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1 Big Hero 6

I not a fan of animated movies anymore but I watched this movie with my family, and I was so surprised by how much I liked this one. Big Hero 6 is not only better than the Lego movie and my opinion (even though, I liked the Lego movie), but the best Disney film I have seen since The Incredibles

This movie is great! It's a lovely movie and is quite sad yet funny and entertaining.

This movie was better than Rio 2! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Funniest movie ever. Sad, but hilarious for all ages.

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2 The LEGO Movie

If so many people didn't live, eat and breathe Legos this movie would have BOMBED! But no, people who never let Mommy sell or give away their precious Lego collections or even let her put them in storage had to go and "prove" their loyalty to the manufactures of these foot-injuring wastes of plastic.

I hate how the Academy didn't even give this a nomination for best animated feature, biggest mistake by the Academy in history. - PeeledBanana

Nope. Sorry, but this film is the best.

This film is the best of 2014 along with guardians of the galaxy I absolutely love chris pratt

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3 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Although there were no Pixar movies released this year, there were 3 movies that were released this year that are of "Pixar" quality. As much as I adored The Lego Movie and Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon 2 was the animated masterpiece of 2014.

On a related note, the Academy sucks for not nominating the Lego Movie for Best Animated Feature.

Big Hero 6 and The Lego Movie had better voice acting, visuals and better story than this. How to train your dragon 2 has one of the worst movie villains in recent memory

Even it hasn't come out and I already voted for it.

No. It's not, it isn't and it never will be.

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4 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

It is said on the list twice

The Best Dreamworks Movie of 2014 by far

Not only the best animated movie of 2014 but the overall best of 2014

I LOVE this movie! . lol, I really wish it was higher. - ScourgetheHedgehog

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5 The Book of Life

Really great movie! Awesome soundtrack of popular songs and AMAZING original songs. The cast was perfect and the visuals were absolutely outstanding. I love the message that this movie gave. I just saw it for the first time yesterday and I've re-watched it twice because of how good it is!

My Spanish teacher showed this movie to me and my class the other day after our midterm since it was almost Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. And I gotta say, I really enjoyed this movie! To think that the people who were behind the negatively panned Free Birds made this one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Each and every song they made covers of for the soundtrack was splendid, the animation is outstanding and I loved each of the character designs; my favorites being Xibalba and La Muerte, and the characters were all so interesting and fun to watch! This is definitely going onto any remix I make related to a best movies list! I love this movie so much, I'm practically obsessed with it now! What an awesome film. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My ass, how the crap job been better than the book of life?

These guys made Free Birds last year! Do you how big of an improvement that is?

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6 Rio 2

It was okay but why is it higher than big hero 6 and how to train your dragon 2?!

Going for the number 1 spot

Lol, I saw this with my friends! I felt sorry for Nigel - ScourgetheHedgehog

This sucks - VideoGamefan5

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7 My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks

I loved this film. It wasn't as good as the first film, but I still loved it. The best part was the Snips and Snails rap scene. That was awesome. The Lego Movie sucked. It was so stupid. Why do so many people love it?

It's hard to take someone who likes my little pony seriously. This movie sucked.

Better than the first movie!

I LOVE this movie! It deserves to be on top. Like the songs, they don't just sing in random places, the characters plan it!

I loved this movie. It was great except for one thing... The Dazzlings! They were horrible and stupid and ugly. But I loved the movie. ❤️

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8 Song of the Sea

This was snubbed at the Academy Awards. Beautiful animation, a great story, solid characters, and a very creative premise. Damn you, Big Hero 6, and your overrated marketability. - Phenenas

This should be WAYYY higher on the list. Song of The Sea is a rare hand-drawn gem made by an Irish studio. If you love Studio Ghibli, this is the PERFECT movie for you.

I'm not kidding, go watch it, its way better then Frozen.

You should watch this! This is amazing! I loved it so much!

Hey, who remembers this?

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9 Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Special Delivery

It is third best movie ever even better than godfather so

10 The Boxtrolls

A great movie I really loved it.

A very good movie. I reall enjoyed it.

Lol, we own this. - ScourgetheHedgehog

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11 The Tale of Princess Kaguya

A gorgeously animated film based on a Japanese folk tale, "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter". Plenty of heart and warmth, with a strong message.

Imma watch this tonight (It's 13.12.15)
I got this movie along with From Up on Poppy Hill and I've seen FUOPH, only a small part of it, though.

12 Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

It's sad that opinion-dissing people will thumb down comments such as "Big Hero 6 is a great movie (and why)/Now this I agree, Big Hero 6 is the best animated movie of 2014" in favor of Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, which I hate. WHY THE GOOD REVIEWS?! THE ANIMATION SEEMS DIRECT-TO-VIDEO QUALITY AND THIS IS A BIG DISGRACE TO THE WIZARD OF OZ IN GENERAL!

No it's the worst by far.

The best by far.

13 Frozen

Great movie, but it didn't come out in 2014, it came out the year before.

Yeah, so overrated and dumb that people forget that this was a 2013 movie, not 2014.

Its overrated status doesn't change the fact that it actually came out in 2013, not 2014, therefore should not be on this list.

It's so overrated and dumb! - SammySpore

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14 The Nut Job

Nut job sucks! Why is it on here?!

I hate the main character he's a jerk. - SammySpore

I thought this was a movie about blowjobs...

This movie sucks I hate it the characters are unlikable and mean spirited that’s why it sucks.

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15 Planes: Fire and Rescue

I love this movie so much, same as the first film. These franchise of Planes are way better than Mulan and Toy Story 1. These Planes movies are awesome like the Cars movies, and different than them to be honest. Dusty is my usual favorite character in the Planes franchise, he is awesome and cute.

I watched it once but I need to watch it again to see what I think of it.

A very good movie I really loved it.

I love this movie

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16 Penguins of Madagascar

It's sooo already on list

17 Paddington

This was a FANTASTIC movie by the producers of Harry potter.

This is a 2015 film - TheKirbyCreeper999

London rocks

It is a 2014 one

18 Batman: Assault On Arkham

I vote this the same as Paddington: 9.9/10.

19 How to Train Your Dragon

This came out in 2009... - AnnaOfArendelle332

I loved the movie it was very good.

A good movie I loved it

20 El Americano: The Movie

I loved the movie

A good movie loved it.

21 Resident Evil: Damnation
22 Son of Batman

I imagine a Nolan version of this

23 Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome
24 House of Magic

My favourite movie until httyd 2 - coolguy101

25 Moomins on the Riviera
26 Maya the Bee Movie
27 The Wind Rises
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