Best Dog Breeds for New Dog Owners

Want a dog but don't know which ones are good for beginners? Well I have the top ten that could help!
The Top Ten
1 Poodle The poodle is a group of formal dog breeds, the Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognizes four sizes of one breed: standard, medium, miniature, and toy.

Poodles are intelligent dogs and don't need much work. In my opinion, they are good for beginners, but I wouldn't cut all their fur. They are adorable without being pampered.

2 Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever is a large-sized breed of dog bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties, and were named 'retriever' because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged.

This breed is intelligent and smart. But since they are in the sports group, these dogs need lots of exercise. So, if you like to ride your bike or jog every morning, these are great dogs for you!

3 Shetland Sheepdog The Shetland Sheepdog, also known as the Sheltie, is a breed of herding dog. The original name of this breed was Shetland Collie, but this caused controversy among the Rough Collie breeders at the time, so the breed's name was formally changed to Shetland Sheepdog.

Shelties are kind, gentle dogs that sometimes get along with cats. They have long fur and they don't shed a lot. They love to play but they love soft cozy beds too. They don't really need walks either. They just need a backyard!

4 Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever, also Labrador, is a sporting dog bred for aquatic game. The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States.

This breed is similar to Golden Retrievers, but they require a bit less exercise. Now don't get me wrong. They do need a lot of exercise, but they have less fur. They look the same but just the fur color can be different.

5 Siberian Husky The Siberian Husky is a medium size, dense-coat working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia.

These are yappy at times and take lots of exercise, but love to cuddle! They are snow dogs so they love cold weather. Winter comes once a year, so enjoy it with your new husky!

6 Maltese The Maltese is a hypoallergenic, small breed of dog in the Toy Group. It descends from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area.

These dogs are small and loyal. They love to know their master and love to play. They don't need a lot of exercise but they take lots of toys.

7 German Shepherd The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. The breed's officially recognized name is German Shepherd Dog in the English language. The breed is known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland.

I acquired my first German Shepherd dog when she was 18 months old. I was told she preferred women to men. Wrong! She absolutely adored my husband as well as myself. She was a fantastic, loving, and loyal dog that rarely barked.

Tragically, she died at age 4 from a tick. We were absolutely devastated and swore we'd never have another dog. 12 months later, we missed her so much that we acquired another German Shepherd - a magnificent male aged 7. His owner was moving into an apartment and not allowed a dog, so he was looking for a home for him on large acreage. Very sadly, he died aged 14 from an enlarged heart. Both dogs gave us the kind of devoted love that no other dogs had given us.

8 Bull Terrier The Bull Terrier is a breed of dog in the terrier family. There is also a miniature version of this breed which is officially known as the Miniature Bull Terrier.

Bull terriers pull their leashes a lot but can be cuddling pals. They are active but don't use up a lot of energy. They can be funny, so hold your breath.

9 Boxer The Boxer is a medium-sized, short-haired breed of dog, developed in Germany. The coat is smooth and tight-fitting; colours are fawn, mahogany, black or brindled, with or without white markings, and white.
10 Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, to catch rats in clothing mills.

Yorkies are little adorable doggies. Playful, lazy, whatever you want them to be. Play with them, sleep with them, hide with them. Love them.

Yorkies are really easy to take care of. Since they are smaller, that definitely makes it easier. Plus, they are adorable.

The Contenders
11 Doberman The Doberman Pinscher, or Dobermann, or Doberman, is a medium-large breed of domestic dog originally developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany.

These dogs are not only vicious guard dogs, but they can actually be quite gentle! It's really the way you treat them. If you are bad to them, they are vicious. But if you love them with happiness, they will be gentle like you!

12 Shih Tzu A shih tzu also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, is a toy dog breed, weighing 10 - 12 pounds when full grown, with long silky hair.
13 Australian Terrier The Australian Terrier is a small breed of dog of the terrier dog type. The breed was developed in Australia, although the ancestral types of dogs from which the breed descends were from Great Britain.
14 Border Collie The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding livestock, especially sheep.
15 Papillon
16 Corgi A small herding dog breed originating from Wales, Corgis are known for their distinct short legs and long bodies. Popular as both working dogs and pets, they have a lively and affectionate temperament. There are two main types: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

They are amazing dogs for people with kids. They don't need a massive backyard or very long walks. They are great companions and have amazing personalities.

17 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small spaniel classed as a toy dog by The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

They are really easy, especially good for you if you have cats or rodents. I had four gerbils and three cats, and my King Charles got along with all of them.

Lovely dogs. They get along beautifully with my rabbit.

18 English Cocker Spaniel A gun dog breed developed in England, the English Cocker Spaniel is known for its agility and keen nose. It has a medium-length coat and is commonly used for retrieving game in various terrains. The breed is friendly and highly trainable.
19 Australian Shepherd Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd was actually developed in the United States. Primarily a herding dog, it is characterized by its intelligence and agility. The breed is easily recognizable by its striking coat patterns and eye colors, which can include blue, brown, or even one of each.
20 Beagle The Beagle is a breed of small-sized hound, similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound. The Beagle is a scent hound, developed primarily for hunting hare.
21 American Staffordshire Terrier The American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as Amstaff or simply Stafford, is a medium-sized, short-coated American dog breed.
22 French Bulldog The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog. "Frenchies" were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris.
23 English Bulldog
24 Chinese Crested Dog The Chinese crested dog is a hairless breed of dog. Like most hairless dog breeds, the Chinese crested comes in two varieties, with and without fur, which are born in the same litter: the Powder Puff and the Hairless.
25 Shiba Inu
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