Top Ten Best Sitcoms of All Time

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The Top Ten

Every single episode makes you laugh out loud even though you have memorized the punchlines. It never gets old!
True, but it's also true it's not appropriate and that the best shows are those that are appropriate for all audiences and have a good plot, comedy and good lessons at the same time.
Every single episode of Friends is great. It is simply the best! Other websites rate Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother and the Simpsons, BUT FRIENDS IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE THE BEST AND THE FUNNIEST T.V. oF ALL TIME!
The best shows should be those that are light hearted and family geared at the same time, not adult shows with sex, violence and drugs, those shows are very immature and bad for people.


You can never get enough of it! Beats everything else! So much better than the wanna be How I Met Your Mother or any other thing for that matter! THE BEST SHOW EVER! LOVE IT! MAKES YOU WANNA CRY! SO FUNNY!
Shows with laugh tracks are useless and dumb nowadays, they just worked in the past, but laugh tracks are now overused and unappealing nowadays, shaky camera work like in Modern Family is less distracting to anyone than laugh tracks.


[Newest]The number one sitcom of all time as a matter of fact, Seinfeld gets number 2.
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The best of the best of the best...
Every character is unique in its own way..
Love kramer's entrance and jerry's comedy show...
Friends was the best as a matter of fact, If you saw every episode of Friends and every episode of Seinfeld, You would've loved Friends the best.


BEST SHOW EVER! It's a best comedy based in black Humor, the characters represents our hidden bad side. The last episode, is the best final for a comedy. Excellent. - What he said.
Not as good a Friends as a matter of fact, Friends had the best humor and the best emotions and the best families of any sitcom ever to be made as a matter of fact.


SIMPLY THE BEST = Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld were pure genius at work, George Costanza has to be one of the best created and embodied sitcom characters ever - Jason Alexander was magnificent; the clever plot mixed brilliantly high-class black humor with day-to-day situations blown out of proportions which allow the viewers around the world to relate with the characters. I guess we all tried at least once to open the door the way Kramer did when entering Jerry's apartment, Elaine was one of the best played female characters in a sitcom. Truly brilliant.
I cannot imagine someone not knowing about the Soup-Nazi, about the bubble boy and the misprint "Moops", about Newman - the archenemy, about "Mulva", about the scene where Frank Costanza asks "o you want a piece of me? ", or about "By the way - they're real and they're spectacular", or "I don't have a square to spare", or even about the bet about who won't cave in to the urge to masturbate, or about Elaine trying to "turn", to bring a guy from the other team to the heterosexual team.
It is said that all good things must come to an end, but I simply do not understand why the authors of a masterpiece did stop when they were still young and had so much to say.
It is sad that, to the day, they were unmatched.
Technically, Friends is the best sitcom as a matter of fact, Seinfeld is good at 2nd place.


[Newest]Seinfeld was definitely a second place sitcom for television.
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3The Big Bang Theory
No. 11? This is just unbelievable. I mean, after all, my favorite IS How I Met Your Mother.
Of course not!
Ever since I started watching The Big Bang Theory, all other sitcoms become.. Well, the same. Nothing can compare. Love it, Love it, Love it!
Don't believe me? Watch it, and be convinced!
Every episode of this show cracks me up like no other sitcom. All of the characters are well developed both in the show in general and in each episodes. Greatness!
Best humor ever. Very well written with amazing characters and absolutely brilliant Sheldon. Often portraits our "normal" daily activities in a different light - light of rationalism and logic. Brilliant!
[Newest]Not the best in history, it's just that people say it's the best that's still running.
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4The Simpsons
It's a hard thing to judge the Simpsons nowadays due to its major decrease in popularity and sadly enough quality during the later seasons so it is a testament to just how good the first 5-6 seasons were that I can still resolutely put this at first.

First off The early Simpsons just 'gets' satire better than any other show, book, film etc. It doesn't fall into the trap of waving pop culture in your face and saying "look, laugh" neither does it demonize the thing they're satirizing. The cultural references used are to great effect instead of being thrown in for cheap laughs.

But the thing that makes the early seasons first and foremost is their heart. The Simpsons would barely ever take sides to a debate but properly show the good and the bad while still presenting laugh out loud humour. The majority of episodes are more complex than most hollywood feature comedies, hell, most hollywood films. It is incredibly rare to have a early Simpsons episode that missed the mark and just wasn't funny whereas shows like family guy, south park etc can pull out a dud episode.

Episodes such as 'Bart gets an F', 'Last exit to Springfield', '21 short stories about Springfield' 'Homers Mom' etc are just mini masterpieces in themselves and could be taken out of the Simpsons universe and still work as brilliant stories. Yes the new series are bad. Not awful, but are far, far inferior to earlier episodes. But even so, nothing can even remotely touch the sheer hilarity and maturity of those early series. It is the best family show ever and may never be surpassed.


I love the simpsons. It's the best sitcom ever! I hope it never ends. The simpsons are always coming up with funny jokes. And they're yellow. That's my favourite colour!
It used to be funny, now it sucks, the writers ran out of ideas and hired talentless writers


I love this show! it has got some great guest apperances, it's clever, cool characters and everybody is Yellow!
[Newest]It's the longest running animated sitcom

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5How I Met Your Mother
It's the awesomest of all the shows. Its the legend-daddy show of the world. Each and every character in the show are performing to their fullest and its this thing that makes it, "The Best of The Best".
How I Met Your Mother is nothing less than a wonderful magical experience. The character quality is nothing short than multi-dimensional and the story is so well-planned that one starts an episode baffled and finishes it laughing. Kudos to the makers and actors.
How I met your mother is the best sitcom one can ever come across. Especially with Barney Stinson<Neil Patrick Harris> you have got to agree that it AWESOME! So "THUMBS UP! "
[Newest]The best sitcom that I have ever seen. Great cast, well written, hilarious, sad, inspirational. The show grows on you every episode. Brilliant.
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6The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
West Philadelphia born and raised...
Great, great show. Very edgy as well as educational. Most of all hilarious!
Will smith is the shizzle, one of the few that can be funny and serious.


You gotta be kidding me, there's no way the fresh prince should be 11th on this list. I've never seen another sitcom that could make you laugh, cry, and make you care about the characters the way this show did. I think friends is the the closest that could come to this show. This show taught lessons to kids, there was meaning behind every episode. This show should be number 1 above all others. Sure friends was a great show, you also cared about those characters, but most of the episodes lacked true meaning other than to be entertaining
[Newest]Best show ever. It actually portrays how actual teenagers are instead of dumb nick and Disney shows.
Not the best show ever, and not the best sitcom ever, but better than any today.


7Modern Family
Phil Dunphy, the best character I have seen on TV in many years. Sofia Vergara is hilarious too.
Can't believe its not in the top ten!
This is the best sitcom ever!
Its suitable for every age and its always funny.
Luke is super funny just like phil.
Love this show! 4? Are you kidding me...
Amazing characters... Awesome kids!
Each episode is funnier than the last... Never want this show to end.
[Newest]Can't wait for the new season!

8That 70's Show
I love this show. The characters are great and they all have different personalities that fit together. I watched every episode and didn't want the show to end. I still watch it when it comes on T.V... Enough said.
I'm not a sitcom fans at all (maybe some Married With Children and Friends here and there), but I still watch That 70s Show to this day. Every episode still makes me laugh, and I wish I could relive it all over again.
Pretty good show I'd have to say.
Season finale made me cry
[Newest]This show reaves into not only our humorist hearts but also touches the side that binds friends and family into one knot which is "That 70's Show"
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9Two and a Half Men
Great writing, terrific ensemble cast and guest stars... Especially the women: Rose/Melanie Lynskey, MoHolland Taylor, Kandi/April Bowlby, and Lydia/Katherine LaNasa, to name only a few
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Charlie Sheen!
[Newest]Best show ever... Ended @ season 12

Having Cheers #22 on this list is a travesty. It looks like whomever made this list has only watched the 90's sitcoms, as many of the top ones are more recent. Cheers is, hands down, the greatest sitcom ever.
Not really, it's a fact that Friends is the greatest sitcom ever.
Cheers is great, hilarious still after all these years. Ted Danson is great.
I'm sitting watching a ballgame this afternoon that went into a rain delay. They played an episode of CHEERS. It really made me think of just how awesome a T.V. show this was back in the 80s. Every character was developed--from Woody & Coach to Dr. Lilith Crain! When characters left (again Coach and Diane Chambers) the show picked up where it left off without skipping a beat! Norm-isms & Cliffy... You can't beat the bar where EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME!
[Newest]Ironic how Cheers is just slightly beating Frasier

The Contenders

11The Office
The show has no laugh track. You can laugh anytime you want. Steve Carell is BRILLIANT!
I laughed, I cried, but throughout this show, you never wanted it to end because the connection you created with the characters. Michael Scott may be one of the most brilliant characters ever invented because of his awkward yet hysterical form a comedy that makes you love him and don't forget Pam and Jim, the couple that showed us that overall love never fails. In the end, this show revealed to me how to see the greatness in small ordinary things like an office, and I am forever grateful for that.


Perfect combination of hilarious comedy and connection with the characters. I'm a guy and this is one of the only shows that's every made me cry, and its made me cry plenty of times. Whether it be from a perfectly written and performed joke or an incredibly sentimental performance, which all characters are capable of. You find yourself really caring for characters that are also just sort of a joke in themselves. They also do a wonderful job of making "the little things" like a coworker relationship seem so monumental. Changes the way you look at life and that's not an overstatement.
[Newest]This show is underrated. VOTE!
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12Everybody Loves Raymond
Great show. Frank is the best, Robert is right behind him. The mother gets annoying and Raymond, well he's just a whining wuss. But, none the less, I still love this show, its very funny. My favorite show for this catagory would be "That 70s show". I'm not a huge Simpsons fan but as many years they been around and still running, you gotta give that show a huge round of applause.


The funniest sitcom ever! Ten episodes and I was hooked. I never watched this until it was in syndication. I just absolutely love the characters and scripts. I one of the few who never thought Seinfeld was funny... Not even slightly funny. I don't know.. I just never got it. Final thoughts on Raymond... Having seen most of the shows now in syndication, the think the best scripts were written about 3 years into it's run. The later episodes seem much funnier to me than the earlier episodes as a new show.
Frank Barone has the craziest Punchlines Ever. Marie Barone Is The most Eccentric woman to Ever Grace The Genre of Sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond Has to be at least number 3 on this List.
[Newest]Underrated, should be top five.

13Family Guy
Pushes the boundaries every episode - nothing is funnier today!
This Cartoon is so funny that no matter how much I watch the same episode still gives me laughs and peter's shenanigans are so much wacky. Buttscratcher! Is the best joke I guess.
This is a genuinely funny T.V. show. However, I think Chris deserves more credit than he gets. Behind Peter, he is the funniest character on the show.

With that being said, this show is extremely intelligent and gets you laughing when you least expect it. Kudos to Seth MacFarlane for creating the funniest show on T.V. today.


[Newest]Hilarious. Goes where no other show dares to go.

14Married with Children
How this isn't number 1, I don't know. This is the most outrageous sitcom of all times. I don't know how to laugh at other sitcoms after getting used to the humor in MWC
Scrubs, How I met your mother and Big Bang Theory are three of the least funny T.V. shows of all time. Seinfeld, Friends and Married with Children top 3 100 million percent. LETS ROCK!
One of the best if not the best. Ten times better than Friends, Frazier, etc.
[Newest]how is this even in the list - it should be in top 5 worst thongs ever

15Fawlty Towers
The fact is this is the most brilliant sitcom of all time. I'm a little narrow minded when it comes to sitcoms, though. If it doesn't have a laugh track, than it's no sitcom. All of the episodes of Fawlty Towers are tight and hilarious. It shows off John Cleese's comedic ability better than anything you'll ever see him in. The only shortcoming is that Cleese and Booth only made twelve episodes. I wish they had had the balls to make more.
Brithish humor beats American humor 10 out of 10. FT beats them all. Go Cleese!
So glad that this show made the list. I grew up watching it with my dad. Besides Arrested Development, the most watchable show no matter how many times see I've seen it. It's timeless, just like Monty Python. John Cleese at his best.

16South Park
16th? No way no way so people here don't know anything about south park it seems because its the most funniest and craziest animated sitcom ever.
Come on how can you people vote Cartman and the others so low screw you guys I am going home


My favorite show! I watch it everyday. Mung laugh out loud (World Wide Recording Concert) is my favorite word now besides heinous! I also saw the movie. The boys' foul language makes me laugh out loud and they're only in the fourth grade, which is funny but I guess relatable to in reality by today's standards because people cussed all the time when I was in elementary school last year. I also love all the boys but dislike Wendy strongly. South Park for life!
Needs to be higher! It's survived more than ten series, so it must be good. I think the reason we don't give it a chance is because all we see the first time is all the language and that. But if we look past that, we can see that not only is it absolutely hilarious, it has messages to tell, and they're usually very true.
[Newest]Whoever doesn't think this is 1 either doesn't like fish sticks, or is kanye west

Intelligent and unique alternative for nowadays stupid sitcoms. That sitcom can be watched all around and still is funny, while others have those types of jokes, which can be funny only once. Frasier may not be at first place, as it's sense of humor is not available for everyone. Today people prefer shallow jokes or watching somebody falling from stars, rather than sophisticated points.
THE BEST sitcom ever, hands down! Frasier has something for everyone. No matter who you are, there will always be a character or a situation that you can relate to. It's intellectual yet at the same time it's good old fashioned, down to earth fun. The laughs are plenty, the story lines fun to follow. I've seen all eleven seasons' worth of episodes, some more than 3 or 4 times and somehow it's always fresh & delightful. I missed seeing the series in its first run. While my friends & family were enjoying new episodes in prime time, I was either studying or interning or working shifts. Then when I went on long term medical leave & had the time to watch T.V., I 'discovered' Frasier, by then in reruns. My goodness, what a wonderful surprise. I had no idea just how purely delightful, entertaining & addictive the show could be. By addictive, I mean the characters & their lives sort of grow on you, as each week you get to know them better. They become like members of your family. So you actually look forward to turning on the T.V. & seeing them live their funny & unpredictable lives. The aging Dad, an all American retired cop who moves in (duct-taped recliner, six-pack of beer & frisky little terrier Eddie in tow) to live with his fussy, highbrow psychiatrist son Frasier, is a riot to watch. Younger brother Niles is the 'Yin' to Frasier's 'Yang'. Never a dull moment... Add in the remaining key characters & you've got a magical mixture of endless fun. I guarantee your blood pressure will drop if you've had a tough day... As you melt into observing the whacky, everyday lives of the Crane family & friends. The show is sheer genius.
Frasier is the best thing to have hit television.. and it still is, it's a show that never fails, it can make me laught at the worst of days, and it never gets old..
[Newest]Your kidding only 17 it's much better than Cheers
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It seems like the voters have almost entirely neglected to mention British sitcoms. This an amazing show, not to mention laugh out loud funny, as well as a fantastic conclusion. The only qualm I have regarding this show is that the first season was a disappointment, but the rest of the four are legendary.
Simply brilliant, well researched, Hugh Laurie before he became House, Stephen Fry, Miranda
Richardson, oh just ever so jolly japes!
Are you JOKING? This is without doubt, the best sitcom ever. Rowan Atkinson is brilliant and this is what made hugh laurie famous.

19Only Fools and Horses
Best ever! Excellent actors and amazing timing of punch lines. Even after having watched the episodes several times, it still remains funny.
This is the best comedy sitcom ever made. Purely amazing acting, writing and classic English humour. Voted the best English comedy for a reason, it would sure beat the likes of the cheap American comedy shows in the top ten. Watching this show plenty of times, it always remains funny.
This should definitely be number one, and by a long way as well. I can't think of one episode which is less than outstanding. Pure comedy genius.
[Newest]If you feel down watch fools and horses it's the best comedy you'll ever see... Its laugh out loud funny... I've watched episodes several times and its still hilarious... Best ever beating Fawlty Towers Just.

20Drake & Josh
It was the best sitcom on Nick when you think about it's hilarious jokes, but there was saying the Oh My God, which is saying the lord's name in vain, which kids and families shouldn't listen to.


This show deserves to be number 1. You are laughing you butt off in every episode ever made. It is just hilarious. Greatest show ever.
Drake & Josh was boring except for it's humor, you need more than just jokes to make a good comedy, Also, there's no special effects or anything else fun to make this show entertaining, It's just jokes, fighting with each other and laugh tracks, which almost everybody hates now.


Grew up watching this in my teenage. Wow ts nice to see its name in this list big fan of drake bell
Drake & Josh would have been great, only if they didn't have an overwhelming laugh track, which it had.

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