are amazing. They have songs that give people confidence and help them. So... Yeah AMAZING
Love you Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity3
BOTDF is absolutely amazing. I don't care what anyone has to say about them. Some of their songs talk about drugs and sex but others don't. They have been a big inspiration on me since I started listening to them. They are the ones that make me feel there is an importance to life. They're the ones who show me not to care what others think of you. It matters what you think of yourself not what others think of you. You are the one that makes your decisions not everyone else. LET THE HATERS HATE! Or as Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe say "haters are my motivators. " Be yourself, be who you want to be. Go with what your heart tells you, not with what people say you should do.

Thank you Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe for showing to me that life is what YOU make it, not what other people judge you on.

Welp, here goes.

Their songs, yes, are explicit at times. But if you have a problem with it, don't listen. God. They have other songs as well that DO NOT cuss. Just so you know. It takes talent to do as well as they do, and their lives shows are AMAZING for those of you who say all they are is autotuned.


Get your ass on here and vote.
[Newest]Must say they're really good at it

18The Used
The used is definitely the best emo band I know of, it's a close call between The Used and My Chemical Romance. My favourite song is probably either I Caught Fire or Find away.
best emo band ever! love the songs I caught fire and taste of ink
One of my favorite bands in the world. Their newest album is one of their best albums out.
[Newest]This band has made very good music and I love their song The Bird And The Worm. I could sing it for HOURS

19All Time Low
I love the so much. Their music is sort of a punk pop style. My favorite song is Somewhere in neverland.
I love them so much, their lyrics are always so meaningful and the tune is always upbeat, they deserve to be higher on the chart.
I've been listening to ATL since I was 14. I can honestly say that I've never met another band who were more dedicated to their fans. These four boys not only make amazing music but also completely have my heart.
[Newest]Missing you is my favorite song from them I love how I can feel connected to their music

20Tokio Hotel
Love this band their songs are so amazing! Love each and everyone of them with respect. Bill kaulitz voice cannot be describe its like a angel!
tokio hotel is the best band I've ever seen. their style, songs lyrics... woo! everything is so awesome... bill kaulitz is fabulous...
Tokio hotel is the best band in the world, their songs are so amazing, bill kaulitz is the handsome boy in the universe and he sings like an angel I love all their songs and the band is just perfect ICH LIEBE DICH TOKIO HOTEL FUR IMMER XOXOXO
[Newest]They're the best emo music making machine!

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