Top Ten Best Sitcoms of All Time

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The Top Ten

Every single episode makes you laugh out loud even though you have memorized the punchlines. It never gets old!
True, but it's also true it's not appropriate and that the best shows are those that are appropriate for all audiences and have a good plot, comedy and good lessons at the same time.
Every single episode of Friends is great. It is simply the best! Other websites rate Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother and the Simpsons, BUT FRIENDS IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE THE BEST AND THE FUNNIEST T.V. oF ALL TIME!
Full House is definitely cleaner and more suitable for all ages, watch that instead of Friends, which is not for all ages since it's inappropriate and has negative effects on your influence.
You can never get enough of it! Beats everything else! So much better than the wanna be How I Met Your Mother or any other thing for that matter! THE BEST SHOW EVER! LOVE IT! MAKES YOU WANNA CRY! SO FUNNY!
Shows with laugh tracks are useless and dumb nowadays, they just worked in the past, but laugh tracks are now overused and unappealing nowadays, shaky camera work like in Modern Family is less distracting to anyone than laugh tracks.


[Newest]Just finished season 10 ): attempted watching How I Met Your Mother but its just not the same... You feel like part of a family when you watch "Friends", and no other T.V. show comes even remotely close to that magic.
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The best of the best of the best...
Every character is unique in its own way..
Love kramer's entrance and jerry's comedy show...
BEST SHOW EVER! It's a best comedy based in black Humor, the characters represents our hidden bad side. The last episode, is the best final for a comedy. Excellent. - What he said.
SIMPLY THE BEST = Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld were pure genius at work, George Costanza has to be one of the best created and embodied sitcom characters ever - Jason Alexander was magnificent; the clever plot mixed brilliantly high-class black humor with day-to-day situations blown out of proportions which allow the viewers around the world to relate with the characters. I guess we all tried at least once to open the door the way Kramer did when entering Jerry's apartment, Elaine was one of the best played female characters in a sitcom. Truly brilliant.
I cannot imagine someone not knowing about the Soup-Nazi, about the bubble boy and the misprint "Moops", about Newman - the archenemy, about "Mulva", about the scene where Frank Costanza asks "o you want a piece of me? ", or about "By the way - they're real and they're spectacular", or "I don't have a square to spare", or even about the bet about who won't cave in to the urge to masturbate, or about Elaine trying to "turn", to bring a guy from the other team to the heterosexual team.
It is said that all good things must come to an end, but I simply do not understand why the authors of a masterpiece did stop when they were still young and had so much to say.
It is sad that, to the day, they were unmatched.
[Newest]Best show ever, never seen anything funnier than this.
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3How I Met Your Mother
It's the awesomest of all the shows. Its the legend-daddy show of the world. Each and every character in the show are performing to their fullest and its this thing that makes it, "The Best of The Best".
How I Met Your Mother is nothing less than a wonderful magical experience. The character quality is nothing short than multi-dimensional and the story is so well-planned that one starts an episode baffled and finishes it laughing. Kudos to the makers and actors.
How I met your mother is the best sitcom one can ever come across. Especially with Barney Stinson<Neil Patrick Harris> you have got to agree that it AWESOME! So "THUMBS UP! "
[Newest]From the time I heard slap bet, I knew I would love this show. Best sitcom since Friends hands down.
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4The Big Bang Theory
No. 11? This is just unbelievable. I mean, after all, my favorite IS How I Met Your Mother.
Of course not!
Ever since I started watching The Big Bang Theory, all other sitcoms become.. Well, the same. Nothing can compare. Love it, Love it, Love it!
Don't believe me? Watch it, and be convinced!
Every episode of this show cracks me up like no other sitcom. All of the characters are well developed both in the show in general and in each episodes. Greatness!
Best humor ever. Very well written with amazing characters and absolutely brilliant Sheldon. Often portraits our "normal" daily activities in a different light - light of rationalism and logic. Brilliant!
[Newest]This show could go on forever
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5The Simpsons
It's a hard thing to judge the Simpsons nowadays due to its major decrease in popularity and sadly enough quality during the later seasons so it is a testament to just how good the first 5-6 seasons were that I can still resolutely put this at first.

First off The early Simpsons just 'gets' satire better than any other show, book, film etc. It doesn't fall into the trap of waving pop culture in your face and saying "look, laugh" neither does it demonize the thing they're satirizing. The cultural references used are to great effect instead of being thrown in for cheap laughs.

But the thing that makes the early seasons first and foremost is their heart. The Simpsons would barely ever take sides to a debate but properly show the good and the bad while still presenting laugh out loud humour. The majority of episodes are more complex than most hollywood feature comedies, hell, most hollywood films. It is incredibly rare to have a early Simpsons episode that missed the mark and just wasn't funny whereas shows like family guy, south park etc can pull out a dud episode.

Episodes such as 'Bart gets an F', 'Last exit to Springfield', '21 short stories about Springfield' 'Homers Mom' etc are just mini masterpieces in themselves and could be taken out of the Simpsons universe and still work as brilliant stories. Yes the new series are bad. Not awful, but are far, far inferior to earlier episodes. But even so, nothing can even remotely touch the sheer hilarity and maturity of those early series. It is the best family show ever and may never be surpassed.


I love the simpsons. It's the best sitcom ever! I hope it never ends. The simpsons are always coming up with funny jokes. And they're yellow. That's my favourite colour!
I love this show! it has got some great guest apperances, it's clever, cool characters and everybody is Yellow!
[Newest]It's a American classic


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6Two and a Half Men
Great writing, terrific ensemble cast and guest stars... Especially the women: Rose/Melanie Lynskey, MoHolland Taylor, Kandi/April Bowlby, and Lydia/Katherine LaNasa, to name only a few
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Charlie Sheen!
[Newest]Absolutely hilarious but only with Charlie Sheen.

7Modern Family
Phil Dunphy, the best character I have seen on TV in many years. Sofia Vergara is hilarious too.
Can't believe its not in the top ten!
This is the best sitcom ever!
Its suitable for every age and its always funny.
Luke is super funny just like phil.
Love this show! 4? Are you kidding me...
Amazing characters... Awesome kids!
Each episode is funnier than the last... Never want this show to end.
[Newest]This is a good sitcom, it's even realistic and it's like a family-oriented version of Friends.
Modern Family was not family oriented either, despite the title, Full House was family-oriented and the closest thing to Friends a family-oriented sitcom can be.


8The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
West Philadelphia born and raised...
Great, great show. Very edgy as well as educational. Most of all hilarious!
Will smith is the shizzle, one of the few that can be funny and serious.


You gotta be kidding me, there's no way the fresh prince should be 11th on this list. I've never seen another sitcom that could make you laugh, cry, and make you care about the characters the way this show did. I think friends is the the closest that could come to this show. This show taught lessons to kids, there was meaning behind every episode. This show should be number 1 above all others. Sure friends was a great show, you also cared about those characters, but most of the episodes lacked true meaning other than to be entertaining
[Newest]Just look at the name.

9That 70's Show
I love this show. The characters are great and they all have different personalities that fit together. I watched every episode and didn't want the show to end. I still watch it when it comes on T.V... Enough said.
I'm not a sitcom fans at all (maybe some Married With Children and Friends here and there), but I still watch That 70s Show to this day. Every episode still makes me laugh, and I wish I could relive it all over again.
Pretty good show I'd have to say.
Season finale made me cry
[Newest]This show deserves number one, from season one to season seven, because season eight only had two good episodes (First and Last) but every other episode of the whole series was amazing. All the characters, plots stories, and everything.
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10The Office
The show has no laugh track. You can laugh anytime you want. Steve Carell is BRILLIANT!
I laughed, I cried, but throughout this show, you never wanted it to end because the connection you created with the characters. Michael Scott may be one of the most brilliant characters ever invented because of his awkward yet hysterical form a comedy that makes you love him and don't forget Pam and Jim, the couple that showed us that overall love never fails. In the end, this show revealed to me how to see the greatness in small ordinary things like an office, and I am forever grateful for that.


Perfect combination of hilarious comedy and connection with the characters. I'm a guy and this is one of the only shows that's every made me cry, and its made me cry plenty of times. Whether it be from a perfectly written and performed joke or an incredibly sentimental performance, which all characters are capable of. You find yourself really caring for characters that are also just sort of a joke in themselves. They also do a wonderful job of making "the little things" like a coworker relationship seem so monumental. Changes the way you look at life and that's not an overstatement.
[Newest]Such a brilliant, daring show - the first of its kind
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11Married with Children
How this isn't number 1, I don't know. This is the most outrageous sitcom of all times. I don't know how to laugh at other sitcoms after getting used to the humor in MWC
Scrubs, How I met your mother and Big Bang Theory are three of the least funny T.V. shows of all time. Seinfeld, Friends and Married with Children top 3 100 million percent. LETS ROCK!
One of the best if not the best. Ten times better than Friends, Frazier, etc.
[Newest]Married with Children, it doesn't get funnier than this!

Having Cheers #22 on this list is a travesty. It looks like whomever made this list has only watched the 90's sitcoms, as many of the top ones are more recent. Cheers is, hands down, the greatest sitcom ever.
Not really, it's a fact that Friends is the greatest sitcom ever.
I'm sitting watching a ballgame this afternoon that went into a rain delay. They played an episode of CHEERS. It really made me think of just how awesome a T.V. show this was back in the 80s. Every character was developed--from Woody & Coach to Dr. Lilith Crain! When characters left (again Coach and Diane Chambers) the show picked up where it left off without skipping a beat! Norm-isms & Cliffy... You can't beat the bar where EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME!
Cheers is great, hilarious still after all these years. Ted Danson is great.
[Newest]What a loved show! Can you believe it nearly got canceled so early!

13Everybody Loves Raymond
Great show. Frank is the best, Robert is right behind him. The mother gets annoying and Raymond, well he's just a whining wuss. But, none the less, I still love this show, its very funny. My favorite show for this catagory would be "That 70s show". I'm not a huge Simpsons fan but as many years they been around and still running, you gotta give that show a huge round of applause.


The funniest sitcom ever! Ten episodes and I was hooked. I never watched this until it was in syndication. I just absolutely love the characters and scripts. I one of the few who never thought Seinfeld was funny... Not even slightly funny. I don't know.. I just never got it. Final thoughts on Raymond... Having seen most of the shows now in syndication, the think the best scripts were written about 3 years into it's run. The later episodes seem much funnier to me than the earlier episodes as a new show.
Frank Barone has the craziest Punchlines Ever. Marie Barone Is The most Eccentric woman to Ever Grace The Genre of Sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond Has to be at least number 3 on this List.
[Newest]Top 3 easily. Only other shows worth mentioning in the same breathe are friends and seinfeld

Intelligent and unique alternative for nowadays stupid sitcoms. That sitcom can be watched all around and still is funny, while others have those types of jokes, which can be funny only once. Frasier may not be at first place, as it's sense of humor is not available for everyone. Today people prefer shallow jokes or watching somebody falling from stars, rather than sophisticated points.
Frasier is the best thing to have hit television.. and it still is, it's a show that never fails, it can make me laught at the worst of days, and it never gets old..
Eminent Boston Psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, last seen gracing the bars of Cheers has left his life there to start afresh in Seattle. He now has a spot as a popular radio Psychiatrist, giving him the chance to spread words of wit and wisdom to the masses. He shares his apartment with his retired cop father, Martin, and his father's physical care assistant, Daphne Moon. Add in brother Niles, Eddie the dog, some bizarre situations and plenty of humour and you've got all the ingredients for an excellent show and worthy successor to Cheers.

[Newest]This is perhaps the only sit-com you can get caught watching by your kids and not feel any guilt.
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15Family Guy
Pushes the boundaries every episode - nothing is funnier today!
This Cartoon is so funny that no matter how much I watch the same episode still gives me laughs and peter's shenanigans are so much wacky. Buttscratcher! Is the best joke I guess.
This is a genuinely funny T.V. show. However, I think Chris deserves more credit than he gets. Behind Peter, he is the funniest character on the show.

With that being said, this show is extremely intelligent and gets you laughing when you least expect it. Kudos to Seth MacFarlane for creating the funniest show on T.V. today.


[Newest]Hilarious. Goes where no other show dares to go.

16Arrested Development
By far the best sitcom ever to grace television, even one of the best shows period. Extremely smart and very fast paced comedy, there's no "setup setup setup punchline" nonsense, it's just a constant barrage of well written, well acted humor... And it only gets better the second time you watch.
It's the best, since there's no laugh track to distract the viewers from every part of the sitcom.
Any person not saying it is the best sitcom ever, hasn't seen it..
Really, the plot is awesome, jokes makes you wanna see them over and over again, after seeing whole show, you wanna start watching it all over again.
Really, how I met your mother, friends, modern family, they are awesome, but this - is masterpiece.
It was one of the best sitcoms of all time, but one thing messy about this one was that the camera work was VERY choppy.
The smartest, most fast paced comedy I've ever seen... So many recurring jokes, brilliant writing... The characters are just too funny!
[Newest]Nothing I have ever seen on television even comes close to the complexity and intricacy at which this show unfolds. It's always special when you get a show that not only excels at making you choke from laughter, but also keeps you intrigued by an interesting storyline. AD is the best in the biz at doing both of those things simultaneously. I've never laughed harder at anything in my life. 2 viewings are pretty much mandatory, as the first time you might miss a few things while you sit there mind blown over what you're watching.


If you saw Friends, then you'll know that that show's funnier, Everybody ranked Friends as the funniest sitcom of all time, which means that it's funnier than Arrested Development.
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17Only Fools and Horses
Best ever! Excellent actors and amazing timing of punch lines. Even after having watched the episodes several times, it still remains funny.
This is the best comedy sitcom ever made. Purely amazing acting, writing and classic English humour. Voted the best English comedy for a reason, it would sure beat the likes of the cheap American comedy shows in the top ten. Watching this show plenty of times, it always remains funny.
This should definitely be number one, and by a long way as well. I can't think of one episode which is less than outstanding. Pure comedy genius.
[Newest]Frankly this should be number 1.
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18South Park
16th? No way no way so people here don't know anything about south park it seems because its the most funniest and craziest animated sitcom ever.
Come on how can you people vote Cartman and the others so low screw you guys I am going home


My favorite show! I watch it everyday. Mung laugh out loud (World Wide Recording Concert) is my favorite word now besides heinous! I also saw the movie. The boys' foul language makes me laugh out loud and they're only in the fourth grade, which is funny but I guess relatable to in reality by today's standards because people cussed all the time when I was in elementary school last year. I also love all the boys but dislike Wendy strongly. South Park for life!
South Park Is an epic creation. I have watched their series from beginning to end many times. The creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone never hold back on the social situation of the day. Know one is safe from their mischief and direct approach to comedy.

Long live The South Park legacy...
[Newest]Whoever doesn't think this is 1 either doesn't like fish sticks, or is kanye west

Scrubs has the best set of characters, and the best actors to fit their roles. I can watch it annually and still enjoy it as much as the first time
Scrubs has it all. It has the best script ever made, the best characters ever created, the best location choice, (in a hospital, you can both laugh and cry), and inarguably the best actors for the job. Nothing beats Zach Braff in the episode "My ABC's" in season 8. Or John C. McGinley when he loses 3 patients in one day, or Judy Reyes when she says her final goodbye to Laverne in season 6. All of those memories stay in your head forever, and when you have watched through all of the seasons, you are left with that little sad feeling that your friends are gone. The series are over, and you can't follow the people who has through the seasons become your best friends. You know their backgrounds and stories. You know what the've been through.

Scrubs is the only show that has made me cry on more than 3 ocasions. Scrubs fans will know which ones I mean. It is and will always be the best T.V. show ever made, and one can only pray they start filming it again
One of the best sitcoms EVER!
Nothing can beat it. I don't even try to compare it with other shows because then, I won't be able to like ANYTHING!
Brilliant, absolutely!
[Newest]Scrubs is diverse, it is poignant, it speaks out about major issues, it is hilarious, it is accurate, its character development is unrivalled... It will never be beaten.
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20The King of Queens
Doug has to be the funniest television character in television since Barney Fife. Even the most simple jokes coming out of Doug's mouth is somehow hilarious! Laugh out loud
I can't believe this is # 16! I never understood why this show wasn't a HUGE success! I'm sorry but this show is better than Friends and most of the top 10. Kevin James was hilarious, Jerry Stiller was classic, and I can't think of one supporting cast member in there that wasn't great playing their role. I watch this show ALL the time and never gets old, and wish that it would have kept going. By the way, why do people think that Seinfeld is funny? Just asking because every joke he has that smirk on his face, and to me Kramer and Jason Alexander made that show.
The MOTHER of all sitcoms! I'm watching the DVD right now and even though I know all the episodes by heart, I still crack out so loud that I'm expecting the neighbors to knock at my door any minute. Every single character is so funny, I mean Carrie got really annoying towards the end, and Kelly was a little useless, but everyone else was was so hilarious, such great actors. They never should have cancelled that show! If you don't know it, watch it! It's a must!
[Newest]I laughed every time Arthur opened his mouth to shout something absurd. I kinda wished they had kept Richie on the show but other than that it was flawless.
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It seems like the voters have almost entirely neglected to mention British sitcoms. This an amazing show, not to mention laugh out loud funny, as well as a fantastic conclusion. The only qualm I have regarding this show is that the first season was a disappointment, but the rest of the four are legendary.
Simply brilliant, well researched, Hugh Laurie before he became House, Stephen Fry, Miranda
Richardson, oh just ever so jolly japes!
Are you JOKING? This is without doubt, the best sitcom ever. Rowan Atkinson is brilliant and this is what made hugh laurie famous.

22Fawlty Towers
The fact is this is the most brilliant sitcom of all time. I'm a little narrow minded when it comes to sitcoms, though. If it doesn't have a laugh track, than it's no sitcom. All of the episodes of Fawlty Towers are tight and hilarious. It shows off John Cleese's comedic ability better than anything you'll ever see him in. The only shortcoming is that Cleese and Booth only made twelve episodes. I wish they had had the balls to make more.
Brithish humor beats American humor 10 out of 10. FT beats them all. Go Cleese!
Best sitcome ever. Rated best television show of all time by BBC
[Newest]Apart from a couple of episodes that haven't dated well, a brilliantly written and acted series. Don't think John Cleese has done anything better before or since.

Best show ever... It was funny, dramatic, cast changes didn't hurt it. The only thing that can hold this show back in popularity rankings is that too many young people don't remember how great it was.
There are at least 20 shows on this list I'd consider for number 1. Its testament to all of them how hard it is to pick. Ultimately I vote M*A*S*H. Alan Alda. Witty. Awesomely droll. Addictive.
Any list that does not have this in the top 10 shows a lack of understanding, appreciation, and simply pure humor. Not acceptable.
[Newest]I suppose M.A.S. H is low on the list because most people who vote are too young to realize how good it really was/is...

24Drake & Josh
It was the best sitcom on Nick when you think about it's hilarious jokes, but there was saying the Oh My God, which is saying the lord's name in vain, which kids and families shouldn't listen to.


This show deserves to be number 1. You are laughing you butt off in every episode ever made. It is just hilarious. Greatest show ever.
Drake & Josh was boring except for it's humor, you need more than just jokes to make a good comedy, Also, there's no special effects or anything else fun to make this show entertaining, It's just jokes, fighting with each other and laugh tracks, which almost everybody hates now.


Grew up watching this in my teenage. Wow ts nice to see its name in this list big fan of drake bell
Drake & Josh would have been great, only if they didn't have an overwhelming laugh track, which it had.

25I Love Lucy
Timeless comedy! Very family friendly without the sex, violence, and profanity. My kids prefer watching the "old" shows vs the garbage that's showing today. Lucy- the queen of comedy! This should EASILY be #1 on the list.
She pioneered the sitcom. If not for Lucy I wouldn't be enjoying The Big Bang Theory.
This needs to be at least in the top 5! My god, FRIENDS is at the top? It's a good show, but I Love Lucy is at least number 2, only following the Dick Van Dyke Show. To be fair, I Love Lucy totally came up with the idea for spinoffs, using three cameras, reruns, etc.
[Newest]This might be one of the oldest sitcoms but this got many laughs in it's day

26The Andy Griffith Show
Andy and Barney were the best team in television. The show developed the characters and not the situations. I have seen each episode well over 500 times, and when my son was old enough, we watched them together. We now both own the DVD entire series. He is now 36 and I 63. A college graduate in graphic design, he owns his own upscale tattoo studio. And on Father's Day he gave me a tattoo of Andy and Opie walking down the dirt path to the lake. He did this because of the impact that show had on him and because we have a relationship like Andy and Opie. That shows the impact of that series on our relationship and life itself.
This year was a sad year because of the passing of a great man, Andy Griffith. I've enjoyed so much watching this show ever since I could remember growing up. I'm now 45, and if I'm ever scrolling through the channels with the remote, the Andy Griffith Show always stops me in my tracks. It's so funny, especially when Barney is on the show. There are so many times when we are taught a lesson in morals and ethics, whether it is by Andy, Barney, and most of the time (like right now as I'm watching) by little Opie. I love this show and will watch it forever. My boys are watching it now. Have to pass it on.
There is not now nor has there ever been a better sitcom. I just finished watching all 8 seasons on Netflix. I wish there were more. It would be great if there was a show on T.V. now that was as funny, wholesome, and moral. They just don't make television shows like they used. I miss the days when sitcoms had stable, intelligent parents and nice, respectful kids. Just goes to prove a show doesn't have to be stupid, sexy, violent or controversial to be an excellent show.

27Malcom in the Middle
very very good show. totally underrated to. it just has so many good actors. the guy who plays hal, spangler, and craig are all amazing.
By far the best of the lesser known comedy shows. Very original form of humour, and no annoying laughing tape on the background. Scrubs fans (like me) will probably love this show as well.
Trully one of the best series made in T.V. history. I can't imagine why it is not in top 10.
[Newest]I didn't watch the show first run. After binge watching the series, I wish I could see it for the first time again.

28It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Will go down as one of the greatest shows of all time. Ridiculous to the point of hilarity. Excellent writing. Unforgettable characters. Danny Devito just adds major celebrity to the show.
This show is simply the best. It makes me wanna puke that this isn't in the top tens at least because it shows that nobody on this website has even seen the show. How I Met Your Mother? Are you kidding me. Watch this show once and you will be in love. It's not some stupid romantic comedy about relationships and love. It's about the stupidest and most selfish people in Philadelphia. The only cliché in this whole show is that they run a bar. Each character is perfect. This show is perfect.
Perfect comic timing, well developed characters, and fast paced story lines that have some of the most outrageous situations that I could have never fathomed in the far reaches of my imagination. Totally hysterical and unexpected every episode.
One of my friends describes this show by saying, "every time they have to make a decision, they make the absolute worst decision possible. " Which makes for some interesting scenarios.
[Newest]No other show will satisfy me again, this show is unique. seen all season 8 times

29Parks and Recreation
Maybe one of the most underrated shows ever. Its really a great show, and it went out on top with honor. Unforgettable characters in this lovably small town in Indiana
How is this so low. Definitely has the greatest cast on television right now!
This is absolutely amazing! Smart, funny, every season is improving its qualities! MUST SEE IT

30Mr. Bean
Rowan Atkinson gives a phenomenal and hilarious performance as Mr. Bean.
British comedy at its best, its a family sitcom, no bad stuff for kids, and a laugh for everyone, Rowan Atkinson is the one and only, its a true shame its stopped now.
This show is hilarious. Mr bean is a man who hardly talks and goes on adventures usually stuffing things up and causing disaster in the wake. Mr bean is a show that every person should watch
[Newest]Simple but makes me crack up every time.

31The Cosby Show
While I can appreciate some of the newer sitcoms and I'd hate to be one of the old geezers claiming that sitcoms aren't what they used to be, the current sitcoms simply aren't as well written as they used to be; props to BigBang and 70's show, but they aren't as creative as the Cosby's and MWC. The Cosby Show was able to be so wholesome and clean and still make anyone and everyone have sore ribs from laughing so hard. It was also really nice to have a show about an African-American family and have it be about the FAMILY, not the fact that they're African-American; not having a recurring motif every single episode about the tribulations of discrimination and the demonization of other races, Family Matters also excelled in this regard
A nice old family sitcom is the best and Cosby Show is a funny show that will always bring a smile on your face.
"This is definitely my #1. I watch the reruns every night."
[Newest]I swear, I laugh from start to finish every episode.

32Curb Your Enthusiasm
Great show not taking away from seinfeld but CYE is better it is more clever and has a better premise, plus it is about the life and times of hollywodds funniest man larry david
Very clever situations with excellent improvisation!
Curb should be at the top spot. A very cerebral, extremely funny show. It's painful to see stupid shows like How I Met Your Mother and Friends at the top of the list and Curb not even in the top 10.

Everyone should give this show a chance. It's awesome! You'll actually get attached to the characters. The humour is witty and this show is made of awesomeness.
This show is just awesome. Every character is funny in his/her own way, and it has many great and unique episodes. Take "Dabed's uncontrollable Christmas", which takes the animation style from stop-motion films. Most secondary characters are very enjoyable as well.
It's the best show out there, not only as a commedy. It's definitely "streets ahead" of the competition, if you get what I mean. Community is a show that constantly pushes boundaries and deconstructs everything about sitcoms, succeeding every time in producing laughter. Go Community!
[Newest]Can't believe this isn't #01 on this list. It's the best sitcom ever, it's out of the box, it has variety, it takes chances and most of the time, it succeeds. If you go away from season 4, this will be your favorite show. I've watched it completely over 10 times.

3430 Rock
I can't believe that this Sitcom wan't on here; 30 Rock is on the top of my list because all of the characters are so great.
What the hell! I haven't even heard of half the shows above 30 rock, they shouldn't even be there, 30 rock is the best sitcom ever. Ever. I want to go to there.
It ended after 7 glorious seasons. This show is still amazing. Always fun to watch. Tracy is hilarious!

35All In The Family
This is, hands down, the best sitcom of all time. Seinfield, nor Friends, nor any other sitcom will ever have the impact that All in the Family had on the American society of that time and even today. When it comes to sitcoms, All in the Family will always be KING.
"All in the Family" is one of the few television series that can described as groundbreaking. Creator Norman Lear wasn't afraid to address social issues and taboo themes in a time when that simply wasn't done in sitcoms.
Raised the bar and set a new standard. Nothing had touched it before, and nothing has touched it since. Great performances from a great cast.
[Newest]All in the family should be number one

36Full House
I love this show it was made way before I was born and when I found out about it I was addicted I loved everyone my two favorite are jesse and Stephanie they are so funny and cool. I wish the show never ended and the tanner family were real why are there no good funny family shows like full house who can make you laugh but also teach you a good family lesson this show will never die
Amazing show... amazing characters... each episode makes you laugh and at the same time touches your heart!
Such a great show. It is the only show that I can watch and love that was made before I was born. The show itself is timeless. You can watch an episode and it can make you laugh and it can touch you at the same time. Overall the show is unforgettable
[Newest]Full House is like Friends, except that it's shot on video and it's appropriate for families of all ages, and families are ages 0 to the death ages.


37My Wife And Kids
Really funny, I first saw it switching channels randomly and couldn't stop laughing! xD Should be in higher position
It should definitely hold a better rank :-/
It makes you rofl ;)
how can my wife and kids not be on this list its one of the funniest shows everyone has to love this show
[Newest]Michael kyle is the funniest man in sitcom. Should be in top ten!

38Will and Grace
I just love this show! All the characters and the story are amazing and it should be in the top 3! Why not!?
Will and Grace should be top 3! It is simply amazing. And the fact that it aired for so long and was one of the first shows that had more of a controversial topic for it's time really says something. It makes me laugh so hard and provides so much entertainment. The chemistry of the cast is great and a show I watch every single day. I <3 W&G.
Um... THIS IS ONLY THE GREATEST SHOW ON TELEVISION! The humor, the wit, the character interaction, and the story for it's time was pure gold. I watch this show at least once a day if not for episodes at a time, I know every line.
[Newest]Will and Grace is the best sitcom ever made! It's never boring like a lot of the ones, and it tackles major social issues (With a smile and a laugh) No other show does that.. :) And yes, Karen Walker does indeed rule! Laugh out loud

39New Girl
Zooey Deschanel's character is really cute and she's not afraid of nerdy glasses or making fool of herself.


It's a great show can't believe it's not in the top 10! Nick and Schmidt are hilarious and it's impossible not to love Jess
Best unique comedy.. Almost like seinfeld without a concept.. and good

40Home Improvement
I love this show. It is my favorite along with full house and the middle. My favorite episode is when Tim blew up Benny's aunts house. It has valuable lessons. There are many funny things in this show. My brother likes this show too.
Definitely should be in the top ten. The show was funny and also shared valuable lessons. Still watch any episode that's on T.V..
How this is not in the top 3 is pretty shocking.
[Newest]Pretty realistic yet hilarious. Incredibly witty, the best ever!

41Freaks and Geeks
It only aired one season and its better than all these crappy fake shows nowadays. People might think I'm an idiot for liking a show called freaks and geeks, but "FRIENDS' is for losers who have no friends, well except for Pheobe and David Schwimmer.
Best ever show.. Quite a learning experience apart from great comedy.. Great performances. Infact best ever short lived show. Would have been a legend had it gone for few more seasons.. Dunno why nbc had to close it soon after the first season.
Loved this show and was so disappointment to see it end without resolution.
[Newest]I love this show

42Happy Days
A classic 70s sitcom about A Boy and his bunch of friends and his parents in the 50s. This show is outstanding Fonzie is awesome and richie is just amazing. Tom bosley is good as richies dad and his mrs cunningham is awesome great sitcom deserves a high spot
One of the best sitcoms ever. they just don't make good shows like this anymore

43Father Ted
I have watched all seasons over and over again and I still laugh every single time. Cannot believe it is not at least in the top 20 spot?
Funniest and most quotable sitcom ever.
Great characters in hilarious situations.
Laugh out loud over and over again.
Number 1 in my opinion so clever so realistic. The Irish accent only makes it funnier people need to vote for the best sitcom of all time. The reason it was so good was because it only went for 4 seasons, shame it happened under such sad circumstances.

If this show had not been cut it would have been the best ever. matt leblanc was perfection in his role as joey from friends...
This is one of the best sitcoms ever jajaj it almost made me forget FRIENDS (unforgettable)!

45The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Should be in the top 5.
Mary was terrific. The show had great lines and was very entertaining, but most of all it had what makes a great sitcom - a very strong and talented supporting cast. Each had continued success - some even in the same role. How many sitcoms can claim this?

Come on, this show should be right up there with Seinfeld, not number 1, i would say number 2. Not enough people know about or remember this show. RIP PHIL HARTMAN.
This show has one of the best ensemble casts in a sitcom--bar none! An office of quirky, funny, and relatable characters. Re-live the hilarity through Instant Netflix.
Should be at least on the Top 5... The first three seasons were as good as a sitcom can be.
[Newest]By far my favorite sitcom, still makes me laugh even though I've seen all the episodes several times.

47Kenan & Kel

To the poster before, you sir are an idiot, the show only got better, Taxi is to comedy, what Star Trek is to Science Fiction.
Way to low on the list, set the standard for everything that came after.
Taxi #53? A very clever comedy with a great cast.
[Newest]My personal favorite (and I've watched WAY TOO MUCH T.V. )

49George Lopez
Oh my god, are you kidding me, 69, I would have at least guessed it was in the top 20, but 69, come on people, this is one of the best and funniest shows I have ever seen in my life. George is funny, Benny's a drunk, and Max and Carmen are annoying, can't get enough of George picking on his own kids.
come on 102nd I think it should be at least in the top 10
Funny family show! Raymond and George Lopez are our faves!
[Newest]Definitely top 10 for me!

50Family Ties
Nowdays there are not more sitcoms like Family ties, which not only make us laugh but also teach us about the family, values, love, responsability, etc, Currently all the Sitcoms have not any kind of worth message, that is very sad, this is actually our modern society
I don't know how people don't rate. It's the best show ever without any doubt. Nowadays, no sitcoms really say anything about our social problems, but Family Ties used to point at those problems.
Campy by today's standards, but still quality entertainment.


51Red Dwarf
Hilarious, why isn't it higher? it started with a whole new comedic take on the star trek/sci fi arena and made it one of the funniest tv shows ever and severly underated. blackadder I haven't even seen on this list and that's an amazing sitcom to.


This show is one of the best british comedies I've watched and the actors still keep it entertaining despite there's only 3/4 of them honestly this should be a lot higher up the list.
Unique and dazzlingly surprising every time. You don't need high quality sets or special effects to get something so original and fresh. The script is always sharp and you can tell they really care about their characters
[Newest]I think it is the best sitcom of them all.

52Boy Meets World
Are you kidding me this has to be the best show ever
Best show ever. Hilarious all the way through as it expresses life and passion. I think Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel did a great job along with the rest of the cast.
44! That is crazy. This is one of the only GOOD shows that taught you something actually valuable. This show has made me laugh and cry. Come on people make it #1
[Newest]They made a spin off of it called Girl Meets World on Disney Channel.

53Everybody Hates Chris
The commentary track by Chris and the acting makes this show awesome!
It is a sitcom, and a look into how a comedian sees himself. Too funny!
You are a fool for placing it at I met your mther should be first

Only a little different from the simpsons? Futurama is hands down the best cartoon ever. The possibilities are endless with this show and the new season is even better.
Arguably the best cartoon sitcom ever created.

Not stupid slapstick, but intelligent plots, and subtle humour.
A great sitcom for when you want something (only a little) different than Simpsons
[Newest]Why isn't this show in the top ten? Really should be.. Great humor, amazing show!

55The Dick Van Dyke Show
I believe the old shows (Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy) are being shorted on this list since they are from so long ago. Both easily belong in the top 10 list - the writing was superb for both series.
Amazing this wasn't on the list. Best ensemble cast of all time (DVD, MTM, Maury Amsterdam, Carl Reiner, Rose Marie, Richard Deacon)
Superb writing, superb acting. The average person could see himself in these sorts of situations.
[Newest]The Dick Van Dyke show should be in the top five because this show is so funny! The Dick Van Dyke show is my number one favorite sitcom.


56Third Rock From the Sun
I think its one of the best ideas for a sitcom. And acting is superb! 3rd rock is my favorite!
Man, it should have been number one, I can't believe it! So dissapointed that no one ever see this show. Watch it guys, you'll change your mind.
That is so right! This show definitely is a hit, should deserve more credit that's all!
[Newest]Recently began watching again on netflix there is not a single show that makes me laugh more in the half hour than this one why is it not more appreciated?

57IT Crowd
The IT Crowd is so funny. I love every episode. I wish more sitcoms could be as original as this. Coming from the same team as Father Ted, it still equals it and is brilliant in its own right.
How is this show not up higher at least number 2 behind seinfeld it is very funny and the whole show builds up to an apex of funny (much like seinfeld. fourth season sucked though.
IT Crowd is the most funny sitcom I ever watch, so bad the series is too short. I don't get it, how this become number 75? Maybe people didn't know it?

58What I LIke About You

The most amazing show ever to be made. Vince & E really great in the show. Turtle and Drama the amazing support. But God oh God ARI rocks the entire show and takes it to a whole new level. The set, the costumes, the music the girls, the movie stars, the singers the list will just keep going on. This show ROCKS period
makes everyone who watches it want to be a movie star. easily the best show out right now, I would rival it against the sopranos as the second best tv show ever, next to seinfeld
The best sitcom... Just love it... Waiting for entourage the movie ;)
Do watch it guys

60Raising Hope
You can learn American conscience from this show. As a foreigner living far from the states, I wish to see American people like the characters on this show. Crazy but caring, laid back but hard working to support the people they love.
Absolutely fantastic show hilarious characters. I watch this all the time and wish more episodes were out it's the greateset
Simply hilarious I every single way
[Newest]How can no one add this?

61According to Jim
What about this one guys, come on I can't be the only person who saw that...
I mean, yes there's been awesome shows but seriously this has to be at least at the top 20.
I'm pretty sure that the ones like new girl, alf, harry and the hendersons, all that good quality sitcoms that are one should really have their place and I mean what about chalie sheen's anger management?
I seriously hope I'm just blind to not have seen this here. One of my favorites!
This should be up higher

62Dad's Army
This had many memorable episodes including All is Safely Gathered In, Menace from the Deep, Time on My Hands, The Deadly Attachment, My British Buddy and If the Cap fits among others.
A hot-headed Captain Mainwaring, a stuffy Sergeant Wilson, a bayonet obsessed Lance Corporal Jones, a miserly Private Frazer, a cheeky Private Walker, a gentle Private Godfrey, a trigger happy Private Pike and an angry Chief Warden Hodges. That is one hell of a recipe. Eat your heart out Leonard and Penny.
Lets see Dad's Army or New Girl? Of to put it in other words a bumbling Home Guard officer or a dorky girl? It's more daring to take the mickey out of the British army than a dorky hot girl.

63Three's Company
This list is a joke, The top 10 of all time did not happen all in the past 15 years. Please Three's Company is a perfect example this show was always hysterical, often thought provoking, way ahead of its time, and used physical and mental comedy.
Three's company is such a fun show. Laugh out loud. John ritter and don knotts did an amazing job with their physical comedy. Love three's company.
the funniest show I ever watched! I have never laughed out loud so much
[Newest]Best show ever! Great cast overall and of course John Ritter, Don Knotts... : )

when becker first came on, I couldn't get rid of the concept of sam malone being a doctor...after becker went off the air (first run), I suddenly realized how great a show it was. I know it might seem odd, but when I think of Ted Danson, I think of ''Becker'' and not ''Cheers''

I especially loved the last episode, Ted Dansons's real live wife has a cameo...Becker reads a chart of a Mr. Nielson and says..."his numbers aren't that bad". BRAVO.
Becker is the best comedy.....Serious comedy...Love it
My parents named me after this, and I'm a girl, not a grumpy doctor


[Newest]Becker at 96? I don't believe this? Try the top 50.

65Leave it to Beaver
Should be rated much higher despite its age.
Lower voting is because of lower views. Many of younger generation have not seen and, if so, I dismiss as 'corny' and not give it a chance--which is too bad.

66Rules of Engagement
Should be on the first page. Patrick and spade compensate for an otherwise short stacked cast but it's mundane story won't ever make this show get into the double digits. Jokes are sharp though.
Way too underrated. I think it belongs in the top 10. Even though it isn't always original (character wise) the jokes, plot, and acting is great.
Great! Always makes me laugh! Patrick Warburton is just awesome!
[Newest]Should be top 10. Awesome funny show with great cast.

67The Golden Girls
This sitcom had everything. Great actors, great scripts, memorable lines, and discussed the most serious and relevant issues other sitcoms would not even dare touch - and everything still ended up a blast. This show is endearing, to say the least. Any list of the greatest sitcoms without the Golden Girls in its Top Five is a sham. And anybody who makes such a list has obviously not seen an episode or two of The Golden Girls. End of story.
Not only is this sitcom funny, but unlike all other sitcoms, it also reflects true life situations that can be quite emotional and heartbreaking from time to time. This sitcom kept me going through some of the most difficult times of my life. I want to thank the girls for this, and wish them all the best.
Very hilarious. This show knows how to bend silliness into real events. The Golden Girls is a magnificent show. One of my favorite parts is where Sofia says I love you! To Dorothy after she discovered Sofia was lying. Also: "I'll give you three seconds to give me that box. 1-" She snatches it and walks away. "By the way, your reflexes aren't in click. And to think, me, a 9-year-old lives this. That's saying something.
[Newest]Haha funny funny show. Betty White keep on rocking

68Family Matters
The faces that Carl makes, is just hilarious!
Steve is very funny

69Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Way too violent and disturbing, it has bad effects on your life.

70The Inbetweeners
I'm assuming this is the uk version, in which case it should at least be in the top 20, it's quite possibly the funniest T.V. show I've seen, alongside the IT crowd and the big bang theory
It's so funny some of the situations that will jay Simon Neil get themselves into is absolutely genius and hilarious
The funniest T.V. show I've ever seen, made me almost cry with laughter. It's original, and it has none of that canned laughter crap. It's a shame they only made 18 episodes, but I can't wait for The Inbetweeners Movie 2.

71Barney Miller
Barney Miller is easily top 25, but didn't make this list. Oh, how people forget...
Had a great ensemble cast of deadpan actors and much of the best writing. A gem.
What are you kidding? No list would be complete without it.

this show is halarious from begining to the last season. martin and his crazy characters were priceless the show was ahead of its time and original there was nothing like it at the time.And there still nothing like it till this day.
Best sitcom comedy for teenagers and young adults alike. This show made me run home to watch every night it was on. So laugh out loud funny!
This show is hilarious from beginning to the last season. martin and his crazy characters were priceless the show was ahead of its time and original there was nothing like it at the time. And there still nothing like it till this day.

Roseanne is the best show EVER.. How can it be so low on the list?
Laurie metcalf, john goodman and roseanne made that show incredible
No other shows compete in my opinion : )
WHAT?!?!? Number 29? It is, perhaps, the only believable sitcom ever, (UNTIL the last season) but the other seasons trumped that one!
Hello this is the best show ever! Its hilarious and still serious at the same time I love Jackie and Darlene

74The Beverly Hillbillies
Why this isn't in the Top 10 is beyond me. It had the most watched episode in television show history. Seinfeld can't compare to The Beverly Hillbillies.
This is just an absolute classic. I can't imagine why its this far down on the chart. This was made in the golden age of sitcoms
Still stands up after all these years. I'd rather watch the Hillbillies than any garbage on the tube now.

Absolutely awesome! Comedy, drama, and action in 40-minutes episodes. Do you need anything more? Don't think so! Anyhow, whatever your opinion about the show is, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) makes it worth watching. Damn she's gorgeous!
1 of the best shows ever! :) fight sequences are great and each actor plays their parts brilliant

The show itself is a brilliant concept and only got better and better
One of the best shows ever.
Actors act brilliantly and gets better with every episode.
One of the best spy-sitcoms. Land it up in the top 10.
[Newest]One of the best series I've ever watched comedy drama and action all in one

76Dharma & Greg
How this show is not still on the air is a mystery to me! All of the characters had a fantastic chemistry and every line is worth quoting and laughing at! Truly one of the best sitcoms ever!
Loved the show, was upset when they canceled it. Being spiritual conscious, it really resonated with me : )
Truly a great amongst the crap on this list, every character is great and they really teach a lesson on how to handle people different than yourself.

77Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Totally the right time to be on air, when I was a teenager! Love!
Loved the first 3 seasons
Love salem he's way too funny

78Yes Prime Minister
The political humor still rings true today in the USA. Cuts to the heart of politics using the civil servant as foil.


Intellectual humor at its best
This show predated the thick of it and veep by 30 years and in a funny way is a lesson in everything that is wrong wit h politics in a insightful cynical way

79Eastbound & Down
Danny Mcbride is just a comedic genius, one of the most original and hilarious shows I have ever seen
Danny McBRIDE = Humble Genius. Exactly like his character in this very very HBO comedy!

80The Drew Carey Show
I'd have this in my top 5 easily. Only Seinfeld readily comes to mind as a show that has given me more consistent laughs.
Ahead of its time and a classic envelope pusher.

81My Name Is Earl
Always cracks me up. Earl's trying to be a better person is always funny and creative.
Creative, good morals, GREAT characters, very good plots. With some dark points in the third season is still in the top 3.
A noble enterprise done with humor and sometimes pathos.


[Newest]This is just classic, Shame they never gave Earl a chance to finish his list.

82Brooklyn Nine-Nine

83WKRP in Cincinnati
"Only the mail Herb thats all I'll ever have for u" hahahaha!


The greatest show ever! Every show was as hilarious, if not more so, than the last one. And Jennifer or Bailey... Bailey every single time!
Without a doubt, one of the best ensemble comedies ever.

84Saved by the Bell
Awesome! Too many memories and early morning with the kids of bayside high!
Why is this so far down should be in top tens

85Open All Hours
Genuinely an amazing show, perfect balance between comedy and drama. I love it! Andy Samberg pulls off the detective Peralta role perfectly. Not a single person could do better.

86Allo Allo

87Da Ali G Show

88My Family

89The Addams Family

90Malcolm in the Middle

91The Bob Newhart Show

92Just Shoot Me
A definite top 10 of the 90's!


94The Wonder Years
How do you not like a tale of adolescence in a time when America was modernizing itself and everyone else lost in the fray trying to find their way. This show had everything from sibling rivalry to womens rights to the legacy you leave the future generations. It was also able to have a little something for everyone and incorporated humor into almost every show.
This must be among the top 10. There were scenes that made me cry and there were some that made me so full of boiling emotions. The way kevin climbed up cooper's house to say "I love you" and the expressions she had when she said it too was once in a life time feeling. I adore this show and its got be among the top 10.
This should have gotten a much much higher rating.. If you ask me, it should have been number 1.

This has the complete package, humor, love, emotions. On top of that, I am sure, most of us can relate to the show.
What Kevin goes through in the show is stuff, a lot of us went through as well as children : crushes, silliness, good and bad teachers and what not.
[Newest]Amongst The Wonder Years and Scrubs, it is hard to decide which one made you cry and laugh almost at the same time.

958 Simple Rules
Awesome show! John ritter was absolutely brilliant! R.I. P JR
I love 8 simple rules, big bang theory, modern family and mr bean
Great show! Would be in the top ten if it had more seasons

96Green Wing
Best British show, amazing characters
Subtle sometimes. Completely off the wall other times. The best show of all. Time...
Bizarre and surreal show based in a hospital where everyone is a wiseguy

97Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
This show is one of the funniest shows ever made. A real sleeper that is guaranteed to make you laugh until tears run down your face.
How this can be so far down the list I have NO IDEA!

98The Looney Tune Show
Should not be on the list, there's too much flirting & drug content.
This is not a good show, it ruined Looney Tunes and has sexual content.

99Night Court
Characters were incredible, and how can you forget about district attorney Dan Fielding and opposing character, Judge Harry T. Stone.

100The Office (UK)
Don't even know why I'm bothering with this list because, let's face it, it's a list for morons. Drake and Josh higher than this? That's ironically hilarious.
Can't believe his masterpiece is so low. Am I the only one annoyed it says UK after it when the American version should say the office USA and it doesn't
73? Seriously? Shows how much of a joke this list is.
Serious contender for the best T.V. show ever made, not just comedy, because it wins that crown hands down.
Never before has a comedy shown so much depth in its characters, from tim and dawn, to gareth and the brentmeister general, this show can my me laugh, cry, tear muscles whilst clenching in embarrassment. An absolute masterpiece which has inspired so many other comedies by bringing the mockumentary genre back to the masses (its been a long time since spinal tap)

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