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Billie Jean
Billie Jean is a great song by Michael Jackson. I love this song very much. I think the near one is beat it
such a great song! even my 2 yr old brother adores it!
There was a semi-formal dance the other night, and I danced to that song like nobody believed I would. I moonwalked, side-slide, and everything else. This is an awesome song. There is no other song quite like this one.
[Newest]Best song all time hits
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2Smooth Criminal
best song of Micheal, It's the best after billie jean and Beat it, it must be in the top 5!
in this song michael's dance is excellent. I really like the song. He is always legend in my heart.
smooth criminal should be 1st it has that wicked lean and moonwalk.Much better than bille jean.And at the end he does cool dancing.
king of pop
Annie are you ok?

[Newest]That song has over a million hits and has been played in a lot of countries
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3Beat It
Excellent song plus the best thing about the song is the guitar solo by one of the greatest guitarists.


Perfect beat, awesome guitar, one of the best produced Micheal Jackson tracks ever, and possibly one of the best produced tracks ever, period!
My favorite of MJ. Best video clip of Michael Jackson.
Beat it Smooth Criminal Dirty Diana Give in to me=MJ's best songs ever.


[Newest]It should be number 1!

The main song of the best selling album for a long time, but at present it is second.


I just love this song... If I listen to this song then I wont realize how time passe... I am too scared of many things but if I listen to this song then all those scary imagination which came in my mind will vanish...
Thriller man... I thought it deserved rank... Uhh... NO 1... I mean guys can't you handle the nice lyrics and a bit of horror show?
[Newest]I love it because it gets kids in Halloween spirits and me to

5Man in the Mirror
Such a great song. It has such a good meaning. Just listen to it make my heart filled with joy and happiness. "If you want to make a world a better place, just look at yourself and then make a change... "


Very true and strong message... Just change yourself before telling anyone to change...
its the message that counts and this song ( and we are the world) send the best message
[Newest]This song is one of my favorite songs in the world 😍😊
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6Earth Song
This is really great. The song haunts you at the very tip. Very dramatic, expressive, out-shined all the songs he made. The best for me by far and will always be my favorite.


should be on the top of the list as it is no.7 in top ten songs ever made and truly deserves to be there
This is greatest ever song of michael. Its a legend. It pricks my conscience and haunts me whenever I see and don't object any injustice made by haughty human beings to the environment
[Newest]Should be number 1. Do you want our lovely planet to be destroyed? Then listen do his song. I cried for about an hour when my mother showed me it. He will always be inside my heart,
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7Black or White
Michael Jackson is not only the greatest preformer in the world, but the songs that he sings have great meaning. This one I believe stood out above all the rest
Its a heart melting song surely if people beyond the borders listen will make a decision of throwing off their arms and ammunition and handle every thing with peace... Love you mike
this is maybe, his best song; along with "Smooth Criminal" and "Billy Jean"


[Newest]A great artist, a great song and an even greater meaning behind it. =)

8They Don't Care About Us
in this song MJ voice was enough to make it the best song ever, even without the music
Adore this song because it forwards the message of human equality. WE LOVE YOU MJ. YOU ARE THE KING
Simply magical filled emotions loved it very very very very much
[Newest]. So low down the ratings? . If MJ was living, he wouldn't let this be!

Hearing this song I feel like remembering all the crazy & BAD! Stuffs I've ever done in my life
How can Bad be 11 on this list? It's one of michael's best
I'm bad. I love this song so much. Go crazy and bad. Go mad and bad. So good!
[Newest]How not in the top ten?


10Dirty Diana
I love this song. Its so haunting.


Dirty Diana have such best lyrics. Beside, the music and the tempo also rock me up.
This should be number one. Good songs in this list, but compared to Dirty Diana and Billie jean, they are kid songs... This MJ in his Rawest form..
[Newest]Is the best song ever

The Contenders

11You Are Not Alone
Please guys listen 2 it its the best I feel like devoting it to my love every time I listen 2 it it makes me feel that I am not alone


Another one of his final songs:*( again.


Such an emotional and awesome song deserves to be in the top 10.
I like the music and Michaels voice and just everything about it.
[Newest]Its perfect for a lonely night.

12Wanna Be Startin' Something
Every MJ song is awesome,
To bad he's gone I just bought the new album "Michael"
Still listening to it today, MJ FOREVER!
The BEST dance groove EVER. Makes a force field that demands movement appear with the first note!
These lyrics are quite strange like You are a vegetable and Don't have a baby but I don't care about that. His singing, the beat are both the greatest things!


13The Way You Make Me Feel
awesome song with a creepy stalker video


Best song. Mj was great
His best song by far! Great beat and never get tired of it! Always puts me in a good mood
[Newest]I just love the tune

14Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
love it. Although either 'Billie Jean' or 'Smooth Criminal' is my favorite, I think this one is better than a lot of the ones in the top 10.


Oh my god I love this song crazily for Michael his voice, dance moves, loving voice innocent looks and the feel he gets himself and his fans in the song
My favorite Jackson song! So good that even Chris Tucker had to sing it in Rush Hour 2!
[Newest]I like the it music it like when you try to gain a woman I in you rock my world trying to gain a women

15Give In To Me
When I heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it! Really, it's awesome, if you haven't listened to it and you're an MJ fan, well... You should definitely listen to it!
My favourite song in the whole world! I believe the words. Sends me shivers every time.
The best Michael Jackson ROCK song, much better than Dirty Diana, this should be in the top 3 along with Beat It. This ROCKS! Amazing.
[Newest]What's more blissful than the combo of King of pop and slash, I don't see anything else

16Rock With You
This is the ultimate feel good song! Whenever I am feeling low, I play this song and I am immediately uplifted! Michael's smile in this video is so genuine and bright, I can't help but feel good looking and listening to him!


Off The Wall is Michael Jackson's Debut solo album, and I believe that Quincy Jones behind the production was masterful. This whole album is wonderfully produced and this song along with Off The Wall and Don't Stop Till You Get Enough are among his best
The best song ever that make me feel so good and the song has beautiful Lyrics and wonderful rhythm as well. I love you Michael Jackson you are the best pop singer for all time god marcy you
[Newest]Brings back nostalgia.. Makes me feel calm, free of worry, and ready to continue life happy!

17Heal the World
I think this song should be Number 1, because its actually got a true meaning, and I absolutely LOVE this song! MJ is just the best
He and his music will live on forever x
King Of Pop
I don't know why but when I first heard this song at the rehearsal of our school function... I kept moving to the song.. My mind became really emotional and I wanted to listen to it all day... Love you MJ!
This song is truely a touching one... It's one of my favourite songs by mj... Has a real meaning in a person's day today life...
[Newest]This song has to be in the top five position. this is of of MJ's best

18You Rock My World
this masterpiece must absolutely be in the top 10... it's my favourite song ever so VOTE guys!

Mj's best ever song. Michael's every song is special but this one got something in it. It gives me a different feel.
It's really hard to pick a favourite MJ song, and never did I think I would vote for it after listening to Billie Jean, Bad and all the other classics he has made. But my god, the first time I heard, I was blown away. Give it a shot. This song is ridiculously catchy.
[Newest]Best in the world

19Human Nature
What the hell is wrong with people? Human Nature is one of the best song by MJ, its million times better than Billie Jean and Beat It. This track should be the number 1 in the list. At least listen to this song guys. It has meaningful and beautiful lyrics. Vote for this song guys. This was also MJ's favorite song as well.
This great song, smooth voice, the very pop song, One of my favorite song, so I vote this song for top ten, I Love you michael, you a greatest one of my favorite list, Human nature is very great song with the simple lyric is very good song and the music make me feel good
One of the greats which never seems to be mentioned.
[Newest]This song is brilliant, I think it should probably be number one, alongside the likes of man in the mirror, billie jean and smooth criminal, just an amazing song.

Good song
very much good song
indians likes very much.
beat of this song grooves buddies
Awesome song..!
A nice and meaning full lyric..
I'll remember you forever MJ..!
[Newest]The girl is dangerous...

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