Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Abuse Is Horrible and Must Stop

A list that explains why animal abuse is horrible and it must stop.
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1 Animals do not know better

Exactly! Animals sometimes attack humans because they can't tell if your a foe or a nice person! Humans shoot them for fur coats, ivory, and worse of all, BLUBBER! Animals don't know better! They're animals! ANIMALS! They can't speak human languages to tell them they're being abused! Child abuse is horrible but animal abuse is even worse! At least children can tell others! Animals cannot! I love nature and animals so much! I am starting my career on 3 animal-related jobs!

Huh? Animals do not know better is not a reason animal abuse is horrible and most stop. That's not a reason animal abuse must stop. Animal abuse must STOP because man does NOT have the right to abuse animals & should have the book thrown at him/her if they're caught abusing animals. Animals are helpless when they're abused, just as children and old folk are helpless when they're abused.

2 It mainly happens to dogs

This statement is absolutely false. While I am not trying to downplay abuse done to dogs many pet animals such as fish, rodents, rabbits, and reptiles are more universally mistreated and ignored than a dog could ever be. And the amount of wild animals going extinct and the horrors of the animal agriculture industry furthers this sentiment even more. Just because you only care about one kind of animal does not mean it is getting abused more than any other.

Are dog lives just suddenly more important than every single other animal species on the planet just because they are bred close to the humans that abuse them? Cows and pigs are just as if not more intelligent than dogs yet are slaughtered year after year to end up on your plate to eat while you wish death upon a video of a man kicking a dog. If you want to talk about the most abused pets that crown goes to fish who are only seen as decorative pieces and are restricted to cramped up bowls that is barley cleaned and birds that are stuck in cages for the rest of their lives. Even cats have the short end of the stick compared to dogs.

3 Some people do it for entertainment

Chicken fighting, pit-bull fighting, circuses! All make me sick! This is why I am working for the ASPCA and the WWF! And also a marine biologist for mammals! I freaking love animals and seeing animals being killed and abused makes me sick to my stomach and worries me that everyone will eventually become one of them.

This one is the worst! This one woman shot her puppy then took a picture and uploaded it on Facebook. In the picture she was SMILING! Like what!

Every one who abuses animals sicken me. I want to hurt them 90 times more than they abused their animal. I want to kill them and burn them.

4 It is cruel

While pedophilia and child abuse are terrible atrocious crimes, the criminals at least get the punishment they deserve. How often do you see zoophiles and animal abusers get arrested? Only a few. Personally, I think all animal abusers should be executed at worst and have a life sentence without parole at best.

Its truly a sin animals do not know any better and they should NOT have to go through the pain and cruelty that animal abuse consists of. the way an animal acts is based on the way it treated, for example if an animal is abused most of the time they will defend them selves witch I do not blame them but if an animal is treated well it will respect and normally obey their owner.

5 When an animal is misbehaving, all you say is don't do that

I HATE animal abuse! Animals have feeling like a human being and deserves better love as well as equal rights and respect. I LOVE animals because God is a loving God that has made animals in their own unique way.

Just use good doggie bad doggie treat. Like in modern family.

Nate, that depends on the animal.

6 It scares the animals

Yes, but it also hurts and often kills them.

It's rude to abuse someone or an animal!

7 Animals are living things just like people.

People who abuse animals for fun have no respect for life. They may find it enjoyable torturing poor, innocent creatures, but just wait till they are put in the animal's place, then they'll be thinking differently.

Killing an animal is just as brutal as killing one of your own kind.

God did not make Animals to be abused they were made just like us.

8 It's depressing

I hate watching these commercials and I hear "so and so did this to their animal." Its horrible. Once a woman threw her dog out the window. that's just sad and sick.

I hate those commercials, I really don't like seeing beat-up dogs on television.

It is absolutely heart breaking when you see the pics online.

9 The methods are horrible

If you want to kill an animal at least don't make it slow and painful even though it is not acceptable don't make them suffer!

10 Animals feel the same pain humans do

You know that humans don't understand animals... they only think of themselves I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I know that I would never do that to an animal.
you can understand an animal and know how it feels to be them, but that doesn't mean peolpe should do this I would give up my life for an animal

Animals definitely feel pain if you hurt them.

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11 Too many people are abusing animals

Seems that way to me. And it makes me really pissed. Therefore, I want revenge on those bastards by doing to them what they did to those creatures. Hell, I'd love to have animals get revenge on those creeps who make me misanthropic.

I agree people are sick, animals are like children they need you to care for them not hurt them.
I will never under stand why people do this it needs to be stopped soon. So many animals have died and suffered for human mistakes.

Back in the days, horses and even elephants were used for wars! How horrible is that?!

12 Humans are animals too

In fact, we are the biggest monsters on the planet for hurting animals!

Its true, we are just tailess monkeys that somehow invent stuff that boosts our survival.

We're just fully advanced animals that is.

13 Animals just want to be with their owner

There is a reason there called domestic animals its because they are tame so you can but shouldn't just through the animals in the wild they need love and companionship.

No. They just want to be in the wild.

Some want to be free, some want a good home with us and food and cuddles like my cats

14 Animals are equal to us

When you think about it, animals aren't that different from us. They breathe and get tired and hungry, like us. They feel pain and can be tricked, like us. They have homes and children, like us. They know what to and what not to do, like us. So if you use logic and research, you'll know that the animals are equal to us.

Humans and animals are both highly intelligent in their own ways. Just like us, animals have thoughts and feelings, can communicate with one another and many even form their own social circles. Why abuse them? What have they done to us?

15 They never did anything to you

even if an animal did do something towards you, it's probably because they were scared or traumatized from past events. I am not a vet but I do a lot of research on animal cruelty and that's what I have learnt so far.

16 It's illegal

Just like domestic abuse, mental abuse and child abuse and/or any other type of abuse is illegal so is animal abuse because it is abuse towards a LIVING THING

17 It's not a good use of time

There are better ways to use time than for abusing animals.

18 Animals can't tell you that they've been abused

While child/domestic abuse is absolutely sickening at least someone being abused can TELL another person that they're being abused. Animals can't do that.

19 Animals aren't evil

Animals are pure of heart no matter what they do they are innocent they do what they do to survive but no matter what people will fear them and that's not fair at all because they are just like us.

All I can say is, that if your pet is being "evil" it's probably because they learnt off of you.

You should only be allowed to hurt an animal if they attacked you seriously.

20 Animals have feelings

Honestly, yes. They get headaches, periods, angry and all sentiments you get. So don't get angry when a dog doesn't want to be pet etc.

Exactly. But sadly, some told me that they don't have feelings when he and I were in sixth grade. What a liar he is.

21 Cats are used for YouTube Videos

IT'S SO TRUE! Why'll your watching a funny cat video, some people choke their cats to say things, or force them to do things that may harm them, the same goes for most animal videos

These videos of cats falling in the bathtub seem to be forced rather than actually falling themselves.

Cole & Marmalade's cat logic video = funny
Cats being pushed into toilets = not funny

22 Animals can't talk and can't let you know if they were being abused or not
23 Animals deserve to be loved.

I'm talking about ANY animals, no animal deserves to beat almost to the point its gonna die. Animals deserve love and not hate. I watched people hurt cows, cats and dogs. It makes me wanna kill humans the most when they abuse CATS. I'm crazy about cats, and seeing people use der fur on them MAKES ME SICK! And for any animal, just please. Stop animal abuse,

So true, animals bring happiness and joy to peoples lives and they love us. why can't animal abusers just do the same?

24 Animals aren't able to say sorry

Of course, they can't actually say sorry with their mouths but they can express it. Once, my dog bit my foot and I was upset. He could tell I was upset, so he started being all friendly with me in an attempt to apologise.

When I cry my dog tries to cheer me up and I can tell she feels bad for me and my two cats now do too imagine if they were born in China and those sweet animals were killed for meat innocent adorable friendly animals like them are tortured every day all around the world! I hope every animal abuser burns in hell

25 It makes them scared of other humans
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