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Billie Jean
Billie Jean is a great song by Michael Jackson. I love this song very much. I think the near one is beat it
such a great song! even my 2 yr old brother adores it!
There was a semi-formal dance the other night, and I danced to that song like nobody believed I would. I moonwalked, side-slide, and everything else. This is an awesome song. There is no other song quite like this one.
[Newest]Old always remains gold..
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2Smooth Criminal
best song of Micheal, It's the best after billie jean and Beat it, it must be in the top 5!
in this song michael's dance is excellent. I really like the song. He is always legend in my heart.
smooth criminal should be 1st it has that wicked lean and moonwalk.Much better than bille jean.And at the end he does cool dancing.
king of pop
Annie are you ok?

[Newest]This is my favorite Michael Jackson song and I think the music video of this song is one of the best Music Videos off all time.
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3Beat It
Excellent song plus the best thing about the song is the guitar solo by one of the greatest guitarists.


Perfect beat, awesome guitar, one of the best produced Micheal Jackson tracks ever, and possibly one of the best produced tracks ever, period!
My favorite of MJ. Best video clip of Michael Jackson.
Beat it Smooth Criminal Dirty Diana Give in to me=MJ's best songs ever.


[Newest]I love a lot this pop great honour man, that's why I don't want to comment on this, But he is not dead, he is present somewhere in the corner of heaven of whole universe...

The main song of the best selling album for a long time, but at present it is second.


I just love this song... If I listen to this song then I wont realize how time passe... I am too scared of many things but if I listen to this song then all those scary imagination which came in my mind will vanish...
Thriller man... I thought it deserved rank... Uhh... NO 1... I mean guys can't you handle the nice lyrics and a bit of horror show?
[Newest]Thriller Is a energy song

5Man in the Mirror
Such a great song. It has such a good meaning. Just listen to it make my heart filled with joy and happiness. "If you want to make a world a better place, just look at yourself and then make a change... "


Very true and strong message... Just change yourself before telling anyone to change...
its the message that counts and this song ( and we are the world) send the best message
[Newest]This I think is the best song and It's just so awesome and makes me think that I have so much potential to do good things
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6Earth Song
This is really great. The song haunts you at the very tip. Very dramatic, expressive, out-shined all the songs he made. The best for me by far and will always be my favorite.


should be on the top of the list as it is no.7 in top ten songs ever made and truly deserves to be there
This is greatest ever song of michael. Its a legend. It pricks my conscience and haunts me whenever I see and don't object any injustice made by haughty human beings to the environment
[Newest]I love this song because it makes me think about the world

7They Don't Care About Us
in this song MJ voice was enough to make it the best song ever, even without the music
Adore this song because it forwards the message of human equality. WE LOVE YOU MJ. YOU ARE THE KING
Simply magical filled emotions loved it very very very very much
[Newest]. So low down the ratings? . If MJ was living, he wouldn't let this be!

8Black or White
Michael Jackson is not only the greatest preformer in the world, but the songs that he sings have great meaning. This one I believe stood out above all the rest
Its a heart melting song surely if people beyond the borders listen will make a decision of throwing off their arms and ammunition and handle every thing with peace... Love you mike
this is maybe, his best song; along with "Smooth Criminal" and "Billy Jean"


[Newest]My mom make food for you Michael jackson

Hearing this song I feel like remembering all the crazy & BAD! Stuffs I've ever done in my life
How can Bad be 11 on this list? It's one of michael's best
I'm bad. I love this song so much. Go crazy and bad. Go mad and bad. So good!
[Newest]How not in the top ten?

10Dirty Diana
I love this song. Its so haunting.


Dirty Diana have such best lyrics. Beside, the music and the tempo also rock me up.
This should be number one. Good songs in this list, but compared to Dirty Diana and Billie jean, they are kid songs... This MJ in his Rawest form..
[Newest]I love this song and it should be 1.

The Contenders

11Heal the World
I think this song should be Number 1, because its actually got a true meaning, and I absolutely LOVE this song! MJ is just the best
He and his music will live on forever x
King Of Pop
I don't know why but when I first heard this song at the rehearsal of our school function... I kept moving to the song.. My mind became really emotional and I wanted to listen to it all day... Love you MJ!
This song is truely a touching one... It's one of my favourite songs by mj... Has a real meaning in a person's day today life...
[Newest]The best song in the world. Thank you Michael!

12You Are Not Alone
Please guys listen 2 it its the best I feel like devoting it to my love every time I listen 2 it it makes me feel that I am not alone


Another one of his final songs:*( again.


Such an emotional and awesome song deserves to be in the top 10.
I like the music and Michaels voice and just everything about it.
[Newest]I never really listen to this song cause Lisa Marie was in the music video.. And I really hate her! But the song's great of course!

13Give In To Me
When I heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it! Really, it's awesome, if you haven't listened to it and you're an MJ fan, well... You should definitely listen to it!
The best Michael Jackson ROCK song, much better than Dirty Diana, this should be in the top 3 along with Beat It. This ROCKS! Amazing.
My favourite song in the whole world! I believe the words. Sends me shivers every time.
[Newest]His voice is so sexy! Love this song to death

14The Way You Make Me Feel
awesome song with a creepy stalker video


Best song. Mj was great
His best song by far! Great beat and never get tired of it! Always puts me in a good mood
[Newest]Best Song... it's that simple!

15Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
love it. Although either 'Billie Jean' or 'Smooth Criminal' is my favorite, I think this one is better than a lot of the ones in the top 10.


Oh my god I love this song crazily for Michael his voice, dance moves, loving voice innocent looks and the feel he gets himself and his fans in the song
My favorite Jackson song! So good that even Chris Tucker had to sing it in Rush Hour 2!
[Newest]Kicked off his solo career!

16Wanna Be Startin' Something
Every MJ song is awesome,
To bad he's gone I just bought the new album "Michael"
Still listening to it today, MJ FOREVER!
The BEST dance groove EVER. Makes a force field that demands movement appear with the first note!
It's the first song of Michael about to the media and press, as well as gossip and people trying to start arguments or problems for no reason. He composed and arranged the incredible complexity of colliding drums and influence : funk, jazz, pop, and the famous "soul makossa" of manu dibango at coda song.
Great patwork
[Newest]His vocals are great

Good song
very much good song
indians likes very much.
beat of this song grooves buddies
Awesome song..!
A nice and meaning full lyric..
I'll remember you forever MJ..!
[Newest]As far as I'm concerned this one would be known to the most of the people who don't speak English.

18Rock With You
This is the ultimate feel good song! Whenever I am feeling low, I play this song and I am immediately uplifted! Michael's smile in this video is so genuine and bright, I can't help but feel good looking and listening to him!


Off The Wall is Michael Jackson's Debut solo album, and I believe that Quincy Jones behind the production was masterful. This whole album is wonderfully produced and this song along with Off The Wall and Don't Stop Till You Get Enough are among his best
The best song ever that make me feel so good and the song has beautiful Lyrics and wonderful rhythm as well. I love you Michael Jackson you are the best pop singer for all time god marcy you
[Newest]Brings back nostalgia.. Makes me feel calm, free of worry, and ready to continue life happy!

The opening beats is just short of epic... Mj in full glory... If only it was promoted properly... It would be much higher... I really felt that its music was ahead of its time.. Love you MJ

20Human Nature
What the hell is wrong with people? Human Nature is one of the best song by MJ, its million times better than Billie Jean and Beat It. This track should be the number 1 in the list. At least listen to this song guys. It has meaningful and beautiful lyrics. Vote for this song guys. This was also MJ's favorite song as well.
This great song, smooth voice, the very pop song, One of my favorite song, so I vote this song for top ten, I Love you michael, you a greatest one of my favorite list, Human nature is very great song with the simple lyric is very good song and the music make me feel good
One of the greats which never seems to be mentioned.
[Newest]This is a great song and yes it should be at least 1 or2 love you Michael

21You Rock My World
this masterpiece must absolutely be in the top 10... it's my favourite song ever so VOTE guys!

Mj's best ever song. Michael's every song is special but this one got something in it. It gives me a different feel.
It's really hard to pick a favourite MJ song, and never did I think I would vote for it after listening to Billie Jean, Bad and all the other classics he has made. But my god, the first time I heard, I was blown away. Give it a shot. This song is ridiculously catchy.
[Newest]My life will actually never be the same

22Another Part of Me


23We Are the World
This song had multiple singers singing this song but it was wrote and half sung by Michael.


I almost cry when I listen to this song. This song invite us to help others. One of the best song's ever by a lot of great performers. The idea of making this song was incredibly great. With multiple singers with different ethnic, religion, and etc really inspire me.
[Newest]I love all Michael Jackson songs honestly I know all of them and I'm only 12

24Leave Me Alone
This is one of his most meaningful songs at a time when the media were on his back. The music video is also very clever, should be in the top 15 at least. Listen and vote!
I like this song it make cry and feel happy

A great duet with his sister Janet a perfect combination.


This song is amazing. It has a mix with beat and pop. And his voice is 150% PERFECTO!


26Blood On The Dance Floor
One of the best songs of Michael jackson! I just love the way he sings and dances in the video! I was searching for the song in the top 10! However I had to look this far to find it! Must hear song
Excellent song. In this song I think Michael is a villain. This song is very mysterious. Beautiful song.

Love the creepy music video. The dance routines remind me of Thriller.
I think all of Michael Jackson's songs are good but ghost is the best you should really listen to it even though I've heard that thriller is the best but ghost is better! Thanks for reading my opinion!
This is Michael Jackson 100%, and it is 100% amazing! It contains everything that determines MJ's unique style; an absolute highlight and in my opinion his greatest song. Would easily have become #1 best-selling single if recorded earlier, in more successful years. Very underrated.
[Newest]Since I have heard this song, I can't stop listening to it!

28In The Closet
love this song! makes me feel so damn happy!
Best song EVER! This song shouldn't be so low!
It's an aweesome song with awesome rhythm

29Liberian Girl
Nice beat. Loves the way he sings. Rip michael. Michael jackson... Forever
Kind an erotic rhythm of words
A real love song. his voice is very lovely in it.
[Newest]For me the best!

This song is so underrated. Damn, you listen to it, and then you'll know why. Such deepness and meaningfulness in this song. Wow!
Thumbs up if you think INVINCIBLE is the most underrated album by him and so is this song

31Stranger In Moscow
In a certain period of my life I have lived with this song. It made my sense of detachment from my own town bearable. I remember how I walked under the rain or in the cold and repeated the lines just like a mantra:" how does it feel? ", and I really think it is very different from his other songs.
Masterpieces of Michael Jackson, such as "Earth Song", "Scream" or "Smooth Criminal" are hard to compare. But to me, the absolute winner is "Stranger In Moscow". Touching and agressive, sad but with energetic vocals. It's pure art.
This is the most underrated song of MJ, just see the video and listen the beautiful lyrics.
[Newest]This should be higher. It's one of his greatest songs, a true masterpiece. It's like a very thought-provoking poem.

32P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
The greatest song, with such feeling that you can't just stop listening to it again and again
The most catchy MJ song. It deserves to be at least #16.


This is the best up-beat funk song from MJ!
[Newest]31! Should be in top 10

33Hold My Hand
This song is really enchanting but sad. My five year old brother even sings to it whenever I let him litsen to it. In memory of MJ. Plus I wont forget you Akon.
King pop and akon rock the song
Only 50 seconds sing michael jackson and he dead in this song's shooting
I love this song I played this song on my anniversary with my girlfriend and she liked it and we had the best anniversary ever
[Newest]The song is just like TRUE love

I voted for this again; because, it is a beautiful soleful song and I mean it is from his heart when he sang "Speechless". He sang with his love and heart for all his songs.


Michael Jackson was always at his best when he wrote his own songs on his own.

Towards the end of his recording career, his own writing output was less frequent but this was a true gem from his otherwise mostly weak Invincible album from 2001.
An amazingly beautiful song! Gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it which is every day...


[Newest]Best love song ever

35Who Is It
Such a low place for this wonderful track! 'Who Is It' is real masterpiece. Should be at least in the Top 5. Its music video was impressive


A masterpiece by MJ sure to touch every man's heart. Lyrics are a lot meaningful which describes the sorrow of the broken heart. :) I think it should have a better position. B-)
Awesome song
Deserves top 15
By the way Michael Jackson is 100% sexy+gorgeous
RIP King Of Pop Michael Jackson
P.S. sexy+gorgeous=Michael Jackson
[Newest]Definitely one of my favorites.

36I Just Can't Stop Loving You
I' m so in love with the lyrics, the beat...
This song is you beautiful. How can it be so low?!
This one's his best

37Remember the Time
Has anyone seen the music video? It's awesome! ¡
I love MJ! He is my most favorite singer in the world! He died after my ninth birthday, it was sad! I miss himm so much!

38Will You Be There
How is this song only #52? The addition of the choir is amazing, the vocals are amazing, the lyrics are amazing, and it's one of the most soulful songs of all-time. It's not only the best track on Dangerous, but it should be in the top 10 at least.
CraZY? This song is one of the most soulful tracks of all time
This is one of the greatest songs of all time. So much feeling.
[Newest]This song should be on Top 10

39Say Say Say
This song has to be on top of all...!
What the hell is this? It is an awesome song forever... How it could be #36... It would be a pitty if you didn't listen to it

402 Bad
Great beat. Really I love this

Is great, with power
It ain't too much stuff for him to sing a great song
See it in bucharest

42Off The Wall
Most underrated of his four epics. Similar vibes to Thriller but similar subject matter to Bad. This song definitely deserves more credit.
Awesome Song! Just found out that I don't have this Song. I know this since my childhood, but I didn't managed to get it jet.
Now I have to rebuy the Disc as soon as possible!
Great song, in my opinion his best! Even better when he performed it live in a faster more up beat way!
[Newest]No words... Just feel it


44I'll Be There
This isn't really made by MJ, but this is my favorite song of all time if this hadn't been made I would've never had enough confidence in myself and faith that I can do anything.
Michael Jackson singing this was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. If only it would have gotten some more credit...
In this Is it fantastic the pray 25 June 2009 I loved but April was this is it he was sick but Conrad Murray just had to murder him
[Newest]Best Jackson 5 Song


Most Overrated Michael Jackson song Number 1!


Reminds one of innocent childhood days and the strong eternal friendships that one develops. It takes you back to a beautiful time.
The song is one of those rare songs which portray an innocence in a young man. Jackson's voice is so child like yet so ethereal your mind literally relaxes on hearing this song
Technically a Jackson 5 song, but Michael was the main vocalist.

Industrial rock laugh out loud, beautiful, haunting, one of his absolute best self penned song. Absolutely amazing music, lyrics and voice. Michael really rocks in this one. By the way, MJ himself plays guitar here!
I'm not a big fan of Michael to be honest but this song is fantastic.
Epic guitar by slash!
Awesome song though! The demerol part is touching, makes up the entire meaning of the song. One of his most underrated songs!

48Hollywood Tonight
It must be on top 10, why is here?!

When you don't know English, you can heard the music of Hollywood tonight and its awesome
Demo version with the bass from Hall and Oates is awesome sauce! I love all versions of this song!
It is a very awesome song by mj. I love it so much

49Baby Be Mine

Michael wanted to point out that there are in the world prostitutes. Tenhle song is something special.. ♥ we find soon after my death ♥

51I Want You Back
Micheals first number one hit with his brothers... I guess it is a jackson 5 song... Great song though... RIP MJJ xoxo

52Whatever Happens
This song has very touchy lyrics, whatever happens it will always be special for me. Best lyric ever
My new favourite by MJ after Les Twins danced brilliantly to a remix of Whatever Happens. Such a romantic song with awesome rock vibes.
One of my most favorite songs of Michael Jackson.

53Don't Walk Away


55For All Time
its just an awesome song by MJ! the way he sings is just awesome love this song n MJ!
The Best Song EVER!

Impossible not to love this song... how is it so low
Oh, my godness... How can be this song is only number 78?! It's very beautiful ballad song! And it makes me cry! It should be top 50 at all!


IT BRINGS ME TO A (DEJAVU) to a far world in my mind that I was there in my last life...

57Is It Scary
This song is so powerful, I love it!

58Speed Demon
The music video is absolutely hilarious and the song itself is awesome!
Speed deamon is the best song ever
It's a great song I like it

592000 Watts
Nice beat really I love this song, one of the best song from invincible

Why is "Butterflies" (a song that had some of the BEST vocals Michael ever recorded) so low on this list? In my view, this song should have been given first place.

I notice, too, that a lot of his slower songs, in general, are much further down on the list, and the faster (more up-tempo) ones are listed higher. The SLOWER ones really brought out the beauty of his voice - and, he expressed his emotions quite well. There is one word that truly describes "Butterflies." And, that word is: "Beautiful." When Michael used his upper register in the second half of the song, he sounded absolutely amazing. The A Cappella version of "Butterflies" sounds wonderful, but, I would have liked to have heard the whole, complete song (as is the studio recording) in it's entirety, not just the first half of it.

What parts that are already made public (available through "YouTube, " and other sources), show what Michael was definitely capable of, regarding his vocal abilities.
Now this is his most true beautiful and soothing song you can ever find of his.
This song should be at least in the top ten if not top 5. Michael's love songs are so extremely underrated!

61This Time Around
One of best track in history album

62Chicago (Original)


64Come Together
I like this song a lot sorry Beatles Michael Jackson sings it better and he owns it too sorry I love how Michael Jackson sings it I really love Michael
Sorry Beatles fans but MJ owned this song! Love ut

65Dancing Machine
This song made me dance

66Can You Feel It
Really a Jackson 5 song, but Michael really brings it. This is my favorite of all his songs. It always makes me feel good.

67Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)

68Fall Again
This song makes me cry every time. Should be in top 20! Missing you Michael 😭😭😭😪😪😪

This really is a good song

70Tabloid Junkie
This track, 118th place! This song is a masterpiece! Tabloid Junkie, this time around and who is it should all be in the top 15! I just love these songs and they don't have a good place! But still...we all miss Michael Jackson, he is the legend...the KING OF POP! R.I.P. michael Jackson
This song is so underrated! Much better than Scream, and has a good beat and beatboxing! Should at least be in the top 10! Number 1 for me though.

71Best of Joy

72Keep Your Head Up
This song is so underrated it makes me wanna cry when I listen to it. One of my favourite

73She's Out of My Life
Love this Michael song. Beautiful the way MJ sings... "She's out of my Life" He cries every time at the ending. You can here it in his voice and see it in his face... The song affeced him on a personl level. Just part of his sesitivity to life... Love the song... It is nuber one!


This is a great song, I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan and this is one of his many great songs, we will miss you mj R.I. P
Nice list, but I would have to put this song in the top 10


74Blue Gangsta
One of the best pump up songs. Makes you want to dance
Michael jackson in his best form
This is the top new song from Xscape, Jackson's newest album, released 2014

75The Lady In My Life
One of, if not the best love song ever.
One of his most beautiful songs ever this should be top ten

76Break of Dawn
Awesome song. One of my most favorite.
Nice hit Michael forever

77One More Chance
What... How... WHY IN THE WORLD. Is this song so low This is how you know that true fans didn't vote that long. I mean, it's not his best, but it's top 20 material! Better than Heal The World and Dirty Diana. To be honest.


78Love Never Felt So Good
This song in'rs new, along with his new album XSCAPE, these are old previously unreleased songs. I like this song it's really god, but every time I watch the clip, I almost cry because it's got photos of Michael and clips of him but he's not here to film anymore videos. It's sad for me.
Can't get this song out of my head. Such a classic!
Best Songs of 2014, Number 1!



80Get on the Floor
Anyone who has the Off the Wall album knows how brilliant this song is

81Someone In the Dark

82We've Had Enough
Michael cared so much for the world. You can hear it in this amazing song


-_- 69? ! Its the best song ever!

83Slave to the Rhythm
This is SAD. but I understand that it came out not so long ago. This song is AMAZING WHY IS IT 116!
The new is better... But I like that too...
Best song just first listen it...

84Blame It On the Boogie

85Gone Too Soon
I'm a big fan of Michael and I am sad cause I don't saw any comments for this song.

'gone to soon' is one of the best melodious songs ever I listened to and I swear it will be one of your favorites if you listened to it and really creates another world and sensations in front of you. Michael is still one of the bests and many is still following him, just great...

86You Are My Life
It should be on very top than this...

Amazing lyrics and he has sung it really well..

"You are the sun
You make me shine
Or more like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You're my daytime my nighttime
My world
You're my life"

87On the Line

88Your Ways
This song appears on The Jacksons' Triumph.


89Keep the Faith


91We Are Here to Change the World
Captain EO's theme. Just amazing and it remembers me a lot of beautiful moments in Disneyland. The message of this song is true. We are here to Change the World!
How can you not even vote for this song. This is the song that really got me into Michael Jackson. After being a metalhead for so long.

92Rockin' Robin
I always feel good when I hear rocking' robin.


93Who's Loving You
This is an awesome micheal Jackson song. Well originally a Smoky Robinson song ; but, micheal sings like a bird with this song and he was only around 10 8 or 10 I think when he originally sang it. love MJ xoxo

History is awesome! It has a cool beat and magnificent background. It's like the first part is all dangerous and second part is all soft and the song is just great!
Amazing music in this song. Deserves to be much higher!

95Heaven Can Wait

96The Way You Love Me

97The Girl Is Mine
One Beatle and Michael Jackson, the perfect song! Michael and Paul McCartney made one of the best music duets in some amazing songs!

Beautiful song! One of his best
I love him so much I am his number one fan and I'm sorry to say but I cried when he died and watched it on T.V. and I don't do that for family it's just a natural reaction for me and I'm only 10

98If You Don't Love Me
Wow I love this song. It s the best mj. I love it.

99Monkey Business
A real funky song with great melodies!
Love it very much


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